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On the Reverse Wheel

July 22nd to August 22nd

And the Word said:
I am That and That am I


First decan            Mars            July 22nd to August 1st

Second decan       Sun              August 1st to 11th

Third decan          Jupiter           August 11th to 22nd

Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

Step Four: Man the Aspirant

July 22nd to August 1st


Upon the Reverse Wheel of Discipleship the sign of Leo is entered via Mars in the first decan, the Sun in the second and Jupiter in the third. You have led a useful and fruitful series of lives, and there is still much for you to do in this lifetime which will enable you to touch with love the hearts and lives of others, thus bringing them under "the eye's direction." (DINAII 474)

The wider work of a world disciple is not however, your concern in this life. Your task is preparatory to the stage of Pledged Discipleship. Day by day connect with your soul; day by day pledge yourself to the work to be undertaken; day by day seek a deepened relation with your soul and with your group brothers; day by day hold your service in the searchlight of the soul, and then with your soul's aid and blessing go forward.

Study the attitude and perspective of the soul. For the remainder of your training period as an aspirant apply yourself to the establishment of closer soul contact; train the inner self to receive the communications of the soul, and apply your dedicated will to the surmounting of all personality obstacles to the meeting of surrounding need. Work to bring the light of love, illumination and of spiritual orientation to those whom you are called to serve, teach, train and guide in the place or field of occupation where you are now, and increasingly so in the future.

The red of Sixth Ray Mars ever indicates a field of battle or experience wherein individual sacrifice for the good of all becomes gloriously possible. Only at this stage can you earn the right to be trusted to become a truly wise leader. Intensely self-aware and multi-faceted, you have learned how to fully understand and appreciate the qualities of all other types of people. Without demanding from anyone what is not in their power to do or give, you must actively encourage co-workers to excel in their chosen service by providing both facilities and opportunities for the exercising of their skills and carrying out of their goals. Your main motivation is the will-to-illumine—to shed light for others upon the Path.

Possessing an intellectually positivist, experimental nature and a driving urge to self-knowledge and self-perfection, your dominating will-to-rule pushes you forward to achieve true self-mastery. You walk now ever under your Master's watchful eye. You have had by no means an easy time. You tune into the distress of the world and of your group with increasing frequency. Through this process you are learning to become a detached and spiritually oriented server. The work you do is planned by the Hierarchy and your task is to render yourself sensitive to group impression.

You are learning that a fused, organized and blended plan or scheme of worldwide service is required, and that the master Plan of the Hierarchy will be carried out when all disciples work together cooperatively and with united purpose. Idealism, group service and self-sacrifice are the prime characteristics or qualities to be cultivated. Do not be afraid of being unduly influenced by the spiritual authority of the group with which you are affiliated. Recognize that you have much to give in the way of creativity, beauty, realization and intuition. For an aspirant, freedom lies in making the free choice to serve. No-one wants you to serve or work where your own soul does not prompt you.

It is the force of Mars which leads to the intensification of your personal action and physical struggle, but which will also enable your soul to control and utilize your personality. You may not avoid the shouldering of group and service responsibilities because you have already established inner connection. The more your soul grips your personality the less you will be concerned with the problems of personal isolation and freedom. In the field of group service and group relationship lies your opportunity. 

This governorship of Mars indicates that all forms of selfish personal desire must be overcome. The wild forays for pleasure, sex and other activities incidental to the satisfaction of desire must also come to an end. Through a process of battle, strife and stress you are being tested on your ability to deliberately control and rule your integrated personality. During this process all forms of residual fanaticism, self-indulgence, conceit, indifference and carelessness will be eradicated. Contemplate your own spiritual progress in light of group progress, group relationships and the group good, and not solely from the point of view of your own sense of freedom, or what seems best or most comfortable for your personality.

Group work always involves sacrifice and the fulfilment of tasks which are not in accordance with your personal preference. Do not seek the easy way out based on the personality path of least resistance. Deepen the content of your own inner spiritual life by mature, profound daily reflection carried forward on all levels of thought during every interlude in your daily life, work and service. Endeavor to sense the note or the vibration of the Ashram and to establish a much closer link with your group brothers. They value the part you play, and must also do their part.

Highly evolved Lions are beyond being led astray or being too dependent on luxury. By self-initiating definite forms of creative service you are learning to decentralize yourself and thus begin to repulse, esoterically speaking, all of your lower animalistic and personality desires. Any form of impulsive emotional enthusiasm you retain must not be allowed to sway you either. Your motivation for spiritual progress must be love for all beings, and must not be based solely on the desire for your personal liberation, freedom or release from pain and suffering. Repudiate all attitudes, words and deeds of rejection or repulsion. Release all that is unpleasant.

Your lower nature must be disciplined until all choices to discard whatever impedes your soul expression on the physical plane are easily and readily made. Call in the virtues of dispassion, discrimination and discipline. Decisively develop a definite and chosen procedure to free yourself from the worlds of spectacle and illusion. Through right understanding right choice can be made, and that which is cherished and spiritually desired can be attained. Though it is exceptionally arduous, knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, imprisonment and freedom, love and hate, light and dark, throw the weight of your actions on the side of the light with the minimum of striving, passion, pain or suffering. Attempt to tread the Way with real self-effacement and undeterred by difficulty. When your discriminating sense has been adequately developed along with an innate knowledge of the pairs of opposites and a gained vision of that which is neither, you will attain initiation.

All forms of selfish spiritual desire must be overcome. Mars indicates the steady emergence of truth in your life and guarantees your inevitable triumph. Devotion to the Plan is the key. Only when you can avoid falling into glamour and can discriminate between the Real and the unreal will life be effectively filled with the inflow of the unselfish love of your higher Self. You are driven to take the next immediate step to meet the world's needs as they demonstrate to you, by following your chosen line of work. In this process there is no room for self-interest, self-assertiveness or selfish ambition.

Your attitude must be one of dedicated selflessness oriented towards higher divine guidance. Your inner thoughts and not your desire life determine your active, physical expression. You no longer seek to make a personal impact upon the world. You do not seek to gather around yourself a group of people who look up to you and make you feel important. All forms of pride and ambition have to be eliminated in order to achieve the stage of Accepted Discipleship.

Your soul injunction is to battle until the light of your little self fades out in the Light of the Whole. You have grown in your spiritual ability to sympathize with and identify with the sufferings of others. Increasingly you attain selflessness, service, subordination and sacrifice to the group. All your effort is directed toward improving the way of living for other people. You plan humanitarian reforms, found libraries, philanthropic foundations and charitable institutions for world service. Your success depends upon the overcoming of all base, mean and underhanded tendencies. Learn to value spiritual glory far more than material rewards or tangible benefits.

When truly accomplished, your characteristic life expression exhibits an extraordinarily high degree of magnetism and attractive radiation. Your arguments are founded upon a code of living ethics, upon established life principles, justice, human dignity and righteousness. Above all else you desire the universal empire of the Spirit. You are truthful, direct and act without concealment. Due to an intimate knowledge of the workings of the Law of Karma, even when betrayed or deceived you do not seek personal retribution and do not take revenge.

At great personal expense and under the restraint of constant self-denial, Mars empowers you to fight and take a definite stand based upon the soul virtues of justice, mercy, compassion and tolerance. Apollo-like, you appear with the scales of justice in one hand and the sword in the other.

You are a defender or protector of humanity and your victorious Martian poses are ever suggestive of the inevitable triumph of good over evil. Conducting yourself in a simple, clear, direct and straightforward manner, your intentions are both easily recognized and understood. Your commanding presence quickens the pulse, calling others to straighten their shoulders and evoke their full stature physically, morally and mentally.

A steady beacon of courage and incentive to others, the brightness of your spiritual majesty inwardly grows and simultaneously shines outwardly over the fields of service.

Now that you have completed the fourth step and possess self-awareness, it becomes your task at the fifth step to identify your true immortal divine soul and know also the inner hearts and minds of your fellow men. In the fifth labor Hercules finally chased the lion (the personality) into the cave, and leaving all weapons behind—even the club which he himself had made—with his two hands he choked the lion to death. This encounter took place unseen by anyone—Hercules and the lion in the dark and gloom of the cave taking part in a struggle that had to be to the death—the death of the personality and the victory of the soul. (LOH)

You have now reached a point in your life where inspired devotion is in no way a hindrance but a safeguard, simplifying your life. Because of this fixed devotion you can walk undeviatingly upon the Way to become a Pledged Disciple.


Step Five: Man the Disciple

August 1st to 11th

The Sun

These words are written for those bold Lions upon the Path of Discipleship. Disciples are needed who can absorb, transmute and transfer light. For this task you are peculiarly equipped. This lifetime will be marked by years of strenuous activity and service, of personal discipline and a forced process of decentralization with attendant stresses and strains and hard work, accompanied by much upheaval external and internal.

It may be of some help and comfort to you to realize that this is known on the inner side and that none of it has been lost motion or a waste of time. This is your time of release and liberation. Now you can work with clearer vision, a closer cooperation with the inner Group Center and with less sense of loneliness.

You have now become part of a group of disciples and these—a chosen band of brothers—will stand by you. Your Master too, definitely seeks to make himself more fully known to you and to draw closer to you in helpfulness and understanding. Those of you who are affiliated with his Ashram are becoming closely connected and esoterically form one great group.

Realize that in the esoteric school and group training work in which you and your group brothers are actively engaged, you must operate with complete and open frankness, seeking to hide nothing from each other. Your group work will bring into the open the successes, the failures and the weaknesses which in the presence of all group members must be examined in the clear light that comes from the Group Center. Such is the soul purpose and the method of all ashrams.

You have touched many lives through your work as an esoteric teacher and have begun to apprehend somewhat that there is a major difference between all your previous teaching experience—no matter how skilled you have been as a teacher—and your teaching as an initiate. It is as a Pledged Disciple that you are now learning this basic distinction in technique and method. This distinction should now also begin to have a definite effect upon the expression of your spiritual life.

Your goal is to achieve the utmost impartiality, impersonality and decentralization, for this will set you free for deepened and more integrated world service. You are a trained disciple who has proven a willingness and an ability to serve and to make sacrifices for the group and for humanity. Your objective at the fifth step is to function as a group disciple pledged to united service in which your personality is submerged and only the light of the group or ashramic soul shines forth. That group light will illuminate both your individual problems and those arising in connection with your group. It will illuminate the chosen field of group service, and also the relationship of your group to other groups. Ensure you do not separate your group from that of other active groups working in the world at this time along the other Ray Paths.

The Leo disciple appropriates without questioning the field of largest spiritual service and wisely chooses each opportunity for service. The underlying motivating power of your entire life can be summed up in the need imposed upon your personality by your soul to express an unalterable and fixed Will. As you serve and strive to train yourself, you must learn to 'go out' more definitely to others, offering them the opportunity to serve and help in the work you are endeavoring to do, no matter how inexperienced they may be or how full of faults. The same applies to your group in relation to other groups, and your leadership is also instrumental and much needed to guide this process.

You were offered opportunity and consequent spiritual advancement, and now you and your group brothers must also offer individual and group opportunity to others. Blaze like the noon sun and do not be weighed down or distressed by the weight of ignorance and the lack of development in the people whom you see around you.

Your task is to fully exercise that peculiar solar-inspired Leonine divine prerogative which has the innate capacity to burn and destroy and so eradicate all remaining dross that hinders your complete divine expression. This is a powerful and much needed group contribution. Before you stand fully initiate you must be free from all ordinary glamour and illusion, be capable of pure vision, able to perceive the uses of your inherent sensitivities and be profoundly aware of inner reality.

It is the power of the Sun in the central decan which will enable you to enter upon the arduous task of fully cooperating with the spiritual laws and ruling potencies of the Ashram and the Hierarchy. The rulership of the Sun at the fifth step in Leo indicates that true spiritual comprehension and understanding involves identification with the One Soul of humanity and the release of the lesser into the greater. After purification of your entire lower nature by solar fire you will envisage new possibilities and your grasp of the Plan will become greater and more universal in scope.

Realize that your immediate goal is to illumine your environment with your knowledge, insight, wisdom and love. Without a doubt, in the central decan of the fifth sign at the fifth step the power to achieve initiation is granted.

The successful disciple appears as the very soul of magnanimity, benevolence and selflessness. Final negotiation of the tests and trials of this decan produce the consummation of the process of personality and soul fusion. Complete preservation of continuity of consciousness must first be established before you can enter into full identification with your overshadowing Egoic consciousness.

To speak in symbols, the Dweller on the Threshold (your personality) and the Angel of the Presence (your soul) enter into cooperative endeavor. When successful, your emotion-desire is completely transmuted into love-aspiration and dedicated and oriented to your soul. This inner alignment and sustained attitude will force open the door of Initiation.

All of your actions are to be completely motivated by the love of your soul and wisely expressed by your personality through various forms of intelligent creativity and adaptability. This means you are to launch definite forms of creative service upon your specific self-chosen path. The directed reflection of your illumined mind will bring insight about how to best accomplish this. A dominating urge to contribute to the greater group life has become the major driving force of your life. Under the rays of the Sun, all forms of selfishness and separative behavior are substituted by unselfish actions undertaken solely for the benefit of other human beings.

The power to build for selfish ends was earlier eliminated with the aid of Mars at the fourth step. Now the capacity to identify with the Whole is key to the ending of the last residues of any separative personality reactions. Your triumph as a disciple in Leo will be to overcome all forms of selfish desire and longing for personal comfort or material gain. You will achieve illumination, inclusiveness, insight, wisdom, truth and beauty. By building wisely in accordance with the life-plan of the soul, you will renounce the great heresy of separation and will achieve the revelation of the full light of Spirit. Your outstanding quality is fearlessness.

Become the divine Observer of the nature of the form life and labor to achieve a divine expression, practiced knowledgeably through the medium of your personality. Gain a full understanding of the meaning of the esoteric injunction: "Serve and obey!" (EPII 158)

Perform your inspired sacrificial service willingly, joyously and with complete surrender, freed from all taint of personal desire. In so doing you will fully enter into the world of meaning which lies just beyond and behind the world of form and physical appearance. Through the power of the Sun you will be accorded the revelation that all wisdom is a form of light, and this enables you to become conscious of the causes which produce the physical forms in the environment. It is this wisdom which is the conditioning factor in the world of meaning. When this is sufficiently comprehended you are truly an initiate and have succeeded in identifying yourself with the soul on its own level of consciousness. 

You are to be commended for your achievements in the area of planetary service in your chosen field of work. Proceed now along the lines you have already so firmly established. You are nearing the end of the Path and so time is brief; therefore learn to focus your energies upon those service activities that contribute within your chosen field of world work.

The next stage of training is to further conscious establishment of relationship with others through the concentration of the energy of the soul so that it radiates outward, becoming an attractive force drawing people to you as a source of spiritual light; a magnetic influence stimulating new activity between their soul and personality.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

August 11th to 22nd


You have endeared yourself to your master by your patient persistence and your undeviating adherence to the service of the Hierarchy. For many lifetimes you have done the hierarchical work in a most difficult sphere. Words are inadequate to express that which the liberated Leo initiate knows. Through your Master you are en rapport with a world of spiritual inspiration and awareness that few can appreciate. Appropriate it fully now my brother, and transmit the teaching to those you lead, teach, train and instruct.

The responsibility of the teacher rests upon you. Your spiritual consciousness attains ever-greater expression and you inevitably become an electric and magnetic leader of centers or groups. As an initiate teacher you are occupied with the needs of your students and the clarification of the truth within your chosen field of service. At this time you are required to master the skills needed to gather people together and work through them.

You are a heart-oriented person but are in process of lifting the energy of your heart center into its correspondence in your highest head center, and live more now in the head than in the heart. You should also have begun to fuse and blend the energy of this higher heart center with that of your ajna center, thus bringing your "directing eye" into greater service, dominance and usefulness. (DINAII 476)

Continue therefore with your well-laid plans, write your books and letters and work with your students. You know that you can depend upon inner strength and rely upon your inner spiritual contacts. Do not feel futile or inadequate to the task, for in these days of urgent planetary distress the aid given the world disciple is greatly intensified and increased so that he may in turn pass it on to others. You have learned to penetrate to the heart of your fellow human beings, rejecting every tendency to personality over-reaction. In the final decan Jupiter does ultimately guarantee the full development and expression of Love-Wisdom.

In the sixth decan the quality of spiritual perception expands, and the inner vision of the soul's realized purpose becomes the initiate's raison d'etre. In this task you must selflessly labor for the sake of the greater Whole. Thus new fields of spiritual revelation open up. Seeing, recognizing and registering spiritual vision is paramount. You have mastered discipleship theoretically, practically and factually. Your personality has been liberated and is now simply an agent of your soul.

Jupiter bestows revelation and realization. Your outstanding qualities are synthesis and inclusiveness. You have advanced intellectual abilities and exceptionally fine mental development. Jupiter's rulership of the sixth step indicates that the various aspects of your equipment have been benignly fused into an instrument for effective world service. You have become a personified expression of the good, the beautiful and the true. You have unfolded higher divine qualities and the attractive power of the love of your soul with its ability to synthesize and blend. You have achieved cooperation, participation and at-one-ment with your soul in life planning and life purpose.

As an inspired initiate of the life-plan of the soul you are the intelligent arbiter of your own destiny, your own Lawmaker and conscious exponent of your own innate divinity. You recognize no authority save that of your own soul and spirit. You are not negatively conditioned by surroundings or life events but rule them with deliberation and are especially distinguished by your freedom from any form of outside control. Regardless of remaining limitations, you certainly possess a unique ability to bring out of circumstance and environment that which is required.

As an advanced Leo you are the true observer completely truly detached from the material side of life and the physical plane. The divine potency of the trend toward synthesis pours through your body and conditions your conduct. Neither misapplied nor prematurely enforced, a certain process of standardization and regimentation is consciously and willingly undertaken. Your task is to impose a sensed divine soul attribute upon the form life. You will do battle and be fully tested until all evil is overcome and you dominate the innate, inherited psyche of the atoms of matter and substance which constitute the form nature.

Through Jupiter you are assisted to demonstrate increased sentient response to the world Soul. Through the full cultivation of the highest form of creative imagination you become a dynamic, constructive building agent.

You know that the full functioning of the divine creative faculty is dependent upon both wisdom and selfless motive. Keywords for this decan are simplification, merging and synthesis. The basic triplicate of spirit, soul and body is resolved in the duality of spirit and matter. The spiritual Identity then works in complete service to humanity and in cooperation with the Plan. You will move from being an obedient servant of the Plan to a creative cooperator. Through at-one-ment with the Universal Mind all the Plans and methods of the Soul stand revealed.

You are mastering the technique of preserving soul, mind and brain consciousness and consequently function in full waking understanding and awareness. You have earned the right to display an awesome arsenal of invincible powers on the physical plane because you have completely linked up all aspects of yourself within the greater Whole. The details of the sensed Whole are meticulously grasped in their entirety. The beauty and the purpose of every aspect of your inner structure is comprehended with unity and detailed knowledge. The divine pattern or grand design is mastered in all its complexity.

At the apex of the sixth step you will fully express pure infallible comprehension, intuitionally grasping cause and effect simultaneously. A sense of true divine proportion is to be attained and the recognition of your spiritual destiny and goals fully revealed. The source of divine Ideas is contacted and known. Your mind and the Will-to-Good become so perfectly blended that the secrets of coming revelations are entrusted to your protective care. You fully synthetically comprehend the true nature of religion, the purpose of science and the goal of education. Beneficent rejoicing in new vision and a fresh approach to every life experience characterize the attitude of your inner spiritual Identity.

The supreme spiritual Mystery which has been hitherto veiled to you is now to be fully unveiled, and in that Light you will find the Universal fountainhead of abundant Wisdom and Love. Incomprehensible spiritual expansions and rhythms will now be unfolded before you. An agent of the "saving force" (DINAI 784), your spiritual incentive to work now embraces the higher planes of superhuman evolution. Dynamic progress and a steady moving forward into clearer light and greater livingness characterize your life.

As a liberated Leo subject unconditioned by your environment, you tread the burning ground with Will and self-effacement, undeterred by pain. Your arduous task is to condition your environment in relation to divine Plan and Purpose. You cultivate an inner sensitivity to the dynamic impacts of the higher worlds, which will lead you to your final abstract initiatory goal.






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