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On the Reverse Wheel

November 22nd to December 21st

And the Word said:
I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another


First decan         Jupiter          November 22nd to December 1st

Second decan       Mars           December 1st to 10th

Third decan          Sun             December 10th to 21st


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

See this note on determining the decanate.


Step Four: Man the Aspirant

November 22nd to December 1st


Upon the Path of Return the sign of Sagittarius is entered via Jupiter in the first decan, Mars in the second and the Sun in the third. You must now come of age spiritually, for the world needs mature workers at this time and you can meet the need. You can make a soul impact upon those around you. You can cease from being a destructive agent and become a constructive worker. But this will only be possible if your likes and dislikes, your personality determinations and affections, your feelings and your physical ailments fade out of the picture and only the world's need remains and the longing to meet it. You have this capacity.

Firstly understand your work as an aspirant now falls into two main departments—one connected with your own inner development and the other connected with what service you can render in the world; yet these two are one. In the New Age, aspirants are trained for group work by achievement through service, with the emphasis upon the service and not upon the achievement.

Furthermore, there are three basic principles governing entry into the Ashram and the performance of all ashramic work; these are the governing principles in training: Occult Obedience, Group Integration and Right of Access. It would benefit you to research these, study them and meditate well upon them. 

Secondly, understand that clear thinking and the elimination of idle, destructive and negative thoughts are essential to your immediate progress. The development of discreet appreciation takes time, and as a neophyte you must always be on guard against any intrusion into your organized field of determined and imposed rule. Instead develop the capacities of self-government.

You have been on the periphery of an Ashram for some time. As an aspirant your task is to facilitate certain liberating processes taking place in your life. A simple, humble life of service and of self-forgetfulness will do more to free you than aught else. At this stage you are dealing with the germ or seed—and only the seed—of your nascent spiritual life.

Do not think so much about the 'flowering' or 'fruit' of your spiritual life in the future years but rather focus on the daily and immediate moment-to-moment nurturing and fostering of the seed of your soul life. Stay focused in the present moment. You stand much freer from entanglements than here-to-fore; you face fresh opportunity for service and for growth.

Your problem is how to capitalize on the past so that you can make the future a more fruitful period than ever before. Take responsibility for living with a daily recognition of the past, an understanding of the purpose of the present and with an eye to the future. Do not allow an unhappy sense of duality to produce undue distress and sorrow.

Learn to acquiesce and submit consciously to the inevitable process of transmutation which must occur before your personality can be considered a fit instrument of the soul, and stand steadfast in spiritual being maintaining a firm position upon the Middle Way between the pairs of opposites. Stand steady at the midway point and the secret of duality will be revealed. The inner key to attaining wisdom is to maintain a positive, dynamic viewpoint and strive always for right understanding and right activity.

You must now learn to perform actions without attachment to the fruits of achievement, thereby laying the foundation for complete relinquishment without pain or sense of loss. Learn to correctly diagnose and discriminate against all forms of selfish unselfishness. Free yourself from the desire to possess, from acquisitiveness. Attain selflessness motivated by the wish to appropriate nothing for the separated self. Carry selflessness to the heights of full surrender. You are learning remarkably fast, my brother, and can break through to a deepened and more realized knowledge of the spiritual Path if you can train yourself in detachment from selfishly motivated personality activity.

At the fourth step you struggle to identify and coordinate all your personality activity with the inner life-plan. Sometimes you have great clarity of vision in relation to the spiritual challenges and problems with which you are faced and develop unique responses to them. Sometimes you are overwhelmed with a devastating sense of aloneness and feel the power of the forces arraigned against you, and in comparison you feel weak and inadequate—but do not give up. Focus on strengthening a powerful sense of your core identity. Centralization is the key to personality integration because an inner reinforcement of your essential identity will enable you to detach yourself from the non-essential.

You now begin the stage of spiritualization and relinquishment of the personality or form life. As the process of complete personality satisfaction has already taken place upon the Ordinary Wheel, the initiatory lessons of the fourth step concern emergence into Light.

You have already experienced satiety, and now desires which used to be so dominant and so often satisfying no longer attract. Towards the end of your long pilgrimage you have grown truly tired of grasping the non-essential. You have played your part in life and developed your share of interests and attachments, but now as a somewhat world-weary aspirant you are ready to learn detachment.

Your soul now holds the purpose of liberation before it and has no desire for further physical plane existence. You are attracted now to the unseen, the true, the subjective and the Real—which is only possible when detachment from the seen, the false, the objective and the unreal has been achieved. Through the right use of the thought processes you can increasingly throw soul light upon your life problems, bringing right solution and correct understanding. You wrestle with your problems, my brother, for your sincere desire is to follow the Path of spiritual development, but you make the astral body your battle ground, whereas the whole problem should be elevated to mental levels.

Think this out and then carry forward right action in two directions: on the mental plane to discover guidance, and then on the physical plane to carry out actions as a demonstration. If you can work out these methods of right action on your own in relative isolation, this will open for you a perfect floodgate of impelling new relationships and group opportunities. Your goal is to intensify mental illumination so that the searchlight of the mind can be turned upon the miasmas of the astral body.

As a committed aspirant over the coming years you will have to vigilantly fight astral glamour—a necessary preparation to clear your aura for increased service. Your still restless, grasping, unsatisfied mind must now be clearly dealt with. Look closely at the quality of your mental equipment and formulate the wise procedure for your future contentment and happiness, free from the tendency of the mind to grasp and concretize; free from a nervous restless discontent and deep spiritual dissatisfaction. For the Path of Discipleship cannot be trodden until the glamour of your mystic vision has been dissipated and the vision itself has been lost to sight in identification and spiritual accomplishment.

At this stage the soul seeks clarity and accuracy resulting in occult certitude and not mystical belief. Your first goal is to clear the atmosphere of destructive thought and to bar fast the doors of selfish egotism, pride, cruel speech, poisonous gossip, fear, jealousy, hate and pain. No longer prostitute thought to the base uses of desire. You are divided in battle against the afflictions in your own mind. Now the time has surely come for you to defeat them. You have seen through the narrow perspective of this life. Now you must battle to achieve the correct view.

Through the activity of your increasingly illumined mind, with ever greater clarity of definition you will develop an intelligent appreciation of true values and a deep and true love of your fellow men which will draw you towards genuine sacrifice for the good of the whole. Seek to see humanity liberated, free and able to live their daily lives in the light of love, and do your share in bringing this about on all the planes in which you can consciously function.

This is the beginning of group consciousness and of your group work. Your purpose is to establish a sense of Reality as the ruling principle of life and achieve complete liberation from the control of the lower mind. Naturally questions about your spiritual life and future ashramic responsibilities sometimes powerfully intrude into your consciousness.

Up until now, after a period of inner wrestling and consequent decision, you have evaded facing the full implications of Accepted Discipleship and the effect this will have upon your lifestyle. You often wonder where the difficulty lies in your non-acceptance of the requirements for active discipleship in the Ashram of a Great One. These inconsistencies lie as unsolved problems which serve to bewilder your subconscious nature. They are behind your half-realized inability to work out right relations with people, fretting and gnawing at the lower layers of unformulated thought. They fuel a state of inner rebellion against life, against people, against your own decisions, which form a most definite orientation of your personality.

You are a sincere and intelligent devotee. Intelligence and devotion go hand in hand in the life of the aspirant, balancing each other and then producing a definite focus of power. For you this is an incarnation in which the life focus becomes irrevocably oriented toward the soul.

The keynote of renunciation is wisely sounded, however this must not be over-emphasized in case the power of renunciation is wrongly or unnecessarily applied. Make the results of higher orientation and reflection practical and thus learn to know when to speak and when to be silent, remembering that the elimination of possessiveness and self-reference will reduce speech to its spiritual essentials.

Develop the ability to listen, for this is the keynote of your inner life for the remainder of this incarnation and will give you the right of ashramic access. Then group integration will take on new and vital meaning for you. Within the outer circle of those who talk together on the periphery of the Ashram there is no group integration. Right of access comes to those advanced aspirants who have learned the Law of Silence.

Jupiter's beneficent influence grants you enormous power to make progress upon the Path and to tread the Way commensurate with an ever-growing sense of soul direction and guidance. The outstanding effect of Jupiter's stimulation is a steady inclusive expansion in the direction of truth, love and wisdom. Jupiter encourages an intuitive and focused attentiveness like a clear shaft of light in the fully soul-illumined disciple. It gives an unrelenting faith, undying trust, constant hope and a dynamic optimism.

All forms of fanaticism, negativity and glamorous personal devotion are being overcome. Strive to live from a growing recognition of the ordered direction of the soul's thought. Realize that true direction in life is found by following the plan of your soul. Though fluid, perfect cooperation with your soul lies as yet in the future, the establishment of an inner contact and relationship is magnificently possible and for this you must strive, pursuing your duty and shouldering your responsibilities. Recognize that the only way to grow into the light and find your own soul path is through service, through experience gained, through mistakes made and lessons learned.

Do not let the lesser voices crowd out the voice of your soul. If you keep your soul channel clear, then you will be able to face all the decisions of moment that come your way in the light of the soul, supervene with clear, prompt action and achieve good results. The advice that you are able to give others will not then be based on fear or any weakness of personality love, but will carry the triumphant note of the soul's wisdom. Lesser loves must be sacrificed for the greater love of the soul.

In your life the reassuring consolation of the superficial exchange of personality affections vanishes, but the love of the soul takes its place, along with many new and significant group contacts. Make no fanatical attempts to convert or persuade anyone to your personal spiritual vision. Consciously and diligently cultivate a real awareness of the needs of other people. The work of the disciple is based upon love for all and service to the entire human race. The ways and means are many; there are many paths to the one goal.

This is the time for skill-in-action. You say to yourself time and time again: "If there were some one thing I could do to break the prison of thought in which I find myself, how easy it would be and how quickly I would do it." (DINAI, p.507)

But my brother, you know that there are several key personality issues and needed integrations that have yet to be faced. Silence, serenity and loving service to all without exception and without thought of your personal self should be your goals during the final tests of the fourth step.

In place of restlessness, detachment, criticism, over-sensitivity, resentment, self-pity, fear, distrust and suspicion, evoke love. Use the power of love to break your chains so that you may freely serve. Jupiter ensures victory and will enable you to transcend all personal illusions, glamours and limitations. The beneficence of Jupiter will aid the development of the intuition so that you reach the foot of the mountain of Initiation. In the final analysis it is Jupiter which inevitably guarantees the soul's expression upon Earth and the power to pour out Love and Wisdom upon the spiritual Path. You will attain the fifth rung of the ladder when you realize and practically demonstrate that the work is one, the Path is one, the goal is one, and it is Love that unites us as One.

Do not over-estimate your importance in ratio to the tests you undergo and your reactions to them. Overcome a deep self-interest that isolates you in a cloud of your own thoughts so that the light of your soul is no longer shut out. You often see things in wrong proportion and sometimes you develop a fixed idea of persecution.

Your real problem is your glamour of isolation. Your spirit of criticism also induces many states of personal glamour. Do not subject others to the negative impact of your personal thought and criticism. You fail frequently to see people as they really are for you view them through the illusion of criticism, which also influences the opinions of others, further distorting how they are perceived. Is your initial response and reaction to people in general kindly or critical? Are you prone to see the good and ignore the weaknesses and errors? Does some wrong action or mistake immediately invoke in you a critical interest, or do you lock up your knowledge of people's faults in the secret of your heart, loving your brother more because of his frailty and refusing to pass comment or to criticize even to yourself?

When harmlessness and kindness in thought and word are practiced and automatically become a part of your daily life expression, you will become an Accepted Disciple.

Three things if persisted in and practiced, will do more to aid you in the attainment of Accepted Discipleship than any other:

  • First, assume more definitely the attitude of the Onlooker who sees all people and happenings through the light of Love and from the angle of eternal values.
  • Second, leave everybody free to live their own lives and shoulder their own responsibilities, knowing that they are souls and are being led towards the light. Simply give them love and understanding.
  • Third, fill your own life with the practice of service so that you have no time for the moments of mistrust, lack of faith, doubt and suspicion that have brought so much trouble to so many aspirants.

The evolved Sagittarian knows that the power to produce the needed integration and to end the cycle of duality lies within. It is realized that all discomfort, lack of coordination, pain and distress are symptoms of spiritual aspiration and the reaction of the conscious integrated aspects of the personality to those subconscious aspects which are seeking recognition and integration. Release comes from the realization that the innate capacity to use the creative imagination to act "as if" holds the key. (DINAII, p. 554)

The creative imagination builds the bridge between the lower and higher aspects. Endeavor in your higher creative and spiritual imagination to always live within the Ashram and act 'as if' the consciousness of the Ashram were intrinsically your consciousness. Go forth in service 'as if' you remained immovable in the Ashram; live always 'as if' the eyes of the Ashram were upon you.

For the remainder of your life let this esoteric philosophical concept 'as if' actuate all you do. It is this constant awareness which these two words embody that will produce in you a fresh use of the creative imagination and open the door to the Ashram. Begin to comprehend the creative purpose of your soul, seek to develop the creative imagination constructively and also train your directional will, and much will be accomplished. Exercise your power of choice in coordination with directed purpose to find ways to fulfil soul goals. A future of greater service and world work opens wide for you at the next step if you steadfastly persevere in this training phase of soul instruction.

Maintain a steadfast adherence to your already well-established spiritual regimen, disciplines and habits. Always too little emphasis is placed upon the necessity for the aspirant to stabilize an existing spiritual rhythm, and too much emphasis is given to the new and to making some sort of 'progress'.

Learn from your daily spiritual habits an instinctual spiritual responsiveness—which is the higher correspondence to the instinctual reactions of the body. When this is accomplished you can then depend upon yourself to automatically do or say the right thing. More important still, your watchful Master will know that you can be depended upon and you will be permitted entrance into the Ashram without impediment. You will go your way in peace, knowing that the ferment of living energies within you will enable you to act as if you were the soul.

The love of the Master surrounds you and your inner connection is growing steadily in strength and potency. For the remainder of your life with ever increasing personality detachment seek to serve the Plan. Here lies the secret of Accepted Discipleship.

You have lived for years at a high point of aspiring tension. Your life has been filled with the fires of aspiration which in an earlier phase were destructive, but as you have spiritually matured others have found them increasingly warming and nurturing. When the fires within you have burned away the intervening barriers between your soul and personality, and your soul note has been sounded, you will be accepted by your Master. Only then can your note be safely added to the sound of the Ashram, enriching its volume, adding quality to its tone and conveying the required creative qualities.

Deepen your inner thought life, increase your capacity to serve, make every word you speak resonant to those you teach and then you will attain Accepted Discipleship. Your Master and elder brothers have held you safe from harm while you have reoriented your life and passed through the various initiatory tests of your strength; but that time is now past. You are now invited to "full acceptance" (RAI, p.18) and asked to enter into ordered ashramic work shouldering responsibility and coming into spiritual maturity.


Step Five: Man the Disciple

December 1st to 10th


These words are for the Sagittarian disciple who through concentration and meditation has gained entry into the realms of higher thought. You have a free mind and much intuitive insight. You are exceedingly well equipped to serve and your soul now seeks to give even more effective service. It is a source of soul satisfaction that you are functioning as a recognized member of an ashramic group.

Be joyous because you stand now within the Ashram with clearer knowledge and a more assured faith. Opportunities for fuller service open up before you—service you can render in your outer life situation and the occupation in which you are presently placed. Use your energies to produce that ordered rhythm and life structure which are required to make a definite impact upon the minds of those around you.

Mars being the ruler of this decan, the forces of conflict here are powerful and in the life of the disciple usher in strife, thus precipitating the battle to the 'death' of the personality (occultly understood). This is a terrific battle of a truly momentous nature wherein the disciple as the Sagittarian Archer must achieve and hold a steady stance with masterful control of hand and eye before shooting the arrow which when accurately aimed, will inscribe a trajectory through the portal of Initiation.

Sagittarian disciples under the influence of the Sixth Ray are intensely devoted, focused and intuitive, thus they can demonstrate either an intense soul focus or an equally intense resistance to the plan of the soul. Your goal is to strive to live as if the soul is in constant control and the dominating aspect of your expression.

This may involve close thinking about the soul and its relation to the personality, but it requires more than a mental focus. It requires that the control of your entire lower three-fold vehicles by the soul become increasingly automatic. Mars provides the field of energy wherein the one-pointed disciple can become the initiate. As your attention shifts to the realm of the higher energies, the stimulation of Mars will enable you to dominate and discipline your personality.

The successful conclusion of the subjective tests and trials of the central decan will bring the elementals of your three-fold personality under the complete control of the soul. Scientifically perfect your newly created mechanisms of spiritual contact and your response apparatus. Make steady measured progress in the process of inner perfection until eventually nothing further remains to be done within your individual framework.

Strive one-pointedly with stamina and endurance, allowing no obstacle to stand in the way of spiritual progress towards your initiatory goal. Overcome all forms of personal malice. Without any deviation from the appointed Path, work hard to unfold the capacity to direct and control your life efforts.

The faults of the Sagittarian under Mars rise easily to the surface and can be speedily detected. Any deviation in behavior is invariably exposed and any attempt to disguise inadequacy is pointless. Rather attempt to overcome the last vestiges of personality separativeness, intolerance, self-centeredness and self-reference. Altruism, selflessness and broad inclusive group sensitivity must be developed.

Do not waste time and strength through worry, self-condemnation or refutation. The development of an all-inclusive Love is the major requirement of the fifth decan. Let go of all narrow personal attitudes and biases. In matters of principle adhere to a definite position with unswerving devotion and unwavering loyalty. Inspired dedication and commitment to the motivating goal of soul fusion must be primary.

Release yourself from the world of seeming, from the realm of myriad effects and the plane of illusion. Face the hard lessons and prepare to take the Martian training which will allow you to wield energy and control forces in conformity with the Plan. Realize that as yet, you are still regarded as unstable and a potential hazard in hierarchical work.

Enquire within yourself exactly where you still suffer from illusion and do not be held back by sloth or tardiness. When you learn to use your energy more wisely and direct your power more intelligently, you will know yourself to be part of a great interlocking directorate through which the will of your soul is working out. Your major responsibility and duty is to permit no hindrance to the potencies of divinity flowing through you. When this is achieved then you will be fully trusted to cooperate with the purpose behind the Plan.

You cannot pass onward and take initiation into the potency of the higher worlds of Being until you have demonstrated within your individual framework a definite control of energy, purity of motive, single-hearted and one-pointed intent, selflessness, love of humanity, clear vision, spiritual insight, a developed intuition and a willingness to follow the light no matter where it leads. You must appreciate that it is only with appropriate safeguards and due security that you can move another step into greater light.

Under Mars your emotional body will finally become dominated by the love of the soul. All forms of superficial personality sentimentality will end. Periods of destitution will mark your individual life-path and a series of definite crises will intervene, purifying your motives and incentives but in the process leaving you unappreciated by others.

The severity of these crises will necessitate complete readjustment of your personality. You will be tested until you achieve victory over the thralldom of your physical body, although paradoxically this does not mean freedom from form itself. Reflect on this. Only then will you be trusted to work unselfishly for the benefit of the group.

Mars gives you tremendous idealism as well as the capacity for spiritual vision of your soul's life-plan. Your task is to direct your life-course accordingly with surgical skill and precision. Mars grants you the power to achieve your goals and spiritual undertakings, and to achieve high and noble ideals.

The vision must now be held with sufficient clarity to make it possible to work with perfect unanimity of purpose, objective, technique, method, and with complete understanding of this oneness of approach. You recognize that only your soul has the power to hold the spiritual vision and to direct your course towards it. Do not allow yourself to become lost in uncontrolled aspirations or the glamours of your personal thoughts. You will be severely tested on your ability to disassociate yourself from all forms of limiting personal vision, personal reactions, adored truths and beloved ideals.

Do not try to force others to dedicate themselves to that which you hold dear. The thoughts of others are irrelevant to your immediate task at hand. Learn to stand still and peaceful at the center of your spiritual being. Only from this central point of poised alertness can a sense of vision and right proportion be demonstrated. Your spiritual perspective must be broadened to include all visions, all forms of truth and all dreams of reality, and discover the essence of Deity informing them all.

You should now concern yourself with "the fire of comprehension." (DINAII, p.554) It ever precedes the blinding light of realization because it destroys all the glamours that hide or veil the immediate point of soul illumination for the disciple.

You have approached this Sixth Ray Martian fire from the standpoint of the emotional nature and it has been associated in your mind with the waters of the astral plane, thus producing mist and fog which are ever the result of the bringing together of fire and water. This astral interpretation has conditioned your experience, process and thinking. But now consider glamour in the light of the fires of mental comprehension incited by Mars.

Have confidence in your inner wisdom, learn to stand by your beliefs and find ways to act practically upon them to apply what you know. Developing this inner confidence will activate the fire of comprehension, the results of which will be often surprising and are likely to be painful. So the blazing fires of Mars are an appropriate symbol for the disciple at the fifth step.

Do not be over-anxious thinking that the Way of Fire means pain and sorrow. The nature of spiritual fire will be brought more clearly and essentially into your consciousness. These are not the fires of personality purification. You have already moved through the burning ground and passed out the other side to stand before your Angel of the Presence at the very door of Initiation.

The major trends of your spiritual life, practice, work and service are now firmly established. Do not seek to unduly alter the rhythm of years. You have accumulated much soul knowledge in this life. Deepen your meditation and intensify the inner silence. Think humbly, speak wisely and work ceaselessly.

The soul opportunities are great and the soul potencies at your disposal are more vital than ever before. Draw what you need for your teaching from the ancient reservoir of wisdom within, and not so much from the outer pool of knowledge. Lift and comfort your fellow men, welcome truth and become an agent of revelation to other minds. Focus yourself on teaching those who look to you for guidance and this will automatically take your attention off your little self. Your teaching work offers many soul opportunities which when rightly used, will allow you to progress from the Path of Discipleship to the Path of Initiation.

Under the influence of Mars the God of War you are a commanding figure. Out of compassion fight for the cause of those who are educationally, economically, religiously or politically oppressed. Become one-pointedly and constantly oriented to some line of action which is a part of the divine Plan. Master the art and science of relationship so that you may live in harmony with others and with your environment.

Progress into the world of meaning and values with utter simplicity. From the three worlds of kaleidoscopic movement and change, penetrate further into the world of causes. Reduce life to the simplest terms so that informed decisions and conclusions hit the mark of truth as straight and swift as the flight of an arrow.

Seek to attain quick, accurate intuitive thought and clear vision. You know that if you could achieve detachment and attain a stable focused mind that the whole of life would greatly simplify for you. Initiation is simplification. Complication lies only in the mind of the disciple; the initiate knows it not. Ponder on this. Simplify your discipleship practice by acting 'as if.' Through this living process let loose the full fires of comprehension.

Govern yourself always 'as if' your divine comprehension was perfected and you will find that in your daily life experience all glamorous and concealing deceptive veils will disappear. Act 'as if' you are initiate and discover that "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he" (DINAII, p.168) because the heart is the custodian of the power of the imagination. Your spiritual imagination is released into full creative activity when you act 'as if' you are the soul in full expression, 'as if' the Master is ever aware of your actions, 'as if' you are a fully liberated being. Endeavor always to live within the Ashram, which is insulated from astral glamour; and act 'as if' the consciousness of the Ashram were intrinsically your consciousness. It is this constant awareness of the potential which the two words 'as if' embody that will produce in you a fresh electrical surge of spiritual intuition and propel you to the sixth rung of the ladder.

You have taken the "royal route" (DINAII, p.586) to the very heart of the Hierarchy. You have realized that occult obedience is not the carrying out of rules and orders imposed upon you by your soul; rather it is for you simply a rapidity of spiritual reaction to soul impression as it emanates from your Ashram. It is the sensitive, immediate and correct registration of the quality of the Ashram with which you are affiliated, and consequently an automatic undertaking of the required tasks. Your duties are ever self-assigned, self-initiated and self-implemented, and you perform them with exemplary care.

At the apex of the fifth step you are now a safe, sound, secure and self-directing disciple being trained and prepared for higher initiation. Seek to link up with your Master and group brothers each day and count on their watchful, supportive and sustaining love. Your Master's skills, care and attention are always available. When need arises you can count on his aid. He has recorded on your ashramic chart your strong and constant effort to fulfil the requirements for initiation and for the attainment of the sixth step.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

December 10th to 21st

The Sun

At the sixth step the premise of the soul is a forgone conclusion and you have succeeded in silencing all doubt as to the essential divinity of your nature. Consequently your ministrations for the good of humanity are finally to become completely free from any touch of self-righteousness, and ever serve to enlighten and not to chastise human ignorance.

The rays of the Sun provide a constant source of inspiration, illumination and ample nourishment. Fertile creativity, expediency and good judgment are all valuable factors contributing to your success. With courageous and heroic effort you may attain the height of human fame, but you do so with clear and definite purpose, preserving self-respect and complete self-command. Your soul-illumined genius is one with every part of the universe, and gives rise to innumerable forms of creative composition.

Your chief characteristics are an extraordinary power of mental illumination, observation and inclusive reason. You have an ability to reduce equations to the simplest terms and eliminate unnecessary details. You have also accelerated the inherent divine capacity enabling the details of any subject to be grasped in meticulous entirety. This wide yet detailed scope or universal recognition requires a very high degree of synthetic comprehension. You live an intricate internal life of organized creation released from all material pettiness and self-centeredness.

The scope of your vision takes in not only the outer periphery of the Whole but also the beauty and purpose of every aspect of its inner structure. You have an incredible vastness of knowledge because you understand living structures as expressions of divine Ideas; you recognize the intricate beauty of the inner relationships within the expressing Whole. You can follow the circulation of the energy which is working out the divine Idea as well as the focal points of force and of energy which act as power and light stations within that Whole.

You possess a faculty of reason that is that pure infallible intuitional comprehension, grasping cause and effect simultaneously, understanding why and to what end all things are moving. This simultaneity of reception is the result of having reached a point in your meditative life wherein soul, mind and brain reaction are fully aligned.

You manage the heights and depths of your life journey so that events have little demonstrable effect upon your equilibrium. Mastery of the tests and trials of the Sun decan entails the attainment of an illumined point of balance. Whatever may come your way—sickness, fame, wealth or poverty—you maintain an even path between the pairs of opposites, inwardly unaffected by the alternating highs and lows of any one particular life cycle.

The pattern of soul consciousness stands clear and you have a deep realization of the true significance of Light, which is the inner point of life in all manifested forms. All theoretical knowledge is usurped by the direct, infallible soul-illumination of the mind. Your creative imagination is occupied with ways to shine light into the dark and unplumbed depths of human creative potential.

Ruled by the Sun, you work consciously as a light-bearer. This produces an intensification of your life of service to those dark places. First you bring the light of knowledge to the unenlightened, then desiring nothing for the separated self you transport the light of Life, carrying true selflessness to the heights of full surrender.

As a highly evolved Sagittarian you are a superbly commanding figure well adapted to succeed by progressing in a straightforward manner on the Path of Initiation. The power of the Sun in the final decan guarantees you victory in the greatest adventure, the spiritual quest. It proves beyond doubt the presence of your soul as an eternal reality in past, present and future.

In life you are the keenest observer of the actions and ways of your fellow men. You bring illumined reason to bear upon every phenomenon that comes under your astute observation. Your transparent mind has become sensitive to the highest form of pure intuitive mental perception. You know that pure thought is the supreme power and that there is no true purpose, reason or direction in life without it.

The initiate Archer aims well, rarely missing the mark. Known for an unfailing and uncompromising frankness in pointing out the faults and foibles of your fellows, you exhibit a freedom of thought and an openness to discussion that may at times take the ordinary person aback. Although outspoken in your criticism, you are never unduly harsh or contemptuous because you truly understand and correctly identify the position, essential characteristics and mental attitudes of others.

When a principle is at stake you never yield your position. A highly skilled dialectician, you possess an immediate intuitive knowledge of the weak points in your opponent's reasoning. Consequently you are an excellent teacher, often following the Hermeneutic or Socratic method of interrogation. True to the nature of the Sun you can often be quite entertaining and humorous with witty and insightful repartee.

You have tremendous endurance, incredible vigor and boundless energy which will enable you to live a long, productive and eventful life, retaining your full faculties to the last breath. Likely you will die 'in the harness' as it were, from sheer exhaustion or heart-failure due to overwork in the cause of the illimitable freedom of the human spirit. But not even the dimming of your faculties will prevent you from completing your body of work.

Sagittarian initiates are the custodians of inner spiritual vision. You act with forethought, foresight and practical idealism. You have a remarkable child-like transparency which makes you easy to understand and ensures your speedy transition along the narrow razor-edged Path, and your straight and rapid progress along the line of creative endeavor. You are a true examiner who will directly meet others fair and square on their own ground, proceeding honestly, reasonably and logically. Inquiry and investigation come naturally to you, as does an understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect.

What are your gifts and what is your ashramic contribution? Your gifts are a pure and unselfish spirit and a rare capacity to give. You are driven by an urge to give selflessly with no motive but a pure and loving spirit. The pure lights of reason and understanding have dispelled all the fogs in which you have long walked upon the Path of Discipleship.  The clouds of care have been dispersed within the radiant light of your soul. Speaking in occult symbols, the Sun is found within your mind and within that Sun you now stand. With certitude you can now depend upon yourself to automatically do or say the right thing; more important still, your Master knows that you can be depended upon. You are permitted to move throughout the Ashram without impediment, as the secret Plan of the Ashram is safe with you.

As you have proceeded in the spiritual life, intensified your understanding of your Master and entered more deeply into the life of the Ashram, and as your vision has grown—revealing possibilities for service and also the limitations of your equipment—you have dropped all personal possessiveness. As you have developed divine indifference and begun to regard all that you do as a natural response and contribution to the work of the Ashram, your personal self has faded out of the picture. Now only the need and the power of the Ashram to meet that need remain. Thus you stand initiate.

It is this attitude of selflessness and this capacity to be a channel for the power, the love, the knowledge and the life of the Ashram that constitutes occult obedience. You now comprehend the balancing potencies of speech and of silence, and demonstrate both as practical effects of occult obedience. They form a well-established rhythm of voluntary response to the power of the life of the Ashram and to the Master. You now embody the complete freedom that governs the entire circle of ashramic life, encompassing the inner field of Being as well as the outer field of service.





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