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Ray Six - Devotion or Idealism

T H E . H I G H E S T . L I G H T . C O N T R O L S

2+8+5 + 8+9+7+8+5+1+2 + 3+9+7+8+2 + 3+6+5+2+9+6+3+1
= 119 = 11 = 2

Absolute Idealism asserts there is only one living Spirit of which all things are manifestations.

The 6th Ray Initiate knows that “substance and light” are synonymous terms and is the epitome of the most concentrated and intense embodiment of Light and an “Indicator of the Divine Purpose.”

Embodying the energies of light and illumination, the 6th Ray consciousness produces, in the inherited light of substance itself, a fusion or marriage with the intensified energy of the higher light of the soul and ultimately, the Highest Light, the Monad, producing the working through of the archetypal idea of God’s Love on to the physical plane.

Sixth Ray Initiates live redemptive lives, unfold their innate mental sensitivities, and work continuously with the world of meaning that is found behind all individual, community, national and world affairs. As this is done, the “Highest Light” progressively and increasingly shines upon their ways and controls the Life. They become light-bearers, knowing "in the light they see Light" - and so will their fellowmen.

They embody the supreme power and potency to one-pointedly focus upon the Divine Ideal and upon the formless expression of living truth.

The 6th ray is the Ray of Transcendental Idealism, the Highest Vision and of application, indicates the way direct, the mode of redemption of salvation, evokes the Will to follow, and welds the love of God.

The Sixth Ray of Devotion embodies the principle of recognition. By this I mean the capacity to see the ideal reality lying behind the form; this implies a one-pointed application of desire and of intelligence on the part of the 6th Ray disciple in order to produce an expression and manifest appearance through of that sensed idea.

The path of the 6th Ray is the way of joy and strength, the joy that works out in happiness and leads to ultimate bliss. All seemingly miraculous events are due to the Self-directed action of a divine, purified Will on Nature's finer forces, for the greatest good of all concerned. Immediately, the four words bring to light the central idea in the mind of the sixth Ray initiate of the fourfold cross, the goal, i.e., the sacrifice of the form.

Curiously, the blood is ruled by six ray Mars, and people have four blood groups.

(The Sixth Ray, ruled by Mars and Neptune, similarly show a double dual quality of first or Life Aspect (the dual Sagittarian, or astral Creative Hierarchy of the lunar lords, receives the Leonian, Heart energy, of the Blue Logos, the 1st aspect of 6 shakti.

(We can see this reflected in the blue blood in veins returning so the dual lungs' supply of oxygenated blood can be circulated via the arteries. Neptune, the Blue of the Logos, has synthesized, or recalled, the life force from the cells. Mars expells out the Red of the Sixth Ray, the effect of Desire -- which stems from the 6th Liberated Life, Gemini Kumara on the Cosmic Astral, which has as its energy the "Desire for Duality".

(Thus, red and blue, Mars and Neptune, are the outgoing and inbreathing phases of the life blood. Kundalinishakti.

(Further, along the colour line, 1 can be considered both red and blue. Both Mars and Neptune are 'of the will', in their relation to desire, and the astral waters of life, and as being activated by the energy of the Leonian heart, the Sun, our Blue Logos. This is Neptune's rule, as well. And as the cosmic astral. Connection to 'the highest light controls', therefore, refers to the 'higher, synthesized 'been there done that' BLUE - 1 - Neptune Will of Love and Compassion', as well as, upon the earlier stages of evolution, the highest light that first controls is the 'gotta get it now, get oxygen to the needy cells', RED -1-Mars reflected Desire for Duality; procreation and the 'will to live'.

(This waxing and waning red-blue duality is paired with the 9. Nine is of White Light (as black is the 0 or 8). Nine is the resolver, a synthesizer, like Neptune, and it 'enlightens'. White light or pigment will always 'lighten' a mix, and cause more light to be admitted or reflected. Nine is the white light aspect of the Green Third Ray, that contains all colours or aspects of consciousness, yet, is unchanged itself. Numerologically, the "9" never changes the final number's quality. Thus, while the White 9 is in conjunction with the red '1" and the blue "1", its purpose is to enlighten, not change each: The harshness of red desire becomes the rose of Love, the fruit of Man, pinks of sunrise.).


The mark of the 6th ray Savior is the cross and the quality of the salvation offered has been freedom from substance, or the lure of matter and from its hold symbolized by the “2,” the RAN value of the phrase.

The number “2,” remind us, in the final analysis, that all of what has been formed in the universe subsists of male and female. Again, note; the four words of the phrase reduce to the “2”. (4+2=6)

Here again we can see the 6th ray is on the 2-4-6 Ray line and it is indicated as predominant and specially highlighted. Two stands as the symbol of sexuality since 2 represents the division of the “1,” or unit in male and female.

In the 6th ray word the "2" can also be seen to aptly stand for the 2 pairs of homologous Chromosomes. I will now explain this. The sixth ray, as we know, is linked via its corresponding center with the 6th or sacral center and, therefore, with sex, Gestation of forms, reproduction and procreation. A significant correlation to the number 23 is that it takes 23 seconds for the blood (Mars/6th ray) to circulate through the body. I think, the number 23 is also uniquely illustrated by the fact that the human body has 46 chromosomes, which are paired, in somatic cells. Generative cells have half this number, 23 which is the number of chromosomes each parents gives to human deoxyribonucleic acid. The ovule and the spermatozoon are composed both of 23 Chromosomes, i.e., a Chromosome is “a very long DNA molecule and associated proteins, that carry portions of the hereditary information of an organism.”

The number 23 is also illuminating because it can be seen to represent "the principle of organization the “3,” acting on the differentiation of the world in spirit and matter the “2,” to allow precisely the incarnation of the spirit in the matter. Possessed by a strength that knows naught but victory and higher union, the 6th Ray Initiate consciousness will not recognize disaster.

This is a vital observation of 6th Ray consciousness because the 6th Word is composed of four words with 23 letters that reduce to the [AN] value of, first, “119”.

This is highly significant because, in reverse, that is, on the lower side, it ciphers the three infamous (6th ray) digits of crisis, violence and disaster - 911.

In other words, crisis, mayhem and disaster will definitely come and are an implicit aspect of 6th Ray consciousness crisis management process. (See the Sixth Ray Technique of Healing for suggestive correlations.)

Reflect on this psychological nuance into the advanced 6th Ray consciousness and better appreciate the embodied potency and indefatigable power of the 6th Ray initiates and disciples working, at this time, in the field of world politics under the department of the Manu.

On the higher side, so to speak, digits “1,” and “9,” are the two respective sacred numbers of the Father and the Mother, that is, the first and the third Rays of Divinity.

Digit “1,” stands for the male principle and the "9" stands for the Body or Sacred Figure of the feminine. Together the “1,” and the “9,” are seen to furnish the vehicle through which the descent of the Holy Spirit may be manifested.

Let us further examine the significances of the “two sets” of two “11” in the [AN] values of the Word of Power.

By the way, I should also highlight the fact that we can clearly note the appearance of six power “1’s” in the 6th Ray word’s formulaic numerical pattern. (Also note the First, Leo, or also numbered Sixth, Creative Hierarchy's method of working through its first aspect of the sixth shakti, into the astral, Sagittarian, 6th Ray dominant Creative Hierarchy and it's energy, which is kundalinishakti. vs)

The two digits in sequence, the "11" indicates that the Spirit of Life is from a spiritual potency above the whole of the form and that the Life of the Father repeats itself in its progeny via the “9” of the feminine Mother.

The number “1,”is the symbol of the "Germinal Cell" with all its material potentialities. Figure "1", is then, the chief symbol of the seed, the spark of Life itself planted or fecundated in matter, substance and form.

Its primal function is to create, build and to preserve forms of life, hence, the figure of the "1" is the chief symbol of the dynamic seminal essence of the Logos creating Life forms and reveals that the Logoic prana or life force is most strongly concentrated in the seed or germ of star, planet, man, animal or plant life.

The "1" indicates to us that the seminal essence of the Logos is the purest and most intensely concentrated Life. The figure "1" here, then, stands for the "Spiritual Plasma", the immortal portion of the Logoic Body developing through means of a process of successive assimilations. Its Sacred Body is seen as embodying the qualities of the germ that develops the foetus that preexists in the parent, the final development and characteristic of that germ awaiting only the right conditions and being developed in Nature. Every Seed or Germ is an ethereal organism, from which evolves a celestial Being, a God.

The “11” best stands for "One set apart", the initiate standing alone with his God, numerically spelled out as: 10 + 1 = 11.

This indicates the 6th Ray initiate is a "Light to Lighten the World", a pattern for all men to copy through self-sacrifice, indefatigable labor, purity of life and purpose, intense love and unremitting service for others, for the acceptance and radiation of that divine light we call the Christ, symbolized by the final “2” in and through His whole nature, and which made of Him. We see therefore that the “2,” best stands for the love of the Christ that is in us all.







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