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Ray Words of Power
for the Seventh Ray

The 7th Ray vibration initiated by the Sound of its corresponding Word of Power, “ the highest and the lowest meet,” is an affirmation of the expression of the Law of Synthesis.

THE . H I G H E S T . AND . THE . L O W E S T . M E E T

2+8+5 + 8+9+7+8+5+1+2 + 1+5+4 + 2+8+5 + 3+6+5+5+1+2 + 4+5+5+2
= 118 = 10 = 1

The reduced alpha number or RAN value of the 7th Ray word of power equals the number of Life or spirit, the “1”, the first ray number and the number of perfection; a perfection brought to a consummation upon the physical plane in perfect conformity with the will of God.

The number “1”, links the 7th ray word to the 1st ray word. This is the case because the 1st ray word also has a [RAN] value of “1”. The 7th ray expresses the 1st ray on the physical plane – the 7th plane – hence, the numerical relation between the “1”, and the “7”.

(It may also be suggestive that the First and Seventh systemic planes can be considered white, esoterically violet. As well as the wholeness of the cosmic physical plane is violet; thus, it is synthesis of One Plane, the Seventh.)

The 7th Ray word is constructed of 14 positive/male or 1-3-5-7 sounds and 12 negative/female or 2-4-6 line sounds.

Significantly, the number 26 is the gematria and AN value of G-d's name:

G = ..7
O = 15
D = ..4
...... 26

This refers to the extension of the body of G-d from the center outwards with its [AN] 118 myriads. The Alpha Number value of the 7th Ray word is 118.

The number 118 also potentially stands for, in my mind, the 118 different chemical elements in the periodic table of the elements, the
building blocks of human perception.
Interestingly, one more note; element 26 is Iron, the core of the Earth, the foundation of our solar system.

The 14 or 2x7 male numbers on the 1-3-5-7 line relate to the heptet (seven) principles and planes found in nature, and is responsible for the sevenfold nature of our existence that we perceive it in our "gross'' or material state.

There are seven named and numbered colours which we occultly identify in the visible region of the light spectrum or rainbow, which allow our sense of sight, our ability to see the objects, other "sevens", around us. We can also visualize here the process of the dual centripetal and centrifugal operation (2x7) of the seven rays operating as “Breaths” on the physical plane – seven outgoing periods followed by seven ingoing periods.

The number 12 in relation to the 12 feminine numbers is symbolic of a complete 36-degree circle, form, sphere of center radiation, projection or cycle. Twelve is the number of what is completed, the outer body which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit. Thus, the number 12 represents the chief source of God's perfect government and rule.

There are six words in the Word of Power. Six is the number of the Deva evolution. It also stands for the six forces in nature, the six directions in space and the 6th principle of kundalinishakti.

We can see therefore that the six words stand for the occult fact that the number 6 best symbolizes the outer form, the instrument and expression of spirit. The number 6, as just stated, is the number of Deva evolution, the form or of manifestation, which is the agent or medium through which conscious realization comes and by which Consciousness Itself unfolds.

The entire phrase is composed of 26 sounds which when reduced equals the Master Number of Occultism, the Perfect “10,” and finally the “1,” the number of the First Ray. This indicates to us that the 7th Ray is a reflection on the physical plane of the Power Aspect working in synthesis. Ray seven is therefore, the appearance in combination of the sum total of the forces of evolution demonstrating the Fusion Of Life With Living Substance.

In relationship to the magical activity of the 7th Ray Logos, the symbolism of the number of six in relation to the six words of the phrase and the 26 sounds are profoundly occult. The number 26 can be seen as 2 times 13, which esoterically speaking, is seen as the negative side of sex. Hence, “13,” is the unlucky number. The number 26 can esoterically be spelled out as “two times sex” because there is a relation between the words six and sex. The number 26 spelled out as “two times sex” is the dual cipher of the Great Hermaphrodite, Sanat Kumura, having the two sexes within Him.

The consciousness of individual identity and the synthetic sense of
universality are fused and blended in the One symbolized by the (10 = 1). Of this “1,” the divine Hermaphrodite is the concrete symbol - the union in one of the pairs of opposites, negative and positive, Deva and human, male and female.

Sex is essentially an expression of duality, and of the separation of a unity into two aspects or halves. These we can call spirit and matter, male and female, positive and negative. Esoterically this means sex that is not used in the usual lower sense on the physical plane but is used to create in the higher worlds.

In context of the 7th Ray Magical process of Consciousness then, these numbers demonstrate to the mind that it is the higher 7th Ray magical power that will produce a final unity or homosexuality when the world cycle will have been run and the two separated halves, human and Deva will again be merged in their essential synthetic unity. I refer here to the divine Hermaphrodite, to the true androgynous man, and to the perfected human being.







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