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On the Ordinary Wheel

November 22nd to December 21st

And the Word said:
Let food be sought


First decan          Sun               November 22nd to December 1st

Second decan       Mars             December 1st to 10th

Third decan          Jupiter          December 10th to 21st

Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

See this note on determining the decanate.

 Step One: Physical Man

November 22nd to December 1st

The Sun

Progressing clockwise upon the Path of Pursuit the sign of Sagittarius is entered via the Sun in the first decan, Mars in the central decan and Jupiter in the third. The beneficent enhancement of the Sun accounts for the naturally outgoing disposition and animal magnetism of the man-beast or Centaur, the totem of this sign. The active type in this decan is highly conspicuous, openly declaring their presence and radiating a bright self-confidence.

Like the Leo subject their bearing and stature is commanding but is far more open, genial and less terrifying than the Lion. The Sagittarian is given to vigorous expressive gestures and physical movements which are often far from graceful. They possess an active not passive grace, which is positively framed for agile physical movement. Body size tends to be larger than average and the stature above standard height, but there are also many delightful small, elfish, sprite-like Sagittarians.

The Sun as the ruler of this decan grants attainment of physical objectives and the satisfaction of physical desires and appetites. It bestows upon the Sagittarian a natural spontaneity, an intense vigor and an outgoing enthusiasm. The Sagittarian revels in the earthy instinctual joys of animal man in nature. There is often a marked resemblance between the facial features and expression and that of an animal. A likeness to horse, deer or one of the short or longed-nosed types of dog is sometimes plain to see.

In the active physical type, male or female, all features are well balanced and the uniqueness of the character has not degenerated into a distorted or eccentric physiognomy. The clear bright expression of the eyes is quite wonderful as they twinkle and sparkle with a glint of sunlight and an elfish playfulness. These are the eyes of the dreamer or visionary and often have a far-off look or distant expression as though focused on some unseen goal, vista or horizon.

Reflecting the dualistic nature of the Sun, the upper and lower torso of the physical body sometimes appear imbalanced—like two different bodies somewhat awkwardly joined together. For instance, the lower body can be large and over-developed while the chest, breasts, back, arms and shoulders appear small and under-developed. In general however, alertness, directness of body movement, an ingenuous expression and open countenance are the most striking traits of the physical type.

Another trait is the great shock of hair which may be likened to the mane of an untameable fiery stallion. Similar to the Leo type they possess an abundance of hair but it is even more wild, electric and unmanageable than the mane of the king of the beasts. How difficult it is in contrast, for the many female and male Sagittarians who are bald or who have thin and sparse hair.

The Sun bestows its sons and daughters with the gifts of a strong constitution, abundant vitality, vigor, great reserves of energy and splendid recuperative power. They have much sheer physical power and protective strength in a well-balanced and healthy body. Self-directed and self-motivated activities are inspired with a light-heartedness, a sense of play and fun. The general temperament is calm, buoyant and cheerful, and they are possessed of an insatiable curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Children of this decan can be very unselfish and naturally trusting of others. Due to the Sun's influence Sagittarians often do not act their age but retain a buoyant youthfulness even when quite elderly. Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs and sacral area, so subjects suffer from ailments of these parts of the body and are susceptible to sciatica and rheumatism.

In the rudimentary stage unevolved types are easily led astray or temporarily lost. These Sagittarians are best known for their swelling egos, their boldness and their love of experimentation. We recognize them by their disregard of convention and by their characteristically high-strung, restless and fragile nervous temperaments. The recessive physical type emerges as the homeless outcast or disheveled vagabond, abandoned, abused and ridiculed. Fortunately the Sun grants sufficient vitality to overcome most physical dangers and generally speaking despite many bruises, sprains, broken bones and other injuries, promises longevity. As they are often sports people who indulge in dangerous pursuits, they are prone to accidents which arise from this. They are attracted by the thrill of risk-taking in all sports from rock climbing, skiing to tennis or mountain biking. The chief dangers to the body arise from the high-spirited nature, over-activity and a depletion of the life current through the unnecessary scattering of vital energy.

On the other hand, if deprived of activity and forced into restraint the constitution rapidly breaks down. Learning to economize strength and not unnecessarily call upon their great reserves of energy remains a problem. Under the Sun's beneficial influence the advanced physical type does not foolishly put his body in danger but has learned to show good judgment based on physical observation, activity and experience. They are naturally inclined towards shielding, guarding, preserving and protecting.

The rising and setting Sun manifests itself in two contrary aspects, thus Sagittarians have very strong likes and dislikes and are exceedingly impressionable to inharmonious surroundings and people. The Sagittarian is a child of nature and emotionally expressive of the duality of the natural world. They are simultaneously bold, raucous, extroverted and also impressionable and retiring.

Sagittarians possess a bright positive outlook on life, are full of enterprise, energy, versatility, adventurousness and are eager to extend travel and life experience beyond the birthplace. True to the influence of the Sun they are basically ambitious and optimistic, and continue to be so even when their hopes are daunted. They are strongly idealistic, honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere, with a passion for justice. The advanced types are very apt to take a stand on the side of the 'underdog', are quite prepared to rebel against social mores, and will fight for any cause they believe to be just. The successful Sun type achieves a balance of loyalty and independence.

The initial objective of the Sagittarian in this decan is to orient themselves towards the goal of satisfying purely animal desire through selfish greed, passion and ambition. With the objective of satisfying some desire, the tests and trials of the soul concern the attainment of definite forms of physical activity, material direction and objective orientation. Here the direction of the soul's efforts are focused into some form of sensuous experience. There is a growing recognition and sensitive response to the fulfilment of physical desires. The soul is enabled to focus on developing the creative ability to work in the material world and thereby attain complete identification with and satisfaction from the form side of life.

Physical decan types cannot release themselves from the grip of lower desire or from the surrounding world glamour because the power of the trained reasoning mind is yet to be called in by the soul. Ambition and intense selfishness characterize the physical man. However the Sun grants the determining power of personality focus and these qualities of the soul are developed in contrast to fluid interplay and instability. Later development of the intellectual awareness begins here with the slow preliminary evolution of the instinctual nature.

Eventually the process of growing recognition and sensitive response to environing conditions produces an intelligent comprehension of direction. The rulership of the Sun from the subjective psychological standpoint indicates that these men and women must begin to develop and evidence some sense of life direction. One day when fully illuminated by the rays of the Sun, the Sagittarian will no longer blindly struggle in the dark but with a strongly individual stance and a singularity of purpose, will see the immediate task ahead and make rapid progress upon the Path of true happiness and immortality.



Step Two: Emotional Man

December 1st to 10th


Mars excites the natural expression of exuberance, zeal and dynamic enthusiasm of the Sagittarian type. It empowers the incarnated soul to fight for the realization of its wishes and desires. Initially the struggle of the human soul to achieve lower desires brings it into reckless conflict with the environment as emotional fulfilment and satisfaction is selfishly sought. As the wish life and dream life of the individual are greatly intensified during the emotional stage, the Martian stimulation gives rise to many impractical visions.

The emotional type is at times quite turbulent, volatile and subject to extreme mood swings. Likes and dislikes are emphatic, and they are very susceptible to lack of harmony in the environment. They quickly move from a state of despair and abandonment to one of soaring confidence. They are torn between the desire for recognition, fame and attention, and feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment and heart-breaking anguish. They forge strong emotional attachments based on personal likes and dislikes, and when crossed or contradicted become spiteful, unmerciful and vengeful. They are uncompromising and have a strongly suspicious nature, a fondness for argument and enjoy crossing swords with any antagonist. Both women and men are naturally skeptical, display a love of militant argument and enjoy winning a debate.

The emotional traits of the Sagittarian in the Mars decan include unnatural suppression of the instinctual nature, self-abasement, masochism, a martyr complex, blind faith, mania, rigid idealism, irrationality, fanaticism and jealous love. They are known for strong attachments, dependencies and for being over-reliant on others. They are especially prone to fears, superstitions, irritability, fussiness, excessiveness, extremes of all types, hyper-intensity, moodiness, isolation, frustration, contradictions and dogmatism.

These Sagittarians are known for their narrow views, conservativeness, reactionary rigidity, and for being especially thin-skinned. As individuals they are impractical, immobile, reactive, easily frazzled, misdirected, temperamental and judgmental. Highly manipulative and secretive they attempt to dominate with a peculiar and troubled brand of nervous, indecisive and inconsistent action. Prone to fantasy, the emotional type is overly self-involved, compulsive, hasty, combative, militaristic and aggressive and is also extraordinarily susceptible to the fear of loss or change.

At this point in the career the incarnated soul has not yet learned patience. Their greatest fault is a certain hastiness which encourages premature action. The pull of desire is so strong that the emotional type cannot wait until the fruit is ripe to pick it. The unevolved Sagittarian can be the misguided enthusiast who marshals the forces of blind conservatism with an irrepressible emotional energy.

The lower aspects of Mars are expressed through all forms of dogmatic, authoritative feelings and actions. Sagittarians are prone to anger and they tend to flare up over trifles. They are impatient, wanting to rush every new project through immediately and demanding too much of colleagues who cannot work at the pace they require. They are inclined to pour scorn upon the inadequacies of others while expecting fulsome praise and recognition of their own efforts. To complete a major project they will sacrifice their health and family relationships.

Under Mars the astral type can be over-exacting, domineering and inconsiderate in the work place, and boastful, vulgar and extravagant in their private lives. Their restlessness and tendency towards excess often jeopardizes their own personal safety, health and emotional stability. Some Sagittarians seem to waste their lives in frivolous pursuits, physical action and sexual activities. Others develop a moralizing, religious fanaticism or else turn into hypocrites, their prudishness disguised by an outward appearance of happiness.

Emotionally polarized Sagittarians are often religious, with a strong sense of morality. They place great emphasis on following an ethical code, and are inclined to worship doctrines and beliefs about God rather than God Himself. They love organized and orthodox religions and formulated theologies that do not necessarily embody spiritual values.

The recessive type regards rigid, unloving, intolerant adherence to ritual and conventional codes as more important than the truths they symbolize. They firmly believe that their salvation is determined by the acceptance of some dogma formulated by men who possess no sense of proportion or sense of humor. They have undue confidence in their personal deductions and typically defile the higher expression of spiritual truth with hatred, bigotry, pomp, and an emphasis on meaningless ritual and ceremony. They see their chosen faith as separate from all other forms of faith. They naively believe their faith to be free of internal dissension and incontestable by those with other beliefs. They sometimes pay lip service to religions and political parties in which they have ceased to believe because the outward forms satisfy them, yet they may not hesitate to switch parties in politics or change their system of belief if they see personal advantage to themselves in so doing.

As there is so little independent thought at this stage, they are very susceptible to propaganda. The untrained mind lacking any real lucidity or clarity and being so plastic and receptive, is easily imposed upon, regimented and standardized.

In this decan the emotional temperament is unreasoning, grasping and quick to reach out to that which interests them. At times they appear obsequious and ingratiating, but the many promises made are quickly forgotten. Reckless snap judgments miss the mark because they are not founded upon any formulated plan or clear vision. They are driven erratically by restless cravings and shifting beliefs, doomed to disappointment and failure.

They are emotionally clumsy, handling everyone and everything in too tough, rough or heavy a manner. The Martian emotional temperament is so powerful and insistent that many lifetimes must pass before there is any real ability to restrain, constrain or redirect it. These Sagittarians are dominant individuals and express their insistent feelings very bluntly and boorishly with real discourtesy. Thunderbolts of high-voltage sarcasm are hurled with tremendous negative emotional energy and not necessarily with great discrimination as to target. When more maturely developed, they will truly regret their unreasonable enthusiasm, selfish actions and the incidental pain and harm they have inflicted upon their husbands, wives, children, families, associates and friends.

The rulership of the emotional body by the masculine Mars accounts for the female Sagittarian's love of sport and her imitation of her male comrades in physical action, gait, speech and phrase, and also in the art of courtship or lovemaking. These Sagittarian women prefer the company of men. They are excellent in handling all kinds of sports equipment, firearms and weapons.

Characteristically there is a rough kindliness in manner and an enjoyment of active encounters. However they are inherently afraid of being trapped and so find it difficult to relax. Their child-like transparent nature demands emotional exercise to make it feel complete, but will never fully blossom and bear fruit if not directly forced into new experiences. It is essential that they do not suppress their feelings but allow full expression of their natural enthusiasm and exuberance.

Emotionally immature Sagittarians are not yet developed enough to express love, trust, loyalty or sympathy. Their capacity to express genuine affection or love for other people is not yet unfolded. Marriage may be decried as an intolerable torture, a burden, bondage and a bore as they attempt to safeguard their cherished 'liberty'. Broken engagements and marriages, with all the accompanying pain, humiliation and loss of self-respect are frequent. This often results in morbid feelings, depressing and unhealthy actions. They do not recover easily from emotional blows and develop cynical attitudes void of any positive idealism. Inconsideration and inherent selfishness are thereby even more strongly accentuated.

On the positive side, Mars produces an emotional temperament which is earnest, sincere, utterly loyal, unshakeable, self-sacrificial, one-pointed and intensely devotional. When emotionally mature their expression is humble, inspirational, persuasive, pure and idealistic. The temperament remains wonderfully fiery, romantic, persistent, freedom-loving and indomitable. They live a unique, vibrant, exciting, tireless, free-spirited and individualistic lifestyle. Sagittarians can be cheerful, humorous, funny and interesting, and can be excellent storytellers. They are quick and sensitive, provocative, gutsy, confident, colorful and imaginative.

Sagittarians are often influential, sociable and well liked. The highly evolved emotional type is especially receptive to spiritual guidance, possesses an enduring optimism and a transcendent idealism. They are proud of their achievements, enthusiastic, devoted, grateful for affection and quick to make allowances for the shortcomings of other people due to physical afflictions, infirmity or fatigue.

Evolved Sagittarians in this decan have developed a self-protective prudence and carefully cultivated a reasonable self-control, and so do not exceed the safe limits of any situation or circumstance. Being emotionally polarized however, they are far more instinctual than self-aware. They are swayed by desire and oriented towards the satisfaction of that desire. They recognize themselves as the dramatic center of their universe, but this does not mean that they possess true self-consciousness.



Step Three: Mental Man

December 10th to 21st


Jupiter guarantees the satisfaction of personality desire and materialistic objectives. To achieve personality success and prosperity, the free use of the mind is necessary so that focused attention can be paid to all that concerns the personal self and its aims. The blind, narrow, bigoted and limited mental faculty of the semi-educated Sagittarian is steadily expanded under Jupiter's stimulation so that greater material vistas, horizons and physical objectives can be envisioned.

The process of the third decan activates the soul's ability to clearly formulate plans and goals and then attain to the desired objectives through the selfish use of the attractive power of Jupiterian force. In the early stage the Sagittarian is susceptible to fearfulness, non-assertiveness, self-pity and an inner sense of inferiority. They commonly feel helpless, over-attached, over-sensitive and vulnerable. Self-assertiveness and intense ambition are fostered by the soul. The major objective is the intelligent concentration and use of all the powers to bring about personality satisfaction leading eventually to control of the desires by the mind.

Jupiter makes it easy for the materialist to hold orthodox opinions, so unevolved mental types are most likely to presume upon position when dealing with inferiors and are well known for acting somewhat presumptuously and using their authority as a defense. They range from respected and conservative scientists, theologians, psychologists, academics and other dogmatic doctrinaire types from all schools of thought, to fanatics who burden others by imposing their views, to the maniac obsessed with some lunatic vision of no benefit at all to society.

Often they place fanatical emphasis upon doctrinal pronouncements and attempt to punish those who fail to accept them. Initially the love of being loved is the dominating urge, but the truly advanced mental type is honest, just and generous out of concern for a harmonious society. They place their scientific, criminal or religious law and ethic above their personality desires and concerns.

Purely selfish material Sagittarians, conscious of their power as relatively integrated personalities, become quite self-sufficient and increasingly alone and isolated at the center of their own small world. They carefully study their environment and use to their advantage whatever will contribute to the fulfilment of their desires, their success and emergence into prominence. In doing so they actually work toward the betterment of the whole and succeed in evoking the integrating power within their particular milieu or area of effectiveness. The motive however, is still entirely selfish and material in its objective.

These Sagittarians are urged towards their destiny by a sense of power, by self-love, exalted ambition, by a superiority complex and a determination to reach the top rung of the ladder in their chosen field, or to be what is colloquially called the 'top dog'. In any chosen field of human work according to circumstance, karma, opportunity and environment they will be leaders, directors, demagogues, gangsters or dictators. They are motivated primarily by an emphatic, dynamic, pronounced egocentric consciousness which leads to an ambitious display of selfish power.

At this stage of the Path Sagittarians can easily prostitute all forms of spiritual love into a purely material love to possess and acquire. Thus they utilize all available energies and resources for personal glory, power and control under the misdirection of selfish glamours. Often a series of lifetimes is given over to riotous living.

The beneficent influence of Jupiter enables mentally polarized and integrated Sagittarians to attain their personal goals, destiny and desires. They have both a profound and widely ranging mind and are gifted with vision, foresight and good judgment. They love to initiate new projects, break new ground, make new discoveries.

They are excellent researchers and have an inherent urge to understand concepts that are new to them. They think rapidly, are intuitive and often original, but are better at adapting than inventing, and are at their best when working with colleagues whose character type compliments their own. They are strong-willed and good at organizing—a combination that gives them the ability to bring any project they undertake to a successful conclusion. Their generosity is often balanced by their extreme care at handling their resources. The attainment of the third step is marked by the successful demonstration of a strong individualism and the consummation of personality development.

Mental types certainly become highly independent and focused in their own direction. They are skeptics because of the pronounced tendency of the mind to actively examine and reason. Through the process of mental analysis they are compelled to become outspoken critics of the shortcomings of any belief systems based on faith. They begin a period of active experimentation during which many life lessons are learned. They tend to become over-absorbed in study and develop a contempt for the mental limitations of others, whom they treat with a cold indifference.

Their mental facility and intellectual prowess suit Sagittarians for a number of widely differing professions. They have a talent for expounding the moral principles and laws that appear in some way to explain the universe, and so they are naturally drawn to the vocations of lawyer, judge, teacher and philosopher. With these gifts they may equally become churchmen or scientists. Law and politics also attract them, as does public service, social administration, public relations and advertising.

Travel and exploration naturally appeal to the Jupiterian type and many are drawn to the navy, merchant marine or some other branch of the military or armed services partly by the promise of travel and adventure. Others work as traveling salesmen or in areas such as human resource management for national corporations, enterprises or companies. Others travel the world as musicians, entertainers or raconteurs. Many Sagittarians love horses and become successful at horse-trading or in other careers within the field of horseracing. Many others have an enthusiasm and avid interest in aircraft or racing cars. They make good sports coaches, personal trainers and fitness instructors.

The evolved Sagittarian man or women is a wonderfully sensitive instrument of the inner emotional and mental selves, gifted with magnetic power, resilient health, great charms and personal gifts. The personality functions with facile coordination owing to these natural endowments and the relative stability of the emotional body. They gain control of the emotions and yet have full use of the sensory apparatus to perceive environmental or social conditions, to sense reactions and to make appropriate contact with others on the emotional level.

They are extremely versatile and have an ability to do many things remarkably well and they display many fine talents. They make great efforts to bend the whole personality towards the expression of their latent powers, and some possess the flash of genius. Even if they subordinate their powers to selfish purpose, these Sagittarians have the capacity to bring through creative inspiration from the realm of Ideas.

Jupiter fosters the free use of the mind with its growing sensitivity to intuitional impression. Possessing the power to deeply penetrate to the heart of any subject, they reveal and illuminate the previously unknown, uncharted or hidden essence. By their courage and keen vision they break down personal and group barriers and synthesize a close relationship between animals, man and nature. They have a special ability to care for, comfort and cherish friends, family and co-workers. They are loyal, patient, faithful, enduring, endearing, tolerant and healing.

Mature Sagittarians in this decan are intelligent students of humanity. Highly educated thinkers with a full and detailed comprehension of the potential and purpose of man, they understand the human being as an entity of intricate design and internal complexity—a living aggregate of many parts co-related and functioning as a unity. However they do not as yet, grasp the wider aspects of the inner relationships of the organized human organism through which the soul is working out its plans and purpose.

Advanced Sagittarian personalities in this decan have a measure of soul contact, and their methods and motives combine a mixture of selfishness and spiritual vision. They are at a difficult stage as the increasing inflow of soul energy also stimulates their lower nature. As yet the power of the soul is not sufficient to subordinate the personality completely. At the final stage of mental development they will achieve the vision necessary to reverse the Wheel of Life and turn their steps in a new direction. Highly intelligent, conscious of the dualism of their own nature, of that which is below and of that which is above, they are now almost ready to tread the way of purification—the Probationary Path.

At this juncture they now see and know enough to be no longer happy with the old style of living, with former desires and satisfactions and with outworn idealisms. They have touched the soul and now long for a deeper perspective on life, for new and vibrant ideas and for a broader, more inclusive vision. The way of the soul has begun to grip and attract them. They experience expansions of awareness as a result of their thoughtful approach to their chosen life activity, their study and the practical exploration of their vocational calling.

The task of the soul is now to consciously and creatively integrate the small world of personal life activity into world service through a recognition of the particular contribution they have to make, and their particular place in the larger scheme. They now begin to see into the essence of things. They are illuminating thinkers and teachers with an intuitive apprehension of truth beyond the reasoning faculty, and an innate perception of the distinction between the false and the true, the Real and the unreal. The mentally polarized Sagittarian is conscious of direction, of definite purpose, and maintains a one-pointed focus as the active agent of a larger life-plan.

Jupiter consummates humanity's experience upon the Mutable Cross and the Ordinary Wheel of evolution wherein the personality is constructed, developed and integrated. It provides the key to unlock the inner door into the world of the soul. It leads to the mountaintop and a view of wider horizons and the achievement of greater vision.





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