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On the Reverse Wheel

August 22nd to September 21st

And the Word said:
I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I, Matter am


First decan           Mercury                August 22nd to September 1st

Second decan       Saturn                  September 1st to 10th

Third decan          Venus                   September 10th to 21st


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.


Step Four: Man the Aspirant

August 22nd to September 1st


Upon the anti-clockwise Wheel the sign of Virgo is entered via Mercury in the first decan, Saturn in the central decan and Venus in the third. You are the custodian, protector and shrine of the inner, living soul. Now is the time to create the 'good ground', the cradle of nurturing loving-kindness.

Your initiatory goal (to speak in symbols) is to be both mother and child—to guard, shield, cherish, nurture and give birth to the indwelling soul. You are fully equipped and fitted to manifest your soul, to make tangible and objective that for which your whole creative evolutionary process is intended. For this task you have steadily improved, adjusted, aligned and oriented your personality and made it more responsive to contact and to the environment. The stage of gestation, the dark time wherein your soul was hidden, is over. Now you are in the time of your soul-infancy upon the physical plane. Adolescence is attained at the fifth step; adult status and full maturity at the sixth.

In time a state of mindfulness and pure perception begins to replace your analytic, rational and concrete thinking. This signals that the sublimation of intellect into intuition is now rapidly beginning to occur.

The intuitive power of Mercury will enable you to begin to overcome your material identifications with the form side of life. Do not allow a sense of personal singularity or unique response to spiritual vision, or any feelings of inadequacy, feebleness or weakness to hold you back. This Mercurial stimulation is a healing force which through the power of the indwelling soul will eventually bring you to a relatively perfected state; although only when you become at-one and integrated.

The power of Mercury to produce beauty, harmony and unity you have dedicated in service to the personality. The various aspects of your personality equipment must be blended into one functioning interrelated unity under the control of the soul. This personality integration will only be won with great difficultly and pain.

It is your task now to become the personification of the spiritual warrior and summon the determination to stand in spiritual being regardless of the forces arraigned against you. One of the keywords for the esoteric process associated with the fourth step is steadfastness.

Try to attain the qualities of persistence, endurance and continuity of effort. Even if not victorious here, you must practice spiritual patience and endeavor to overcome all perception of defeat, failure or loss. Learn to cultivate a sane, serene and wise handling of your life circumstances. Endeavoring to do all, stand and hold ground; then with victory you will enter the Path of Accepted Discipleship.

Do not become discouraged but work, live and above all, love. Demonstrate a steadfast, stable capacity to serve and meet the needs of your group brothers. Express a gentle outgoing inclusiveness and an attitude of patient loving which allows others to reveal themselves to you. Show a deep interest in others and try to understand their weaknesses and strengths, their failures and aspirations.

Seek to enter more fully into their consciousness through a greater measure of identification and thus comprehend more intelligently what service and training they truly require that you are able to provide. Learn to serve within your group without separativeness, and strive to overcome your personality hindrances. Serve through the potency of loving relationship.

The task of blending into the spiritual group is ever a challenge in the life of all aspirants. Therefore train yourself to become a pure channel, subordinating your personality desires and ambitions to group purpose. Prepare yourself through the practices of purity and discipline. Work at establishing the necessary routine and rhythm in your group work. Make a constant effort to apply yourself more steadily to your meditation work. Readjust your values and restructure your daily schedule to include times for quiet contemplation. Endeavor to work each day with a conscious, definite program organizing your time to best advantage. Through perseverance and rightly motivated purpose will come the reward of spiritual revelation and entrance onto the Path of Discipleship.

At all times strive to maintain a balanced perspective. A true state of equilibrium must be established based on inner calmness and tranquility. Your highly fertile, keen and active mind is often quite inaccurate, too intense, over-analytical and pays undue attention to details; therefore do not rush. Take time to speak, to make decisions, to form opinions.

At times your life experience will be unpleasant and even arid, but at least the insights glimpsed under Mercury have ended the futility of a life spent in pursuit of personality happiness and the mirages of desire. The old and traditional ways no longer evoke accustomed reactions. You have recognized the constraints of habit, custom, ordinary routine and familiar responses and have released all attachment to them.

With the aid of Mercury your knowledge will be transformed into wisdom, actuating and clarifying your motivations. The illuminating energy of pure reason begins to pour down into your increasingly clarified and organized astral body. Your goal is to establish an organized body of sentient response in order to become a "sensitive revealer" of love. (R&I 599)

Victory occurs when the personality can access the wisdom which utilizes all forms of knowledge in the furtherance of the life-plan of the soul. It is the intense stimulation of the soul which enables you to work as an illuminating agent in the world of men. To do this you must demonstrate a steadily increasing sensitivity to your inner spiritual identity. You are on the "Lighted Way" (DINAI 160) and your soul will guide you through to an assured understanding and to enduring peace.

The light of Mercury successively reveals to you that which lies ahead; those higher realms of awareness which you know you will eventually attain. Mercury reveals to you, the one upon the Way of Light, that the light lives, moves and functions within your very Self. Make use of this light to ascertain your next spiritual step towards wisdom. Seek revelation of the location or source of the necessary information or instruction.

Demonstrate an ever-increasing facility in using the "light available" (R&I 643) to initiate creative projects in line with the plan of the soul. Learn to relinquish the gains of your service and sacrifice and serve without attachment to results, to means, to persons or to praise.

When the aspirant stands on the verge of the Path of Accepted Discipleship any small glamour can disrupt the intention of their service. Consider this: Your highly accomplished personality with its aims and ambitions, its intelligence and experience, in itself constitutes a potent glamour. When the personality is of a relatively high order and well integrated, the problem is very real. So in moments of service you are apt to fall into personality glamour unawares, and those serving with you usually refrain from pointing out your error.

Walk in the light, my brother. Let the light and radiance of the soul illumine your service and do not allow your intellect to dominate. Let a free and spontaneous outpouring of love and not a forced or cultivated kindness, condition your relations with your fellow men. Do not be glamoured by your own grasp of spiritual realities and by your spiritual knowledge. You must consciously prepare for the fifth step by developing clear-sighted vision. As you are mentally polarized, subtle forms of mental illusion more than astral glamour are your major difficulties.

Aspirants are subject to intense moments of blazing revelation. During these moments you will grasp the objective of your next immediate step. Spiritual unfoldments of consciousness will occur through a series of points of crisis in your life which lay the groundwork for the blending or fusion of the lesser and the greater lights of personality and soul. Be prepared to confront a crisis of choice which will force you to detach yourself from the grip of your own desires.

As an aspirant, your conviction depends upon factual assumption and divine assertion not based on faith but upon knowledge. Ponder the distinction between faith and conviction and accordingly exercise the prerogative of divine assertion which is now your established right.

Strive to "sit light in the saddle". (DINAI 414) Do not deal with your life problems with too heavy a hand; work diligently to eliminate the non-essentials but do not think about things too intently. It is so important for you to cultivate a sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself.  Know when to relax and do not always work with such an intense attitude towards life or from such an extreme point of tension. Practice the art of relaxation and learn to amuse yourself.

Be joyous in your work and in your service to the group and happiness will come to you along the Lighted Way. So you will be released into better health and into fuller service. Go forward with joyful expectation.


Step Five: Man the Disciple

September 1st to 10th


Your soul has taken charge of your personality and gripped your mind; you have stepped upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship and are definitely in preparation for initiation. The call has now gone forth from the soul and from your Ashram to develop and evolve your own definitely planned service, and therefore to begin the task of finding those whom you can assist and serve.

The stabilization of your life along the established line of your service is the next step. But beware of crystallization. In the central decan Saturn provides a dynamic creative impulse and a momentous energy which will enable you to impose the laws of the soul upon your personality.

Saturn clearly indicates that you must subject yourself to rigid self-examination as a disciple. Here the particular hindrances to your true spiritual achievement are specifically illumined. You will be severely tested until you learn to abundantly express and demonstrate the unselfish qualities and attributes of the true server. You are offered opportunity through the presentation of obstacles, through pain and suffering to move forward. Suffering, disturbance and apprehension are the essential processes whereby detachment and dispassion are enforced upon the consciousness.

It is the enforced quiet and stillness of your lifestyle—symbolically in Virgo the contemplative quiet in the womb of the Virgin—which brings about the needed alignment with the soul. Therefore stand quiet at the center of your being. Consecrate yourself to the cultivation of depth, detachment and humility. Retreat inward and

achieve a deepening of the inner life, which will in its turn lead towards wisdom and truth. Do not cease any of your outer occupations or exoteric activities, but carry them forward in a spiritual silence. Pursue your physical plane activities and your spiritual dharma but within yourself live an intense life of aspiration, of searching, questioning or questing. If you become spiritually dissatisfied, this will only produce in you an intensification of the major qualities that your soul would have you cultivate.

At this time you will go through a process of detaching yourself esoterically (though not necessarily exoterically) from your chosen and designated task and from all past achievements, and you will thereby learn your next step upon the Path of Liberation. This detachment based on a phase of spiritual dissatisfaction will also engender a real humility within your heart—a quality you need to cultivate and express. Humility in thought is easy for you as it is largely theoretical and imposed; humility of the heart is practical and inherently spontaneous. Ponder on this distinction.

You embark upon a life dedicated to discipline, dispassion, discrimination, decentralization, meditation and service. No longer attempt to create opportunities for service, but rather become responsive to meeting opportunities which come your way, applying yourself in service so that needs are met. In time, as you work revelation and insight will come. In this way you should be able to serve most effectively, resulting in the steady growth of any work you undertake for your Master and for the Ashram. Service is the outstanding opportunity offered by Saturn's rulership of the central decan.

The eventual goal of all service is the spontaneous utterance of the dynamic power and inclusive love of the soul in response to all your contacts in the three worlds of expression. The nature, direction and form of your soul's service will take shape according to your past life expression. Nothing can limit the potency of your life of natural, loving service.

The inner reality of your true spiritual identity must eventually be demonstrated. Your main objective is to become completely free of illusion and be able to respond creatively and with reason to the loving energy of divine relationship. Here you must do battle with illusion on the plane of mind and free yourself from the control of ancient and powerful thoughtforms. The taint of misplaced devotion and superimposed authority must be fully overcome in the central decan.

Saturn's influence eventually destroys any remaining illusions and you learn to discriminate between the Real and the unreal, the essential and the non-essential, the subtle and the gross. Your entire lower nature must be liberated from the grip of personal ambition, from the power of material existence and from world illusion. Saturn is self-effacing, so the final traces of self-interest, self-assertiveness and selfish ambition finally disappear.

The stimulation of Saturn serves to purify the inner thoughts and the desire life, reorienting them to the higher spiritual centers. Astral illusions, grandiose delusions and residual egoistic phenomena are systematically dissipated. Superfluous or non-essential activities cease. So Saturn is the wise guardian, protecting, guiding and nurturing the inner life.

You are apt under Saturn to be hard and unyielding—hard on yourself and on others. You have learned much and surmounted much in the crucible of suffering, and nothing has prevented you from a steadfast pursuit of purity, Truth and Reality. This capacity leads you at times however, to judge with harshness those who do not apparently achieve similar results or possess your own staying power.

Do not be identified with your own methods of approach or expect others to do things your way. The techniques you employ are not necessarily the best for all. Others must be allowed to serve as they see fit, for the effort to impose a means of service upon others only succeeds in blocking the expression of the soul's love. Recognize that there are many paths, many methods and widely different techniques.

Learn to foster, strengthen and interpret the methods and techniques of others with whom you work and those you serve. Aim for decentralization without diffusion. If you can learn this lesson a wider field of opportunity will open before you. Decentralization involves the development of a mental objectivity and a disidentification from the personality self, and this should be your steady and practical objective.

An advanced disciple is characterized by the dynamic qualities of spiritual harmlessness and pure joyfulness. True spiritual harmlessness is not a passive innocuous state but entails an active restraint from any speech or action which causes pain or misunderstanding. First as a disciple in training you have had to prepare yourself to receive a vital inflow of spiritual Life. Personal resistances obstructing the spontaneous outpouring of the soul's love have had to be dissolved. All types of self-destructive behavior had to be eradicated.

As a disciple you have overcome all forms of harshness and cruelty. You do not countenance misunderstandings or the evasion of facts. With careful discrimination you overcome personality fears, resistances and all opposition to the birth and expression of the soul on the physical plane. Your lower self is subordinated to the higher rhythms and becomes increasingly obedient to the soul.

Advanced disciples know that they do indeed have the power to change any existing distressing human condition through creative activity. They must initiate a responsible effort to stabilize the inner life and bring it into a harmonious outer expression. You work towards the successful integration of the personality to bring all the three lower Aspects together as one serving unit, demonstrating a real understanding and a true helpfulness. As the effects of the soul forces pouring through increasingly manifest, the expression becomes correspondingly regulated and no longer spasmodic. Consequently the disciple is marked by a natural, spontaneous, living flow of the soul life through the physical mechanisms of expression.

You are being strictly guided, directed and controlled by the group purpose and by the hierarchical Plan for humanity. Above all else, the disciple must not harm the group, even when this means personal dissatisfaction or sacrifice. The ambitious personality urge toward betterment is reigned in once the personality becomes the vehicle for soul service. Through wise assimilation into the group, the establishment of responsible relationship and correct spiritual guidance, the disciple in training achieves the goal of initiation.

Freedom from successive ring-pass-nots of limitation is experienced until the last illusion disappears and you, the fully transfigured disciple, stand initiate. So my brother, see your life pattern more clearly. See the underlying purpose of all happenings in the past and endeavor then to grasp a picture of the future, and make your dreams come true according to the vision in cooperation with your Ashram.

Work at intelligent understanding of the Plan and materialize the vision. Let naught deflect you from your purpose—fatigue, frustration, people or circumstance. Carry all forward in silence and with love. Every contact carries an unrealized significance. Give love and willing understanding to all you come in contact with, and you will inspire others to work in cooperation with you. This is essential for the development of loving understanding that is the complement of wisdom.

Saturn enables the disciple to maintain a dynamic adherence to the chosen path with steady perseverance. Your endurance must overcome any sudden event, occurrence or disruption until the moment you safely enter the portal of Initiation. It is this dynamic state of realization which commensurate with its power, produces change in the personality, circumstances and physical environment.

You now enter a new subjective dimension or state of being. Learn to stand unmoved in spiritual being and attain the high altitude at will. No outer fluctuations of the form life must be permitted to upset your inner balance. When this condition of inner stability is sufficiently developed you enter into the world of Reality and into the clear light of day. Material circumstances, the physical environment and the form side of life then become fields of service and not fields of sensuous perception.

Saturn wields the discipline of pain and of sorrow, but there is also a discipline of joy and of achievement. A true perception of this will greatly change human consciousness. Discover the bliss that is here and now. This is a right that you have earned as the reward of a life of patient endurance, triumph and acceptance. The expression of the discipline of joy and achievement will enable you to express a fuller tide of loving understanding, enhancing your usefulness to your Master and the Ashram.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

September 10th to 21st


You are now numbered among the initiate upon a special path of training. Step by step the nature of the Path of Initiation has been revealed to you, and little by little you have assimilated the qualities of the unfoldments presented by spiritual opportunity. You have penetrated close to the heart of the Ashram and are known and recognized by your Master and by senior workers as an initiate. Now walk among the sons of men with the purpose of healing, serving and lifting, ever holding a balanced and inclusive view, knowing that all paths are good.

The tests of the Saturn decan—stern, drastic, educational, disciplinary, stoic and Spartan, have been successfully completed. Austere, ascetic and astringent measures have accomplished their intended purpose as was necessary. You have consequently built up a persistence and endurance and a trained response to events that guarantees to the watching Master that your stability is assured. You are being trained for a new type of discipleship intrinsically different from that which you have experienced before.

Further training is demanded to develop in you a more conscious comprehension of the nature of "wise love." (DINAII 669) This is love free from emotion or devotion; love that brings awareness of the objects of love as they essentially are, and that is able to perceive in character and temperament the working out of karma. Love more. Send wisdom out to others upon the wings of love.

Emanating your own particular radiatory and magnetic field, you attract those who are filled with a love which greatly enriches the appreciation of life. You are the creator of your own destiny. You are magnetic, loving, inclusive, wise, tolerant, non-separative, unselfish, intuitive and understanding. As all aspects of the analytical, obsessive and over-discriminating mind have been sublimated, your function is to release a steady stream of illumined love which is free of any personal taint of criticism.

In the sixth sign at the sixth step the innate divinity of the Virgin becomes gloriously realized. You are devoted to one-pointed service through definite forms of selfless action for the greater Good. A tireless hierarchical worker, you move forward unfailingly until perfect cooperation with the life-plan of your soul is consummated in alignment with perfected reason, expressed with Love-Wisdom and harmonious beauty.

The rulership of Venus in the final decan of Virgo indicates that the three principal activities of the mind have been successful in transmuting the physical body, transforming the emotional nature and transfiguring the personality.

One of your major assets is your capacity to evoke a fiery new incentive. The three Aspects of your personality are now integrated and function as agents of the soul, but they must become progressively responsive to triadal energy. From this side of the veil we can only dimly imagine to what extent your fertile and inspired mind is capable of being engaged with the creative faculty of conscious thoughtform building; to what extent you recognize and are receptive to archetypal Ideas. Your strong abstract mental faculties require the complete orientation of your mind toward the Real. The secret of triplicity is revealed to you. Hold it in focus so that your mind is kept perfectly clear.

Thus the energy of your directed mind goes forward into the world of the higher spiritual Triad and the realm of pure intuition. Through meditation, subservience and obedience to the Greater Life, the illumined bridge or "Lighted Way" (DINAI 160) can now be successfully completed and traversed.

One of your key tasks is to discipline your mind so that it can "hold itself steady in the light." (EPII 72) This necessitates the cultivation of the faculty of right interpretation so that intuitive knowledge received may then form itself into the correct thoughtforms. You will then be further tested on your ability to work with those imminent stages of the Great Plan which demand intelligent cooperation in the present. Focus your attention on what is needed now. Obedience to this very duty and purpose is the hallmark of the trained server.

Your major initiatory test therefore concerns your capacity to qualify, adapt and mold some aspect of the Great Plan in the service of humanity. Virgo initiates set a most excellent example of the sterling performance of duty, the dispelling of illusion and of service offered with love and understanding. They are exemplary in establishing a life dedicatedly oriented towards spiritual realities. For the benefit and joy of all, the initiate under Venus bestows the radiant light of revelation upon the higher significance and spiritual purpose of our lives. New goals are glimpsed, higher standards are reached and new loyalties arise as you perceive more clearly some creative aspect of the great universal Plan in nature.

As the hidden light is revealed, so the soul virtues of compassion and wisdom animate your personal character. You have developed those qualities and virtues which produce a clear vision of Reality and a capacity to enunciate Truth. The complete and final purification of your three-fold personality vehicle is attained on the higher burning ground, while simultaneously the real significance of divinity emerges into your initiate consciousness.

Thus with an enhanced understanding all your cognitive functions become relatively perfected. Through the agency of Venus you learn to self-apply the final refinements to the demonstration of your perfected human form. Self-control and tolerance are now consummately expressed. You live according to high ethics and a moral code, and have an impeccable sense of decorum.

Now sensitive to a new light entirely different to any previously experienced, a steady stream of understanding love and sympathetic cooperation pours through your purified physical mechanism dedicated to world service. You have carefully cultivated to an exemplary degree the ability to live an existence characterized by an undefiled state of inner peace, contentment and tranquility. In this relatively pure state you live a benign and wholesome existence. You express a selfless, responsive love asking nothing of the self in return, and this has been the key which has opened up a full, rich and beautiful life.

Symbolically, the stainless white robe of initiation and immortality has been bestowed upon you. We can only surmise that the triumphant initiate is now permitted to enter into the full consciousness of the Most High and thus become a source of eternal hope, spiritual promise, refuge and sanctuary.

It is time to master the power to wield light as a carrier of Life in all three worlds of human endeavor. When in the halls of initiation you evidence fully the redemptive qualities of your soul, as perhaps a master mason, teacher, astrologer, esotericist or occultist, Venus will enable you to guide others into the promised land of freedom and true spiritual security. In ways beyond the imagination, the enhancement of the energy of Venus leads to the advent of new and impelling relationships. Empowered by a dynamic, permanent, new spiritual impulse toward universal life perception and synthetic livingness, you labor unremittingly for the benefit of humanity.

The directing energy of the higher mind can now be thrown down into the physical brain, and so this applied Venusian stimulation produces the transmutation of pure intuition into spiritual illumination. Insights into the life of the soul and into your own life purpose are born in you. The hidden beauty of the Spirit of Life itself is released through your magical prowess and unfoldment of wondrous creative beauty.

You have learned the meaning of pain, and divine indifference is your goal. You have made many contacts and helped many more than you know, and thus you have established links—for what purpose, my brother? Each life you have touched with aid and strength may form the nucleus of your own group in a later life experience. It is through spiritual magnetism and pure impersonal Love that an Ashram is assembled. This is a technique you are beginning to learn.

You have made many friends and evoked much love from your co-workers, and these relationships are an enduring joy and responsibility. You are learning to intimately know your Master and you also merit the staunch love and confidence of his senior disciples with whom you share a deep appreciation based upon your work together in past lives. You have also gained a much greater knowledge of the intent of your Ashram. You have worked off much karma and stand freer than was deemed possible when you entered into incarnation this life.

From the angle of your soul your life has been triumphant. In neither dark nor light did the Central Spiritual Sun appear to you. The pairs of opposites do not distract your eyes. "Only the single eye directs the steps of the initiate upon the Way." (DINAII 664)

Gratitude is the hallmark of the enlightened soul, and from an occult and scientific perspective is the releasing agent. It is precisely the quality of gratitude that has freed you.





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