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On the Ordinary Wheel

October 22nd to November 22nd

And the Word said:
Let Maya flourish and let deception rule


1st decan            Pluto               October 22nd to November 1st

2nd decan          Venus              November 1st to 11th

3rd decan           Mars                November 11th to 22nd


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.


Step One: Physical Man

October 22nd to November 1st


Upon the Ordinary Wheel the sign of Scorpio is entered from right to left via Pluto in the first decan, Venus in the second and Mars in the third. Under the dominion of Pluto the human soul is propelled into incarnation through intense desire and immediately begins to grasp indiscriminately.

Primitive Plutonians are infamous not only for their wickedness but for their fiendish capacity for a reckless defiance of the laws of man and nature. In the rudimentary physical stage any excuse will do to exercise their non-cooperative self-will and violent antipathies. Unconsciously compelled to do things their own way and to stand alone, they preserve an attitude of extreme selfish separation which unduly exaggerates their own importance. Their primary means of personality development is through their demand to be first and pre-eminent. They force their misdirected personal will upon all people, things and circumstances without any consideration for the rights of others.

Dominating, proud and self-assured, they are staunchly convinced of their own value and too determined to do things entirely on their own and exactly as they choose. Their primary preoccupation is to secure and then protect their own power, place and position, asserting authority and attempting to control or direct others.

In the recessive type the stereotypical Plutonian complexion is darkish, scarred and swarthy with a decidedly alluring—or otherwise sinister—expression in the eyes, accompanied at times by a sardonic smile.

Plutonian features are deeply engraved, strong and somewhat heavy, showing definite force of character. Sometimes it seems as if their features have been ruggedly etched in stone by the wind. The hair seems to have a mind of its own, is often black or in striking contrast exceedingly blonde or fair, but in any case is generally very thick and plentiful, sometimes excessively so. In fact it can be completely unmanageable with crisp coils and wiry twists or serpentine curls impossible to style to personal satisfaction.

Plutonian types, male and female, can be thick-set and olive-complexioned, or slender and fair with beautiful blue or gray eyes and masses of golden or blonde hair. In the male Scorpio the beard will be especially strong and thick, or if bare-faced they are likely to have an ever-present five o'clock shadow. The eyes are very deep-set like dark pools, with a fixed look of tremendous power. They seem to pierce through to the core of one's being with a steady, unwavering gaze that can be highly seductive. The expression in the eyes can also reveal a real contempt for their fellow humanity.

This is a sign of extremes and in this decan we find many bodies that are large, tall and powerful, but equally those that are squat, short and solid. Both possess immense muscular strength and tremendous endurance. Pluto grants an inordinate amount of sheer physical vitality and power, so the muscles may be likened to whipcord or tempered steel but are exceedingly elastic.

In this decan, Scorpios are somewhat heavy of foot; possess a soldierly bearing and carry themselves well. And, like soldiers, they are proud of their physical control and their ability to maintain an impassivity and immobility of expression.

This physical type unlike most others, is not prone to awkward gestures, undignified expression, nervousness or restlessness and perceives these as signs of weakness in others. Plutonian types feed their egotism by exacting homage from others while remaining apparently indifferent. They have a dangerous side, especially when tempted by the prospect of eclipsing a rival, or when they themselves have been spurned in love.

Under Pluto, Scorpios often exhibit a certain mysteriously inviting inscrutability, secretiveness, impassivity and immobility. This is best reflected in oriental physiognomy which in this decan can reflect an intensity, a reserve, a retentiveness and inner restraint, with an absolute command of expression.

Plutonian types do not wince, flush, startle or give themselves away easily, regardless of how deeply their inner emotions are stirred. Female Plutonians can possess extremely magnetic beauty and absolute control of feature.

This is decidedly the decan of the 'femme fatale'. They appear remote, distant, aloof, concealed behind a mask of command, inaccessible and isolated. Their exaggerated idea of self-control makes them particularly good models, dancers and actresses.

Pluto, governed by the non-sacred destructive aspect of the First Ray of Will and Power, holds dominion over the physical plane. This First Ray Power stimulates and fosters the inherent human urge to control the environment, material circumstances and the form side of life in general. It also accounts for the characteristic unconscious, blind and ignorant cruelty of the unevolved type which can be especially brutal, ferocious and merciless. Pluto accelerates the urge for self-preservation at any cost and intensifies the instincts of survival and self-defense.

Selfishness is taken to its extreme in this decan, creating circumstances and situations involving unusual stress, discomfort, disruption, hardship and pain. The realm of Pluto is a place of confinement, torture and death—a world of dungeons, crypts, tombs, crematoriums, vaults and pits. The physical or psychological experience of such extreme conditions results in morbidity, despair, sadism, a sense of doom and disaster, creating dangerous and distorted lives in negation of the joy of the soul.

Plutonian physical types are totally inflexible, obstinate, unbending, unyielding, determined to 'do or die'. Ignorant or senseless heroism is their natural forté and has ruined many magnificent and gifted physical constitutions because these Scorpios can endure without reasonable rest or food for unnatural periods of time in order to complete some work, assignment or mission.

The regressive type is preoccupied with the misuse of sexual force and the selfish appropriation of money, pleasure and physical comforts. Under the reign of Pluto a powerfully focused lower personality desire leads successively to death and defeat. They are prisoners of desire, and even at the very moment of consummation of that desire they are conscious of their imprisonment. The triumph of the lower nature results in their awakening to satiety and death. They brook no hindrance to the satisfaction of their desires. Symbolically they live in the dark and cannot register the light. Unconcerned with truth they remain indifferent, contemptuous and militant skeptics. Standing in proud isolation, they glory in their strength and their ruthlessness.

External pressure to conform to ideas that are alien or repugnant will cause them to turn like a trodden snake and strike. Those who have angered them are vengefully destroyed. They carry grudges and nurture hatreds without seeking intelligent resolution. They will likely push themselves to the point of ruin, but in the process they will leave no stone unturned to ruin others. They will wantonly destroy their own health with relentless fixity in order to gratify revenge. They will not relinquish anything they have grasped, nor voluntarily release that which others lack the power to take away. They will refuse to obey others and will not be forced.

These Scorpios enjoy the unconditional exercise of power and regard compromise and negotiation as weakness. They are quick to detect the weak points in others and to take advantage of any opportunity for victory over them. In the most basic sense they are natural born killers.

The mature Plutonian physical type eventually evolves refined sense perceptions, beautiful features and sensitive psychical faculties. Their evolutionary development proceeds by sheer force of will, discipline and personal control through the imposition of the self-will of the personality.

When physically mature they become personal centers of power and authority toward which others gravitate for strength and direction. Even under the most adverse conditions they display uncompromising independence and succeed in overcoming all obstacles. Coordination and direction of all activities upon the physical plane is carried forward with assurance, firmness and one-pointed assertiveness. Eventually they come to admit to themselves that others have rights that must be respected and they stop imposing their personal dictates.


Step Two: Emotional Man

November 1st to 11th


The average Scorpio who is astrally polarized is strongly conditioned by fear and motivated by envy, jealousy and hatred. Intrigue, deception and scandal are the trademarks of their mode of operation. They are driven by selfish personal desire and lust for material gain, distinction of class and status within their respective tribe or special community.

In the early stages without a doubt, objective criteria for the assessment of individual faults do not surface in their conscious minds. Because there is not a conscious conflict between personal desire and will, the Venusian type appears entirely unscrupulous, deceptive and manipulative and without any sense of guilt, sin, wrong-doing or approbation. An unbridled torrent of passion-driven emotions and desires engulfs the undeveloped astral body. The astral awareness is unconsciously focused through desire of all kinds. This decan on the Ordinary Wheel therefore produces an ingratiating persona, excessively covetous of whatever others have that they do not themselves possess.

The Venus type more than any other is extremely sensitive about their own feelings while being totally insensitive to the feelings of others. Further, they have a natural tendency to take slight, to be awfully offended and then to become drastically vengeful. Woe betide you if they come to feel that you have crossed them or somehow humiliated or demeaned them in some way. My, how they love to criticize or rake someone else over the proverbial coals.

They take special delight and receive much personal satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and a feeling of superiority from metaphorically cutting other people to pieces, demolishing them with criticism. Yet they fully believe themselves to be the victims in their relations with others—the victims of society in fact—and that they are blameless and faultless for any failings or weaknesses, and thus they evade any sense of responsibility. They seem very able though to exploit the weaknesses of others.

Venus stimulates all manner of personal desires as well as attachments to anything that represents material security, safety, personal gain or increase in status. They cry loudly and intolerantly for help when they need it, but nonetheless will unerringly deny their best friend, lover, or another family member any assistance and will even abandon them homeless and hapless on the streets. If a friend needs help or is experiencing some personal problem or karmic misfortune, they often enjoy watching the suffering or else they simply turn their backs with callousness and blind indifference.

The Scorpio under Venus ignores all but their immediate family, and even they are treated with unkindness and unusual hardness. Ironically by some strange back-handed and inappropriate method of compensation, they will also smother, suffocate or pamper their loved ones on occasion. However it is not difficult for them to desert someone who was once close to them and whose love or friendship they have in the past selfishly depended upon. Vampire-like, they take what they want from people and then discard them. Even if in a rare moment, they do happen to feel a brief twinge of guilt or remorse under impression of some glimmering nascent intuitive insight, they will simply turn away from the feeling immediately. They distract themselves by going shopping for new cosmetics, perfume or a designer outfit—something to make them feel more beautiful, attractive and desirable for their next potential victim.

Of course, they prefer that the really special objects of desire — expensive jewelry and luxury gift items — be given to them by admirers, as this increases their self-esteem and sense of desirability and self worth. The primitive Venus type is the whore, the mistress, the kept women or man. As long the price is right, they will give their clients, lovers and abusers whatever pain or pleasure they earnestly desire.

This emotional Scorpio type develops undue self-confidence in personal opinion. They abuse the rights of others and are definitely not noted for fair play. They are exceedingly selfish, self-righteous and vain. Shrewdness and insincerity are their natural forté, and they always have hidden ulterior motives. Accepting no restraint on their desires, as yet they lack charm, courtesy and tact and are blatantly obvious in their attempts to seek and obtain favors from powerful people. Constantly overbearing, excessively selfish and totally lacking in scruples, they have passionate devotions but are intensely shallow, skeptical, bigoted and narrow.

Self-indulgence, over-eating, drug and alcohol abuse, over-stimulated sexual activity, and excessive smoking are all too likely. All manner of skin problems and injuries to the flesh are quite common; the inevitable results of uncontrollable promptings, urges and intense feelings leave their physical marks and scars. The Scorpio under Venus has a profound love of being loved and found attractive or sexually desirable.

A woman under this influence will do absolutely everything in her power to look more beautiful and attractive. She will endure great pain in her quest for desirability, no matter how much cosmetic surgery or repeated hair removal she must undergo. Strong uncontrollable feelings, wanton desire, unmitigated license and violent emotions wreak havoc on the physical body.

This Scorpio type can be most unsatisfactory in the handling of public affairs and is unpleasant, idiosyncratic, impatient, contrary and difficult. Any form of constraint is resented. Here the opportunist emerges, using people and situations for personal desire and gain. Unduly sensitive, exclusively catering to their own feelings, they are continually in a state of inexcusable outrage, destructively tearing life, friends and family apart, destroying everything that is not in accordance with their own defined purpose. It is fair to say that the person under this decan is reckoned with but never really liked.

The Venusian evolves by developing the ability to selfishly attract and draw to themselves all that is desired, thus satisfying the love of position, power, authority, wealth and status. It does not matter to the primitive Venusian type if they have to lie, cheat, steal or 'sleep' their way to the top. As a business partner, lover, friend or mate they cannot be trusted. When confronted with the truth they will ever attempt to deny it, seeking to divert blame for failure or shortcomings elsewhere.

The true beauty and awesome power of the primitive Scorpio lies in their ability to pervert any natural law—and even common sense or normal reason—to fulfil their desires, obsessions, passions and needs. Finally after many lifetimes of satiety, addiction, manifold sicknesses, blatant debauchery and perversion they become tired and disgusted with themselves and consequently do evolve and move forward on the Path of Life.

At the end of their lives some do leave behind a legacy of greater value than their jewelry, their fine wardrobe and their designer furniture. Venus ultimately bestows the gift of immense personal magnetism. The fundamental process of emotional development in the central decan involves the deep recognition of the basic conflict of duality between pain and pleasure. The victory of selfish material desire is achieved and the divisive personality is triumphant.

Aeons later upon the Reverse Wheel again under Venus, the disciple will come to renounce all accumulated material acquisition and personal glory for the majesty and beauty of the soul.


Step Three: Mental Man

November 11th to 22nd


Under Mars the salient task of the incarnated soul is to begin the process of developing the intellect to the point where it will one day become razor-like, dominant, controlling and powerful. The soul begins this stage with an undeveloped, uncontrolled and unawakened mind which completely hinders it from deeper realization.

These Scorpios have little desire to test the unknown. Due to this inadequacy they initially have a very limited, prejudiced, arrogant, intolerant and separative mental attitude. Here the force of Mars leads to misdirection, misapplication, misunderstanding and misuse of energy. It is easy for them to make enemies, as the drastic experience of this decan fully awakens the instinct to self-preservation and the natural fight for survival.

Mentally polarized Scorpios will naturally fight with power and determination to preserve the party line or the status quo and remain fully dedicated to some limited personal, national, racial, scientific or religious agenda but with a definitely materialistic bias.

Martian mental types get right to the point but seem totally blind and indifferent to any other viewpoint. In the early stages the undeveloped mind is intensely superstitious, rude, vulgar, coarse and crude.

Above all else, the untrained or uneducated Sixth Ray Martian type possesses an absurdly self-righteous attitude totally limited by an ultra-narrow dogmatic personal viewpoint. During the material period of mental evolution selfish personality methods are found completely satisfactory and are admirably demonstrated to the point of personal intellectual self-satisfaction. This leads to an isolated attitude which in due course becomes the greatest single barrier to the establishment of right human relationships in any field, be it business, social, personal or whatever else.

During this time when the mind is developing into an instrument of power with the avowed purpose of achieving success and dominating a field of endeavor, the methods they employ to achieve their goals are often cruel. The mundane martial mind driven by the need to conquer and rule expects others to submit to domination. The advanced mental type begins to express the "will-to-power" (EOH 439), utilizing their energy and drive to direct and dominate their own lower nature, but with the definite objective of dominating their environment, circumstances and other human beings.

Without a doubt it is the force of Mars which accounts for the selfish, mean, proud, scheming mind of the highly individuated Scorpio personality. They seek to take advantage of inferiors, the unfortunate and the weak. Not knowing the meaning of the word compromise they strive relentlessly to defend their position, granting no quarter to enemies, opponents, competitors, rivals or adversaries. The ambitious personality is most spiteful and vengeful and will sometimes take sardonic pleasure in quite deliberately ruining the lives of others. They experience life as a process of constant battle, relentless struggle, strife and painful conflict. Tremendous mental effort must be expended in order to gain power or control over life circumstance, environment and other people amidst the inner warring and irrationality of the personality.

The advanced mentally polarized person is a leading and dominating force to be reckoned with and potentially dangerous to cross. They will not brook any interference with their plans, and place many barriers around themselves that in fact limit the possibilities for true companionship.

In due course their extremely rigid, negative mental attitudes lead to a general breakdown and health crisis. In this decan illness and disease are the result of misdirected energy, inharmonious internal conditions, inhibited or rampant desires, a critical and judgmental nature and repressed hatred.

Among the various health difficulties faced are nervous diseases, irregular metabolism, acne, gastritis, liver trouble, tumors, certain cancers, syphilitic disorders, all manner of social diseases, insanities, congestion of the lungs and tuberculosis. Illnesses symptomatic of worry, fear and irritation—such as auto-intoxication, hives, skin disorders, inflammation, low vitality, fevers and influenza—are common at this stage. They are all the effects of the insidious poisons which arise due to emphatic self-interest, self-sufficiency and self-satisfaction. Mental fanaticism, frustrated idealism, bitterness, disgust and hatred also produce their share of toxic conditions.

Mars the God of War is well known to stimulate anger, and those under its influence often have a quick temper and are easily antagonized. In speech or writing Scorpios are direct, and when excited can be vehement. They are inclined to be hotheaded and arrive at decisions too hastily and without introspection. Consequently they often take foolish, stupid and hazardous risks. They have much to learn about leadership and command. Negative egotism and the desire for domination retard the fulfilment of their wish for complete control over material circumstance, the achievement of their passions and the fulfilment of their dreams.

Martian types are full of shortcomings, make many false starts and are notable for the number of tragic defeats and horrific failures they seem to undergo. Ultimately however, they find satisfaction in the process of dominating the forces of their own nature. Self-mastery and the attainment of conscious power is their particular task, and one that is not easy of achievement.

In all fairness it must be said that in the early stages of mental growth the Scorpio mind can and often does bring out the worst in other people. However once truly awakened it will seek truth with fearless and dauntless determination. Eventually after many lifetimes, mental manipulation is attained with great proficiency and surgical skill. At the apex of this stage they achieve rapid diagnosis in research and investigative work due to their remarkable quickness of thought and keen accuracy of observation. Their range of knowledge becomes encyclopedic.

These well-educated minds are involved in a whole range of diverse occupations—the military, science, politics, business, medicine and art to name a few.

The Scorpio in this decan has tremendous concentration, dedication and personal capacity for sacrifice. The advanced mind possesses an inherent strength along with requisite nerves of steel, and so is well equipped to confront the unpleasant facts it is forced constantly to face. Boundless mental effort, dauntless courage, great powers of focus and long hours of hard work characterize the advanced personality type.

The mentally polarized Scorpio under Mars is contemptuous of emotionalism in any form, does not spare themselves pain and cares little or nothing for the sensitivities of others.

Mars guarantees selfish satisfaction, satiety and death, but is certainly not inclined to grant a restful life. Though initially the mind is closed and constrained, the force of Mars eventually opens the self to beauty, nobility of spirit, compassion, service and unprecedented self-sacrifice. These are the soul qualities that will be fostered lifetimes later upon the Reverse Wheel.





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