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On the Reverse Wheel

February 19th to March 21st

And the Word said:
I leave my Father's home and turning back, I save


First decan            Jupiter              February 19th to March 1st

Second decan       Vulcan               March 1st to 10th

Third decan          Mars                  March 10th to 21st


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

See this note on determining the decanate.


Step Four: Man the Aspirant

February 19th to March 1st


Upon the Wheel of Life as it rolls onwards to Reality the twelfth sign is entered in the reverse direction from left to right via Jupiter in the first decan, Vulcan in the second decan and Mars in the third. As you are an aspirant your karmic link with your soul is real, having been achieved prior to this life. Therefore it is the paramount stable factor in your current life. Your mind is of a high quality and is becoming easily responsive to the illumination of the intuition.

You accept now that you are entering upon a long period of work to achieve mastery of your astral body. Your life demonstration is the "effective radiation" (DINAII, p.752) of your personality vehicles. You are leading a faithful and progressive spiritual life—so much so that your purity of vibration and aspiration now reaches upward so intensively at times as to sound within the periphery of the hierarchical sphere of influence.

You have in mind always the practice of spiritual esotericism and are learning to create a line of light from your Self right to the center of all circumstances and problems. This is possible because every one of your problems is in reality a vital thoughtform, creative of either good or evil. Your established line of light can dispel the evil and act as a transmitter of the energy of the Will-to-Good. This phase and process of your esoteric training has a highly scientific basis, for it is in reality the manipulation of radiant solar energy straight from "the heart of the sun". (DINAII, p. 755)

Work patiently along these lines and face with patience and courage the effects produced. Through the process of revelation of the light of the soul and the consequent effect of true illumination you will learn sacrifice—for sacrifice is necessary in order to build wisely in relation to the Plan. This is the real training for discipleship. You must increasingly cultivate the power to recognize and meet surrounding need. It is only through the dedication of all soul powers to the benefit of humanity that you will be able to renounce the great heresy of separativeness, achieve release and thus take initiation.

Your initial lessons lead you upon the beginning stages of the detachment of your identification in consciousness with worldly ambition and the form side of life. Grow beyond the selfish desire of personal physical comfort and material security. Learn to register wrong vibration or desire that originates in a lower aspect of your physical life. Understanding and control of the personality leads the high-grade aspirant towards a pronounced spiritual expression in everyday life.

Become indifferent to the restrictions and limitations of your surroundings, only provided that your inner Self is left free to develop and grow according to the laws of its own nature. Your subjective task is to begin to transform any residual feelings of captivity or servitude by circumstance into a directed intention to service as the scientific means to achieve final liberation and release. Evoke the aspiration to serve which will result in a sense of satisfaction which comes from higher accomplishment and soul appreciation. All your past mistakes will be forgiven and all failings will be lost to sight as you increase your demonstration of the desire to serve, help and aid.

As a young aspirant you are the easy prey of illusion and obsession, and may later even warrant the attention of the Black Lodge. It is no longer appropriate to live a life of submissive acceptance to uncongenial and unsuitable surroundings, or to seek those many ways of escape into the dream world or the land of illusion.

Success is attained by the achievement of intelligent and active response to the impression of your higher Self. The fusion of love and mind must occur within you before your soul can manifest and function efficiently. Only then will your personality be brought into magnetic captivity by your soul. Your mind must be held steady in the light despite any contrary physical influences. Infelicity, misfortune, unhappiness and inappropriateness of expression have been commonplace, but now is the time to effectively combat all these by attaining a rational idea of the correlation between cause and effect.

Study and analyze any moral deficiencies and understand the difference between right and wrong. Needless to say, any negative character traits will hold you back from your goal and you will no longer be able to hide behind conventionalism or live a sheltered life. All forms of temptation or tendencies to indulge to excess sex, drugs, food or alcohol will detour you off the Path and your way will be temporarily lost. Confine yourself voluntarily within studio, cloister or cell and seek to detach yourself from rivalry, competition and strife. Bigotry, pride and prejudice of any kind have no place in the life of the soul.

Cultivation of a wider vision is paramount so that you might avoid those steps and activities which are doomed to failure. Eliminate any sense of sin, guilt or disapprobation. Any residual traces of an inferiority complex must be rooted out. Quell your suspicious nature as well as any tendency to revolt against the imposed spiritual authority of the soul. Self-pity must be transmuted into compassion, selfishness into divine selflessness, acquisitiveness into renunciation and self-preservation into selfless world service.

Recognize that it is now time to arrest your fluid, sensitive temperament by way of introspection and critical analysis. Work hard to stay creatively active in the higher sense, as the physical generative processes give way to regeneration and creation on the mental plane. In fact you are already practicing all of this, but your soul is leading you towards an intensification of your present action.

Overcome personality wandering and restlessness as well as the tendency to be mentally inattentive and therefore scatter your forces. Cultivate concentration and directness and dissipate any conflicting interests. Work to establish that unconscious memory which rules without any effort of recollection. Overcome your reliance upon remembering rules, laws, theories, planes or activities.

Begin to act "as if" you are a candidate to initiation and waste no time in looking backwards. (DINAII, p. 554) Develop your creative spiritual imagination, your powers of visualization and all manner of new spiritual habits so that you will instinctively do the right thing. Cultivate the habits of goodness, right behavior and right reaction. In order to evoke the higher creative functioning you so earnestly desire, it is first necessary to work with conscious understanding of your conditioning energies and forces in a practical and effective manner.

Search for and cultivate your creative faculties through the appropriate educational, vocational, literary or musical training. Formulate an inner program, intelligently constructed and appropriate for your point in evolution. Your interplay with your environment will enable you to grow in character and capacity. The cultivation of right thought, right action and right speech will bring you to the portal of Initiation.

The stage of Accepted Discipleship is attained when you can demonstrate the capacity to enter into the consciousness and penetrate into the realization of your fellow men. Nothing within you will then be inimical to any incarnate human life and you will attract only that which is karmically beneficent.

Thus the naturally potent personality, animal and emotional tendencies will be arrested. The long cycle of emotional alternations between the pairs of opposites is almost over. Illumined by the light of Love you will recognize and discover within the mainspring of the life of service a dynamic and creative capacity to minister to the needs of humanity. At this stage you are moving from the periphery of the Ashram towards its center. It needs only a little more dynamic effort on your part to achieve unquestioning assurance that you are within the ring-pass-not of the Ashram and are functioning as a conscious disciple. Now you must without assistance step over the mental barrier which keeps you from conscious knowledge so that you may be given "the freedom of the city." (DINAII, p.487) With courage, grace and determination move forward upon the Lighted Way.

At present you grasp the Plan as an aspirant, seeing yourself as the emanating point. But now begin to grasp the Plan as Accepted Disciples perceive it, pondering on it and identifying yourself with it, seeing the ashramic group as the emanating point.

There is a vast difference between an aspirant's centralized consciousness and a disciple's decentralized consciousness. The efficacy and the efficiency of all your future service as a disciple depends upon understanding this vital distinction. Ponder on this.

The nature of the problems which will confront you as an individual and as a disciple will be difficult, but all is preparatory for the increase in your service work. You will find that the fulfilment of your life task of meeting your group service and healing responsibilities will develop naturally from your participation in ashramic planning.

These four thoughts have in them the seed of all right service and can be applied to your individual life theme: Loving relationship; conformity to the idea of discipleship and initiation; the perception of Reality; and creative manipulation. Meditate upon these and you will find that you are on the verge of acceptance and about to cross through the periphery of the Ashram having earned the "right of entry". (DINAII, p.635)


Step Five: Man the Disciple

March 1st to 10th


These words are for the Pledged Disciple under the First Ray of Will and Power. You carry the powerful endorsement of your Master. Your life lesson is the First Ray inspired trial of detachment, for to practice detachment you need to strengthen your will to be. Under the First Ray your task is to remain detached yet at the same time to allow all Being into your aura through a progressive series of attachments. This task is difficult for it involves training in the Law of Paradox that is the secret of occultism.

All your efforts for some lives now have centered around learning to love, to serve and to understand, and these have been the outstanding lessons of your soul during this incarnation. The divine Aspect and major integrating factor of the personality is the Will. You have already achieved the triumph of love over the self-will of the personality, and it is well to recognize this. Know that the door of service stands wide open and you are needed.

Strength to stand, strength to love and the strength to be detached—these are your objectives. Therefore evoke the spiritual will with due detachment to overcome the problems of the personality and to align the brain consciousness as the directing agency of the soul. This is your immediate problem. Ponder upon this, for through understanding will come your increased capacity to serve. The initiatory tests under Vulcan are extremely difficult but eventually bring about the death of all separative desire, and ultimately make it possible to consecrate your life on behalf of some great cause in service of humanity.

Learn to transmute your personality forces. Suppression is easier, but transmutation is what is required. By transmutation strive to work through your aura or field of effective soul radiation, magnetic appeal and coherent energy. The potency of your soul expression is now ever increasing and cannot be dimmed.

Much of your present difficulty is derived from the fact that the tests of Pisces for the disciple are governed by the First Ray of Will or Power which gives you a strong sense of centralization, uniqueness and aloneness.

At times you feel "isolated". (DINAI, p. 377) The force of Vulcan tends to drive you towards unconscious separateness as the line of least resistance. However it is also a characteristic of the First Ray nature to absorb and assimilate. Reflect for a moment. It is the great First Ray Lord who at the end of the Age absorbs all things into himself and thereby brings about the final and needed destruction of the form nature. This is a right and good use of First Ray qualities.

You must consciously do the work of absorption as well as the needed destruction. Therefore carry out a more careful supervision of your First Ray tests and demonstrate more freely the power of your all-inclusive loving soul. This will greatly increase your usefulness and your power, eliciting a loving and cooperative response from your co-workers.

There is still much for you to do during the remainder of this incarnation that will enable you to "lay the finger of love upon the hearts and lives of others". (DINAII, p.474) If you will carry this realization deep into your mind you will pass on into the sixth stage of completion. The veils are being stripped away and you are able to see people more truly as they are, and yet love them and serve them just the same. Your heart is awakened to group usefulness and an understanding of the part you can play in the service of humanity, and the healing effects of the intelligent mind and loving heart.

The power to correctly register impression, the ability rightly to interpret it and then to draw correct deductions is the secret of all psychological diagnosis. For the disciple this is of enormous usefulness, for the analysis of intuitive impression provides many insights both for oneself and others. Be confident that your stamina, your inner spiritual orientation and your fixed psychic determination are adequate to the undertaking.

You must learn to wisely choose your work associates. It is not easy for a disciple strongly under the First Ray to get close enough to anyone to really know them. You often think that the spiritual injunction to identify yourself with other people must involve identification with all their experiences, moods and reactions, but this is not so. Rather it involves identification through the intuition with their underlying soul purpose and a consequent ability to interpret and explain the present point at which they stand. You are still apt to be suspicious and untrusting of people's motives.

Therefore give others credit for sincerity, recognize that they also have their life lessons to learn, and so offer them love and trust. Aim to establish friendships and working partnerships, for this will guarantee the success of your work. Continue to make all due efforts to establish outer contacts and relationships and to influence and to evoke response from all with whom your lot may be cast. The modern world is so structured at this time that there is great opportunity for you to establish a wide sphere of contacts, to work in cooperation with other co-disciples and thus fully release the magnetic power of your soul-infused personality.

One of the best ways to successfully negotiate the tests of Vulcan is to train yourself to be the one in the background and not the one at the center. This is the position of all true hierarchical workers. Learn to work silently and through love and carry all forward from behind the scenes. Become a hidden force galvanizing others into activity and pushing them forward in their work, offering them the needed opportunity and training, but from a place of complete self-forgetfulness. Give spiritual aid and divine inspiration to all those you meet in your daily round of duty.

People will be drawn to you because you steadily love and truly seek to help. Some you may meet in passing as they journey towards other goals and with them you have no permanent link; others greet you with a responsive thread of understanding and appeal, and as your intuition is developed you recognize them as your own and esoterically "intertwine the thread of your life with theirs" (DINAII, p.475) thereby assuming responsibility and forming a more permanent connection and karmic relationship. You have touched many lives in your chosen sphere of life work as a teacher. You recognize and understand in some measure all those who turn to you for wisdom, guidance, love and understanding.

You realize that in the press of work to be done your Master is not interested in your personality modes of reaction. Your psychic sensitivity and impressionability is of a very high order, but is nevertheless of a personality nature and must be paralleled by a spiritual sensitivity. In preparation for treading the Path of Initiation and aiding and salvaging humanity, you are learning through emotional intensity the ultimate futility of emotion as a means of salvaging your brothers.

Work especially in this coming cycle to cast off the emotion of fear by an act of spiritual will, refusing to register in your consciousness the very existence of that which would cause a fearful reaction. You must acquire that "divine indifference" (DINAI, p.27) which will leave your soul free to serve, untrammeled by any residual personality reactions. You are conscious of yourself as a living principle of divinity, and you are being tested and prepared so that your outer personality will offer no impediment to the inner life which must pour through it.

The dark forces focus their attack upon disciples such as yourself because you are in a position and at the point in evolution where you can reach others and can act with potency. Therefore recognize the potential for an attack, which is likely to be directed towards all three bodies simultaneously. Such an attack may or may not be aimed at your weakest point, but nevertheless the disciple is often caught unawares and thus suffers a temporary setback. However do not allow this possibility to arouse fear in you, for remember that fear permits the entry of negative powers.

Your initiatory task is to bring in through the antahkarana the higher spiritual will. Learn to absorb and transmute destructive vibrations and energies. Do not insulate nor isolate yourself but develop the tremendous strength to gather evil emanations, destructive energies and wrong forces, breaking them up and returning them from whence they came neutralized, impotent and harmless.

Rest assured that through the dynamic power of Vulcan your soul will finally supersede all lunar control. The tests and trials of the fifth step will enable you to demonstrate the conscious control and triumph over your personality and the form side of life. Here it is said that the tomb of matter can no longer imprison the soul.

Vulcan inspires you to walk new ground, initiate new impelling contacts and accept new spiritual responsibilities. You self-initiate strict rules of behavior for yourself as well as a disciplined code of moral conduct, thus setting new precedents.

The ashramic work outlined for you will really require only one discipline and it is one that is very difficult of attainment: It is the drastic organization of your time and your plans to fulfil the great need of planetary service. This reorganization must be made irrespective of personality claims or the hindrances of an etheric body that is too loosely knit, and likewise irrespective of your refined sensitivity that renders you so vulnerable to the disharmonies and difficulties of life.

You are a point of dynamic Will focused in the soul and arriving at an identification with Being through its causal form. You do not belong anymore to your family, race or country, but to humanity. The spiritual Will is a penetrating power, a coherent persistence and a vital dynamic immutable purpose. Your task is to contact the Will which substands and sublimates the personal will and the will of the group soul. When this is achieved the tried and true disciple finally attains a state of "isolated unity" (DINAI, p.710) and universal synthesis.

You have attained a commendable level of stability, steadfastness, persistence and purpose. You are indefatigable, hard-working, dependable, observant, sober, quiet, attentive and dignified. Your presence commands respect and admiration and provides inspiration and courage. You possess a royal or majestic bearing, carriage and demeanor which naturally evokes esteem, honor and even homage. Your movements and gestures are controlled and graceful. Vulcan bestows an athleticism, stamina, endurance and vitality.

The disciple under Vulcan stands straight as an arrow, proud as an Indian warrior, strong, broadchested and tall. You show a remarkable understanding, great patience and inner fortitude, especially in times of hardship and discouragement. For you have often met with rebuff from those you have sought to help and found very little kindness, acknowledgement or understanding. Tremendous hardship is willingly endured and you would even risk your life. Of course like George Washington you will go through your 'Valley Forge' experiences, but eventually supreme victory is yours.

You make the most of life opportunities and your natural abilities, and indeed nature and good fortune have combined to produce a superbly masterful character with a powerful mind. Your soul-inspired intellect can be relied upon to make correct choices between essentials and non-essentials, to take steps in the right direction and toward right goals, and to hold in correct balance the satisfaction of the different aspects of your personality equipment. Your mind is extremely sound in judgment and sure in conclusion. You exercise prudence and caution, taking action only when every consideration in each circumstance has with care been maturely weighed. However once a decision has been made you follow through with a one-pointed purpose, triumphing over whatever obstacles oppose you.

Subjectively speaking, you must strive now to achieve glorification through purification and detachment from matter. Under Vulcan you will overcome the fear of death and dying. The First Ray always brings withdrawal and abstraction and is the Ray of the Destroyer, of death itself. Death is now the result of the will of the soul. If it is the united will of both your soul and personality you will no longer fear death. Fully realize the significance, activity and beauty of death and the work of the Destroyer.

You will finally achieve a superior command of energies and will be bestowed with a monadic empowerment and an enhancement of radioactive energy of a new and higher kind never before experienced. As a disciple under Vulcan you must develop the ability to use destructive forces in order to prepare the way for the 'builders' or constructive agents. Within your chosen field of service you work by imposing the spiritual Will through the powerful impact of your inspired ideas and your emphasis on the assimilation of governing principles. You inaugurate periods of destruction, breaking up all that is old and hinders progress. You embody within yourself the clear shining forth of the new idea, making possible its subsequent perception within the minds of intelligent co-workers. As a World Server you work as a Destroying Angel shattering all that has become crystallized; therefore your acts of destruction are motivated by Love.

At the successful conclusion of these subjective tests you achieve full soul control and continually work to stand in spiritual being and live a life of service. Establish a natural daily expression of the rhythm and the deep flow of your spiritual life. The ashramic work assigned to you is profoundly difficult, calling for true sacrificial will on your part. The lower three-fold nature is tested until it can automatically submit to the Law of Sacrifice.

The life of service must be untinctured by personality coloring and must be performed harmlessly without imposition of personal techniques or personal ideas of service. The service then rendered will flow with spontaneity along correct lines and bear tremendous results. All traces of self-interest, self-assertiveness and selfish ambition must be eliminated. The hallmark of accomplishment is true joyfulness. Then you will no longer be molded by outer physical conditions, circumstances or environment.

Your future holds much opportunity for service individually and for your group of chosen co-workers. Only in group formation can the work be accomplished. Under Vulcan the disciple never stands alone. You have now overcome isolation. You were strong enough to stand alone through tests and trials without draining the strength of others, and bravely stood alone when blame descended, drinking deep from the cup of karma. Thereby you shielded the weak, protected the innocent and yet left them free. You know that you are "the Self which knows itself to be the Self in all". (DINAI, p. 380)

You have grasped more clearly than ever the Vulcan-endowed attributes of will, detachment, and strength. Your will nature has now been sufficiently developed by means of those interior determinations which will carry you forward along the Path towards the portal of Initiation. No Piscean disciple under Vulcan takes initiation before the interior spiritual Will is highly developed and consecrated to the service of the Path, which is the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. At this advanced stage your Master has nothing but encouragement and words of praise for a life faced and handled with humility and love.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

March 10th to 21st


You have endeared yourself to your Master by your patient persistence and your undeviating adherence to the service of the Hierarchy. For many years you have carried out his will in a most difficult sphere of work. Develop telepathic sensitivity to the voice of your Master even as he has to yours. An initiate of pledged devotion, you have reached a point where that devotion inspired by the Sixth Ray is in no way a hindrance but is in fact a safeguard that simplifies your life. With this fixed devotion you are able to walk undeviatingly upon the higher Way.

Under Mars the difficult path of teaching and world salvage now awaits you as you culminate your career in the final decan of the Great Wheel through the fiery processes of war and strife. Therefore you must summon up from the depths all your inner resources in preparation for a tremendous final effort.

Mars the God of War requires in preparation for the final mode of spiritual attainment persistence, struggle and an all-exacting renunciation. The tests are carried out under the inspiration of Mars and under the auspices of the Will Aspect of divinity.

You are subject to particular tests of ashramic relationship which constitute your part in lifting the burden of humanity in unison with the Hierarchy. This inevitably produces crisis and you often feel that your cross is more than you can bear. The field of your world work remains the same, for it is part of your karmic duty, task and obligation which may not be avoided. You have discovered that it is through service and deep thought that true wisdom comes. You have attained the realization that it is in the process of teaching and enlightening others that the radiance of the glory of God can be revealed.

Love is the outstanding note of your life and wisdom is your guide, my brother. "You need naught else but fire." (DINAII, p,463) This is the residue of the pure fire that is left when you have passed the burning ground through the Portal into the Presence. The living electric fire will destroy all opposition, all barriers in yourself and others, and will blaze a fiery trail straight from your heart into the hearts of other people. Your work is to spread truth with constant joy.

Mars the planet of beneficent fusion, will enable you to completely fuse your individual will with the Will Aspect of Deity itself, thereby overcoming the final obstacles to complete at-one-ment and enlightenment. Your main duty and principal task is to work continually "under impression" and to preserve an "inner sensitivity". (DINAI, p.159) All your personality reactions are to be subordinated with sustained Egoic one-pointedness and dynamic focus so that you present no impediments to the work at hand. Under inspiration from your Monad you will emerge as a World Server along one or other of the major paths of human service. Your task is to work with the Law of Supply. Learn to match supply to existing demand. The Purpose of the Monad becomes your purpose, and thus your work is steadily directed towards the fulfilment of the Plan. This qualifies your life in the three worlds so that you become the epitome of the unfolding Plan and continually emanate its quality. It is upon this quality that you must meditate.

Your primary initiatory task is to realize the nature, the purpose and the quality of the Plan to which it is your purpose to contribute. This will condition the forms which your work will take. The keywords for this process are: alignment, dedication, directed thought, recognition of the Plan, clear-cut realization and steady Will.

You are consolidating your work, and as you lay the foundations and begin the erection of the superstructure you must at all times guard the original idea and initial thoughtform from any possible deterioration. Keep in mind that the difficulty of initiate builders and architects of the Plan only really begins when they enter the public domain and become subject to the world's approval or criticism. It is at this point that the task of preserving the original purity of the idea can become onerous.

The key to true Being or realization is based upon your capacity to live with the idea and constructively embody it as your life theme. Deep philosophical thought, intuitive insight and an excellent capacity for complex mathematical reasoning come naturally to you. You are also likely to have a talent for musical composition. You have attained a clear vision of the picture of your life unfolding as a unity, seeing yourself freed from karma. This may mean much to you if you hold this thought meditatively, seeking insight.

In quietness and confidence move forward along the Lighted Way with divine expectancy as your keynote. Mars stimulates an acute mental discrimination, allowing you to clearly distinguish between the world of true causes and the planes of maya, glamour and illusion. You do not respond to the surface of things, for you have an intimate apprehension of the spiritual forces behind any phenomenon, never mistaking shadow for substance. Therefore preserve a readiness to handle all that may eventuate. Ever be prepared for the expansion of the Work, although always in accordance with the Plan and not in response to emergency.

You are building the form in collaboration with the inner builders and the two structures must be counterparts. Do not be rigid therefore on non-essentials, but demonstrate a real fluidity, pliancy and flexibility. Ultimately the final decan of the final sign is the consummation of divine desire. Therefore through skill-in-action problems of all types are solved, while a vital and compassionate understanding is shown in the handling of all human affairs.

Of most importance in your life is the handling of the energy of Love in its dynamic or electric form. This is the Will Aspect of Love. Your true strength lies in the Sixth Ray motivated devotion, inspiration and idealism of Mars. Having realized the essential unity of all things, your life-path is an unbroken line of ceaseless persevering love, devotion and sacrifice. You are a champion of the underdog, the infirm, the outcast and the unprivileged. You have an inherent dislike of all forms of violence, but find yourself forced towards strife and war due to the nature of your redemptive work. You are constantly misjudged and misunderstood.

Conventional people cannot identify with, understand or trust your truly unselfish motive and lack of personal agenda. The activity of your heart center is so unfolded that it does not demonstrate in connection with individuals because it cannot react except under group impetus and in response to group happiness or unhappiness. Attempt now to bring about complete fusion in your consciousness with the Great Life itself which is ever present in Reality. It is precisely this revelation of the Real which is your outstanding task.

Through the agency and assistance of Mars you come to an identification with the essential indivisible nature underlying the structure of Reality, which is both within and everywhere around. The climaxing end occurs when your soul has finally reattached itself in consciousness to the One Who sent it forth. The Path of a World Savior is a hard one, but its compensations far outweigh the difficulties and sacrifices.  The Path can be walked only by those at the point of their spiritual career where they ever act and think in terms of the One humanity with inclusive Love. You my brother, meet all these requirements.

Your Master's love enfolds you, and the way into the inner heart of his Ashram stands open wide to you. You have proceeded with your ashramic work, your study and your service in spite of all obstacles. Your attainment has been duly observed by your Master. It is for this quality of spiritual stability that he watches. You now enter a new initiatory stage in which you become truly self-reflective and so teach yourself all the needed lessons.

Your training must be self-initiated and it must be undertaken in order to fit yourself to work in the Ashram. You are peculiarly suited to this work, and must only release the magnetic quality of your already developed nature to break down any final barriers that may exist. Then you will find your arena of service tremendously extended and your potency active within a field of realized inclusiveness. You are now fully trusted and will increasingly demonstrate the strength which comes to you from Shamballa, focused through the work of your own Master. Draw on that strength.





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