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On the Ordinary Wheel

February 19th to March 21st

And the word said:
Go forth into matter


First decan            Mars               February 19th to March 1st

Second decan       Moon               March 1st to 10th

Third decan          Jupiter             March 10th to 21st


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

See this note on determining the decanate.

Step One: Physical Man

February 19th to March 1st


Entering the sign of Pisces from right to left in clockwise fashion upon the Ordinary Wheel, the incarnated soul enters Pisces via Mars, the Moon and Jupiter. Mars the God of War and the initiator of conflict inaugurates the cycle of rebirth in a simple and straightforward manner. With strife, struggle and pain the essential task of the beginner upon the Way is to learn self-preservation and self-reliance.

Under Mars the unevolved human being is in a constant state of physical distress and alive to the perils of life on Earth. Here the binding hardships of life lived in form with its harsh physical realities are painfully experienced in the extreme. Mars guarantees that painful and agonizing lessons of struggle and defeat will be forcibly brought home to the incarnated soul by physical wrong-doing.

The Fish-man has both fiery tenacity and persistence as well as a watery passivity. Initially their physical expression is diffuse and scattered, inactive, generally lazy, lacking initiative or will power. In this decan we find some of the most inefficient, shiftless, incapable, unresourceful and unfortunate souls in the zodiac.

The nascent Martian type characteristically has an attitude of insecurity, clumsiness and indifference to the possibilities of the physical plane. They always find it a struggle to express themselves in the physical environment. The caricature of this improvident type is a deplorably weak, morbidly shy, depressed and depressing human being utterly devoid of any drive or ambition. They are characterized by low self-esteem, excess, extremism and hyper-intensity.

Under Mars the inner man is entirely imprisoned by the animal body, the instinctual feelings and the physical environment. The physically identified animal soul considers itself part of the material system which is imposed upon it at birth. At the first step the soul has not yet unfolded the power to concentrate and direct its path through the ocean of substance which composes the physical plane. Its hidden powers are only latent possibilities and as yet negative to the positive world of form. The young soul must develop its physical mechanism by demonstrating response and reaction to the impressions coming to it from the surrounding environment.

In this decan the beginner on the Path of Pursuit or Path of Acquisition is specially endowed with a material receptivity which makes them vulnerable to the full range of contacts in the environment. At the first rung of the ladder the physical decan type is extremely negative and fluid.

The mind is unawakened and so the instinctual consciousness dominates. Physical and sensory receptivity is so acutely intense under Mars that there are quivers of response to every current in the environment. At the lowest point of expression the Fish type is totally incapable of self-defense and may be likened to a rudderless boat drifting on a sea of vague sensations, caught by every passing current and driven by every wind that blows. Lacking confidence, the primitive specimen of the physical decan is extremely impressionable and highly suggestible to negative influences. They are superstitious, gullible and lack realism. Possessing little or no discrimination, the soul is so singularly open to impression that it reacts to any influence and cannot stand independently. The character is negative and receptive with no capacity to resist any combination of presented thoughtforms.

The incarnated soul must yet develop the ability to use personal power along selfish lines for the satisfaction of personality objectives. The primitive Piscean is the acquisitive and curious type devoted to the needs of the personal self. Selfishness, self-indulgence and self-pity go hand in hand with a general and pervasive attachment to the form life. The rulership of Mars in the field of experience indicates that the soul has entered upon the way of desire.

To speak in symbols, the indwelling life only knows and identifies itself as the body, having enshrouded itself in "vivid red, the red of known desire". (DINAI, p.674) Their personal lives are full of dramatic experiences driven by their fiery physical energies and passions. Lifetime after lifetime all conceivable forms of approach are motivated by blind desire. Desired objects and forms are successively grasped and held, used and discarded.

Physical attachments are intense as these individuals adhere to those objects and people they desire or love. This personality type cannot yet stand alone and must be in touch with other bodies to feel alive. True to the stimulus of Mars and the dual nature of Pisces, physical cravings for material comforts are strong, however they are perpetually mistranslated into desire for excess.

In the recessive type the body is physically well below average. In fact it can be the smallest, most pathetic and weakest in the zodiac. Conversely, the large and awkward type is also found in this decan. This is a huge person in both height and width, who carries their gross bulk with extreme difficulty. The overall physical structure lacks any symmetry or balance. Muscle tone is poor while the skin seems to hang loosely on the body. This is the endomorphic pyknic type, thick-set with large abdomen and relatively short limbs.

The physical body is moist and lymphatic, easily accumulating excess fluids and quickly gaining weight. The Piscean physical type is inclined to be addictive, but is also known for tenacity and persistence in spite of problems sustaining their vitality. On the negative side, there is a real vampiristic tendency to suck the vital life force out of others and deplete the strength of those they love and upon whom they depend. They have an unhealthy complexion, either florid or lifeless with extreme pallor, and the skin appears soft and easily wrinkled. They have heavy bags below the eyes with very dark circles. Their hair is typically oily and tends to the darker shades such as brown or black, but regardless of color is usually very thin, lacking luster or full body.

The facial lines themselves are not hard or angular like that of the opposite sign Virgo, but soft. The face tends to be plain, full and rounded, especially the cheeks which are generally high and prominent and sometimes bulging. Piscean eyes are generally large, gentle and moist and can unduly protrude in a manner suggestive of the fish which is the totem of this sign. The jowl lines are usually well defined. The lips are often full, the mouth wide and protruding, and there is a decided tendency towards a double chin. Usually the neck is short and thick and the shoulders are generally rounded. The pores of the skin are large and open, or conversely sometimes blocked. Frequently there are unusual birthmarks, moles and beauty marks on the surface of the skin.

The strength of Mars has also produced the outstanding physical traits observed in the many great physiques of ballet dancers and athletes, male and female. Active females in the sign of the Fish may be likened to mermaids who have a strange mesmerizing and attractive power which lures men to them, while male Pisceans are more akin to dolphins, full of playfulness, agility and dance.

Morphologically, the active Martian figure is ectomorphic, highly muscular, quite tall, slender and lanky. As a rule they are very strong, having the power to prevail over most obstacles encountered on the physical plane. They have a real physical toughness and power. The body has an angularity and there is excellent muscle tone and development. These personalities express a radiant intensity of physical energy. The nervous system is highly developed, therefore the evolved man or woman in the physical decan bristles with an intensity of energy which they must learn to rhythmically modulate lest they do themselves harm and burn out.

This natural abundance of intense energy is not easily distributed but must be moderated in accordance with the conditions of the environment, the nature of co-workers and associates and the work or task at hand. At best the Piscean possesses real personal charm, a youthfulness, a genial manner, bright radiant eyes and a happy disposition. They display physical dexterity, elasticity and a natural sense of rhythm.


Step Two: Emotional Man

March 1st to 10th

The Moon

The Moon's rulership of the central decan fosters the development of the instinctual feeling nature through a process of incessant conflict focused in the emotional body.

The lunar stimulation produces the experience of constant mutability, offering little or no opportunity for emotional stability. Under its disruptive rays the experience of the Fish is indeed difficult, dark, unstable and volatile. Constant struggle and conflict reinforce the extreme highs and lows of intense emotional experiences, but nevertheless ultimately serve to inaugurate the transmutation of instinctual intelligence into a developed sentient faculty.

At the commencement of the second step it is impossible to see clearly, walk surely or recognize Reality because the soul is totally identified with and submersed in the great astral illusion. These Fish cling to the ocean of substance because they are primarily identified with it in their consciousness. At the early stage of emotional unfoldment the Fish mistakes shadow for substance and is completely unable to discriminate between the world of true causes and the world of dreams, maya, glamour and illusion.

The astral Fish interprets life in terms of the moods and feelings of the moment because they identify themselves with the various forms of desire and substance they contact through their emotional body and response apparatus. As a result the latent wish and dream life is intensified and strengthened through the advent of a constant series of intervening crises. Therefore their process within this oceanic field of lunar experience is a progression through all the many grades of desire—good, bad and ordinary.

Extreme impressionability, attachment, inhibitions, blockages, lack of balance, lack of assertion and sentimental devotion are characteristic traits of the astral Fish. Initially the undeveloped emotional body is incapable of transcending the influences of the moment. The Piscean lives a submissive life in a general state of negativity, completely molded by circumstances, material surroundings, other people and the environment.

The lunar Fish is perhaps the most impressionable type in the zodiac. They have little or no capacity for resistance, as all impressions are absorbed like a sponge and reflected like a mirror. The Piscean who is unconsciously polarized in the emotional body approaches life as a submission to the inevitable, but in fact demonstrates submission to all manner of personal drives, obsessions and desires. The result is a life given over to the satisfaction of dominant animal cravings. The appetites for comfort, sex and pleasure are very strong. There is great desire for extravagance, luxury, softness and self-indulgence.

As the intellect and intuition are as yet latent and undeveloped, no amount of reasoning can quiet the distress of subconscious fears. Facing the fear of the unknown and the indefinable, they experience a real psychological terror. There is no escape from the blend of painful instinctual memory and fearful anticipatory imagination.

Ancient suffering during past lives, violent deaths, dire memories and haunting miseries rise to the surface frequently. An instinctual tendency to cruelty is strong, so sexual perversion and sadistic tendencies may be exhibited in phases during this period. Ritualistic cruelties and horror have been experienced by most of us in previous lifetimes. As they succumb naturally and easily to fears, insecurities and questionings, they are therefore dominated by a sense of imprisonment, limitation and inadequacy. Subconsciously aware of the vastness of life, they have an intense feeling of the oppression of the Whole.

The process of the second step leads to the fulfilment of all manner of selfish personality desires focused in the world of physical forms. The Piscean has strong uncontrollable urges, promptings and passions and also many hindrances and inhibitions.

The contrasting forces at play within the emotional disposition ensure that life is full of perpetual warfare and unrest; therefore the unevolved Fish remains a burden and source of anxiety to friends and loved ones. Worry, anxiety and severe depression are major problems, enveloping the Piscean like a miasma or fog of sad self-absorption, mutual distrust, waves of unrest and sometimes panic.

As long as the Fish responds solely to blind desire, just so long will their life expression be characterized by moments of despair, darkness, excessive doubt and anxious distress. Misdirected emotional force can be a major problem of the soul. At this stage moral deficiencies are not registered because the emotionally undeveloped Piscean simply fails to grasp any distinction between right and wrong.

The immature Piscean is not immoral but is simply not yet advanced enough to have developed an understanding of morality. They characteristically exhibit a complete neglect of higher principles. Without bearing or direction, without a compass to navigate by, the Fish feels at times abandoned, stranded, isolated, alone and 'lost at sea'. Procrastination, laziness, a desire to let things be with no thought of tomorrow, are common vices of the Fish. Trouble of any sort is avoided because it upsets the settled harmony of life and leads to hardship and discomfort.

The emotional temperament is generally disoriented and the Piscean often feels out of place. With so much self-doubt they fear losing any emotional support upon which they have been relying. The recessive emotional features are numerous and include delusion, malevolence, addiction, attachment, possessiveness, self-absorption, over-sensitivity, reactivity, over-enthusiasm, impulsiveness, indulgence, escapism, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, perversion, inflexibility, intolerance, fearfulness, shyness, cowardice, procrastination, superficiality, indecisiveness, vacillation, ambivalence, complacency, subservience, agitation, fretfulness, worry, indecisiveness, delirium, loneliness, isolation, foolhardiness, envy, exaggeration and stubbornness.

The Piscean can be insipid, ineffectual, unsure, irresolute, diffuse, unclear, disconnected, devitalized, inert, chaotic, hypercritical, harsh, pompous, glib, unaware, excessive, demanding, out-of-touch, withdrawn, biased, conformist, bigoted, inflexible, sectarian, domineering, indolent, self-involved, over-sensuous, unregulated, improvident, impractical, messy, untidy, scattered, reckless, unstable, over-reaching, self-important, over-competitive, fanciful, jaded, unoriginal, neglectful, closed, excessively moody, difficult and temperamental.

The soul has not yet developed the ability to overcome wrong vibration in the emotional body or to focus astral energy in the right direction. Their habitual state of unconscious negative astral polarization leaves the lunar Fish type open to waves of mass feeling of all kinds, triggering extreme emotional states varying from unrestrained weeping to unrestrained merriment and hysterical hilarity.

The immature Fish feels incapable of coping with existing conditions and the problems of existence and so develops a real sense of inferiority. These types are completely forlorn of hope, rudderless, aimlessly drifting, and are easily overwhelmed by sorrow or failure; yet they do have the power to recover quickly from all reverses and misfortunes. Soon they are ready to gamble or speculate anew, full of excitement and enthusiasm for new plans.

The advanced emotional expression of the developed Piscean personality on the other hand, is confident, dramatic, idealistic, creative, highly seductive, sensuous, imaginative, peaceful, calm, trusting, accepting, spontaneous, artistic, colorful, musical, amusing, delightful, entertaining, refined, bridging, compromising, mediating, dedicated, serene, giving, open, harmonizing, curious, faithful, devotional, empathic, magnetic, appreciative, artistic, colorful, persevering, intimate, incisive, attentive, devoted, aesthetic, tasteful, charming, shrewd, visionary, flexible, charismatic, adaptable, expressive and versatile. Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, accuracy and moral balance are the emotional virtues of the evolved Piscean.

Of all decan types the advanced lunar type can be the most idealistic, serving, humble, earnest and sincere, possessing an unflagging persistence, loyalty and strong adherence to beliefs. The positive emotional expression is very playful, overcoming any lack of confidence. These Pisceans are steady, reliable, well composed and trustworthy, with a real facility for bringing harmony out of conflict.

One of their outstanding emotional traits is a great receptivity to their own inner guidance and an unshakeable faith in the direction of their own path. With undimmed optimism they have the power to compose, perform, produce, arouse, inspire and persuade. Their ability to communicate ecstasy and rapture enables them to demonstrate the many varied virtues of their art form.

They superbly demonstrate the ability to identify with, encompass and then dramatically express the complete gamut of possible human experience from the very high to the very low. An emotionally mature Piscean has a fluent capacity to reconcile many diverse forces, live a highly creative life and express great beauty. As an avid collector they display great range, exhibit amazing diversity and hold many varied interests. Developed Piscean personalities are particularly responsive to order and design and possess a keen sense of timing and rhythm. The emotional intensity of their athletic, business or artistic performances are truly remarkable.

In the final analysis the rulership of the Moon indicates that the physical world offers a potent allure to the soul, and it is under its esoteric influence that the work of drawing spiritual energy downwards into materiality is carried forward. A tremendous sensitivity and versatility enables the emotionally evolved Piscean to play many roles. Rest assured that from the tribulation that constant suffering and unrelenting conflict bring, eventual harmony, symmetry, fusion and beauty will be wrought out by the soul.


Step Three: Mental Man

March 10th to 21st


Jupiter in the third decan guarantees the beneficence of physical incarnation, promotes evolutionary growth and brings to birth the mental expression of the soul. The rulership of Jupiter ultimately indicates that the mental objectives and material goals of the Fish will be successfully achieved. Jupiter aids the weak, timid, negative, fearful, over-accepting, over-tolerant and too permissive Piscean personality to move forward on the Path.

The personal growth process now mentally accelerated, is no longer limited or confined through any form of personality over-sensitivity, immobility or lack of dynamism. Fearfulness is now steadily overcome and they are no longer afraid to venture forth and take risks.

In the early stages of mental growth the Piscean comes easily under the influence of political cults, religious orders and any one or other of various unintelligent belief systems. Initially in religion, art, philosophy and science their work is one-sided, orthodox and conventional. Attitudes of racism and classism are the habitual expressions of an extremely limited and distorted mental understanding of culture and life process. Lacking ethics or principles they will readily compromise their personal integrity in order to be well liked or admired. Remaining negatively impressionable, vulnerable and exceedingly susceptible to all forms of propaganda, the young mental type is malleable, gullible, naive, inexperienced, credulous and impotent.

At the mentally advanced stage in sharp contrast, Jupiter produces a host of multi-millionaires, glamorous stars, politicians and ego-maniacs absorbed in self-adoration, conceit and self-aggrandisement. Many self-made mavericks of modern business, politics, religion, art and science are born under the auspices of Jupiter, emerging to prominence out of the mass of humanity. They demand full expression and possess a sense of personal potency and power. They are dominant, dangerous, exploitative, explosive, sure of themselves and full of arrogance. Occupying center stage in their own life, sometimes they are embodiments of excellence and sometimes they are simply guilty of excess. Due to their over-inflated view of themselves they fail to relate to others in earnestness or with appropriate respect.

As successful business tycoons they love to be admired for their good taste, diversified portfolios, worldly reputation and status, valuable collections, expensive cars, yachts, helicopters, mansions, beautiful companions and important friends. While the despot Piscean selfishly demands to be loved, more often than not they are envied, disliked or even despised. They can be quite smug, egotistical and conceited, all the time with an expression of jovial adolescence or immature boyishness on their faces. Indeed there is something highly magnetic, captivating, charismatic and perhaps therefore a little frightening about the advanced Piscean personality, and it is for this very reason that they become such brilliant entertainers, performers, dancers and singers. They have a broad range of artistic abilities, performance and composition skills encompassing the ecstatic highs and tragic lows of human experience. They are complex, multi-faceted and multi-talented personalities. Often they are atheistic or agnostic.

The creative interests of the mentally evolved type are many and varied. Jupiter bestows a special love of creative literary composition, mathematics or music. In speech and writing the Jupiterian mind is voluble and gifted with great fluency.

Once the personality is integrated the disposition of the Fish is extremely genial and the conversational style is very charming and pleasing to listen to, with a good sense of timing like a musical melody. They often master several languages, excel at several sports or games and often travel extensively. They will often keep sentimental collections of foreign coins, rugs, swords, pipes, knives, weapons, antiques, masks, souvenirs and other varied objects of all types garnered from their world travels. Truly cosmopolitan, the accomplished Piscean personality often establishes an international renown.

The Jupiterian enhancement of the third decan ultimately produces a gifted academic mind which is highly active and creative. The advanced mental type possesses a remarkable gift for close observation and analysis. When mentally integrated and balanced, Pisceans are often self-taught successes. Evolved personalities have a great interest in psychology and possess the capacity to understand other people deeply. Warm, friendly and likeable, they are highly magnetic and attractive personalities. They have a calmness, clarity, tact, patience, compassion, stability, support and sympathy. They also have an ability to guide and lead others. People come to them for instruction, healing or a loving touch and are received with kindness.

Eventually the evolved Piscean begins to question familiar reactions and becomes dissatisfied with familiar things. They cease to desire the well known forms of existence, and familiar modes of expression no longer attract their interest. The pull or attractive urge of the soul at the center—the true self—begins to detach the personality and draw it onward toward purpose. The personality provokes a battle with the soul by choosing to cling to personal attachments that frustrate and hold back the free expression of the soul. This battleground continues until finally arrested and resolved upon the Reverse Wheel through renunciation, sacrifice, service and the lessons of detachment. Only then will the evolved Piscean man or woman find the love, unity, wholeness and release they seek.





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