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On the Reverse Wheel

December 21st to January 20th

And the Word said:
Lost am I in the light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back


First decan           Saturn            December 21st to January 1st

Second decan       Venus             January 1st to 10th

Third decan          Vulcan            January 10th to 20th


Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

See this note on determining the decanate.


Step Four: Man the Aspirant

December 21st to January 1st


The sign of Capricorn is entered via Saturn in the first, Venus in the second and Vulcan in the third decan. A Master now watches you even if you are unaware of his attention. You had already taken the needed steps into his presence long before your brain registered the contact or the response of the Master. Here you are immediately confronted with the necessity of controlling your personality and consciously wielding the form nature as a tool in the working out of your soul plan.

Beginning with a minimum of soul control, you now work hard to become a soul-infused personality. The fusion process at this point is largely incomplete and more soul energy must be invoked to guarantee the effectiveness of the initiatory process. Simply put, your task is to demonstrate correct orientation as an aspirant in daily life and not attempt to copy, emulate or duplicate the discipleship practices of those more advanced than yourself. Rest assured that the compensation is adequate if you stay focused and occupied with the inner realities and less engrossed with the outer difficulties. Yet at this step this is a most challenging task.

Saturn reveals the true nature of the Third Aspect of divinity. Under the auspices of Saturn you will learn the karmic laws of divine creativity in form and come to an intelligent understanding of the underlying purpose inherent in substance. Attraction to material objects will now begin to be superseded by the creation of that which more correctly expresses the Real. Ugliness and materiality will be replaced by beauty and Reality. The subjective trials and tests of this decan are exceedingly difficult, strenuous and often dangerous.

You will experience the forces of the underworld with much struggle, effort and strain. You must fight against the distortion of spiritual ideals by the unenlightened forces of totalitarianism and greed exemplified by those selfish ambitious despots who seek to imprison the human spirit. It is necessary for you to overcome all physical and personal impediments which arrest your further progress. The infusion of your lower nature with Love and Light is much needed and will produce greatly transformative results. You have a vast reservoir of spiritual potency on which your soul can draw and express in your daily life, in your immediate environment and areas of responsibility.

You are an earnest Capricorn aspirant correctly oriented to the Hierarchy with a wish to serve. You are dedicated and have much to give. Therefore fit yourself for a richer, fuller, deeper and more all-embracing giving. Only that knowledge which comes to you through your own experience—that which is self-ascertained through pain, failure, suffering and hurt pride—will bring you liberation and the end of isolation and loneliness.

You must face the two extremes which make you what you are: the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the Presence. You must undergo the subjective death or destruction process prior to the attainment of the Path of Discipleship. You will experience a desperate and painful descent into the valley of death as a necessary preliminary test to initiation in Capricorn when a fresh attempt to scale the summit takes place. Ancient crystallizations must be shattered and old hardened and condensed habits which mitigate the free expression of your soul have to be eradicated.

It is necessary for you to voluntarily submit yourself to this process and bring about this destruction on your own, facing the forces of your past and overcoming them. Only when these processes are complete will you be able to efficiently build and institute new regimes and organize activities which demonstrate the true techniques of living. Through the agency of Saturn you are being offered an outstanding spiritual opportunity for a very diverse and creative life.

It is always difficult for the Capricorn aspirant working in the world of human affairs to strike a happy medium between holding the vision and expressing it through sound physical plane techniques. It is never easy to adapt and to relate the old to the new, thus producing that which is required in the present.

Your task under Saturn the Lord of Time is primarily concerned with creating in the present a synthetic point for that which has been and that which is yet to come. This right comprehension of the time element requires the eye of vision plus right interpretation of that which is seen. Appropriate physical discipline lays the foundation for future initiatory work.

Live practically, sweetly, humbly and lovingly, and demonstrate beauty in all personality relations. If you occupy yourself with the beautifying and the spiritualizing of your everyday affairs you will have no time to focus on your glamours, short-comings, failures or negativity. Focus your thoughts and desires with definite purpose to manifest your work upon the physical plane.

Can you bring spirituality into the material world and live in the physical world as a disciple? Can you bring spirituality into your outer occupation or business? You must learn to do this, as discipleship leaves no aspect of life unlived and business is an aspect of human living. It is of major importance that your life is a demonstration of right living. You will thus release your lower mind from other pressures and so begin to tread the Way of liberation that leads to the mountaintop of Initiation in Capricorn. Can you imagine yourself bringing only peace, happiness and confidence into your home, your business and into your group work? This is your goal at the fifth step. Have no doubts or questionings.

Saturn calls for complete purity of motive. Ignorance and lack of discrimination must be overcome. Many in this decan experience a time of great distress and difficulty in which they are obliged to face and recognize many problems. The chaos of conditioning glamour and emotional reaction seems irresolvable. You must learn to demonstrate emotional control before you can hope to achieve active discipleship.

However you need not fear failure because after many successive lifetimes of spiritual effort, Saturn always brings real order to the expression of the physical plane life. Let the strength of your personality, particularly of your emotional nature, be transmuted into that loving understanding which comes from a genuine love for others and a detachment from identification with the little self. Do not say 'I am identified with others' but ask yourself instead 'What is my brother feeling and thinking?'

Develop joy in self-forgetfulness and strive to serve your fellow men. Do not be satisfied with the platitudes of spiritual experience but experiment with them, turning them into the ascertained facts of your daily experience and expression. There is much that you can do in your group work if you will efface yourself by self-forgetfulness; if you will be strong by rendering the personality weak; if you will learn to love by not caring whether you are loved in return. Such are the occult paradoxes that you must resolve and which will make possible your acceptance as a pledged disciple in the Ashram.

Learn to demonstrate patience, tolerance, devotion, accuracy and good common sense. You are still prone to slip into the thralldom of vague visions and grandiose formulations. At times you are still unresponsive to new ideas and have few positive or original thoughts of your own. You are still held in the grip of glamour. You must rise above all tendencies to mental isolation, coldness, intellectual pride, obstinacy, excessive criticism and absent-mindedness.

Only at this point in your career can you really begin to develop great imaginative facility and by the power of the imagination grasp the essence of a truth. Develop a wide and inclusive perspective and with great care learn to see every side of a question with equal clarity. All tendencies towards vague or overly complex thought and expression or deviousness, deceitfulness, untruth, manipulation or calculated behavior are to be eradicated. If you perceive the truth of these suggestions and cooperate willingly, you will do much to free yourself; if you refuse to see the light you will delay the process and continue to exact the protective care of other ashramic workers for a longer period.

Ask yourself these questions: What is my dharma as an individual in my home environment? What is my duty as an individual in my spiritual group? What is my obligation as an individual to humanity? What is my responsibility as an individual to life? What is my reaction to my individual karma, personal and human? What is my relation to the Hierarchy?

For many years your dream has been to serve the Master, to be known by him and to be a part of his group or Ashram. You have longed for the status of Accepted Discipleship. You have endeavored to serve the Master and you have indeed rendered notable service. You are also aware of weaknesses and of failure. So be it. Yet the fact remains that the major trend and purpose of your life is now so strong and established that it has brought you to the doorway of the Ashram and the threshold of the fifth stage, Accepted or Pledged Discipleship.

Do not forget that all within the Ashram except those of much higher initiate status, fall short at times. There is no need to feel discouragement. Release yourself from the futile processes of self-accusation in which you constantly live.

Do not give in to the "glamour of continuous frustration." (DINAII, p. 600) Do not fail to achieve the fullest expression of your spiritual aims and goals because of small and unimportant personality problems, most of them concerned with your racial inheritance, family, friends, business and environing circumstances.

You are constantly aware of your own lack of achievement, of your failure to do what your soul has made quite clear to you is possible. Here no-one can help you. The resolution of this lies in your own hands. Do you realize that a week's perfected discipline would carry you further than a year's aspiration? Go forward therefore, and do not rest content until Pledged Discipleship is yours.

Can you realize my brother, what it actually means to be an Accepted Disciple under training and guidance of a Master? One possible danger can be definitely discounted and in one area at least the Master can feel sure of you: He will no longer question your staying power, knowing that you will handle what comes to you with steadfastness.

In your attempt to gain the right of entry into an Ashram—which is called "ashramic penetration" (DINAII, p. 732)—remember the words of the initiate Paul: "Forgetting the things which are behind, press forward." (DINAI, p. 241)

In other words do not live any longer in the past, but make the years of this life years of usefulness and purpose in creative world service along the line of your chosen life work. Now you must master the technique or method of moving forward along the direction of your service work. You must discover the ways and means alone and unaided. Enter into that full demonstration of the Will-to-Good which always brings joy and effectiveness. This will require the recognition of a spirit which is unembarrassed by ambition and which is pledged to perfecting relationships with others day by day. Consciously express an increasing desire to help your fellow men and thereby improve your techniques for establishing relationship.

Go forward in confidence; your Group brothers await you. Upon the golden chain of Hierarchy you have now forged your link and serve to take your stand as an Accepted Disciple. Some move ahead of you. Some move along with you. Others move on with hands outstretched to you.

Become the one to whom any enquirer may turn for help, knowing that he will get enough practical assistance to enable him to see the next step ahead. Ponder the usefulness of shock to break crystallization. Making another person aware of how they are holding on to old patterns must be done with detachment, clarity of speech, and above all with love. Do not be dissatisfied with your co-workers' efforts to make good. Do not be ruthless with them. Many of them are in the preliminary stages of being trained so as to fit themselves to be on the periphery of some Ashram.

You are coming to spiritual maturity and must shoulder responsibility for the steadfast ordered work of the Ashram. The time of spiritual adolescence is past for you.

True occult reverence holds the key to your future progress. This means on your part recognition, not blind obedience, not stooping down or looking up. Shift your consciousness into the lighted mind and look up towards the mountaintop, not downwards to focus upon the outer form. Your Master chooses to accept you not only because of a likely karmic connection, not only because you demand light and have a powerful aspiration towards spiritual things, but because you are equipped to render some definite service which fits his current ashramic intention. For the sake of a needy world and because your soul seeks to see you fill your rightful place in the Ashram, adjust your living conditions in order to serve more adequately. You must find "your rightful place" in your Master's Ashram. (DINAII, p. 742)

Learn the art of true spiritual reverence and meditate upon your place as an Accepted Disciple in the great chain of Hierarchy. You may move forward into the Ashram if you obey the time-honored rules and instructions.

You are already training under the care and watchful eyes of disciples in the Ashram of a Great One. Thus you are under a certain basic protection, but are also subject to certain risks of over-stimulation. Never forget that the love, understanding and gratitude of your group brothers and your Master surrounds you with warmth, protecting care and constant interest. In the Ashram advanced aspirants here are hard at work in deep thought along astrological, metaphysical or philosophical lines of research. A great storehouse of knowledge is being accumulated in the areas of healing, drugs, minerals, herbs, vitamins, homeopathics, psychology, naturopathic or holistic medicine. Great mental fertility, activity, adaptability and creativity are possible.

One of your great gifts is the ability to modify and qualify for the sake of accuracy; you also have the ability to understand and explain complex patterns and trends. In time you will become a skillful communicator of the blueprint of the divine Plan and gain the power to recognize and work within its confines and limitations.

Keep in mind that an Ashram is ever in a state of constant flux and movement. Advanced disciples are passing out of it to form their own Ashrams or to take up a specific place in another Ashram as they meet the requirements of more advanced stages.

All disciples in the Ashram are constantly shifting from one degree to another, moving forward steadily from the periphery or outer ring-pass-not to the inner-lighted dynamic group center. As your group brothers move forward, preserving ever the close inner unity, place is made for new disciples to be admitted and trained for service. Your group brothers effect this service on your behalf by hastening their own progress and moving forward, complying fully with their service demands upon the outer plane. The outer effectiveness they exhibit in this group service produces a corresponding inner ashramic effectiveness that serves to aid and make possible your Master's decision to admit you into his Ashram.

Ponder on this and be grateful. You have been taught (though theoretically for the most part) that inner effectiveness produces illumined and potent outer world service. Now learn the reverse of this truth. Your own appreciation of this fact will alone suffice to open the gate of Initiation. The strength of the Ashram is ever with you and the over-shadowing care of your Master ever rests upon you.


Step Five: Man the Disciple

January 1st to 10th


You are within the Ashram and that fact carries with it a definite obligation and responsibility. You are becoming—to use an occult phrase—"grounded in your place". (DINAII, p.746) Now you must master the technique or method of moving forward from here in any needed direction along the line of service. You have wisdom, beauty of purpose, devotion and sincerity—all characteristics of the advanced disciple.

You are a member of an Ashram by old association and because you have earned the reward of this recognition and opportunity. Your spiritual focus has proved true and unchanging. It is your demonstration of this goat-like tenacity that has secured your relationship with the Ashram. You need therefore have no concern in relation to your spiritual expression on its own plane.

It is your physical expression that at times is still at fault. Reflect with assiduity on these words. A focusing of your spiritual attitude and nature upon the physical plane will result in a more dynamic life, rather than the negative personality life you habitually demonstrate. Remember that one of the tasks of your soul is to demonstrate to you the particular "blind spots" in your personality life (EPII, p. 439); to bring them into the light of your consciousness thus dispelling the darkness. This is achieved by stimulation and suggestion; therefore stay open to soul impression. Only when these are self-ascertained will liberation come.

Never hide behind past achievements or the thought of achievement in some future life. Recognize opportunity when it stands before you, and be ready to change the stable rhythms of a high grade Capricorn personality for the eager forward-looking attitude of a world disciple. Changes will then occur because your inner attitude has prepared the way. You have demonstrated discipline of your lower nature and shown a relative mastery of physical inclinations. Thus you can increasingly act to dissipate world glamour and so "clarify the atmosphere" (RIA, p. 577) technically speaking, because in the esoteric sense you have 'cleared' yourself.

Eventually all that will remain of your once potent life on the astral plane will be your spiritual aspiration and a carefully cultivated sensitive response to all forms of divine life. Above all else learn to love others with impersonality and true understanding. This is not the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement, but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness. Lose sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of the moment.

Learn to know yourself as the disciple and do not be so intensely preoccupied with yourself as the struggling aspiring personality. Remember my brother, that it is only souls, not personalities, that enter Ashrams. The particular group of disciples in the Ashram with which you are affiliated need your help and request your service. Thus begins the karmic phase of Pledged Discipleship that you have assumed. Long years of service, study and meditation have proven your commitment, your unswerving devotion and your deep love for your co-workers.

An understanding heart and a steady application to the work to be done are great attributes, and—speaking esoterically—both your Master and your group brothers "know where to find you." (DINAII, p. 607) The ashramic part you have to play is becoming increasingly clear in your mind and you will naturally meet the requirements as they arise. The outstanding gift of Venus is the power to take initiation. With ever increasing knowingness you consciously tread the Lighted Way and enter into the Kingdom of Souls. The strength and potency of your service to humanity is greatly enhanced by the rays of Venus, and the rhythm of the long years and many lives of spiritual practice cannot be disturbed.

There have been failures about which your soul has not hesitated to communicate to you. But why remain overwhelmed by weaknesses and failures, thus concentrating your attention upon the lower self? Drop any residual Venusian traces of self-pity and any sense of magnanimous superiority you may still retain. Even high initiates fail at times to pass through one or other of the highest initiations at their first attempt, and from the hierarchical angle that connotes failure. But the failure is hardly recognized; the effort is made to register what caused the failure and the inability to stand before the One Initiator, for all effects emanate from some ascertainable cause. So should it be on all levels of advancement through many graded failures.

Remember that the Buddha failed to attain his goal. You have reached that point upon the Path of Discipleship where a steady and undeviating forward movement is assured. You will likely fail on details, techniques and methods; you may err in understanding or in prompt reaction to spiritual opportunity. But these are all methods whereby a disciple learns. There will be no turning back, although there may be moments of unutterable fatigue when the temptation may appear, however you will pay it no attention. You are known by your Master, and it is perhaps the implications of this knowledge which at times disturbs you so deeply. Rest assured that you are an integral part of his Ashram; you are an Accepted Disciple. You have therefore, every reason to feel encouraged.

You are developing remarkable and unshakeable honesty, integrity, faithfulness and loyalty as well as high ideals which one day no doubt will be legendary. You aim to become an exemplary model of integrity, purity of motive and the acceptance of spiritual responsibility. A champion of world peace, right human relations and a defender of the democratic principles of freedom, your battle against the forces of evil and darkness now begins to produce outstanding results. Your soul now demands that you steadfastly preserve in your consciousness its imperative command to "move forward". (DINAII, p. 611) Look for indications of this in the growth of understanding, in your sense at times of a greatly heightened vibration and also a greatly increased facility for impartation and reception of knowledge.

In the central decan Venus reveals the true nature of the conscious intelligent love of the soul. Do not let your heart always determine your response to issues and concerns, but increasingly make determinations with a balance of the head and heart.

Venus indicates that your salient initiatory task is to express the principles of true sharing, indiscriminative compassion and universal brotherhood. This requires the expression of ideological recognition and a devoted adherence to perceived truth, thus offering an opportunity to establish a new stage of conscious relation and contact with the soul. It is time for you to become an increasingly constructive and creative agent in the life of humanity. It is time to develop the facility to make full use of the skills and knowledge you have acquired so that the stream of teaching can become direct and can be expressed with great facility and definite technique.

Concentrate on your work as a teacher and learn to bring through for the use of the many the knowledge stored up by your soul through many lives of training. This knowledge now rapidly being transmuted into wisdom under Venus must be made available to your personality as it seeks to help and train others to become soul conscious. Seek to become a teacher to whom the new learner can turn for help. Be alive and eager for the future.

The envelopment of the power to love and to include will automatically produce change and a basic refocusing of the emphasis of your life, enabling you to pour the Light and Love of your soul through your heart to illumine the dark places of the Earth. Love will now increasingly flow through your personality mechanisms and equipment without impediment. This stimulates a process of change and transition from old reactions and familiar feelings, and as a result you are becoming well noted for a remarkable spiritual poise as well as for your deep knowledge.

Although you work very well with neophytes, perhaps your true work lies in training the more advanced students, and for this you are well equipped and so need not handicap yourself with self-depreciation.

You take major spiritual responsibility for work that is close to the heart of the Master. Each soul you touch in the carrying out of your ashramic duties is placed in a particular relation to you, and thus you bring all en rapport with hierarchical force. Remember that this ashramic relationship with students and aspirants may bring about both good and bad effects, for contact with any world disciple acts as a precipitating force, calling forth that which is good and bringing to the surface that which is undesirable but which needs revealing in order to bring about its consequent eradication.

Therefore attempt to handle this hierarchical force and ashramic responsibility with more skill in action and a more conscious understanding of the real task at hand. Do not retreat from the mundane results, but also see to it that the teaching relationships formed by you and your group of co-workers do have definite spiritual results. Orient yourself dynamically towards the spiritual enterprises emanating from your Ashram under the direction of your Master, and reflect upon your responsibilities.

Direct yourself to your chosen daily work and consider how when opportunity arises it can be fitted to achieve some aspect of the spiritual vision. Hold yourself in soul alignment and consider your soul relationships, duties and responsibilities in all the three worlds of experience.

Venus has blessed you with a full and rich life. You have been brought into contact with thousands of different people from many groups and of all degrees, religions and points of view. You have fulfilled your outer duties and your family obligations. You have succeeded in living the dual life of the disciple, serving your Master and participating to the best of your ability in the work of his Ashram. You have coped well enough with the many impacts on your life and the many demands made of you upon the Path of Discipleship.

The soul activates a compensatory activity by bringing all life and circumstance into true perspective and changing attitudes so completely that the recognition of reward supersedes the realization of pain. Learn to recognize that the way into the inner sanctum is the way of outer service.

Now make yourself increasingly responsible for key aspects of the group work that make an appeal to you. Service must not be motivated by the exigencies of your occupation, family, or by personal financial considerations or even the behests of your personality. It may or may not include the place where your outer work in the world is being done. The discovery of your true service may necessitate a change in your environment and circumstances. If true to your soul and your ashramic purpose you will increasingly endeavor to serve your co-workers and associates as an esotericist as well as a humanitarian and a psychologist. Your future is bright with the potential of true service and spiritual opportunity where your heart truly lies.

Rest assured that you can depend upon your Master's love, strength and understanding. Therefore move forward with confidence into fuller service both in your world work and in the work of the Ashram. Now is the time for you to "seek the pinnacle of loneliness which is the sole place whereon truth can be known." (DINAII, p. 629)

Increase your capacity to withdraw into the focused point within the illumined mind in solitude, and there await the arrival of that truth or revelation which your personality demands from your soul and which it is essential that you grasp if your service work and your progress are to be properly furthered. Therefore ask yourself at this present time in your training what is that one immediately required truth, that one immediate spiritual need? It is in the formulation of that need for yourself that spiritual progress will be made.

All the teaching, training and experience you have undergone has now to be brought to a point of synthesis within your illumined mind. Seek the 'mountaintop' or the pinnacle of truth within yourself. Revelation will inevitably come if you care enough and have sufficient patience. You are pledged to a prescribed hierarchical form of service which must take precedence over all other life activities, even while you simultaneously fulfil other tasks in the outer world based upon right obligation and responsibility.

Your Master needs your individual cooperation and understanding of the problems to be met. You would not be an Accepted Disciple if you had not done much in the past to perform the work your Master has planned and aided his great enterprises. Be alert to and interested in his hierarchical plans and fit yourself to the time schedule of his purposes. Adjust your sense of values and make your life count in the hour of humanity's need. Finally stand free, allowing nothing to disturb your calm. Do not deliberately seek peace but remain poised upon the pinnacle of Love.

The Path stands clearly revealed. You know the next step ahead. Ascend with renewed strength, knowing that the power of the soul, the solidarity of the Ashram and the protective aura which surrounds the work of your Master can ever be relied upon. Do not look backward my brother, but tread with confidence the Higher Way that leads to the mountaintop of Initiation. Your soul, your Master and yourself are truly one. Reflect on this.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

January 10th to 20th


Move forward with confidence into fuller service both in this world and in the Ashram. You belong to no one race, religion or nation; initiates of your degree have no such allegiances but stand for the One Humanity. This incarnation has for you one major lesson: how to stand free from all environing limitations whilst steadily giving love where karma and association exists but doing so with complete detachment.

Under Vulcan the blazing and constant light of the soul irradiates your mind and provides the point of fusion between the greater and the lesser light within yourself. You are now arrived at the penultimate stage in Capricorn before complete enlightenment.

Now at the sixth rung of the ladder you will attain the summit of the mountaintop of Initiation. Vulcan represents the triumphant initiate as the "unicorn of God". (EA, p. 154) The long straight horn of the unicorn out-thrust like a single spear in the center of the forehead is a symbol of Vulcan.

As the initiate, the metaphorical unicorn, in the final decan of this most mysterious sign of Initiation, you lift upon your golden horn as your own vanquished form and raise it to heaven in spectacular glory. At that moment you, the "rare efflorescence of a generation of enquirers" (TWM, p.203), will attain full command within the hierarchical stronghold; the fortress of thought will be yours.

Thus Vulcan aids your quest to culminate your experience upon the Lighted Way, complete and traverse the "rainbow bridge" and "go to the Father". (RAI, p. 524) Esoterically, self-realization within individuation is achieved thus terminating the 'rule of isolation'.

It is under the control of Vulcan that the resources of your form life are to be finally exhausted, and having achieved this mastery you return again to the Source. The sweep of the occult sword has enabled you to rent the gossamer fabric of the veil of life in two. Now standing naked and unadorned you are a fiery living symbol of the pure truth of the Spirit of the Logos Vulcan. Thus it is Vulcan that confers upon you the final "secret of the hidden glory". (EA, p. 165)  The corruptible has put on incorruptibility and the mortal immortality. The supreme art of alchemical transmutation now becomes the instrument which you use to consciously and with clear purpose further the ends of evolution. You are nothing but a fiery forge in which Vulcan practices his planetary and celestial craft. There is nothing artificial or arbitrary in the expression of a "Dragon of Wisdom". (TCF, p. 511) Through you specific divine qualities seek perfect expression.

You ever stand battle-ready, having marshaled all of your forces together with admirable command. You are a prodigious and tireless worker of superior industry, fully qualified to lead others whose lifelong concern is likewise for the well-being and dignity of humanity. You are an honor not only to your nation but to humanity itself. You have accepted true responsibility, becoming a server of all men, taking up the burden of the world as a World Savior. Intensify your ability to 'endure the light'. It is your task to provide the focal point and energizing area for the meditation work of the group.

Vulcan bestows the power to become a participator in the divine Plan and a cooperator in divine Purpose. You will be tested until you become an essential element of dynamic one-pointed expression for the furtherance of the Plan; until the expression of the divine Will dominates your subjective life focus, powerfully determining your outer life activity. Thus the inner man becomes his own initiator.

The outstanding strengths of the Capricornian in the Vulcan decan are tremendous strength of will, dynamic power and a strong sense of purpose. You can now function efficiently as an exponent of the Will Aspect of the planetary Life. Truly large-minded, you possess the power to synthesize, lead, direct and govern. You embody the virtues of truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, and also detachment or the power to liberate and free.

You can be trusted to wield the power of beneficent destruction based on a keen understanding of principles and priorities. You possess the wisdom to establish, uphold or enforce the law in the interests of the preservation of true values. You have excellent abilities of intuitive perception, pure vision, direct knowledge as well as an ability to utilize the undifferentiated energies of the Universal Mind. Eventually your mind becomes an aspect of your subconscious instinctual apparatus and you function spontaneously on the plane of pure subjective intuitive realization.

Identification with the rhythm of the Whole is the esoteric keynote of the sixth step. Under the First Ray of Vulcan the invincible spiritual Will is developed which alone has the power to ascertain causes. Finally the Whole will be seen as One. It is said that the vision of the 'single unit' is granted. A high exponent of the art of "illumined living" (EA, p.332), your essential task is to realize the Highest Unity and the correct nature of right relations.

Rest assured that the love of your Master goes with you and you may call on him for strength when the incidental strains and pressures of world service seem overwhelming. Let co-workers and students evoke from you the very essence of spiritual service, drawing from your soul that which they need. This service will enrich the Ashram, and in giving you will be enriched yourself.

You have the freedom to enter and leave the Ashram as your soul and the need of your service in the outer world may dictate. Deeply responsive to the agony of human need, you voluntarily choose to renounce the last vestiges of your individual life and give all to meet that need. You have developed the sensitivity to know when or when not you may intrude into the presence of the Master. You no longer have any desire to contact the Master for your own satisfaction or aid. One thing only sends you on the wings of light along the corridor of the Ashram and strengthens your hand to open wide the door, and that is need of the world.





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