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On the Ordinary Wheel

July 22nd to August 22nd

And the word said:
Let other forms exist, I am because I am


First decan           Jupiter                 July 22nd to August 1st

Second decan       Sun                      August 1st to 11th

Third decan          Mars                     August 11th to 22nd


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.


Step One: Physical Man

July 22nd to August 1st


Traveling backwards upon the Wheel of Life as it rolls onwards into form the sign of Leo is entered via Jupiter in the first decan, the Sun in the second and Mars in the third.

Under Jupiter the physical body and response apparatus of Lion-man is progressively prepared, adjusted, aligned and correctly oriented. Through the applied stimulation of Jupiter the active physical form steadily improves and becomes more responsive to contact with the physical world.

With Jupiter's aid the soul is enabled to unfold the capacity to experience and fulfil its physical desires and gain control over its animal body. It bestows the gift of great sensitivity, but in this lower phase this is definitely a sensitivity to the instinctual desires of the physical body.

The soul develops the physical mechanism here through the satisfaction of all forms of selfish animal desire. This applied stimulation leads to the cultivation of a separative spirit, and in due course what emerges is a self-sufficient person increasingly aware of his or her individuality. Their attitude becomes emphatic and dynamic, leading in the initial phase to the pronounced egocentric consciousness of the selfish intelligent human animal. In the early stage the incarnated Lion is not multi-talented and has yet to unfold the qualities of a wise builder, leader or ruler on the physical plane.

Classically the physically well-developed Lion—pocket edition or giant—appears with all features in symmetrical proportion. Having drawn themselves up to full stature, they can appear Apollo-like in physical presence. There is something attractive, magnetic, royal—even glorious—in the primitive active expression and motion of Lion-man. Movement is proud, bold, with back straight and head held high. The brow is brave and clear. The eyebrows are well arched, while the eyes with an over-bold expression are large, round, and wide-open. The complexion and skin glows with vitality and health, clear, rosy and lucid, with a sometimes florid color. The forehead is high and wide with the cranium neither too long nor broad, while the youthful-looking face has a characteristic cubbishness about it. Like the mane of its totem, the hair is one of the chief physical features and in the best cases is beautiful, luxuriant, full, thick, often untamable and unmanageable.

Conversely sometimes the Lion in this decan is completely bald. Negative or recessive physical traits give a grossness or heaviness of feature, resembling a bulldog more than a lion. The physical constitution is very 'Roman' in appearance—that is short, stout, heavy, with quite some solidity. Or sometimes the recessive type has a very small and often weak body. In either case the characteristic expression of the degenerate Jupiterian face appears the opposite of the clear and rosy active type and is visibly sapped of its strength, weakened, dark, flushed, shriveled, pinched or wizened.

The Lion-king by nature is exceedingly lazy until aroused. Immobility, lack of dynamism, indulgence, idleness and procrastination are outstanding negative features of the recessive Lion. Lounging at poolside or beach soaking up the rays of the Sun is often preferred to more strenuous action.

Undeveloped types do not venture forth and really enjoy themselves or seek to meet challenges or take risks. Their only skill is in delegation of disagreeable duties and the evasion of difficult talks. In fact they are totally incapable of looking after themselves, let alone anyone else. The recessive Jupiterian type is not inclined to extend themselves for anything or anybody, and hardly sets an inspiring example. Passive types desire above all else to rest on a comfortable throne or a well-cushioned seat. An innate ability to control inevitably gives the passive Leo type a belief that their destiny is determined and all they have to do is simply to be. Their refusal to change or take action leads to a futile existence.

Their physical development is delayed or slowed through weakness and over-sensitivity, being too fearful to 'seize the moment'. A lack of clear focus and an inability to estimate relative values produces an indiscriminative intellect which makes a mountain out of a mole hill or is prone to suggest with real vacuity that nothing matters very much.

The task of the soul initially, is to stimulate the activity of its vital physical organs and to balance their overall organized function. In time this body type becomes highly developed and exceedingly well balanced in function, possessing tremendous recuperative power. The physical constitution is exceedingly robust in all respects, especially in relation to tone, tenacity and strength of muscles and nerves. In most cases the youthful elegant body settles down towards the end of its growing period into a robust full-bodied Jupiterian type. Yet the physical vitality being so enormous and spontaneous, there is a predominant danger that the Lion when excited by the chase of prey, can easily be drawn to exaggerated effort and thus put undue strain upon the power of the heart.

The beneficent power of Jupiter in the first decan guarantees to the soul the eventual successful satisfaction of materialistic ambition, lower desire and selfish personality power. Longing for material gain and recognition is intense, as is the power to build for selfish ends. Thus the Leo type is regarded as one of the most materialistic in the zodiac in-as-much as selfish desire for possession of material objectives is especially potent and the display of a acquisitive spirit violently controls. Everything the Lion has must be the best in the world and they ever put their needs, desires and feelings first. All questions are solely based on consideration of selfish material advantage. Everything and everyone revolves around the individual point of view while all time, thought and deed is consecrated to personal interest.

The primitive Lion possesses an unquenchable thirst for personal glory and an absurd ambition for positions of responsibility and authority which they are as yet, incapable of fulfilling with any degree of success. Attacking their enemies or rivals from behind, they select the weakest opponents and strike at their most unguarded and vulnerable moments. They possess an insatiable appetite for excessive amounts of flattery from those who exhibit abject dependence, and they shower favor upon those who are useful to them. Excessive judgment, misplaced faith, over-affection, devotion and favoritism lead to many blunders in the choice of friends and to disaster in love affairs.

Relationships therefore are generally numerous and unfortunate. Believing themselves to be extraordinarily romantic and creatively prolific, Lions always eventually succeed in making themselves conspicuous in all sorts of ridiculous ways. Submissive and devoted partners or lovers after life in the Lion's lair, not infrequently wish to usurp the throne.

Lions love to over-do, over-eat, brag, boast, gloat and show-off. They have an exaggerated capacity for vanity and self-admiration. Superficially they appear kind, good-humored, agreeable and considerate, but behind their behavior is the desire to retain popularity, to be well-liked or better yet, well-loved. They are self-satisfied, self-loving, self-centered and easily pleased with themselves. They are placidly convinced they are the center of admiration wherever they go, and believe that no man or woman can possibly resist their attentions. They love to occupy the center of the stage. An instinctive and highly acute sensitivity to danger is ever focused on their own vulnerability rather than upon the feelings and needs of others. Alone, without the support of the clan or 'pride' the Lion feels fearful and unprotected.

When undeveloped, the Leo man or woman is highly isolating and separative, rejecting people based upon status, position, precedent, habit or social tradition. Preoccupied with appearance and the preservation of outer patterns of social, racial, religious or personal convention, they are inclined towards formalism and superficiality. They can be real sticklers for etiquette and think they know what everyone else should do and how they are supposed to act. They are always armed with some piece of advice, some reprimand; and often they simply give orders.

Naturally, unevolved Lions contrive to convince themselves of the illusion of rulership by assuming airs of self-importance and lording it over their inferiors and juniors. In the social 'pecking order' of their community they look down upon those of lesser rank. They are totally identified with rank and position and look for outer signs of a person's acceptability. They look for homage and tokens of respect. Those who are not so forthcoming are kept at a distance. This is the natural way for a Leo man or woman to boost and inflate the value of the little self. Locked into unchanging personal protocol and seeking to control, impose upon and administer others, they provoke warfare by attempting to force conformity to rigidly given orders which violate the rights of other people. They misapply their version of law and order which stifles individual creativity, personal spontaneity, surprise and any form of idiosyncratic behavior. They are too assured of their position and believe they are doing things properly when in actuality they are only standardizing and reducing opportunity for the individualistic expression of others.

Not inclined to relocation, travel or migration, and intolerant of the outside influence of other groups or clans, each Lion proudly and fiercely maintains their own territorial integrity.

A highly evolved Leo personality on the other hand, has learned tact and a respectful understanding of the nature of the people or circumstances being directed. The Lion is loyal, devoted, loving and kind. Others come to them when they are in need of advice, help or support. Self-reliance grows out of a sense of responsibility for others and a willingness to trust based upon understanding, accurate character assessment and estimation of strengths. Truly successful and advanced Lions are friendly, outgoing, likeable, caring, concerned and well-developed socially.

Certainly an integrated Leo personality demonstrates a skillful ability to blend, fuse, unify, amalgamate, organize, administrate and manage. Exhibiting a well-developed team spirit, the advanced personality can skillfully coordinate various tasks through a unique combination of personal teaching skills, charm, magnetism, warmth, conviction, inspiration, leadership, erudite knowledge, practical efficiency and social finesse.

Everything is done with flair and with a natural sense of the dramatic. Prestige, dignity and command are all part of the demeanor and contribute effectively to the expression of a colorful personality. No special action is needed to attract the attention of everyone, and holding a focus for the group is their forté.


Step Two: Emotional Man

August 1st to 11th

The Sun

Beginning the emotional stage the Lion though physically developed, is profoundly unconscious of self-identity, so now must undergo a period of inner emotional processing and sentient development.

Keep in mind that it is the power of the Sun which enables the incarnated human soul to go forth and occultly touch that which is desired. This is the basis of all sense of awareness and the cause of progressive emotional growth. Now at the second stage the Lion's life is richly colored and embellished with ordinary glamour, attachments and illusions. This is necessary before they can hope to know not only themselves, but also their fellow men.

It is only the attainment of a self-centered attitude which makes a person an individual, and that is the goal of this step. Initially however, Lions believe that they are fully self-conscious when in reality they are only just becoming conscious of themselves as the dramatic center of their own little world. The task here is to develop lower self-awareness through sensitivity to their own desires, wishes and personal will.

An emotionally polarized Leo subject is not yet aware of a conscious self-purpose, cannot formulate a definite life-plan or articulate a life program. At this early stage of development they do not yet live a truly self-directed life, being motivated only by unconscious selfish desire in some particular subconscious form. Like the rising Sun, although accompanied by an exaggerated sense of dignity, Lions instinctively desire above all else to rise to some impressive and superior position.

Under the rays of the Sun the aspiring emotional type loves the luxury of 'first class' living, loves to dress expensively and spend freely on fun and pleasure. They thrive on the drama of a life lived in the throes of passion. Control of the emotional body is not possible at the early stage, for the waves that rise upon the stormy seas of life often engulf the Lion, blocking out the rays of the Sun and rendering life seemingly futile and devoid of emotion or feeling.

The goal of the soul is emotional mastery, and it is a paramount task in this decan to work towards this attainment through experimentation and life experience. The emotional highs and lows that come with victories and defeats or gains and losses produce their desired effects and serve to fully round out the life. In time an aloof and intensely self-aware and self-focused personality emerges with an air of dignity, stateliness, command, control, superiority and the pronounced tendency to shine, to show off, to display.

At the personality stage of emotional growth the Lion loves to collect and acquire. A highly ambitious and selfish desire for possession of material objects is ever present along with a wild, vociferous, violently possessive and jealous spirit. Glamorous designer clothes, cars, expensive art, jewelry and so on, are collected often in incredible profusion. The applied stimulation of the Sun greatly actuates the wish life and sways the colorful imagination of Lion in this decan. Often the field of acquisition is extremely specific and defined, but guarded territorially and completely colored by personal loyalty and idealism.

The immature Lion with reckless courage seeks to attain the spotlight and shine at the center of attention. As self-approval and conscience are more important than approbation, it is most necessary for them to do what they believe is right and fit. Certainly Lions want to be liked and admired by others, but they dislike repetition, bore easily and will not tolerate being forced into any compromising situation.

The Lion is therefore capable of sacrificing public approval to express their own ideals. They will fight if need be to defend their personal ideals. Like the Nemean Lion of Herculean fame (LOH), they can at times be ferocious, devouring, mean and cruel beyond belief, displaying the most terrifying spirit imaginable. Personal approval is expressed loudly and whole-heartedly, while displeasure is intimated without hesitation or circumlocution and certainly with sufficient deterrent to prevent recurrence. With fearful trembling, others crouch behind closed doors.

At this stage there is no attempt to comprehend the basis of any opposing ideals because the understanding is blinded by emphatic identification with personal emotion. In due course, new fields of opportunity and adventure open before them. The personality must eventually develop and emerge no longer conditioned by exclusive personal idealisms.

In the recessive type the emotional temperament is indolent, lazy, impetuous and inconsistent. They are unable to perceive the right use of their inherent sensitivities, are incapable of self-discipline, lack vision, are profoundly unaware of reality, have little understanding of motivating impulses, and are entrapped by a confused sentimentality and by severe personal bias. Therefore the larger human issues escape the attention of the emotionally polarized Lion.

Increasingly, emotionally mature Lions become ever more aware of the effects they are having on other people. A generosity of spirit and a nobility of feeling as a consequence become suitably demonstrated and admirably expressed. As the Sun rules the heart, the emotionally developed Lion is ever ready to aid a friend. They are appreciated for their innate helpfulness and kindness as well as their boundless love and affection. This is especially so when they have the opportunity to repay old kindnesses or favors they have received. Lions are also splendid hosts and display a truly regal hospitality towards guests and even at times towards strangers. They are distinguished by a constant consideration for others. Along with gracious manners, gentleness and kindness, the power of forgiveness comes to light in them. The qualities of loyalty, dedication and devotion come to the forefront in the advanced emotional disposition.

Like the Sun they shed warmth and light as the benefactor of all living creatures. The emotionally mature Lion is filled with a basic creative happiness, a love of life, and seeks to share the stream of life with loved ones, family, and with those they contact in their field of work and creative expression. Thus their personal life finds its creative fulfilment on the emotional and physical planes. At the high point of soul development and sentient growth, they realize that they are in fact the active, creative agent of their own life-plan.

In the final analysis, the goal of the second step is for the Lion to stand in the center and rule, using all the strengths of the integrated personality consciousness. The power of the Sun enables them to build with tremendous radiant power, a solid outer foundation for the personal ego; the "hidden point" of light of the lower self emerges. (EA 332) The self-centered Lion turns upon himself, revolves upon his own axis, consecrating all to personal comfort and happiness. Sensitivity is exclusively turned towards the conditioning impacts from the environment and the wishes of the lower or personal self.

Keep in mind that any process of personality decentralization can only begin in earnest upon the Reverse Wheel. The process of reorientation, reversal and redirection of thought ultimately leads lifetimes later, to the revelation of higher Self consciousness and the subsequent potent release of the Lion as a positive contributory agent in the universal group Life.


Step Three: Mental Man

August 11th to 22nd


Out of the herd of mass human consciousness in due course of time, will emerge the self-sufficient man, the Lion of "Self Assertion," (EA 293) endowed with the flaming Martian gift of true lion-heartedness, fearlessness, courage and bravery. As an outer sensitivity to the environment has now been arduously developed, the Lion of certitude becomes increasingly aware of a pronounced egocentric consciousness, along with an innate ability to rule and control with real personal conviction.

Mars fosters the will to rule as well as an intellectual positivity which impels a driving experimental urge towards self-perception and self-knowledge. Desiring place and position, the intelligent Lion ambitiously displays his or her arsenal of selfish powers. Lion souls at the rudimentary mental stage must begin to achieve self-mastery, self-rule and control of their personalities for good or evil. Very little can stand in the way when the Martian mind has formulated a particular plan or course of action.

At the peak of the mental period of development, direction, purpose and plan inform all activities. The fiery Leo mental type is happiest when in a position of authority and responsibility, naturally loves to illumine others but also to dominate them, and is quick to criticize and punish. Lions become very anxious to put everyone in their place and keep them there.

Without a doubt the Lion can be the most disagreeable person under whom to work or serve. The uncontrollable urge to dominate produces an ever-growing isolated attitude. An insufferable ego arrogance and ridiculous spells of vanity accompany the nascent display of the powerful mind of the provocatively challenged Leo. If crossed, the mental type is cold, dismissive, and grants no recognition to the antagonist.

Initially in the early stages of mental growth what comes to the forefront is a vain, conceited personality, unconcerned about anybody else, with a lack of self-esteem and totally self-absorbed. Individual one-pointed self-interest is the outstanding quality bestowed. In the early stages of mental development Lions are convinced they are really self-conscious when they are only actually swayed by desire. Mars with unrelenting personal zest and zeal propels the imaginative mind of the Lion to new heights of self-satisfaction and self-appreciation. Tenderness, humility, tolerance and patience are lacking.

Forgiveness and a spirit of sympathy are not developed until late in the progress of this decan. To begin with, everything is taken unequally and always with the most intense brand of personal feeling. The qualities of serenity, balance, purity, common sense, tolerance and self-sacrifice are non-existent. Eventually though, selfishness, centralization and individual unity will be achieved by the highly perceptive personality in process of becoming a truly integrated Lion.

Dominance of the personality is the chief characteristic regardless of gender. The separative and highly individualistic Lion has an intensely arrogant and unrestrained capacity to see no other point of view except their own. They only achieve peace of mind when they get their own way, take the lead or take charge.

Both male and female portray strong Martian mental characteristics with an abundant and dramatic display of dominance and assertion. To keep control they will use extreme measures extending to exile, torture, imprisonment and in criminal cases, even murder. The Mars-inspired ruler can be so often especially hard, cold, cruel, arrogant, prideful and dictatorial. They truly excel in imposing their will and desires upon others.

When filled with enthusiasm the fiery Leo mind is incapable of moderation, cannot rest, and will literally overwork and burn itself out. This is an identical situation to the mental temperament of the sign Scorpio wherein Mars also rules the mental decan.

Both the Scorpion and the Lion in these decans are easily enflamed into ferocious fury and wrath. An unforgiving temper remains a lifelong problem. They also exhibit a tendency toward harsh criticism, narrowness, lack of reverence and extreme prejudice. Strongly mentally isolated, they exercise their rights as they see them and fight to defend their positions.

Strong Martian desire stimulates the naturally commanding and warlike nature. The possibility of danger, adventure and excitement seem to ennoble the ambition. As soldiers, when aroused in battle they fight like one possessed. When opposed effectively in a situation where they have no back-up resources, the Lion under Mars will choose to die fighting—a heroic death. Advanced Leos experience both the vision and actualization of greatness, resulting in landmark attainments.

Lions have a keen intellect, wielding the power to know and define. Eventually attaining great precision in thought and action along with the acquisition of great stores of knowledge, they gain mastery over every factual detail of their large-scale plans. As the mind possesses keen powers of observation on the physical plane, it is quick to spot any inconsistencies. With an acute ability to communicate ideas, nothing escapes the attention in spite of vast accumulations of data. Mental stimulation is food for the soul. New developments in the chosen field are never ignored. Great mental pride is associated with the intellect and its ability to collect facts and render interpretation.

The Martian-inspired mind possesses the natural ability to seek recognition and will usually eventually receive acclaim no matter what the field, due to their forceful strength of mind and character. Within the chosen field of thought the advanced Leo mind is one that the world cannot ignore. It can with great prowess delve deeply into hidden matters and is especially perceptive of psychic levels, the occult and the subconscious. The depth of personality insight and mental acumen commands respect. The use of the mind as a projective tool is enhanced by a marked ability to collate facts and express ideas in easily communicable form. A wonderfully accomplished ability to write and speak intensifies the dramatic quality. A sense of performance, pomp, ceremony and drama is exhibited throughout the career.

The Lion under Mars has an intensively active, dominating, imposing, impressive and decisive mind. There is great clarity of thought and firmness of opinion. They have a natural mental certainty, assurance and conviction. This decan type has mental endurance, one-pointedness, concentration, the gift of synthesis, academic independence, and is gifted with map-making ability and a capacity to quickly outline the main facts. The successful mental type is known for a focused single-mindedness. The potential for critical destructive thinking is always there however, and the inevitable mental assault can be for good or evil.

Arguments fail to impact the Lion because they are so sure of their own truth. Sometimes they may be self-righteous. They will lay down their life for the objects of their conquest but will not lift a finger to help those outside of their immediate sympathies. They are subject to selfish and jealous love, partiality, self-deception, superstition and a decided tendency of over-dependence on others. Their mental assertion of their individual point of view is limited by a strict one-pointed self focus, full of facts but wearisome, pedantic, highly personal and over-idealized.

Realistic, detached and impersonal, the evolved Leo mental type, without circuitous meanderings, efficiently organizes the mental processes, knowing how to best prioritize thought and therefore teach, guide and lead. The necessity for clear thinking and the elimination of destructive thought becomes increasingly apparent. Eventually the energy of thought is utilized for the good of all and for the furthering of evolution and not for selfish ends. They use their ability to separate the true from the false and to learn the meaning of illusion.

Eventually an emphatic Martian-inspired egocentric consciousness is forged. The Lion does allow himself to be imposed upon, often fails to take action, refuses to change and brooks no interference from others. They know innately that they are the rulers of their own life and destiny. If anyone should try to impose discipline upon the Lion they will meet with revolt and rebellion. The key benchmark trait of the mature Lion mind is the ability to remain uninfluenced and maintain its personal freedom from outside pressures or control. When truly advanced, the Lion rules the environment and life events with deliberation, drawing out of circumstances that which is required.

Lions are the born leaders in every public career and any walk of life. Demonstrating strength of will, a strong sense of purpose and dynamic power, they require from others self-sacrifice, utter loyalty and total adherence to their every command.

The advanced Lion can be counted on to defend the weak and fight oppression; fearless of consequences they are truly electric and dynamic leaders. Multitudes of respected and well-known people seek the advice of the Lion in this decan and appreciate his profound perceptions and powers of analysis. Hence the mentally advanced Lion is excellent in negotiations and diplomacy. They possess the perseverance, uprightness, power, strength and courage to lead, direct, govern, initiate, centralize, inspire, arouse and persuade.

Lions are instinctively devoted to beauty and naturally possess great productive skill. As artists they love strong contrasts and masses of color, vivid, luminous and bold. Their sculptures are full of life and their music arousing. As communicators, writers, orators or preachers they are brilliant, knowledgeable, outspoken, emphatic, full of fire, but tend to be long-winded. When more accomplished they become trenchant in thought and speech.

Once self-conscious awareness is achieved by the mentally polarized Leo and the resources of the material world or the form side of life have been properly examined, mastered and exhausted, the cycle of advanced personality integration accelerates with ferocious rapidity. This process of psycho-synthesis occurs just prior to the technique of fusion that will be applied by the soul during the next cycle of soul growth undertaken on the Reverse Wheel during the treading of the Path.

It is the beneficent influence of Mars which serves to fuse the component parts of the self-conscious man preparatory to the emergence of the unified, fused, decentralized, group conscious Lion-man. The cycle of what is termed the 'Probationary Path' is then entered and the would-be candidates for initiation begin to prepare themselves for an interlude of inner reorientation and a transition period of subjective reversal upon the Great Wheel of Life. At this penultimate pivotal spiritual step comes the shift of attention away from the purely material, limited or individually-defined selfish interests of the personality to group requirements, and from the attained point of consciousness of the "one at the center" to the greater environing group. (DINAI 442)

The requirement is sensitivity to the higher Self as the prime-conditioning factor instead of sensitivity to the environment. Having reached full self-consciousness, personality effectiveness and mental integration, the Path of the Lion now proceeds directly to the burning ground.

The purificatory Path of the burning ground must be trodden before the door of Initiation can be reached, entered and passed through. Then the newly abstracted Lion emerges on the other side a liberated Observer, detached from the material side of life but utilizing it. The world of small affairs is successfully converted into the greater world of meaning. Thus begins the cycle of release of the true or inner-self through prolific creative contribution and outpouring within the chosen field of knowledge.

In the sign of Leo Hercules the Sun god, the archetypical disciple, performs the labor that is best-known historically—the slaying of the Nemean lion. This heroic act has always been associated with Hercules, though it is important to note that this famous labor has no relation to the lion's skin that Hercules always wore. This was the skin of the lion that he slew before he began his twelve Sun sign labors and which was his first great act of service. (LOH 100) What is the symbolic meaning?

Through the act of killing and skinning the Lion (the animal man or personality) the disciple demonstrates that he is ready to begin the Reverse Wheel cycle of soul testing and training. He must prepare and fittingly gird himself in the lion’s skin because now commences the long protracted period of tests and trials of the soul.






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