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On the Reverse Wheel

March 21st to April 20th

And the word said:
I come forth, and from the plane of mind I rule


First decan           Jupiter                  March 21st to April 1st

Second decan       Sun                       April 1st to 10th

Third decan          Mars                     April 11th to 20th

Please read the prefatory material before investigating your own Decanate Stage, as proper assignment is required. i.e., your birth date does not indicate the stage of development, rather, you must employ a subjective recognition of the state of consciousness (point of advance along the Path of Initiation) which you, or another, has achieved.

See this note on determining the decanate.


Step Four: Man the Aspirant

March 21st to April 1st


Upon the Wheel of Discipleship the first sign is entered via Jupiter in the first decan, the Sun in the second and Mars in the third decan. Jupiter indicates this stage is marked by steadily growing group awareness, which is viewed as a field of opportunity, a sphere of service and as a place where sacrifice for the good of all becomes gloriously possible.

In fact, your immediate initiatory task is to discover that group of fellow co-workers with whom you must tread the Path of Initiation, so cultivate your group relationships. Despite many areas of mastery, an inquiry and investigation into human nature must remain your central concern.

Upon entering the Probationary Path you are required to educate yourself in the process of using all forms of knowledge in reference to your conscious self-aware Identity and not just to the world of natural phenomena. As a probationary disciple you now begin the quest for the door of Initiation and strive for that which will be contacted after passing through that door.

You now begin to face new spiritual adventures, treading the path which leads away from conventional existence and normal human evolution.

Right interpretation of the spiritual revelation bestowed upon you is the first essential prerequisite. Everything you have learned must be applied to the recognition of the Self, the Knower, the Beholder and the Observer. When this begins to happen, recognize that you are in process of transmuting your life experiences and garnered knowledge into real wisdom. The subjective tests concern your ability to demonstrate the wisdom that the many previous rounds or cycles of form experience have taught.

Qualities that you have garnered and expressed through countless lifetimes upon the Ordinary Wheel are capable of re-acquisition at will, for they are now held just below the threshold of consciousness. Come to know your spiritual capabilities well and become aware of what you can and cannot do. Definite equipment has been acquired and a strong mechanism created which has great facility. Use it well. Your prime objectives are non-material so do not forget them.

The spiritual entity within your personality is now in process of awakening you to your soul powers, responsibilities, relationships and purpose. You will be tested on your ability to identify with all that lies outside of form experience and become, as a consequence of this process, increasingly free from identification with the material world and the physical plane. Your job is to live and work in the world of form in recognition of the ideas and concepts that lie behind every form.

It is Jupiter which fosters a new spiritual awareness and stimulates the conscious unfoldment of divine recognitions. It ever serves to strengthen the sense of core identity and it is this centralized reinforcement of essential identity which greatly contributes to your process of spiritual withdrawal, abstraction and detachment from the non-essential aspects of the material side of life and for that matter, the limitations of form-life in general.

Your mental activities are now to be used to direct a life pattern and a life service, planned, programmed and directed. The emerging vision of the divine Plan as it exists in Reality will increasingly bring itself to the forefront of your consciousness. What is unfolded is a far-sighted vision in sharp contrast to the shortsightedness, even blindness earlier exhibited under Mars.

You will find that your capacity to work with greater rapidity and mental coordination is accelerated and potently increased. Your immediate task is to develop the power to visualize, train the mind to intuit reality and rightly interpret that which is seen.

Some revelations of the purpose of the ideas which underlie all effort on behalf of humanity are perceived, and the impulsive energy of ideas coming to you from the abstract mind begin to illumine your lower mind, animating your personality. Initially this will tend to upset your time-sense. This is only natural because you have taken the first step on the path of timelessness. Concentrate on the ability to offset the limitations of time as a cognitive condition. The demonstration of spiritual speed and the beginning of the ability to overcome the ordinary constraints of time signify that you are ready for initiation.

Jupiter bestows upon you the gifts of Expansion, Wholeness, Unity, Livingness, Being, Wisdom and Love. Essentially speaking, an expanding series of inclusive recognitions awaits you, an aspirant to Truth.

A true spiritual compassion is generated while a deep and sincere sense of joy, optimism and altruism becomes wisely unfolded and actively expressed. Your outstanding quality should be beautiful loving-kindness. Great compassion must be generated for that which in other people is loathsome, evil, vicious or menacing. Great courage is necessary to overcome all negativities in order to put into action the spiritual practice of the doctrine of Love. The soul relies on a deep reserve of courage as a result of the garnering of broad experience and earned convictions upon the Mutable Cross.

Magnify your very noble, keen and generous spirit, but be ever alert to overcome all forms of personal pride, coldness and superiority. Conceit, shallowness and indifference are no longer to be tolerated in your personal expression. Having achieved a measured freedom for yourself, give your love faithfully and freely with an open heart. One of the most painful lessons is about prying yourself loose from closeness to the physical presence of those you love.

Clinging attachments, over-guarding and over-cherishing the personalities of those you love has a retarding effect on your progress on the spiritual Path. Remember, those who are burdened and encumbered or attached in any way to anything or anybody cannot move forward.

Obviously much of your unique inner nature remains unrevealed to the world, but it does account for you being drawn to strange and unusual circumstances and people, which you invariably attract. Make use of your versatility and capitalize on your ability to make friends with people from all walks of life. Do not be shy but use the strength of your vision to penetrate and look directly into the eyes of your fellow men.

It is a serious mistake for others to think that you are easy to fool, shy, retiring or simply passive. You have simply learned to display modesty and tact. Although your natural demeanor and openness is apparent to all whom you meet, away from the hectic pace of the professional life guard your private life as sacred and seek at the appropriate times retreat, rest, sanctuary and peace.

Your personality characteristics are far more moderate and temperate than your unevolved exoteric countertype. Arietians are not thoughtless risk takers and gamblers who willingly court danger and trouble. Personality selfishness, which was fully developed under Mars on the Ordinary Wheel, must be fully replaced by the Jupiterian virtues of selflessness and true spiritual giving. Use the attractive and magnetic energy of Jupiter on behalf of other people. Think and live in terms of group relationships and group activities. Wisely and unselfishly conduct all physical plane activities and relations, relinquishing in the process all divisive personality reactions through a progressive series of renunciations.

It is important but difficult to expel that which is undesirable in your personality. Undesirable persons and psychological constructs such as objectionable thoughtforms and ancient astral desires must be spotlighted and then eliminated from the depths of your rapidly dissipating unconscious psyche.

You do seem to possess a sense of infallibility and refuse to be denied. Certainly, you do not wish to be easily sidetracked, go 'off the deep-end' or be led astray, although this still happens far too often. As well, all forms of personality weakness, vulnerability, helplessness, softness, excessive sensitivity, a need to be loved, fearfulness, over absorption in spiritual study, over inclusiveness, coldness or indifference to others and contempt for the mental limitations of others must be recognized and dealt with. These non-virtuous traits, based upon an incomplete view, impede your group work and inhibit future group relations.

Always strive to conduct yourself with real integrity and honesty so that all forms of disreputable behavior or distrust are overcome. Never give your word lightly or make exaggerated claims for yourself. Remain resolute.

You do not need to be the center of attention. Realize that evolved Arietians are quietly self-assured individuals who loathe self-aggrandizement. Do not take offense easily or feel injured by the opinions of others or by their lack of attention to you.

Express a real philosophical detachment, standing back and quietly viewing all situations. Just beneath the surface lies a spontaneity which when evoked produces a welcome insight. A good observer of human character, you can be counted upon to come up with very frank and helpful solutions. Life experience has proven that only the selfless plans and actions inspired by the soul will be blessed with true good fortune.

The love of freedom above all else increasingly dominates your life expression as do sound judgment, executive abilities and a whole range of broad sympathies. Dare to become the personified expression of the priest or guru, guide or director, the magician or teacher. Labor to express divinity more fully than here-to-fore, and strive to function increasingly as a divine creator in relationship to the Plan and as a manipulator of the attractive energy of Love.

The physical constitution you are now endowed with is especially fortified and powerful, has great endurance and is not spasmodic or ungainly in its efforts. Do not allow yourself to become attached to your own personal comfort so that you hesitate to do anything to upset it. Depend upon your natural strength to bear misfortune because you recognize that suffering is part of the path of experience through which wisdom is gained, and is the only true teacher.

In the face of opposition or attack you demonstrate a remarkable fearlessness, strength and fortitude. In the process you surmount personal disappointment, depression or rejection. You know that self-pity and personal sadness must be overcome or you will lose your protecting buffer against the world's criticism and cynicism, and likewise against your own remaining residual self-destructive impulses. Aspirants fully realize that they must become conduits for the uninterrupted flow of the energy of wisdom, compassion and love and achieve the state of dynamic positivism which will enable them to reach the goal of discipleship.

Remember ever that your approach to the Ashram and to world service must be self-initiated and self-implemented. The only assistance that you receive as an aspirant at the fourth step comes from the stimulating effect of the aura of the Ashram. Your inner life of instruction from the Ashram and your steady approach to your Master, plus your life of outer service, comes as a response to world need and not as a fulfilment on your part, of some enjoined duty.

This is an exciting time in your life because in all cases, Jupiter stimulates the intensely forward-looking anticipatory consciousness of the aspirant to the Mysteries of Initiation. When a true perspective and balanced point of view is attained and some awareness of the Eternal Now is beginning to penetrate your consciousness, you will achieve the fifth rung of the ladder and reach the stage of Discipleship, technically understood.


Step Five: Man the Disciple

April 1st to 10th

The Sun

These words are written for Arietian disciples, tested warriors, battle-scarred and tired yet knowing that triumphant victory lies ahead. Your contribution to the group is the gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rare capacity to give. No greater gift can be yours—the driving urge to give selflessly with no motive but that of a pure and loving spirit.

You are wise and experienced in many ways. Sympathy, understanding, loyalty to the cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavor plus selfless thought are yours, and these qualities are recognized.

This is the time in which you must take action, and until you do so you cannot walk further in the light. As your Master's work is a group endeavor, until you take action you hold back your group of co-disciples from fuller revelation and service. Much hindrance comes through fear. You are immersed so often in the fear of the moment that the astral turmoil does not allow the clear light of truth and of knowledge to shine in. Both are yours.

Defeat fear, my brother; kill out suspicion and the children of fear—nervousness, foreboding, worry and a rapid jumping to dire conclusions full of disaster. How else to achieve your acceptance as a Pledged Disciple? Achieve that inner poise which faces all that comes in the light of the Eternal.

When successful a direct, immediate and well-established continuity of soul consciousness in your physical brain prevents you from being cut-off, dissuaded, defeated or turned back. Yes, you come with clear vision to battle and face with courage the forces arraigned against you and the group of disciples of which you are part. You are accustomed, are you not, to wrestling in the vale of illusion? Be reassured. When the battle has been fought and won you will wield and command superior forces, cooperate fully with the hierarchical Plan, and succeed in bringing order out of chaos. You will be no longer immersed in the world of illusion, having risen above it. No longer will the chains of past habituations, non-virtuous actions and negative karma hold you down.

Overcoming all, especially the foes and afflictions of your own mind, you will successfully found and anchor your creative service projects, schools or institutions on the physical plane. Soul control is the initiatory goal. In response and living reaction to the call of the soul, you must initiate some definite form of world service or planetary redemptive effort in answer to your sentient realization of world need. Take heart knowing that the seeds of the service projects which you have planted will blossom for many generations to come, benefiting countless human beings.

The technique of the Earth-weary warrior upon the battlefield is discrimination, leading to right action, based upon the correct and complete analysis of a profound world view.

Through the loyally fought battle you will steadily develop the power of right choice without hesitation of any kind. Your soul now governs, and its instrument in the warfare is your consecrated mind. The Arietian disciple does not care for high-handed rhetoric that hides poor thinking or lack of thought, and is able to intuit what others think straight out without subterfuge. Your two main weapons are discrimination and dispassion, and by their psychological exercise you gain the vital and integrative power which brings your third eye and the ajna center into magical activity.

Subjectively speaking, the central decan grants the revelation of the higher Self, its Will and its Life-purpose. As the power of the Sun initiates a cycle of rapid realization and liberation, you must begin to immediately apply the Technique of Fusion to bring the illumination of the soul fully to your mind.

As a disciple your task is to strive to fully cooperate with the creative service plan of your soul in response to an intelligent appreciation of its nature and existence. Clear and concise recognitions are called for. Any wishful thinking must be replaced by a factual cooperation in group work on the physical plane. Your powerful emotional life of astral desires must be completely sublimated into the higher creative imagination. As a disciple it is the imaginative quality of your higher Self which is the higher creative faculty you must employ.

Make conscious use of your spiritual intuition until all forms of divisive personality illusion are dispelled, rejected and thrust away. Your task is to insulate yourself from the attractive urges of your own personality nature and thereby—through the medium of isolation—come into touch with the reality in all forms, hidden hitherto by the veil of your own illusions. Insulation and isolation of the right kind lead to the right relationships and the correct contacts with the Real. Insulation of oneself against the Unreal eventually produces identification with Reality.

The Sun brings increased imagination, creativity and dynamism to the sentient nature, revealing right relationship and responsibility. It bestows the light of reason upon the soul, which illuminates the mind and the source of divine Ideas is contacted. As a result, the central decan ultimately produces a superbly masterful character who has the knack of finding common ground for agreement among hostile parties.

Therefore, continually strive to excel in the areas of intra-group diplomacy, bridge-building and policy-making, taking on great responsibilities for the support, nurturing and education of the many different types of your fellow human beings.

Do not attempt to hide, mask or veil the relative inadequacies of your knowledge. Stay humble, appreciative and open-minded and be willing to kindly and gratefully learn from anyone who is a more advanced student. Admit your mistakes not only to yourself but also to your co-workers, asking their forgiveness and understanding. Leave other personalities to the guidance of their own wise, pure and loving souls.

Do not strut forward or treat your friends and group workers the way Hercules treated his friend, Abderis, who was torn to shreds by wild horses in the labor of Aries. (LOH) What you should be doing is defending those weaker than yourself while you stand alone, strong and inwardly secure. You are capable of doing this because at your best, you brook no outside interference with your higher purpose and will not be imposed upon by outside pressure or forces.

It takes a good deal of patience and fortitude to teach you anything because your own brilliant ideas and creative interpretations keep getting in the way. Let go of your preconceived ideas, special interpretations, personality integrity, unique methods and pet theories. Just because you have highlighted and underlined commentary from your Master's text it does not mean that you have understood its real meaning or his actual intention. Why do you resist so much and why is it so hard for you to let go of your own ideas when a higher insight or better way is being shown? Stop trying to personally defend yourself or prove that you know more or have superior insight and wisdom when you do not. Are you threatened or do you feel inferior when confronted with someone else's superior knowledge and hierarchical authority? This is the case, is it not, especially when the information contravenes your own opinions or is in danger of exposing your own mental defects, shortcomings, dwarfed vision, misunderstanding and limited scope? Can you honestly state that you are fully capable of unerring exposition?

There is still much of which you are unsure and would not even recognize or know to be the truth even if presented with the actual occult proof. You may be a repository of occult information, multi-talented and perhaps musically gifted, but you have not yet achieved the occult insight to be considered a "true knower". (LOS, p.421) There are as yet, critical flaws and esoteric inconsistencies in the manner of your occult thought and reasoning. You therefore still mislead, misinform and fail to include.

You have little choice but to attempt to further remove the final traces of troublesome, stubborn and uncharitable traits which impede your group work and hurt family, friends and co-workers. Whatever your mission, if you still attack and attempt to tear down those co-workers with superior ideas, you are lost. Accept the fact that it is your personality itself which still makes it hard for your peers to tolerate your presence or your group leadership. Perhaps you prefer the safe comfort of the company of your flock of sheep rather than the company of peers or superiors?

Spill out the remaining contents of your personal ego. At the advanced stage of discipleship you will finally overcome all forms of residual vanity, pride, animalism, arrogance and foolishness. As you know, the more empty of your lesser self you become the more the Greater Life of highest Spirit will pervade your consciousness, flooding your entire being with intense and radiant light. In the highest sense become truly 'opportuneless' based on your identification with the fullness of the Spirit of Life which is within, without and around you constantly.

The Sun produces born leaders who can attract followers, therefore other people seek your advice and counsel. You would not be a disciple if you had not unfolded and expressed to a measurable degree the qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, inspiration, warmth, radiance and attractiveness. Your developed sentient nature has become a powerful inner apparatus responsive to the full range of possible experience in the three worlds of human knowledge.

As a cheerful mastery over life and circumstance is displayed, you reap the rewards garnered by your ever-increasing selfless group efforts. Thankfully your fondness for exhibition and love of the limelight is being superseded by a qualified sentient ability to perceive the finer and subtler mysteries of life. Hand-in-hand with this, your superficial restlessness is being replaced by a deep penetrating study and activity in the inner world of meaning.

Learn to relax every day, refusing to interrupt that interlude of silence and stillness. Simply enjoy, relax, rest, read and think happily but let nothing permit you to break into the restful rhythm of that period. Sit still, not tense, but quiet and relaxed. If you conform to this requirement the results may be more potent than you think. It is a time for thinking about love; for pondering upon the source of disinterested, detached soul love.

Love and quietness, not resentment and restlessness, are your immediate tasks and in the achieving of these two things you will solve your major problems and best serve to liberate yourself. Silence, serenity and loving service to all without exception and without thought of self—these should be the keynotes of your life.

Elements of restlessness, resentment, self-pity, lack of trust and suspicion are perhaps yet presenting persistent problems. Substitute love for these and all will be well. You evoke love in many. You have the gift of love. Use that power to love and break your chains in order to serve with freedom and to go forward in your Master's group of disciples to greater usefulness.

You must appreciate the fact that the power of the Sun grants you the supreme ability to overcome and to rise high above your adversaries. Its rays bestow upon you the nobility, courage, power and strength to transcend the outward circumstances or the station to which you have been born. In this decan continuous positive effort, blessed by the light of the soul, is the key to your real success. The accomplished disciple works with illumination, imagination, and inspiration. Your outstanding demonstration is to be the evocation of love as sentient response to the world soul in all its many varied and diverse forms. All efforts of your personality to mislead in recognitions, retard group progress, misinterpret information and to prevent contact will be overcome before you stand initiated.

As a soul-inspired disciple you will remove the final obstacles which block the door to Initiation and succeed in penetrating to the further side of the door, where divine recognitions wait. Then and only then, will you see clearly, having released yourself from glamour and illusion in the Great Work? Standing free from maya, glamour and illusion you will have then successfully marshaled all of your forces with inspiration, insight, illumination, identification and intuition.

Although "the right of entry" is not yet yours, the hope of free admittance into the room where your Master works is a present possibility. (DINAII, p.635)  In the blazing light of the Ashram you realize that you have not yet earned the right to pass along the corridor to your Master's sanctum.

A cycle of outer service producing a readjustment of values awaits as you actively go forth into the world of men, of darkness and of pain; then and only then, can you return to the Ashram for strength to continue your work outside. What lies outside the door of the Ashram, symbolically speaking, is now of greater moment than your own success in passing along the corridor to the sanctum of your Master. What has happened to you, as both your eyes "function in the dual light," is that your sense of values has been adjusted and your own progressive satisfaction has become of less importance than what you can do to ameliorate the pain and distress of humanity. (DINAII, p.635)

When you reach this stage you will have attained the sixth step and become initiate. You can now come and go in the Ashram as soul and the need of your service in the outer world may dictate. You will have developed the sensitivity to know when, or when not, you may intrude into the presence of your Master.

You will find when you have arrived at this point, that all desire to contact the Master for your own satisfaction or help has left you. One thing only sends you on the wings of light along the corridor and empowers your hand to swing open the door, and that is world need.


Step Six: Man the Initiate

April 11th to 20th


When you reach the sixth stage you are ready to culminate your career of fiery experience under the stress and strife of Mars with initiative, persistence in execution and immense energy.

Ultimately, this step is concerned with what has been termed "death by fire" and the release of the initiate into the "centre to which we give the name Shamballa." (EA, p.98)

With the difficult objective of dispelling nothing less than the Great Illusion itself, your battleground is now the Path of Initiation and the world of Ideas; hence, the method is one of contemplation utilizing the intuition and spiritual perception.

The dissipation of the Great Illusion and the final heresy of separation occur by "holding the mind steady in the light" and meditating unceasingly with illumination, lucidity and vision. (DINAI, p.298) At-one-ment and the end of all duality is your chief goal. You are to take immediate steps to implement the highest life-purpose of your soul, and while the resultant effect may be the destruction of forms on the physical plane, this death of form is not your primary objective but only a secondary effect.

The objective within the range of your mind is the destruction of certain forms of consciousness which have here-to-fore conditioned human thinking. Creating and then anchoring a new germ or seed of livingness, you build that which can house or clothe your living Idea with its conditioning qualities, and when it has served its purpose it is definitely and deliberately destroyed, preserving only the essentials.

Perhaps one of the simplest illustrations of this principle is to cite the life example of Thomas Jefferson, who cherished Liberty above all else in every form. Jefferson vowed "eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man". (These words are engraved on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. See Jim Walker, “Thomas Jefferson on Christianity and Religion”,

The initiate removes limiting ideologies which produce potent conditioning effects in the great world religions, in world politics and all conditioning forms of human thinking. Or in the domain of religion they may found a great religious movement, as did the prophet Mahomet and the leader and lawgiver of Israel, Moses. They mold the human spirit and work with electric inspiration to promote the illimitable freedom of the human mind to explore and expose every subject susceptible of contemplation.

It is the gift of Mars, the supreme ally of the initiate, which grants the death of self-will and gives you the strength to cooperate with your life-plan as it exists in the mind of the soul. Certainly the governorship of Mars indicates that a consummating Herculean effort is necessary and unavoidable.

Through a horrific process of battle and strife involving tremendous sacrificial cost, your final victory will be won. You have been granted the power to successfully complete your divine mission and conquest on Earth. It is Mars which accounts for your unrelenting determination to achieve liberation and transcendence from the physical plane. Mars, the supreme companion in your struggle, grants you the power to overcome the fear of death and wield its destructive force with love.

It is simple to remark that life is 'One' or that there is nothing but unity. Mastering the art of revelation and in the process demonstrating that life is "loving synthesis in action," you must incontrovertibly prove that life is indeed 'One' within your consciousness. (R&I 300)

You can see that this is not a simple task. It is your difficult duty to reveal the world of significances, the world of Reality and of essential Truth. The subjective tests concern your ability to hold your mind unwaveringly under impression from the spiritual Will.

Through the attainment of steadfastness, mental equilibrium and durability are strengthened and maintained. A constant mental focus is secured which cannot countenance deviation from the predetermined method or path of approach to truth.

You are not fanatical, rather divinely inspired, a true son of Mars, at the fiery stage of white heat. The gift of the final decan is utter fearlessness. Yours is an inspired mind, a conquering mind, and through its agency all obstacles which impede your final initiation will be removed.

Mars bestows the power of limitless mental energy through the developed strength of mental perseverance. Your mind is well known for simple, clear and concise thought. You express in a definitive and decisive manner; deeds and actions are intelligently directed and powerfully controlled.

At the same time, definite plans are formulated and endless hours are spent in reflection and visualization before you proceed to act. You have learned counsel and patience, so you do not impose your will upon others but rather voluntary surrender your will to the Will of the Greater Life.

Not inclined to luxury or self-indulgence, true to the character of Mars your lot in life involves the endurance of incredible pain and austerity. Conflict, stress, strife and struggle affect you not, save to strengthen your fortitude and final spiritual resolve.

In the final stages of perfection your progress is unerring. Prudent, reasonable and cautious, you are tolerant of every individual's shortcomings and respect their right to personal freedom. Your line of least resistance is to relentlessly and one-pointedly pursue your specialized lines of inquiry to the final degree of perfection possible.

Your inner happiness and joy are based upon your ability to achieve your highest inner spiritual goals. You are generous and magnanimous.

This decan embodies the power enabling you to return to your Source. You have the power to faithfully, wisely and correctly exercise the Will of Deity on Earth. Your outstanding achievement is the demonstration of a perfectly directed inclusive idealism. A steadiness of perception has been developed through the expansion of your consciousness by the process of initiation.

Aries initiates are fully tested until they perfectly express the virtues of the Middle Way. Then and only then the reign of a true and lasting spiritual peace endures.

Your special strengths include the power of abstraction, a transcendent idealism, utter loyalty and adherence, earnestness, sincerity, profound humility, unflagging persistence, purity, goodness, one-pointedness, single-mindedness, self-sacrificial ardor, intense devotion, the power to arouse, inspire and persuade, and the power to achieve the highest possible forms of ecstasy and rapture.

A wide range of planetary experiences over countless lifetimes has resulted in abilities of superior leadership, control over forces, dominance over multitudes, mastery of the energy of death lovingly applied, and the right practice of the Will in relation to correctly guiding and directing human affairs. Refusing to lower your sights, you inspire humanity to new heights, evoking all that is best in us, shining as a beacon guiding our eager aspirations.

Your approach through meditation takes the form of a one-pointed application of sacrificial love. Bending every faculty and effort of contemplation towards that which is required, you joyously sacrifice your entire personality and then proceed further to lay your higher Self itself upon the flames of the altar. This marks the consummation of the activity of your soul.

The son of Mars, you have now become the true 'lamb of God' and under the rays of the God of War, the all-consuming glory of final death is attained. This is marked by your stupendous and complete absorption into the radiant Life Aspect, and ends all that is implied by the words appearance, form, color and Ego. Unimaginably beautiful and perfected, the spiritual life now has no further need of form. A straight continuity of consciousness comes directly into physical brain awareness.

Mars reveals to us that the outstanding virtue of the upward-moving initiate is a one-pointed, pure, intuitional recognition of the Greater Life-Plan. Life and mind can no longer be swept into motion by any other factors which have previously caused soul activity and form existence. You are well aware that your true home is not in the world of appearances. You dwell in isolated unity, the natural state of liberated and enlightened spiritual existence. Past, present and future are lost to sight in the inclusiveness of the moment, which is All. Life is now lived with utter simplicity, unlimited and unimpeded since you are liberated from the limitations of time.

You now "apprehend [That] which changes not, nor is transmitted, has not any body nor appearance, nor form, nor color, nor matter, and cannot be understood by sense." Tsongkhapa, Commentary on The Mountain of Blessings

With true understanding based upon a complete analysis of a profound world view, you may now say: "I am emptiness and emptiness me". Tsongkhapa, Commentary on The Mountain of Blessings.

The Mars decan of Aries not only inaugurates the initial Path of outgoing, but as well marks the culmination of experience upon the Cardinal Cross and the end of human experience upon the Great Wheel.

Thus my brother, travel life's Way; work in the Ashram; aid your fellow men, and know the joy of constant Service and Sacrifice. You are forever linked as a worker in the one Hierarchy and under the leadership of the Christ and his Successor in a distant century.





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