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The 1st Ray "Word of Power"


3 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 9 = 41 = 5



9 + 1+1+1+5+9+2 + 2+8+5 + 6+1+3+2 = 55 = 10 = 1


"It is this divine assertion which holds the universe in being; it is this divine assertion which is the embodied summation of all knowledge and love" (D.K.)

"The point I wish to make is that no particular word is going to be given by me, because it would be useless. The OM is useless to most people, even though trained students may now be deriving benefit from its use. This general uselessness is caused not only because people do not use the Word correctly, but also because, even when using it they are not holding its significance firmly in their consciousness. So it is with a Word of Power.

Of what use would it be if I attempted to give the Word of the first ray, which looks (when presented in its symbolic written form) something like this -Ukrtapklsti? Certain sounds in this word-form are omitted because there is no way of depicting them, since they are neither vowels nor consonants. Correctly sounded, the above forms three words. But I can give, as far as possible, the English equivalent in meaning, and it is this meaning which I ask you to have in mind as you mentally utter the sound or Word of Power and visually attempt to see it performing the esoteric miracle of bridge building."

"The first ray disciple has, therefore, to meet the requirements to the best of his ability and to follow the four stages of the technique of projection (pages 489-493, 509). When he has faithfully followed this outlined routine, personality and soul fusion has to be consciously attempted and to some measure achieved, and then these blended factors are held steady in the triadal light. Another point of focused intention is now brought about, resulting in a new and still more dynamic tension. In the completed silence which results, the act of projecting the antahkarana is performed, [R&I,515] and it is then carried forward on the impetus of a Word of Power.

The symbolism connected with this lies behind the Masonic usage of the words, translated into English, "So mote it be," uttered with the right handstretched forth and signifying the embodied will of the Lodge, itself a symbol of the Will and Purpose of the Most High." "The meaning of the Word of Power to be used at this point of accomplished projection might be summed up in the words: "I assert the Fact." This is the nearest form I can give you for the word-form earlier mentioned. A little deep reflection on these words will show that if uttered with an understanding of their meaning, they are of terrific potency. The disciple who utters them assumes and then asserts:

1.The Spiritual Triad is a fact.

2.The relation between the fused and blended personality and the soul is a fact.

3.The antahkarana is also a fact.

4.The dual expression of the basic duality of manifestation - personality or form and Monad or Spirit - is a fact.

5.The will of the Monad is the factor to be evoked.

6.The knowing, purposeful One can be depended upon to contact the instrument of its will upon the physical plane.

7.The work is done. This factual assumption is not faith, but knowledge and conviction, and upon this realized conviction the disciple rests, acts and depends. It becomes an unalterable and unchangeable attitude.

The meaning of the above sevenfold statement will become clearer if the disciple will ponder the distinction between faith and conviction. It is this divine assertion which holds the universe in being; it is this divine assertion which is the embodied summation of all knowledge and love, and the first ray disciple must begin to use this technique, resting back upon his divine prerogative of assertion. Ponder on this statement. It is the technique of Shamballa and the established right, prerogative and privilege of all first ray souls. [R&I516]



3+2+9 + 2+1+7 + 2+3+1+2+9 = (4+1) = 5

The 1st ray word of power, UKRTAPKLSTI is composed of 11 sounds that are arranged into three words. UKR TAP KLSTI

Initially, it will be wise here for the student to differentiate carefully in his mind between words and sounds. The Word veils the thought or intended idea or purpose, and the sound makes it possible to manifest in matter of some kind, on one or other of the seven planes.

With this preliminary thought in mind, I submit the following arrangement of three words but invite earnest students, if they wish, to experiment for themselves with other possible orders of the letters and the pronunciation of the three words: UKR TAP KLSTI



5 + 10 + 8

The numerical value of the three letters of the first word: the "I", is "5", the number of self-consciousness, the number of man, the sacred number of the 2nd ray and the [Reduced Alpha Number] value of the 11 sounds of the word UKRTAPKLSTI.

The opening word of the threefold phrase, the UKR or "I", carries the value and potency of the "5", or the combined "11" sounds.

The first two sounds of the first word embodies the potencies of the "5", as (3+2=5). This is the union of knowledge, the "3" or "U", and of love, the "2" or "K".

Remember; embodied in this divine assertion is the "summation of all knowledge and love" and its source - Universal Mind.

This numerical sequence sums up the process of using knowledge and wisdom or love in reference to the conscious self-aware Identity, or to the self-contained, self-initiating Individual.

These three numbers sum up the process of the expansion of the duad, the "2", of the fused and blended personality and soul consciousness of the initiate into that of the Spiritual Triad, the "3", and is completely consummated at the fifth, the "5", initiation.

It must be remembered that intelligence, the "3", and love, the "2", have been ever present upon Earth, the first in greater degree than the second, and that the task of all higher initiates is to anchor, organize, and implement these divine aspects, energies, attributes, and to further their development within the body of the planetary Logos.

The initiate's task is to weave his antahkarana with the planetary antahkarana with a thread of living substance, irradiated by love, intelligently woven and energized by will.

The initiate knows the process of building the antahkarana is one of the means whereby man, the trinity, the "3", becomes a duality, the "2". When the task is completed and the antahkarana is definitely built - thus producing perfect alignment between the Monad and its expression upon the physical plane - the body of the soul (the causal body) is completely and finally destroyed by the fire of the Monad, pouring down the antahkarana.

The "2", and the "3", best stand for the technique for producing the highest form of dualism and of eliminating the threefold expression of divinity, thereby intensifying the divine expression and bringing the initiate nearer to his ultimate goal.


The three letters of the 2nd word "TAP" embody the value of the first ray, the "10".

T=2 + A=1 + P=7 = 10

Correspondingly, its anglo saxon translation "assert" also has a value of "10", as 1+1+1+5+9+2 = 19 = 10

The enunciation of the one syllable word, TAP, carries the "hammerhead" potency of the first ray assertion. (Vulcanian)

It is significant to note the first two words contain the potency of the mathematical rates of vibration of the 1st and 2nd major rays of aspect.

Significantly we know that only the two major rays are largely the goal of human endeavor, the first ray and the second rays.

The symbolism of these two numbers connects in our minds the idea that the initiate comes under the impression of the Hierarchy, the planetary heart center, and at that point he begins to express the combined energies of the intelligence and of love; finally, on the Path of Initiation, he comes under the impression of Shamballa, the planetary head center, and becomes a participant in the divine Purpose and an Agent of the divine Plan.

Keep in mind; the initiate of high degree works with monadic energy and not soul force. He works with the soul aspect and through the power of monadic energy, using the antahkarana as a distributing agency.

The symbolism of the sacred numbers of the two major rays here links in our minds the idea that initiate has linked up the two major centers into one synthetic instrument. He expresses will and love blended in harmonious service.

These two sacred numbers also stand as the the occult values for man, the "5" and of God, the "10". The value of man is one half of that of God - the "Perfect 10".

The symbolism of the numerical value of the third word which equals the "8" reveals the factual nature of the eternal dual relation between man and God, Consciousness and Life, the monad and the soul.

The 1st and 2nd rays relate to the two major centers - the head and the heart.


The third word is the five letter "KLSTI": 2+3+1+2+9 =17 = 8.

Again, this five letter third word opens with the root of the "5",
as KL: (K=2) + (L=3) = 5

The "1" of the "S", falls in the middle place of the 3rd word between the "5" (of the dual "KL" opening sound), and the "11" (of the dual "TI" closing sound, as TI: (T=2) + (I=9) = 11).

The five letter word KLSTI translates into the anglo saxon word "fact" a 5th ray scientific word.

Number "8" is the sacred number of the 5th ray as the root numbers of the ray are the "3" and the "5", which when added together yield the "8" (3+5=8).

The numerical values of the three words:

the "5", of the UKR
the "10", of TAP
the "8" of KLSTI

reduce to the formula 2+3 = 5, (as 5+10+8 = 23 = 2+3 = 5).

Again, the same idea - love and knowledge are the summation of universal mind.

The [Alpha Number] value of KLSTI is "17".

The "1", and the "7", embrace the highest and the lowest and represent the synthesis of the seven planes of consciousness.

The idea represented here is the occult fact that the monad is directly related via the antahkarana to the fully conscious soul on the physical plane.


Let me continue now with an analysis of the occult significance of the number "11".

In the first place, "11", it is a dual symbol, as we know, composed of two "1's" placed in relations side by side. Cipher "1", is the chief symbol of the Universal-Unit, the Male-God and the Father Ray. It symbolizes the will of the monad and the pinnacle of spiritual vision, the governing principle, strength, justice, truth and divine comprehension of the Plan. The "1", embodies the beauty of the idea of the Creative Logos, the ultimate glory of the intelligent arrangement of the Power and the majesty of the ordered forces fused and blended.

Keeping this thought ever first in mind, let us now proceed with an analysis of the "11" sounds of the 1st ray word of power:

U K R T A P K L S T I 3+2+9+ 2+1+7+ 2+3+1+2+9 = (4+1) = 5

In their esoteric combination, the "11" sounds produce the keynote sound of the threefold word phrase, the sacred "5", the note of the ray of Love-Wisdom, the number of the one universal soul in its many aspects. This indicates that the quality of the approach that the initiate brings to the work is drawn, as pure energy, from the heart center of the planetary Logos; it is pure love with its inevitable corollaries, wisdom and understanding. The "5", best symbolizes and stands for the fact that the work of the initiate is carried forward within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind. These give him insight into the plan. The power that he can bring to the task is drawn from his comprehension of the purpose of the planetary Logos.

The initiate cooperates with that purpose in full understanding and intention. He now knows. He sees; he participates in the Plan; he relates himself to the Will of Sanat Kumura through an understanding and he makes the divine Intention his, as far as he can grasp it. Esoterically the "5" is always viewed in the Pythagorean system as the product of the union of knowledge and love as (3+2=5).

The number sacred "5", in relation to the word of power connotes in the initiate's mind that it is the "divine assertion" of Love that holds the universe in being and it is the embodied summation of all universal knowledge and love. The "5" is the outstanding symbol for the Universal Mind of the Logos which is occupied with the first formulation of the Plan upon which the Ideal Form of is constructed and the Divine Idea materialized.

The geometrical figure or objective body of the "5", is the pentagram. It stands for the quintessence of the Logos spread in every direction and forming all Matter. The supernal radiance of the "5" reveals beauty in relationship making it the blending number, the Light-bringer, or light-carrier.

It is the Universal Mind of the Logos, symbolized by the "5", which reveals the Love, and brings into rule the monadic or spirit aspect stimulating the inner soul of all forms. Inexpressible revelations come to the initiate who can penetrate into the mind of Sanat Kumura in certain high places where the nature of the divine Will suddenly assumes a different and amazing significance, where the purposes being worked out in the Council Chamber of Shamballa are suddenly contacted with tremendous inspiration; then, the initiate is consciously receptive to the energy pouring into the Hierarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius, the source of the second cosmic Ray of Love and of Fire symbolized, again by the "5".

Love is then blended with wisdom and this developed sense of universality indicates, when present, a measure of monadic inflow. Number "5", therefore represents the "light of knowledge" the first "great lighted area" which the initiate can grasp is the "circle of the Mind of God." Five are the mountain peaks that the initiate must ascend. At each peak he receives five times the light.

The formula from "The Old Commentary" runs, "Five to five and so from five to five till five fives have brought him light."

Seven of the sounds are on the first ray line of will, intelligence and organization: the "3", "9", "1", "7", "3", "1", "9".

Four of the sounds are on 2-4-6 line of consciousness. These are the first "K", and "T", and the second "K", and "T".

Number "2" is the cipher of the second ray and the embodiment of the dual energy of Love. Within the "word of power" this highly symbolical series of the four digit "2's", forms a separate quaternary composed of two duads. The series of four "2's" connote that the whole evolutionary scheme is based upon a series of ascensions. That are the result of the process, of the dual technique or method of invocation by the" lesser" individual and the evocation of that which is "greater", more inclusive and more enlightened.

The note of Love is the dominant note of the entire threefold phrase. The Way of the Higher Evolution has exists in two distinctive phases, as does the Lighted Way. In the early stages of the unfoldment of the Christ consciousness is the goal. This is consummated at he Transfiguration.

During the first stage leding up until the third initiation the initiate-disciples pass along the first part of the Path of Discipleship.

In the treading the second stage, the Way of the Higher Evolution, the initiate-disciple treads the Way of Antahkarana and the Way of the Higher Initiations with consequent expansions of consciousness. These new levels reveal to the initiate the nature of the soul, the scope (widespread and universal) of the divine consciousness, and his relation to the Father, the Monad. They enable him to become the soul, symbolized by the "8", in manifestation to such an extent that his awareness is definitely and unalterably that of the soul; at the fourth initiation the soul-body, the causal vehicle, is no longer needed, and is entirely destroyed, leaving the initiate free to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution.

The Christ consciousness, symbolized by the "8", manifesting in its fullness the nature of love, the "2", permits the full expression of love-wisdom in its dual aspects. The higher initiate demonstrates within himself two divine aspects, thus giving "shape and substance to love".

The dual life of the initiate is revealed both through his Spiritual Triad and his soul-infused personality as they unitedly prove the livingness of the divine Love-Nature. As this revelation takes hold of the initiate's consciousness it initiates him into that mysterious area of the divine consciousness which we call the "Heart of God"; this is our planetary correspondence to the "Heart of the Sun."

The heart of God, i.e., of our planetary Logos, and the heart of the Sun, i.e., the solar Logos, are mysteriously related, and it is through this sustained relation that it becomes possible for human beings to enter the Hierarchy, symbolized by the "8", the expression of the energy of love, the "2".

The idea of duality, the "2", ever enters into the initiate mental perception:

1. The awareness of the lighted area from which one comes to the point of tension or of initiation.

2. A discovery of a new and more brilliantly lighted area into which one may now enter.It is the recognition of the successive series of "lighted recognitions" upon the Lighted Way that is signified.

The initiate enters into a series of sequential recognition of light of love; this light permeates his nature and enables him to contact and see the hitherto unseen, and on the basis of the newly acquired knowledge to direct his steps still further. What is indicated is a constant fusion of the lights, progressively entered, thus enabling the initiate to see further, deeper and more inclusively. The initiate life of dual activity is based, at any moment of endeavor, upon what he can fuse and blend of this sum total of his achieved development.

The potency of his thinking along these dual lines will automatically produce the point of tension, through the medium of the fusion of the appropriate dualities. It is through the activity established between higher and lower mind that fusion with the Spiritual Triad becomes possible, with points of tension arising at many points along the bridge, the antahkarana; it is through the activity of pure reason that fusion with the Hierarchy, the "8", becomes possible, and it is that which produces those points of tension which we call Initiations. Light may enter your mind in this connection if you will constantly bear in mind the essential duality of manifestation itself; the negative and the positive poles present within the consciousness of every form.

The achieved point of fusion (the result of active and positive work and effort) is rendered negative to that which is being invoked, and by this means another and positive point of tension can be achieved. Initiation connotes essentially the fusion of the negative and the positive aspects. Owing to this, in all initiatory processes, it is the will of the initiate which is active and which produces, first of all, a fusion and (as a consequence) the appearance of a point of tension. The true dualism of the divine nature becomes fully apparent and the illusory duality disappears. Then you have Spirit-matter, Life-form.

For this the triple experience of the unfolding consciousness is only preparatory. Through the unfolding consciousness, the initiate knows the significance of life and the uses of form, but stands completely unidentified with either, though blending these dualities in himself into a conscious synthesis.

This makes the link between the lower and the higher minds, between spirit and matter and between Monad and personality a definite and existent fact. Duality then supervenes upon triplicity, and the potency of the central nucleus in the egoic vehicle destroys - at the fourth initiation - the three surrounding expressions. They disappear, and then the so-called destruction of the causal body has taken place. This is the true "second death" - death to form altogether.

The value of the sounds on the 1st ray line (3+9+1+7+3+1+9=33=6) - is "33", or (3+3=6) "6". These are the sounds that implement, organize, synthesize and anchor the creative energies into ceremonial manifestation grounding them on earth.

The "7" numbers reduce to the "6", and represent the antahkarana that connects the threefold monad, the first "3", with the threefold personality, the second "3".

Technically, and upon the Path of Discipleship, the antahkarana is the bridge between the personality in its three aspects and the monad and its three aspects. It is the product of the united effort of soul and personality, working together consciously to produce this bridge. When it is completed, there is a perfect rapport between the monad and its physical plane expression, the initiate in the outer world.

The numbers "3", and "6", also signify the three major threads of the antahkarana, which are in reality six, if the creative thread is differentiated into its component parts. The three dual threads embody past and present experience and are so recognized by the initiate.

The revelation accorded to the 1st ray initiate through the use of the 1st ray "word of power" is in reality, related to his identification with God Immanent, to God in form, to God in the human heart, and to that veiled and hidden supreme Reality which inspires all existence and which is for ever "Consciousness" aware of itself.

The initiate has progressed into the penetration first into the Mind of God, then into the Heart of God, and lastly into the Purpose of Sanat Kumura. This attainment lifts the initiate into ever widening spheres of "lighted consciousness," and this makes him " one of the Agents of the Light." The lighted areas of being which otherwise remain unknown, and therefore hidden are known.

The advanced initiate of the 1st ray creates light; he employs light; he has discovered the greater lights which serve to reveal the Purpose of Sanat Kumura. He has found the guiding light of universal mind within that reveals those brighter lights which usher in the process of 1st ray revelation.

The [AN] value of the word of power of the 1st ray is "41".

What ideas does this connote in the mind of the initiate?

It connotes that the initiate recognizes "the four that constitute the One." In other words, the quaternary that he must know and know well is that which he is essentially himself:

1. Physical body, astral nature, mind and soul.
2. Soul, mind, brain and the outer world of forces.
3. Spirit, soul and body within the great Whole.

This presupposes real spiritual attainment and the capacity, therefore, to function as a soul. Until this has been achieved, one cannot meditate effectively on the words of power.

Second, he must recognize "the city that stands foursquare." He must understand the meaning, of "man, the cube", and this in three ways:

1. Himself as a human being.
2. His fellow man in relation to himself and the Whole.
3. The fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom, viewing that entire kingdom as an entity, an organized life functioning on the physical plane, indwelt by soul, animated by spirit.

We have, consequently, with these four, "4", added to the first one, the '1", spiritual attainment, five of the qualifications of the white magician.

There is also a direct connection between the four stages of the Path of Return:

a. The stage of evolution itself.

b. The stage of the Probationary Path.

c. The stage of the Path of Discipleship

d. The stage of the Path of Initiation. Yet it is one, the "1", and the same entity which participates in and is responsible for all the differentiated aspects, steps and stages - experimenting, experiencing and expressing consciously in every one of these stages or modes of life, until the fourth initiation.

"Then consciousness itself gives place to life, and yet remains itself. To the above statement, add the fact that it is the fourth kingdom in nature which undergoes all that is indicated above and is conditioned by the four aspects of the one sutratma - (4+1=5). Once this is grasped, the beauty of the symbolism and the numerological relationships emerge significantly."

Man then indeed becomes the Cross. When, however, he succeeds in constructing the rainbow bridge then finally the Cross gives place to the line. This takes place after the fourth initiation - that of the Crucifixion. There remains then only the vertical line "reaching from Heaven to Hell."

The "4", also refers to a higher quaternary dealt with in symbolism here:

1. The Monad.

2. The Soul relates the initiate to the Love of God, to the consciousness aspect of Deity, to the Hierarchy as a whole, entering it through the Ashram of the Master Who has aided him to take initiation.

3. The Personality relates the initiate to the Mind of God, to the intelligence principle of the planetary Life, to humanity as a whole.

4. The Life aspect of the planet, or that great ocean of forces in which all these three aspects live and move and have their being, relates the initiate to that Life which works out through Shamballa, through the Hierarchy and through Humanity, thus forming part of the great sumtotal of manifestation.


The number "41" connotes in the initiate's mind the 2nd sub-plane of the 2nd or Monadic plane from out of the 49 total planes. This is highly symbolic and significant to note.

The 41st plane corresponds to the indigo subray of the indigo Ray and this forms the path of least resistance from the heart of densest matter back again to the source.

The true indigo is the blue of the vault of heaven and it is the culmination, and at the attainment of the initiate of synthesis,. Hence the color indigo corresponds to what the sky nightly proclaims. Indigo absorbs.

The synthetic ray is indigo, or a deep blue. It is the Ray of Love and Wisdom, the great fundamental ray of this present solar system, and is one of the cosmic rays.

The number "41" corresponds to the plane of Indigo-indigo, the second sub-ray of Love and Wisdom and finds its great expression on the second monadic plane, and its major manifestation in the monads of love.

The majority of the Monads in our solar system are on the second sub-plane and they are the Monads of love. The anupadaka or monadic plane is the plane of the (son), the 2nd ether, electric light and the akasha. It is vital to realize that it is on the 41st sub-plane - second sub-plane of the monadic plane - that the majority of the Monads have their habitat.

There is a direct channel, as we know, between the atomic sub-plane on each plane. This is true of each sub-plane and its corresponding higher sub-plane numerically, and there is, therefore, a direct and quite expansive channel between the second sub-plane on all planes, enabling the Monads of love to link up with peculiar facility with all their vehicles when composed of second sub-plane matter.

After initiation, the causal body is found on the second subplane of the mental plane, and monadic control then commences. The Monads of love return (after life in the three worlds and the attainment of the goal) to their originating second sub-plane. The Synthetic Ray which blends them all is the great Love-Wisdom Ray, for "God is Love."

The seven Rays are likewise but the seven sub-rays of the 2nd cosmic Ray. The 2nd Ray is the indigo Ray, and is the blending Ray. It is the one which will, at the end of the greater cycle, absorb the others in the achievement of synthetic perfection. It is the manifestation of the second aspect of Logoic life. It is this aspect, that of the Form-Builder, that makes this solar system of ours the most concrete of the three major systems.

The Love or Wisdom aspect demonstrates through the building of the form, for "God is Love," and in that God of Love we "live and move and have our being," and will to the end of manvantaric manifestation. Love was the source, love is the goal, and love the method of attainment.

But specially note, that on this planet the Lord of Love and Power, the first Kumara, is the focal point for all three departments. He is the One Initiator, and whether the initiate works on the line of power, or on the line of love, or on the line of intelligence, he must finally find his goal on the synthetic Indigo Ray of Love and Wisdom. He must be love, and manifest it forth, but it may be love working through power, it may be love in harmony, or love working through knowledge, through ceremonial or devotion, or it may be just pure love and wisdom, blending all the others.

Correspondingly, it is vitally significant to note that Shamballa exists in the matter of the second physical ether, the focal point for the energy of the Lord of the World, the distributor of the love and wisdom of the Deity.

It is true therefore that Shamballa is primarily second ray as it is expressed, because that is the ray of the present solar system of which Shamballa is a part; and that the first ray, or its dynamic life aspect, is focused in the heart, for the heart is the center of life. (As Electric Fire is Cosmic Buddhi, found at the heart of every 'atom'.)


The symbolism of the "5" is also connected with the occult truth that evolution is fivefold of man and in this solar system, the two remaining rounds in any planetary cycle, in those cycles are always synthetic; their function is to gather up and synthesize that which has been achieved in the earlier five.

The analogy lies in the fact that in this solar system the two higher planes (the logoic and the monadic) are synthetic. One is the synthesizing plane for the Logos from whence He abstracts the essence in manifestation; the other for the Monad, from whence the Monad abstracts and garners the fruits of objectivity. When he asserts his divine prerogative to say UKRTAPKLSTI or "I assert the fact", these ideas and many others are evoked by the 11 sounds of the three words that produce the "41" or "5", in the mind of the initiate.

This WORD, if carefully considered and studied for a number of years, will become the key means of which the purpose of Sanat Kumura and major aspects of His creative process come to the mind of the initiate, plus revelation as to the "divine objectives", which are wider and of greater and richer implication than has yet been realized.

The meaning of the "11", sounds of UKRTAPKLSTI are not easy to grasp and interpret, because it is only the activity of the higher mind and the spiritual intuition which enables the initiate to understand and move forward into the new impulsive monadic arena .


Let me now continue with an analysis of the anglo saxon translation of the 1st Ray Word. I will also contrast and compare its numerological meaning and significances with its ancient senza counterpart.



9 + 1+1+1+5+9+2 + 2+8+5 + 6+1+3+2 = 55 = 10 = 1

The tonal value of the 1st ray word is, fittingly enough, the sacred number of the 1st ray itself, the "Perfect 10", or the "1".

The "1" signifies the fact that the 1st ray disciple rests back upon his divine prerogative of assertion. It is the technique of Shamballa itself and the established right, prerogative and privilege of all first ray souls.

The 1st Ray Word is composed of 14 sounds which brings to mind the idea of the completed dual septenate, the (2x7=14) of a completed cycle.

The "55", relates the anglo saxon word to its senza counterpart. In the relationship of the "5", to the "10", lies hid the meaning.

The initiate understands the nature of the soul, symbolized by the "5", the scope (widespread and universal) of the divine consciousness, and his relation to the Father, the Monad, the "10". This entails the bringing through of pure divine will and the relating of the spiritual Hierarchy to the great Council at Shamballa.

It will be apparent to you - from stage to stage - the task is the complete revelation of humanity to the Hierarchy and of the Hierarchy to Shamballa accomplished by virtue of a completely finished and constructed antahkarana.




First Ray Rishi

Just as the Cosmic Monad is the sumtotal of all the three aspects, and of the seven principles of of the OAWNMBS, so is the cosmic Head center a replica of this, and has within its sphere of influence seven other Master head centers with itself for synthesis.

These seven Rish/star centers are likewise divided into the three major and the four minor centers. First Ray Rishi MARICHI is the positioned at the FIRST star in the TRIAD of three handle stars of the Sapta Rishi. Just fainter than the 5th Ray Rishi KRATHU, the front square star of the Sapta Rishi, the second magnitude star of MARICHI is the second brightest star in the constellation.

Al Biruni gives the name of the first Rishi as Marichi "A ray of light." one of the Seven Rishis of India, sons of Brahma. Marichi was father of Surya, the Sun. Marichi is the chief of the Marutas. The Marutas are armed with lightnings and thunderbolts, and ride on the whirlwind and direct the storm; all very fitting first ray symbolism as we shall shortly discover and more.

First ray rishi MARICHI is, in direct correspondence with the first ray, exactly 100 light years away. With a surface temperature of about 20,000 degrees Kelvin, is one of the hotter stars that can be seen with the naked eye, and therefore glows to us a soft blue-white. With a surface temperature of about 20,000 degrees Kelvin, is one of the hotter stars that can be seen with the naked eye, and therefore glows to us a soft blue-white. Like the Sun, it is a "main-sequence" star that shines by fusing hydrogen into helium in its core. However its mass of six times that of the Sun renders it both hotter and over 700 times more luminous. Were Rishi star MARICHI our Sun, we would have to be 25 times farther away to survive, almost to the orbit of Neptune.

This 1st ray extra-cosmic head center within the head center of the OAWNMBS is just below the temperature limit at which stars produce strong X-rays as a result of shock waves in their winds, and is therefore only a weak source of X-rays. I would also like to remind you of the occult fact that the cosmic Head center in the Head, is the positive pole to all the other six centers.



4 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 + 8 + 9 = (4+3) = 7

Rishi MARICHI's name is composed of seven sounds that equal the sacred "7" of the SEVEN RISHIS of the SAPTA RISHI.

Note how the seven key sounds of the 1st ray Lord's name numerical construction replicates that of the Great Bear with its the 3 primary triad or handle stars and the 4 minor square stars), as the [AN] value of MARICHI 43 which reduces to 4+3=7. This sequence of numbers are the ARCHETYPICAL "Sacred Numbers" according to H.P.B., of LIFE, LIGHT AND UNION in this our special MAHAMANVANTARA.

The master Rishi of the cosmic Head Center itself, has, in His name, replicated the prototypical construction of the cosmic Head center and the Sapta Rishi Himself.









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