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On the Reverse Wheel

September 21st to October 21st

And the Word said:
I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force


First decan           Jupiter             September 21st to October 1st

Second decan       Saturn              October 1st to 11th

Third decan          Mercury            October 11th to 21st

Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

See this note on determining the decanate.


Step Four: Man the Aspirant

September 21st to October 1st


The aspirant treading the Reverse Wheel enters the sign of Libra via Jupiter in the first decan, Saturn in the second, and Mercury in the third.

You now possess an extreme breadth of mind and are cultivating a universal tolerance without prejudice. The potent gifts of initiation bestowed upon you by the Ray of Love-Wisdom through Jupiter include compassion, peace, vision, insight, justice and mercy.

You will be tested until you become a truly tolerant, inclusive and understanding person possessing a real broadmindedness and carefully cultivated generosity of spirit. This is not an easy task because your selfishness, self-love and self-indulgences have been excessive. Now you have discovered that the 'Path' is the narrow line which runs between the pairs of opposites turning neither right nor left.

It is Jupiter which grants the aspirant his first real vision of the spiritual Path. One must first find the Path, become the Path and then tread the Path. You must begin your apprenticeship in mastering the supreme art and science of Libran equilibrium.

Your initial task is to correctly discern the essence of the pairs of opposites and begin the process of balancing the forces of your own nature. Do not waste time weighing straws or splitting hairs over this or that. You already know at least theoretically that in this balancing of opposites lies the secret of liberation.

Change is not going to be easy for you, brother of mine. It will appear to disrupt and disturb the rhythm of your life, but it will produce good results you will never regret. The best lies ahead for you. You are needed, and there is service you can render along with your group brothers.

Demonstrate that you can overcome the many and varied forms of your animal tendencies, lower urges, lusts, desires, vanities and selfishness. Any and all forms of latent deviant sexuality, bias, bigotry, prejudice, vanity, conceit, shallowness, pride, superstition, egotism, fanaticism or spiritual self-righteousness must now be examined, seen in the light for what they are and uprooted. Surely you realize simultaneously with the waning of your physical appetites and personal bias, the expression of Love-Wisdom will wax in strength in your personal life and relations.

Do not however, be excessively hard on yourself or others. The expression of selfless love and the attainment of spiritual fellowship should be the imperative operating in your life. Your co-workers will respond to that vibration if you can correctly sound forth the note. With an ever increasing vibrancy you need to register with clarity and respond to the attractive call of the magnetic note of your higher Self.

In all cases Jupiter expands the limited spiritual vision and aids the unfolding of your latent powers of magical perception and expression. When successful, you will be characterized by a dynamic outgoing expression of love and magnetic potency. Jupiter guarantees spiritual victory along with the successful unfoldment and expression of a truly sympathetic, expanded and broad-spirited nature.

Strive to unremittingly make a cardinal contribution along your chosen line of spiritual service, whether political, educational, scientific, military, religious, artistic, economic or in whatever field. Approaching the Mysteries requires you to learn how to wisely, justly and sanely serve the Plan.

Attempt to become a tireless agent shouldering your just responsibilities, and ever attempt to put your best foot forward on the Path. Jupiter enables you to make real progress, but before you stand as a disciple you will have to demonstrate the ability to unselfishly sacrifice your individual personality along your chosen line of work for the good of the Whole.

Personal considerations must not interfere with the precipitation of your abstract spiritual ideals. All of your actions are to be dedicated to the benefit of other sentient beings, not to your separated personal self. Circumstances, social situations and people are not to be used or manipulated to fulfil any selfish or ambitious personal agenda.

Humanity in general, and not the group of so-called cultured people, should take your time and attention as well as being the recipient of your chosen work and creative service. Are you freer from the fear of what they might say and think, or are you still guided by the massed self-interest of that group of men and women whose lives are preoccupied with possessions, wealth and social status?

You have refused to identify yourself and your interests with any group except the one in which your destiny or your ambition has placed you, and this has often proven an obstruction to true spiritual growth. Unfortunately it takes years to learn the lesson of general human interest.

It is not easy to be a "fool for Christ's sake" (DINAII, p.572), and the social set is the cruelest in the world. Defiance of them can only assist their own awakening. You now have an instinct against disorder, untidiness, ugliness and violence. You have already developed real skill, tact, charm and a genuine suavity, and you are not superficial or artificial.

The advanced aspirant intuitively begins to comprehend the inherent nature of other human beings, and ultimately becomes a great expert in all matters of love and all issues which most concern the human heart. You make great efforts to teach and educate other human beings in the virtuous ways of exercising the intense power of the divine love of the human soul.

Definite plans must be formulated in order to bring about the fulfilment of spiritual purpose. Even though there may be initial failure, you must always attempt to begin again and succeed by virtue of the lessons learned. Through your acceptance of these opportunities for discipleship training you will develop a natural sense of justice, the power to correctly weigh evidence, and the shrewd exercise of good judgment which will win you the respect of your co-workers. Indeed, the advanced aspirant is capable of reconciling apparently incompatible situations and circumstances with great facility.

Increasingly your life must be filled with a spirit of dynamic creative service. This will lead to the establishment of lines of definite karmic relationship and these, in distant centuries and later lives, will result in you becoming the nucleus of a spiritual group which will begin to form around you, preparatory to forming your own Ashram in a still much later life.

Your soul's magnetism and radiation making its presence felt in your environment will evoke response from others. As your natural soul vibration also attracts the attention of your Master you will find the way into your true spiritual Ashram along the respective Ray line. Your radiation and magnetic activity has in reality become progressively identical with the energetic frequency of your soul Ray and Ashram. Learn to stand free and unafraid, and as a soul include all with whom you are brought in contact within the dynamic vibration of your soul-directed personality.

Seek to tune in on world need mentally and not emotionally. Focus your meditative service work to be of practical help in this world emergency. Such is not the duty or dharma of the average man. It is sufficient for him to be successful, prosperous and make good upon the physical plane, leaving to a later life cycle the development of a more dynamic and inclusive inner life.

The spiritual laws and principles are the foundation of all your creative service activities, so study them well. A new era of spiritual preparation is being inaugurated which will provide opportunities to demonstrate constructive and rehabilitating activity. The future holds much of useful service for you if you continue to be a humble student and apprentice of the Mysteries. It takes time, humility and clear recognition within yourself of your place and position in the chain of Hierarchy.

Do not let the pressures of family life, outer occupation and the exigencies of your service work plus the activities of an active mind, interfere with your inner learning process which is so essential to your discipleship training.

Your task today is to achieve success in your chosen life occupation and simultaneously to undertake at any cost, a practical life of service. Remember, as a disciple you will have two objectives, one outward and one inward, but held in integrated expression.

Make efforts to overcome your extreme sensitivity to criticism and to lack of love and understanding, so that co-workers find you approachable. The pain you feel when you perceive yourself misunderstood by your group brothers is caused by your complete identification on the mental planes with your spiritual objective—an identification that is true, sincere and lasting; however you are apt to think sometimes that you have already achieved the level of personality-soul integration towards which you are working. This is impossible if the law of achieved progress is of any importance.

Your resentment of sharp criticism is based in a fierce resentment of failure. Your response to group feedback is to add self-criticism, and this creates further glamour. For the good of your group brothers do not waste any time in futile reaction or self-defense. Do not forget that contact with disciples older and more experienced than yourself will ever produce stimulation, which will be applied to any innate glamour. Can you think of a single instance that did not produce turmoil in your consciousness?

Nothing matters these days except to aid in group service and human liberation, at the cost of any personal sacrifice. Your temptation is at times to evade the issue and find in your daily tasks and karmic responsibilities, and also through a type of satisfaction with your emotional reactions, a way of escape from direct, consecrated and practical action in service of humanity. Do not employ a forced preoccupation with your own personality-centered concerns to subconsciously evade anything that adds to the workload of your ashramic service.

What do you do of a practical nature to add your burden-bearing capacity to that of the group of world workers everywhere, or to alleviate in some practical way what you can of world distress and the physical plane needs of unhappy humanity? What do you do of a practical nature to devote your quota of effort to the present world need?

Your Master now seeks to have you within the Ashram. A move forward to the fifth step can be made in this life if you obey the instructions of your soul. Go forward in confidence with the elimination of all non-essentials. The ashramic group is with you, awaits you, never deserts you. Your Master holds you fast in his thought.


Step Five: Man the Disciple

October 1st to 11th


It is, my brother, a source of soul satisfaction to find yourself functioning as a recognized member of a group of disciples, is it not? 

Your conscious precipitation of Love and Light into your lower four-fold nature has produced great transforming results brought about through keen interest in and love of others, and also by stern mental control and unfoldment. You have responded well. You have helped many and have grown in wisdom. You have shouldered responsibility for some phase of the work initiated in your Ashram. Your link is indissoluble; you stand now within an Ashram with clearer knowledge and a more assured faith; a life of fuller service opens up before you—service that you can render from the place where you are now as you pass so courageously along the “Lighted Way”. (DINAI 160)

It is of great value to the soul when the personality consciously recognizes the activity of soul karma and commits to the complete working out of spiritual effects. Once spiritual identification takes place, the soul and personality relation can then never be broken. Your periods of decision and adjustment have been most difficult, but as you have discovered, when you interiorly hold the right attitude and stand steady, the problem or relationship is resolved.

Now begins the intensified training you need to become still more spiritually efficient and "esoterically attractive" in the world of men. (DINAII 560). In this lifetime the die is cast and the period of inactivity and of indecision ends as your soul has begun to determine action; your karma now comes under the processes of your conscious transmutation. Your motives become purified and objectives shift from those of your personality ambition to the spiritual goals of humanity. Personality decision and indecision end when you see your soul purpose more clearly.

You might here ask: in what way can I know? How can I arrive at right decision? First of all by eliminating selfishness and arriving at that unconcern as to the happiness or the experiences of the personality; secondly, by refusing to move hurriedly. You need to learn that when you have arrived at right—and therefore for you irrevocable—decision, energy starts working along the indicated lines and you can now move slowly in the wake of that energy. Your personality life, decisions and plans are your own concern. Yet widen the "spread" of your consciousness (DINAII 737) so that you can bring to a planned life of discipleship and world service a lucid vision, wise foresight, reasoned judgment and seasoned experience.

The future that lies ahead must be approached now in a different manner than the past. Paradoxically you stand on your own, yet at the same time you stand with your brothers in the Ashram and are therefore not alone. What is the constructive contribution you can now make to the work of your chosen co-workers? How can you organize your life so that there is a definite result from any activity instituted? How can the intense activity of your mind be slowed down and channeled so that something creative and worthwhile may emerge?

Turn your eyes away from the form aspect of the present world crisis. Do not allow your sensitivity to lead you to assume too close an identification with it. Such identification is not helpful as it feeds the life of the solar plexus.

Your mind when it is preoccupied with the study of the universal aspects of life is sometimes thrown into confusion; its thoughtform-making proclivities become too accelerated and the illumination of your soul is unable to penetrate satisfactorily into your physical brain consciousness. You need to learn to bring full soul illumination into your daily personality life upon the physical plane.

Your true effectiveness as a disciple will be the result of an etheric merging of your soul energy with your personality force, and through this merging your physical demonstration will become adequate to the demand and commensurate with the forces blended.

You have been admitted to the Ashram because you have already established a measure of definite contact. Your way into the inner circle of the Ashram is through a still closer rapport with your soul, and upon this rapport you must definitely concentrate.

Saturn produces tireless disciples who toil and strive without fatigue. As a disciple you demand hard work from co-workers but push yourself the hardest.

You are known for an iron will and a determination to win every fight. In appearance you may seem mild, soft-spoken and reserved, yet somehow you are always forced to choose and make commitments, thereby conditioning your outer life and all manner of relations. Right choice through right discrimination leads to right action; all made possible through the practice of equanimity.

Unfortunately you are still sometimes wrong, misguided in your thinking process and occasionally make the wrong decisions, thus tilting the balance of the Libran scales the lower way. Your tests concern the development of a true spiritually-minded consciousness, judicious attitude and acute intellectual perception. These soul virtues you will attain at the successful conclusion of the fifth step. You must deliberately apply purification measures and eradicate your uncharitable traits.

The application of the force of Saturn aids you in the daily preservation of the correct attitude of strict inner spiritual orientation. You do know when you have lost a grip on situations because you perceive the collateral group damage and are very sensitive to the disruptions in the field. Feeling very badly you must then apologize and attempt to heal the cleavages you have inflicted.

Try to appreciate how truly rude, ill mannered and intolerant you still are at times. Capriciously you still feel free to inflict your state of mind and reactions on friends, partners, lovers and co-workers. The imposition of your personal will on other people and all manner of group relations must cease—especially if you feel you gain from this any degree of self-justification in the process. Such projection of emotion will not vindicate you of anything, but will breed further disharmony and discord in the group field.

It seems that you are in a constant state of internal mental processing, and thereby you will attain a very clear vision of both method and goal. Your co-workers will feel the benefit of this as it will certainly make their lives much easier. Yet there are disadvantages to the quickness of your mental faculties.

All aspects of your unwholesome imagination and over-active mind must be eliminated, enabling you to express a balanced point of view. This is very difficult for you indeed. Retreating into your cave or shell or hiding behind your persona or mask will only make your problems much worse. You will be judged just as harshly by your soul for what you do not say as for what you speak. It is your silence that so often condemns you, as it clearly indicates your selfish personal motivations.

Aim for simplicity, understanding and dignity in the handling of all affairs and in all relationships. Your understanding of others must be based upon love and not upon any mental process or intellectual view. This will be hard for you for it involves being guided by your heart, unobstructed by your versatile and fluid mind. If you will develop these qualities: simplicity from the angle of mind, understanding from the emotional perspective, and dignity of physical bearing—you will be well equipped for fuller service.

It is difficult for you to feel truly loved and accepted. This accounts for much of your loneliness, sense of rejection, isolation and feelings of being unwanted, unappreciated and unloved. You are exceedingly sensitive still to criticism and to lack of love and understanding. Your resentment of criticism is not generally based on pride in fancied spiritual achievement or superior initiatory status, but in a fierce resentment over perceived weakness or failure. Need for more loving understanding at times isolates you from your fellow men, particularly from your co-workers.

As you move forward on the Path remember that the greater can always include the lesser. This is a lesson all disciples in training have to grasp. The reverse, my brother, is not true, and hence your feeling of loneliness. Ponder on all this and accept it; stand free and move forward on your chosen way, refusing to be limited by those who cannot walk at your pace. So be prepared for loneliness and for counting the cost of treading the Path.

Saturn enables you to efface yourself as the central figure in your life drama; nevertheless this is extremely difficult for you to do. With clear unimpeded vision you go forth to battle both the forces of your own nature and the forces of outer illusion arraigned against you. A tried and true warrior, you are battle-scarred yet know that triumph and victory lie ahead.

However victory is not yet, and this you know all too well. The vital power of knowing that you ultimately will achieve a point of equilibrium enables you to make a choice between various methods of service. Evidencing also a steadily growing recognition of the potencies which can be contacted and utilized, Saturn demands that you become resigned to the struggle to love and serve with dispassion, handing the reins of the personality to the soul.

Continue to deliberately apply the necessary measures with enthusiastic wisdom and straightforward conduct. Your salient task is to learn to balance desire—both spiritual and material. The life of the soul must be balanced with your personal life. Right equilibrium must be maintained between these pairs of opposites within yourself. Carefully weigh in the balance material personal desire and intelligent spiritual Love.

Having heard the clarion call of the soul, nothing can retard your progress upon the razor-edged Path. In the final analysis, Saturn indicates that the spiritual consciousness of the disciple has become totally focused on the creative manifestation of the truth, reality and beauty of the divine Plan.

Saturn is ever the taskmaster. Therefore you must willingly lift your share of the burden of God's Plan for humanity in order to fulfil the intention of the soul to salvage the "lesser lives" (DINAII 166) thereby consummating its great redemptive process on Earth.

Under Saturn you will learn to wield forces and cooperate with the Plan, bringing order out of chaos. Your goal is to rise above the world of your cherished ideals and personal ideas and illusions, and no longer be chained down by past habits and karma. The highest use of your skills lies in persuading people to forget their differences and join together for a common cause.

Continue with your task of gathering to yourself those whom you can help and who recognize you as their chosen guide. In this manner is an Ashram formed—each on its Ray vibration—over time and from the accumulation of the lives of many disciples who make the conscious choice to express the loving radiation of the soul through the vehicles of the personality. You are being trained to handle this phase of the hierarchical work among men.

Be aware of the intent to gather towards the Light—in this life and the next series of lives—those whose soul resonates on the same note. Thus my brother, stay inspired, travel life's way, work in the Ashram, aid your fellow men, and know the joy of constant service and sacrifice.

You have given generously of your teaching skills and administrative, executive talents. You have made important aspects of your Master's work possible. He shall be grateful for your continued help along this line if your soul so prompts you. Increasingly your life must be filled with this kind of service, which will lead to the establishment of lines of relationship.

These relationships in later lives will manifest the nucleus of that group which every disciple eventually begins to gather around him. Thus your steadily increasing radiation and magnetism lies at the foundation of the hierarchical method of work.

As you become spiritually magnetic your radiation begins to make itself felt. Contact with disciples younger and less experienced than yourself will produce stimulation of any innate glamour. Simply develop joy in self-forgetfulness, learn the art of reverence and serve your Ashram.

Let the previous cycle of constant movement end. Although you are likely well traveled and certainly have an international or global vision, a settled place of abode is required for several reasons. Due to your personal instability you know that you need the steady rhythm and the heartbeat of a group setting through which to work; this should condition your choice of a place in which to settle, live and practice. This is for you a spiritual necessity and will eventually establish for you health and peace and a stable settled personal rhythm, signifying a step towards liberation.

Endeavor to be where others can find you. Gather around you what you need for peaceful spiritual living. Maintain a state of calm abiding and practice the art of tranquility. Fill your life with the interests of ashramic work.

Over the years your living place will become your shrine. What you build becomes magnetic and responsive to the Ashram and can occultly speaking become the location in which your physical brain—an extremely sensitive receiver—can feel at peace.  Find a place of suitable individual or group residence which will be of prolonged usefulness to you and from which you will not move except in response to the normal procedures of life. For your restlessness affects the quality of your vibration, and this in turn affects your ashramic group. You render service equally to those who seek the Light and to your soul, for it is one of the distributors of the Light.

It is a momentous time in your soul's progress, for your conscious decisions are made with due appreciation of new cycles of karmic consequences. This is the major test of discipleship in Libra under Saturn, Lord of Karma.

The primary source of the major karmic changes in your life as a Pledged Disciple are due to your free choice and decision, involving direct initiating activity on your part. These decisions are carried out or avoided according to your own plan. This line of activity has therefore, little to do with old engendered cycles of what is termed your "precipitating karma". (DINAII 736) You have now reached the point in your career as a soul upon the Path in Libra where you can consciously engineer situations and conditions that are not effects or results but are the commencement of new karmic cycles.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

October 11th to 21st


The full tide of blessings of the soul now rests upon you, my brother—your soul, your Master's soul and the Soul of all. At the sixth step, Mercury leads to the total sublimation and consummation of your microcosmic sensory evolution. Soul relation is vitalized spiritually through group precipitation and reception of directed circulating energy.

The molding of human ideals creates new forms of civilization by providing a field for the seeding of new culture. A right and accurate sense of timing along with infallible inspiration makes this work possible. A tremendous spiritual inflow of magnetic Love serves to focus the inchoate mass demand of humanity onto the highest possible level.

The test of your initiate status is the mastery of the Science of Alignment and mode of contact outlined in the Science of Invocation and Evocation. Concentration upon the selfless formulation of the divine Plan and the implementation of that divine Purpose in the material world in turn manifests the group Way of Life.

Mercury is invocative, demanding, fusing, receptive and distributing. Meditation sets the rhythm of the Hierarchy in which the positive universal quiet allows for the formulation of spiritual aspiration. You are a Divine Contemplative or Custodian of Life working under direct inspiration of the Great Plan bringing law, peace, organization, structure and order out of chaos.

The love, understanding and gratitude of your group brothers surrounds you with warmth and support. Your soul has no need to reassure you of your Master's protective care and constant interest, which has already been proven over long years and lifetimes of association. At the point of balance the spiritual tests of initiation here entail your free choice of which way to tip the scales.

Initiates know choice is a definite conscious act entailing responsibility. Thereby one can organize the evoked ideal and embody as much of the idea of God as humanity in any one time period can evidence and produce in form upon the Earth.

Mercury guides the disciple towards active service, realization, all knowledge, perfection and beatitude. Benchmark traits include relatively perfected faculties of comprehension, healing, vision, intuition and abstract idealism.

A real spiritual discernment is the outstanding gift of Mercury. This is significant because it develops response to group vibration and perfects the faculty of spiritual telepathy. Maintaining position at the central hub, your Mercurial task is to link the inner with the outer, or as we say 'the rim with the hub via the seven spokes'. (TCF 1094) Mercury stimulates the development of pure thought and intuitive reason. It is the illuminating Ray of Mercury at the sixth stage that reveals the fundamental union and purpose behind the duality of what we term spirit and matter, life and form or the pairs of opposites.

Poised at the perfected point of ideal balance, peace, harmony, rest and rhythm you work nonetheless from an unrelenting dynamic electric point of inner tension. In truth, it is your attained degree of 'magnetic balance' which permits you to function in such a manner. In this sense you are a communications hub sending and receiving messages constantly via your lighted network of co-workers and through corresponding fields of service.

On the higher mental level you are advancing in your inner training by studying and applying the laws of vibration, sound, color and number. It is your path and destiny in life to enter upon what has been called "the higher way". (DINAII 562)

You now have to learn on those levels and to live constructively there, without reducing the effectiveness of your normal practical living upon the physical plane. This means that for stated and qualified times you must quit your created three-fold lower vehicle and 'travel in consciousness' to those levels where the spirit aspect can commune with you, wherein the force of the spiritual Triad can restimulate and revitalize you. On these levels your vision is renewed and you draw inspiration for a new cycle of service. You know the true Being and need no instructions.

As the years slip away you will be confronted with the lessons of leadership on the Path of Initiation which are arduous and difficult to learn. You are perceptive to the music of the spheres, which will emerge in full tonal quality once you have resolved the discords and established the full theme of initiation and the rhythm of pure devotion to the highest form of pure spiritual impression from Shamballa.

What are the lessons that you as an initiate have already learned? The first lesson on the Path of Discipleship was the lesson of vision. You have already successfully laid out the path toward your spiritual goals. You have worked out an essential spiritual incentive that has been strong enough to hold your course steady to the purpose of initiation and true to this demanding objective through all the tests and trials of discipleship. You formulated the vision yourself out of your own personality and soul dynamic, and from the strength of that vision and the beauty of the image you formed out of your creative spiritual imagination, upon the Path of Initiation you have made yourself what you are.

Another major lesson you have successfully mastered has been the development of a right sense of proportion. This when correctly applied has enabled you to walk humbly on the Way that lies between the two great lines of force.

All true initiates are humbled by the magnitude of the task they are undertaking, and in the light of the vision appreciate the limitations of the individual contribution. They recognize the necessity for constant self-development and the cultivation of steady inner spiritual learning in order to achieve their goal. You have remained dissatisfied with your attainments, not in any morbid sense, but in order that the principle of growth and the capacity to push forward and onward may be fostered in you.

Keep in mind that the Masters assist us through our own efforts to attain; this requires clear thinking, humility and constant adjustment. Perhaps your greatest attainment has been the development of the spirit of synthesis. This enables you to include all within the range of your influence, and enables you to be included within the range of influence of those greater than yourself. Thus is the chain of Hierarchy established.

You have relinquished all sense of having an isolated position or any attitude of isolation. You have also mastered the tendency towards criticism, for you have learned that criticism raises barriers and wastes time. You reached a high point of balance on the Path when you learned to distinguish the spirit of criticism from a finely tuned ability to analyze and make practical application of the results.

Your initiate mind is trained to analyze life, circumstances and people from the angle of the One Work and the Plan, from the perspective of an initiate disciple within the Ashram, and not from the angle of your personality or from the viewpoint of the executive, politician, or the schoolmaster or whatever your position might be upon the physical plane.

The way into the Ashram stands open to you, and the Master is ever accessible to those who have worked and served in difficulty and distress and under the drastic circumstances imposed by present world conditions.

Your goal for the remainder of your life should be simplicity in all affairs and in all relationships. Also you should strive for a sense of personal dignity—a dignity that will work out as a physical reticence. Reflect upon this word. Likewise you strive for understanding—an understanding based upon Love and not upon any mental process.

You have long served without any major deviation from the path of duty and can now avail yourself at will, of "the privilege of entrance." (DINAII 713) You now know that at the center of the Ashram your Master can be found at all times, and you can now penetrate to that center with simplicity, joy and dignity.






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