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On the Reverse Wheel

May 20th to June 20th

And the Word said:
I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow


First decan           Jupiter                 May 20th to June 1st

Second decan       Mars                     June 1st to 11th

Third decan          Sun                      June 11th to 20th


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.


Step Four: Man the Aspirant

May 20th to June 1st


Upon the Probationary Path the forces of your entire lower personality nature and their interior interplay are of paramount importance; you must learn to know yourself. Upon the Wheel of Discipleship the sign of Gemini is entered via Jupiter in the first decan, Mars in the second and the Sun in the third.

These words are for the struggling aspirant at the fourth rung beginning to know the soul and ascertain subjective causes. For some lives now you have been definitely orienting yourself to the life of an aspirant upon the Path. This has involved careful training in selfless service, and the speeding up of the stimulation that your soul is imposing upon your personality and applying to your lower psychic nature.

The focus of your attention is now definitely upon the soul and its life and world of Being. Fitting yourself to be an interpreter is an important part of your training. For this purpose your soul has brought you into incarnation in this cycle. Your true effectiveness will be revealed through the merging of soul energy with the force of your personality, and through this etheric merging your physical demonstration will then become more adequate to soul demand and commensurate with these blended dual forces.

Your high-grade personality must not loom so large that it shuts out that to which it is consecrated; neither must a realization of any failure to achieve your high ideals be perceived as a handicap. The time comes now in your life wherein you must conform to the ancient rule and become an Accepted Disciple, a detached follower of the Way. You are now in the world but not of the world; you must now dwell in that high and secret place where the divinity of your soul is ever sensed.

Keep in mind that the devotion of a disciple to some particular Master is of no importance to that Master or to his ashramic group. It is not the quality of your devotion or personal predilection, or any personality choice that governs your entrance into the Ashram. Rather it is your ancient relationships, your ability to demonstrate certain aspects of life to demanding humanity, and your definite expression of Ray quality that determine your hierarchical placement. This should give you full confidence in the rightness of your choice of a field of service. So now will you strengthen your will so that you can stand as a tower of strength to others?

Try to achieve control over your mental body that at times seems like a whirling humming-top that is constantly toppling over and has to be set in motion again, accomplishing nothing of value. Although your basic soul purpose is steadfast and true and you are steady in adhering to aspirant training in some phase or other, the evidence of your efforts in the three worlds is sporadic and unstable, never persisting long enough to provide results warranting status as an Accepted Disciple. Ponder for a moment on the fact that it is the carrying through of any one specific service project that will one day count as your major strength and main contribution to group service.

Your change of status from Aspirant to Disciple is not going to be easy for you. It will appear to disrupt and to disturb the rhythm of your personality life; however it will stand you in good stead and you will never regret acceding to the behests of your soul and the requests of your Master.

Go forward my brother, looking not behind but with your eyes fixed in steadfastness upon the Way of the World Server. It is a hard way with many steep hills and valleys of shadow, but there is rest and shade in the valley and sunshine on the hills. Your Master knows these difficulties, for he has traveled the path before you.

Apart from the fact that you are well equipped for your outer duties, the particular field of group service and activity in which you are presently engaged provides for you a needed forcing ground. The play of mind and emotion upon your psychic equipment during your current engagement in group activity is a needed stimulation, evoking certain reactions and responses from which you can learn much. Your weaknesses and equally your strengths will become clear to you.

The essential attitude for you to cultivate is that of the One who looks on, that of the Beholder, the Perceiver, the Observer—leading at the next stage upon the Path of Discipleship to that of the Interpreter. Here I give you the keynote of your present soul cycle as an aspirant that will cover several incarnations. To this end, a review of the attitude of the Observer will be of major assistance to you as you prepare for group work and for the gradual development of your higher psychic powers. Later on the Path of Discipleship you will study these same forces in conjunction with those with whom destiny, karma and vocational choice has cast you. On the Path of Initiation these forces are used in conscious cooperation with the Plan and with adequate skill in action due to the lessons learned during the earlier stages of the Path.

You are now learning your spiritual lessons with rapidity, along with a group of fellow aspirants who are undergoing the same experiences, who are oriented in the same direction, who are occupied with the same "rung of the ladder" (DINAI 740), and who are motivated by the same desire to serve. You travel not alone but are supported, sustained and strengthened by your group brothers. In spite of the difficulties and oft the increased problems of the spiritual life—the results of a renewed consecration and a more clearly defined service—the "comradeship of the Path" (DINAI 664) and the inspiration and love of the group do most certainly constitute a powerful aid and will suffice to bring to you a sense of life and love that mitigates your ancient loneliness, your solitary suffering.

Work at establishing a close rapport with your group brothers. You are new in the work but are integrating into the group life rapidly and have much to give. Your life of service and activity will proceed naturally, and as is ever the case with all true aspirants, must be rendered with no thought of personal self, moods or feelings, but in an effort to meet the needs of those within your environment who look to you for help—physical, emotional and mental—but always with spiritual intent.

Upon entering the fourth stage you have already succeeded in achieving—psychologically speaking—a three-fold personality integration and have commenced the period of soul fusion. The beneficent influence of Jupiter now enhances your capacity to effect the psychosynthetic process of soul and personality fusion. Each life crisis can lead to extended vision or to a separating wall.

Your immediate task is the intensification of aspiration and the achievement of a more stabilized attitude of detachment. This must be based on a definite conscious personality renunciation and upon the right orientation of your personality to your soul and to the Hierarchy of World Servers.

Detachment remains a major lesson. Like all aspirants in preparation and training for the Path of Accepted Discipleship, much has had to disintegrate in your personal life in order to establish the new soul rhythms. Be prepared for this to be an ongoing process. You have however, adequate light and sufficient strength. You can count upon yourself and upon your own divinity.

Expect to meet moments of crisis and intensification, leading you towards renunciation. They will sweep your whole personality into an attitude of withdrawal from the things of the senses and towards an earnest approach to the world of Reality. Each such moment is preceded by a period of one-pointed aspiration, of painful and agonizing detachment from all that your personality holds dear. This will produce an initial or subsequent reaction wherein it seems that all is dark, and that aridity and stern struggle are the undesirable and curious result of sacrifice leading to a recognized high point of illumination. The lessons of detachment will produce an increasing power of control by the soul—the One who knows no attachment and who stands at-one with the Soul in all forms. Thus your sense of separation, duality and cleavage will gradually lessen.

In this particular life cycle your lesson is to move forward in spite of the activity of the pairs of opposites, paying no attention to the reactions of your senses and standing free and unafraid whether the experience being undergone is one of high import and spiritual satisfaction, or is one of the "dead-level" happenings, which brings no joy and wherein only pain, fear and suspense are to be found. (DINAI 664) You must learn to move forward steadily between the pairs of opposites, saying to yourself: ‘I am not this; I am not that; eternally, I am the Self’. Have in the background of your consciousness at all times three words: joy, stability and the Plan. Joy will open the door to the Ashram and leads the way to the soul.

Preserve at all times the magnetic interplay of the polar opposites within yourself. Do not permit yourself to be led astray or to deviate from the narrow path that leads between the contraries of any experience or situation. Simply put, your immediate imperative is to educate yourself in the ways of the straight and narrow Path.

Clearly you can no longer permit yourself the luxury and license of losing control. Your personal conduct must be exemplary and handled skillfully with right direction of will and with sound judgment. Any unprincipled aspect of your character must be sublimated and any tendency to wanderlust overcome. Exhibit moderation and temperance in the pursuit of all your pleasures, appetites and activities.

Advanced benchmark character traits of the Geminian under Jupiter include insight, wisdom, virtue, sound judgment, compassion and spiritual vision. The flashes of intuition with which you are becoming familiar are growing into a constant blazing soul light, irradiating your mind and providing the point of fusion and blending of the greater and lesser lights of soul and personality.

You are now beginning to have newly awakening responses and sensitive awareness to other aspects of the divine life. It is no longer appropriate for you to prostitute your personal thoughtforms into old astral patterns or according to the base use of separative selfish desires. The energy of your thought must be for the good of all and unselfishly consecrated towards the benefit of others.

Awaken the power to project your thoughtforms with energy and clarity. A fluid versatility and analytic understanding of people and circumstances should be your daily habit. The doors of thought that open into greed, hate and pain, into fear, jealously and desire must be completely closed before you can become initiate.

Right motive must control before the true building work of the soul is able to commence. High-grade Gemini aspirants are the creators, leaders and guides in all phases of human living. You are a leader of public opinion and your duty is to speak of the soul and enlarge upon the Plan while immersing yourself in the building of the New World. In this manner within your environment you offset the law of the form and usher in the rule of Love.

Another one of your principal tasks is to learn the true meaning of illusion on the plane of mind, and in its midst discover the golden thread of Truth. By this esoteric process clarify the atmosphere of your thoughts.

It is essential that you voluntarily tread the "burning ground" (DINAI 464) and through the fiery resolution of conflicting strains, actions and reactions in your astral body, set the stage for your subsequent release and awakening into planetary consciousness. Produce the death of the hindering factors and remove all inner obstacles and personal relations that prevent synthesis. What is required is the death of the instinctual nature of your separative isolated ego, because this is the main cause of your pain and unresolved dualism.

Your powerful astral and psychic life is a definite part of your spiritual expression. Do not allow it to be uncontrolled, overemphasized and overestimated. As final release must be mentally achieved, you need to attain an intelligent grasp of the conscious mechanism and of the life process itself which enables you to be what you are. When further progressed, the nature of the Great Illusion will be more apparent and conditions as they exist apart from your point of view will be better grasped. Even theoretically it may not be possible for you to do so yet, but nevertheless you must attempt it. Challenge yourself to act as a more decentralized thinker.

Do not seek to imprint or mold your limited understanding of Truth into the hearts and minds of others. Let your actions speak for themselves. We do not help others by attempting to interfere in their process or unduly control their personal lifestyle, but rather by wisely and rightly loving, educating, trusting and serving them. Who tells you what to do, say or think? To what authorities or experts do you listen? Grant others the same freedom you demand for yourself. Even if you are the custodian of the 'saving Truth' you must know when to remain silent. In the final analysis, each one must be left to the care and karmic guidance of their own soul. It is a hard lesson to learn, especially with loved ones, but the best service is rendered with a sense of complete spiritual detachment and dispassion.

Group work is not easy for you because you have yet to free yourself from personal attachments and prejudices. Endeavor to truly listen to and aspire towards the Lord of Love which is the soul. Then pour out and release your love to all beings in a great out-flowing of thought. Release is found in your field of service. Souls heal and aid each other's personalities. Personality relationships drain and devitalize.

Most importantly, do not rationalize yourself into a confidence in the rightness of your decisions and into a surety that your particular life choices and your preferred circumstances are correct and justified. A certain amount of mental discomfort and questioning is in order. Your task is to free yourself of some major and severely limiting ancient thoughtforms. Strive to learn where to truly find joy, comfort and rest. Ever the personal lower self will resist the soul, which seeks to carry illumination through the mind.

As you work will you endeavor to hold the position of the "one at the centre" (DINAI 442), carrying this consciousness with you at all times and dealing with your associates and those whom you instruct from this perspective? This will in itself constitute an arduous undertaking and will serve to stabilize your orientation and your direction (using this word esoterically).

Seek to use the forces of the creative imagination, cultivate the power to visualize and seek the intensification of the magnetic vibration of the ajna center. Use your creative imagination in strengthening your alignment, consciously linking brain-mind-soul and producing a deepened and more stabilized interrelation and awareness.

One of your problems in connection with all spiritual and meditation work is to avoid becoming too mystical or abstract; spiritual achievement for the aspirant comes through the blending of the highest possible point of spiritual recognition with the enlightened mind and the physical brain consciousness. See to it that as far as you may, you "stand in spiritual Being" (DINAI 113), that you are one with the soul and that there is a clear channel from soul to brain, via the mind. Then forget the differentiations that are mental in their origin, and do your work as a soul.

Your main task is to become a mediator accurately carrying the messages between the soul and brain, establishing right relations between your lower and higher selves. This produces great mental facility and the resultant ability to hold in view the many opposites in manifestation.

You best accomplish your own growth by attempting to serve and aid those you come into contact with. Deep within the recesses of your inner psyche an embryonic understanding of causes and conditions can now begin to ripen.

Paradoxically, it is your inability to take your eyes off your own spiritual development which is holding you back. You have a knack of missing many valuable hints and clues offered by your soul. Many service opportunities are immediately available to you, but you consistently fail to recognize them. Your sins are more of omission than commission. Find it within yourself to unselfishly give ever more fully to your children, family, friends and co-workers.

Bringing about a better integrated alignment will release more fully the love of your soul into your personality life and render you more radiant and attractive in the spiritual sense, thus increasing your usefulness in service and supply of group need. This release of love will come through alignment, decentralization from the things of the personality, and a more loving attentiveness to the service of others. In connection with your own character development, seek to bring about a decentralization and self-forgetfulness. This will offset and negate that spiritual diffidence and dissatisfaction with yourself that does color much of your thought.

Cultivate the quality of tenderness, growing out of an increasing capacity to empathize with other people and their problems. Only your pure thoughts—those that blend and fuse—can be sustained. Know that the isolated way is dark and so let the radiance of your heart lead you to peace. Desire earnestly the loving, radiant heart that showers peace and healing strength upon others.

You carry a high level of responsibility, and for the remainder of your life you will produce a definite positive and stimulating effect upon those whose lives you are privileged to contact and to whom you can stand as a tower of strength in a world where spiritual adjustment and higher reorientation are underway.

Because of the success of those at this stage of the Path certain ashramic adjustments, certain great transitions in consciousness are presently taking place. Some of the lessons you have learned have not yet fully emerged into your waking consciousness, but that is of no moment for they can still bear fruit interiorly and my brother, it is your subjective effort which is the most potent. Knock on the door and request entrance to the Ashram.

The possibility of taking the fifth step is yours—a step that will enable you to take up your life's burden in full consciousness of who you are and of what you must do. The period of groping along the Path with only the dim light of aspiration is slowly giving place to the sure knowledge of an illumined mind. Your current incarnation is one of the most educational and developmental that you have experienced. Your recent cycle of unfoldment signals your readiness for Accepted Discipleship.

It would be of value if you could express clearly in words what you believe in your highest and deepest moments is the Path of Accepted Discipleship. As a soul functioning through a personality, what is the next recognition or realization that you seek to register in your brain consciousness in order to attain to the fifth rung of the ladder?

To aid in this, ask yourself these three questions to clarify what you may currently only partially sense: What exactly is your intuitive sense of your immediate likelihood of acceptance? What will be the practical outcome in your daily outer life of discipleship? What will be the quality of the Master-disciple relation when your discipleship is a fact in mind and brain consciousness?

Train yourself in acute and intelligent mental observation, along with heart sensitivity, so that you can express both love and understanding in all circumstances. Your love will shed new light on all you perceive and you will learn to truly feel with the sentiency of your soul. Life will then open up before you in new rhythms of service and of usefulness. This will be a sign that you have become an Accepted Disciple.

Be ready to change the stable rhythms of your high-grade personality for the eager forward-looking attitude of an Accepted Disciple. Seek at any cost, to be alive and eager for the future. Never hide behind your thoughts of past achievement or of spiritual glory in some future life; learn to recognize and meet spiritual opportunity when it stands before you and changes will then come because your inner attitude has prepared the way. Will you see the open door leading to a fuller and a richer life in the Ashram of your Master? He calls you to preparedness and for freedom from the glamour of the familiar, of family and surroundings.

The active double life of the disciple is your next goal. Your duty and your goal go hand in hand. Thus can the rainbow bridge be built. You are making progress, my brother, and can—if you so will—be of greater service to your fellow men.


Step Five: Man the Disciple

June 1st to 11th


You have stepped into the ashramic position that is rightfully yours. You have definitely forged strong inner links with your master and your group brothers. You have been admitted to the Ashram because of an already established soul alignment and a measure of definite contact. Now your way leads into the inner circle of the Ashram and the only means to facilitate this is through a still closer rapport with the soul, which is the one Master, the Light of Life.

Your life as a disciple will now move forward through periods of life-and-death crisis that serve to produce your complete illumination upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship. The achievement of a more stabilized attitude of detachment based upon conscious personality renunciation, upon a right orientation of your personality to soul and to the Hierarchy of Servers will produce an increasing power of control by your soul—the One who knows no attachment and who stands at-one with all souls in all forms.

As an aspirant you have long been rightly oriented towards the Light, but with intervals of forgetfulness and engrossment in the things of everyday existence. There was in earlier times but little of steadfast, coordinated purpose. Now you are insistent upon making the transition out of the lower into the higher life, and have made a pledge to your soul that you will recognize no impediment or handicap.

Therefore ashramic assistance is given to you, and your Master has welcomed you as an Accepted Disciple and is glad through suggestion and watchful cooperation to aid you on your way. Such assistance is given because you have transcended selfish aspiration and have lost sight of your own progress in the desire to serve. Now you are sounding forth a new note—the note of growth through a cultivated self-forgetfulness and through the service of the race.

You are at a profoundly difficult step in the progress of this sign. A disciple is tested on all three levels of the personality simultaneously — physical, astral and mental. Your work as a disciple carries with it joy but increased responsibility; greater discipline but realized gain. The work to be done lies ever in the realm of increasing realization. You have to become aware and conscious of each step that you take and its result, of each motive that impels and its effect, and of each objective gained and its consequence. The fruits of discipline have to be clearly understood without any attachment to the results of the work.

Develop an increased sensitivity to yourself and to others. A conscious approach to discipleship must be induced so that you are ever aware of contact in two directions: the inner subjective life and the outer objective world; this must be undertaken as a synthetic dual activity. Reflect on this because in the central decan Mars carries the war between the opposites into the very depths of your being and establishes relationship between the Self and the not-Self.

Mars aids in this complete unification through one-pointed devotion to the desired objective. Although traditionally the energy of Mars is said to be malefic, in fact its power to establish relations between the opposites means that its influence is beneficent. Aim at the realization that here and now your soul and personality are one.

Before you stand initiate, your personality knowingly and willingly must fully cooperate in the 'marriage made in heaven', and then and only then will you understand the true significance of Mars as the Lord of Fusion and Benign Uniter.

The rulership of Mars means that you are unable to rest until polarized on the side of your soul. You are a sensitive, struggling disciple who longs for release from failure and from ordinary existence in the mundane world. Do not permit yourself to close your eyes to the world or become self-hypnotized, hiding within the shell of delusion.

Mars does not permit you to insulate yourself and to hide behind the shield of a protective lifestyle. All separating walls or barriers existing between yourself and others are to be removed. The great heresy of separateness is now to be completely eradicated. Do not display an irascible contentiousness or a submissive nature. Strive to overcome all forms of psychic violence.

You must not permit yourself to be over-sensitive to criticism or under the influence of glamour to wield the weapon of speech in a destructive manner. Do not unnecessarily take personal offense at anything or anyone. Your psychic equilibrium must be maintained and your temper kept in check. Other people should no longer be able to cause you any undue strain, distress or strife. As a disciple you should have learned enough self-control to tolerate the shortcomings, failings and faults of others. Do not carry a 'chip on your shoulder' but realize that antagonistic attitudes towards others only bring to the surface the most undesirable qualities in those with whom your lot is cast. You are part of a group of disciples in order to study a mode of service for which you are well equipped and trained. All that occurs in your life, my brother, all preparation that you may make for future lives and all that you seek to do for the future, should be made subservient to that basic idea of service.

Learn to demonstrate a true emotional stability that is not subject to disturbance by unexpected accidents, illness, deaths or circumstantial threats. Success is attained by not becoming confused or emotionally unbalanced in difficult and stressful situations simply involving different points of view. This is not an easy task, especially at this stage of the Path. Any latent residues of selfish cruelty and wickedness must be released, while hasty, hazardous and foolhardy tendencies must be checked. You must become free from inner turmoil, self-recrimination, self-rationalizing, deep subjective discontent and the longing to escape the atmosphere of acute suffering in which at times you live.

Your emotions are exceedingly powerful but are to be kept under strict Martian regulation, direction and control. All forms of unwholesome or overwrought imagination must be eliminated. Although under tremendous stress and strain, it is imperative that you learn to relax and achieve tranquility, inner contentment and peace. There are still areas of unresolved doubt and many fears and questions in your mind, but your basic attitude towards them is positively changed. That is much to have achieved. Disciples inspired by Mars always have a natural tendency to be dissatisfied, but you must eliminate this personal glamour. The accomplished disciple has learned to speak his truth.

There is an unusual depth of love and understanding in your nature. Give of it freely to all. Keep your spiritual morale high and be not overly distressed by world pain. Weather the stormy Martian waters and arrive at the quiet land of spiritual tranquility, a reality free from emotion yet filled with unimpeded love. This is the reward and the result of perseverance throughout the trials and tests of the Second Initiation.

Your astral nature is deeply self-centered and the inflow of soul energy during the testing period intensifies this so that you are sometimes swiftly overwhelmed by acute emotionalism, glamour and intense irritable sensitivity towards all. Do not allow the tests and trials of your astral nature to overtake you. Do not hide behind any over-estimation of yourself with the intention of concealing your hurt, suffering or pain and do not impose this upon your co-workers or students. Release the focus on yourself as the central player in your life drama. It is imperative that you break your personal attachment to your individual viewpoint. Destroy any remaining antipathies or prejudices and work hard to maintain a reasonable and tolerant disposition.

Give up any deep-seated sense of superiority over your group brothers regardless of their rank. Strive for simplicity and unity free from the glamour and the intricacies of the thoughtform-making mind. Concentrate on a clear-eyed clarity of purpose and steadfast intention untrammeled by undue questioning and devious introspection. Simplicity leads to silence and to a love which asks nothing in return; not silence as an escape mechanism but as the occult retention of speech.

Concerning this difficult stage it is symbolically said that the "way of red desire" fails here, having lost its allure. The "playground" of the senses no longer has its appeal. (DINAI 675 & 216) All forms of residual self-centered contentment and smug self-satisfaction are not to be tolerated. Learn to recognize, identify and trust your own inner spiritual feelings and then to correctly and knowingly act in accordance. Do not repudiate falsely that glamour does not touch you—which assertion itself would indicate that it does. Be prepared to take risks but not in an imprudent or irrational manner. Be bold as a result of acquired knowledge and experience in conquering and overcoming obstacles.

The suffering and misery produced by lifetimes of negativity, anger, imprisonment, torture and all types of antagonistic experiences and feelings have taught you many hard and painful truths. In the midst of profound personality distress and unhappiness the powerful presence of your soul is ever there. Others at times of distress and crisis sorely need your strength. Transmute all into the dignity of soul consciousness, intelligent direction, clear expression of a sense of truth and a wide and general inclusiveness. The intellectual result will be the stimulation of others towards clarity of thought and understanding.

Develop kindness and a sincere sociability. When you have mastered these lessons you will have developed the qualities of mercy, sympathy, justice, tolerance, peace and harmony. Your heart will then be daring and courageous, expressing an all-embracing love, dedication and devotion to humanity. The rewards and gifts of the central decan are dynamic joyfulness, vitality, positivity, generosity, fearlessness, courage and youthfulness.

You will be fully tested until the underlying motivations of all actions taken are truly expressive of a selfless and non-acquisitive state of mind. You now know beyond controversy that the 'hands can only keep that which they cannot hold'. It is Mars which grants you the power to bravely walk on Earth as you really are—a soul. At the conclusion of the fifth step the three-fold lower nature is finally completely controlled by the soul or the Love Aspect, and this not in theory but in deed and truth.

Under Mars you will become the perfect personification of the spiritual warrior, conquering and overcoming any and all obstacles upon the Path of Initiation. Spiritual deeds are only sustaining and enduring if they proceed from intelligently directed thought and a clear course of action. Your creative plans and service activities will be successful if they are formulated by due reflection, meditation, spiritual imagination and visualization. Go forward with strength, love and understanding to the sixth step. Do not let your lower reasoning mind deter you from anticipating great things. You have strength and power and a dynamic will and these are your true soul assets. Your only hindrance to initiation is a failure to love enough. Give fully and abundantly of your loving strength in service to the Plan and you will indeed be initiate.

The period of your testing and trial as a disciple ends when the experiencing soul learns to live, to serve and work, to think and feel with the consciousness ever withdrawn to the "secret place of the most High." (DINAI 457)

Time, from the point of view of the soul, is simply a sequence of states of consciousness registered by the physical brain. It does not in reality affect the inner spiritual soul. You, the true Being, need no instructions. The task of your Master is only to bring to your attention, working through the medium of your physical brain, those aspects of the Ageless Wisdom that own soul is seeking to have you register. When you truly grasp this occult truth you will stand initiate.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

June 11th to 20th

The Sun

The Way of Love is the lighted way. At the sixth step of Gemini the pure light of day has succeeded in driving all shadows and darkness away and your life has become so brightened and lightened that the Sun 'in the head' is shining in all its glory.

Previously as a disciple you served to establish right relationship with your soul and with your fellow human beings, your brothers and sisters. Now as an initiate, the service that your group renders—as outlined by your Master—engrosses your full occult attention and intention. The inner link upon the spiritual side between all group members is growing firm and clear. It is not easy for initiates such as yourself to identify themselves with the weakness or failure of your group brothers, and yet this is necessary. These shortcomings constitute just as much a part of the expression of your group work as does strength or success, and there can be no separation in attitude or failure in identification. An initiate must learn to identify with the whole of the group.

Now as an initiate your individual and group task is to establish right relationship with divinity itself and to be able to truly say "I serve the One". (EA 332) The magnetic line of the light of the Sun which leads to the Source of manifestation is centralized, intensified and then becomes an entranceway.

It is written that the initiate becomes the Path itself upon entering the light; that is, he becomes the light itself, and then functions as a lamp set in a dark place carrying illumination to others and lighting the way before them. The subjective tests concern the ability to stay centered in the Real, the True and the Eternal. The inner attention is focused in the world of primary causes and the realm of the Monad.

The Sun's rulership here indicates that you will achieve inner release from all limitations of your personality, the form nature and the material side of life. Triumph over the trials of this decan will enable you to dwell eternally in the consciousness of the One Life. Apprehension of the Will and Purpose of divinity is unfolded.

Keywords for this decan are identification, realization and recognition. The initiate enters into the consciousness of the Monad, the One. The Sun reveals that the enlightened Twin is monistic having overcome the duality of matter and mind. The Egoic body has done its work, the solar angel has accomplished its purpose, and the form side of existence is no longer needed as a medium or field of experience. In other words the rainbow bridge has successfully been built. The spiritual Triad, the causal body and the personality have been linked, thus uniting the concrete mind, the abstract mind and the intuition or pure reason. Hence the revelation of the eternal synthesis which underlies the dualities of manifested existence. The symbol of the Sun here represents the "orange ball of…one-pointed purpose". (TWM 468)

Your mental expression is broad, deep and penetrating, offering great insights into the inner, subtler mysteries of life. You have already overcome any final residues of separative thought, folly, pride or vanity. For ages great stability of mind and clarity of thought have been cultivated, producing a mental disposition which is generous, all embracing and magnanimous.

True to the basic nature of the Sun, this final decan produces the expression of a humane mind that commands respect and confidence even from enemies. It is a mind which is incapable of being led astray and is quite implacably focused. You are tested on your ability to use the form at will for the purposes of the general good, while yourself remaining withdrawn from identification with any aspiration of the form life, no matter how highly developed.

Initiates carry forth their work on the plane of pure intuitional awareness with the greatest ease and facility. Your mind is constantly in touch with the Archetypal Minds who are the Custodians of the Plan.

Under the rays of the Sun you are ideally suited to be a focal point of information on the physical plane. You carry into manifestation the desired aspect of the Plan. You strive to learn to deal with the full details of the specifications of the divine blueprints. The Science of Impression becomes your true forté. You work with those so chosen and seek to impress them with the precipitating divine Idea so that the work can move forward on the physical plane. The rulership of the Sun further indicates that you can "hold the mind steady in the light" (DINAI 113) and stand in perfected human form a fully conscious soul.

An illumined revealer of the presented idea, you are in touch with the primary Life principle which underlies all outer manifestation. You carry recognition of the inner and spiritual reality which has produced the outer and visible form. Illuminated by the rays of the Sun the way stands clear, the causal body disintegrates, the personality fades out and the Great Illusion is ended.

Your main characteristics are pure vision, intuitive perception, direct knowledge and the ability to use the undifferentiated energies of the Universal Mind. Freedom from multiplicity is your keynote. The compass of your expanded awareness comprehends the sum total of your whole Life. Your goal is to be able to function in the full consciousness of your Spirit. Awareness of that which is divorced even from group form then becomes possible. When this takes place you truly comprehend the significance of Spirit, the One Life behind all forms, the central energy that is the cause of all manifestation—the Sun.

You are an expert at throwing light on all aspects of world problems. You truly see the vision of the future and the larger world picture, and are pledged to the releasing of humanity. Your dynamic service focus—depending upon your soul Ray—may deal with the coming nature or type of world government in relation to its emergence out of the present governments of the major world powers. Or it may deal with the coming world education and what should develop in that field of training. Or it may concern the coming world religion and what should constitute its major and universal tenets. The right use of the obstructing and destructive energy of the Sun has been entrusted to you because of your conscious endeavor to aid and liberate humanity as a whole. You must give free expression to the vision and permit it to be revealed and shared. Thus your goals and methods are directed towards a quicker resolution of the present world crisis and the consequent release of the new order.

Fierce grows the heat of the Sun leading to the end of suffering. When this stage has been outgrown the unobstructed Sun and the clear bright light of Truth will shine. This is your path back to the hidden center.






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