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Senzar, Sanskrit, and the Name of Sanat Kumara

H.P.B., informs us that SENZAR is the "MOTHER-SANSKRIT and was brought from Venus by the Great Kumaras. He goes on to say "at one time Senzar was universal and from it the Stanzas of Dzyan were translated." (dan=numbers)

In context then, the occult relevency and supreme importance of the sanskrit names of the Lords of Shamballa becomes immediately transparent and lucid.

Such age-old symbols as the Circle, Cross, Tau, Svastika, Triangle, Quaternary, Pentagon, etc., were important chartacters of the ancient script. The name SANSKRIT itself means "carefully and accurately fabricated, polished, finished"].

It is the ancient Aryan language of India from which are derived the modern Aryan tongues and is called the "language of the gods" because of its hidden potencies. By the way, have you ever noticed that the abbreviation of sanskrit is (SK)?

The secret sacerdotal language of sanskrit then is pre-eminently "our" mystery languages. I remind you; sanskrit letters or sounds carry an occult mantric vibration and potency not carried by other modern languages.

The 11 letters of the sanskrit name of Sanat Kumara contain the corresponding 5 letters of the name of SUKRA, the name of 5th ray Logos Venus in sanskrit.

Perhap this should not surprise us and is only logical. Venus or SUKRA is the spiritual "root", technically speaking, of S.K., His primary spiritual prototype. The root sound of the [postulated] three letters in the first syllable of the name of S.K. - (SUK) - and the three first letters of Venus or SUKRA may in fact be identical.

Please note as well that the word SANA is the sanskrit name for the planet Saturn. We can see how closely the first word SANAT in the name of S.K., resembles SANA as it is only lacking the 2nd ray tone of the "t". The annagram of Sanat Kumara contains both sanskrit names of Saturn and Venus.

Again, I ask you: should this be a surprise? please keep in mind; this only goes to securely identify the close relationship between the triad of planets Saturn, Venus and the Earth as all are unitedly the three aspects, mental, astral and physical of the Personality of the Logos of Saturn. Once again, we know, of course, that the given sanskrit name for our KING, Sanat Kumara is not His true name. Still, several important hidden keys are contained in the annagram of His exoterically given name as I will now proceed to demonstrate, prove and show.

SANAT contains 5 sounds which equal 1, and KUMARA has 6 sounds which equal a value of 2. (1+2=3), the Monadic, soul and personality rays of S.K.

The value of the letters in the names of Sanat + Kumara are "11" as (5+6=11). These numbers stand for the resolution of the six-pointed star into the five-pointed star; "this is a great mystery, and concerns Sanat Kumara alone".

In the merging of the five and the six you have the totality of manifestation, the male and female blended in the Divine Hermaphrodite, Sanat Kumara. In the planes of the Triad human and deva evolution are a unity, producing the Divine Hermaphrodite, Sanat Kumara. Self-conscious human units embody the three aspects of His divinity and the conscious deva units embody His divine attributes. The two, blended together, form the body of manifestation, the centers and substance of Sanat Kumara.

D.K. tells us that three letters or sounds construct the first syllable of the true name of Sanat Kumara. The first letter of the name given at the 5th initiation embodies the potency of the 1st ray, the second letter or sound, given at the 6th, the 3rd ray and the third sound and letter at the 7th, the potency of the 2nd ray.

1st ray sounds: A J S

3rd ray sounds: C L U

2nd ray sounds: B K T

Significantly, the letters "S", and "K", equal 1st and 2nd ray sounds so perhaps it is only the central 3rd ray sound of the "U", that we must look to produce the three lettered syllable SUK?

In sanskrit, SUKRA is the name of the planet Venus and called "Usanas", the ruler and governor of Earth and is the impersonaltion of the Guru and preceptor of the Daityas - the giants of the earth - in the Puranas. In sanskrit, the prefix Su implies "laudation and exaltation of the object or personal name which follows it."

The name Sanat Kumara and His first ray Monadic Word or Phrase of Power UKRTAPKLSTI, both contain "11" sounds. As well, in correspondence, the 1st ray word phrase of power, UKR TAP KLSTI is arranged into three words just as the first sylable of Sanat Kumara's real name is composed of three letters or sounds.

Initially, it will be wise here for the student to differentiate carefully in his mind between words and sounds. The Word veils the thought or intended idea or purpose, and the sound makes it possible to manifest in matter of some kind, on one or other of the seven planes. The numerical value of the three letters of the first ray word, is "5", the number of self-consciousness, the number of man, the sacred number of the 2nd ray and the [Reduced Alpha Number] value of the 11 sounds of the word UKRTAPKLSTI.

The "3", and the "2", represent the blended potency of the 3rd ray peronality and 2nd ray soul of Sanat Kumara. The first two sounds of the first word embodies the potencies of the sacred Pentagram or five-pointed star of Sirian Initiation, the "5", as (3+2=5), the union of knowledge, the "3", the "U", and love, the "2", the "K".

Remember; embodied in this divine assertion is the "summation of all knowledge and love" and its source - Universal Mind of God, the "5". This numerical sequence sums up the process of using knowledge and wisdom or love in reference to the conscious self-aware Identity, or to the self-contained, self-initiating Individual.

It must be remembered that intelligence, the "3", and love, the "2", have been ever present upon Earth, the first in greater degree than the second, and that the task of S.K. is to anchor, organize, and implement His divine aspects, energies, attributes, and to further their development within the His planetary body.


1 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 2 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 1 = [3],

the number of the third ray personality of S.K. (S.K.,equals 3, as (1+2=3)

The word Sanat equals 10, the number of the Perfect Logos. The first three sounds equal seven and the last two sounds equal three, again, here in conformity with the pattern of the 1st ray we finda triplicity and the septenate. The word Kumara opens with the K and the U just as the senzar word of power does only revesed with the U first and the K second. The value of the work Kumara is 2. the name Sanat equals the value of the first ray Monad, the "1", and the name Kumara equals the "2", the value of the potency of His 2nd ray soul; combined of course, (1+2=3), the number of His personality ray.


1 + 3 + 2 = 6, the number of the three rays of his Monad, soul and personality and the number of the 6th cosmic path, the path of training for solar Logoi which leads to the Pleiades of which S.K. treads, "the personal disciple of the solar Logos".

I personally like the following arrangement of sounds and letters taken from the name Sanat Kumara which form the seven sounds of the the name SUKARMA

S U K A R M A1 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 1 = [21] = [3], the [AN] and [RAN] values equal the monadic, soul and personality rays of S.K.

In sanskrit, as just mentioned, the prefix Su implies "laudation and exaltation of the object or personal name which follows it."

We find in the meaning of this of name of S.K., SU KARMA name the honoring of the supreme exaltation of the Law of Karma and the law of Sacrifice which He embodies, the direct physical incarnation of the Logos of Saturn, the Lord of Karma on earth. Other arrangements of letters and sounds should be experimented with and "played" with by students as the exercise is highly useful, evocative and calls into play the higher mind and spiritual intuition.








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