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The Science of the Planetary Antahkarana of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World is the study of the triple thread which has existed from the very beginning of time and links Him with his Prototypical 1st Ray Monadic source.

This study is basically the Science of the Path of the Lord of the World.

The planetary antahkarana of the Lord of the World is the primary cable or channel of energy relating His planetary form and its forces to their originating sources and that across the cosmic mental plane (with its three aspects of mind).

His cosmic life thread necessarily passes, linking His 1st ray Monad, 2nd ray soul and 3rd ray personality into one living Whole. In the case of the Lord of the world, the concentrated influence of His 1st ray Monadic energy which is identified with His planetary antahkarana conveys the true nature and the solar objective of His particular (#777) planetary scheme.

It is Sanat Kumara Whose consciousness anchors the highest aspect of the Will of the solar Logos on the lowest physical plane via the Shamballa center.

Along the sevenfold downpouring stream of His monadic inflow across His rainbow bridge, His life qualities and His highly developed primary Ray characteristics can pass and channel through under His direction, control and will.

Suffice it to say we can theoretically appreciate the fact that the great Pathway of Planetary Power is not "replicated" in consciousness or constructed correctly except by those whose individual antahkaranas are likewise in process of construction. The goal of all initiates is to become aware of the planetary antahkarana's stream of 1st Ray Monadic Spirit energy in its various diversifications and consciously to employ these energies in two ways: interiorly in self-unfoldment, and in the service of the plan for humanity. Logically, the planetary construction of the rainbow bridge necessarily involves acceptance and comprehension of Sanat Kumara's planetary purpose, and this in such a manner that the consecrated individual personality - under control of the individual Monad, via the antahkarana, and in cooperation with Sanat Kumura manifests the three aspects on Earth as a channel for the three divine attributes but also as a channel for the higher synthetic SIRIAN principle of Freedom.

The initiate becomes increasingly conscious of the mysteriously exerted cosmic energy which results in the "pulling away" or abstraction from form life altogether. Keep in mind; the planetary antahkarana of Sanat Kumura forms an aspect of the 4th Path to Sirius and leads to the Great Sun. It is this Great Pathway of Power, as we know, which directly connects the Earth to Sirius.

This Pathway of Power back to Sirius, which has existed since the dawn of mahamanvantara, is being replicatd, duplicated and built in consciousness, in a planetary sense, by collective man on Earth to our primary, or Alter-Ego planet Venus. We know that relating our planet to the planet Venus is our planetary antahkarana, passing from Venus to the Heart of the Sun and later to the the three aspects of His mind, on the cosmic mental plane,i.e., the three Buddhas of Activity.

This cosmic triangle of fire formed by the three Buddhas, which is the nucleus of the Planetary antahkarana, is produced by the manasic activity of the Sanat Kumara and this triangle irculates fire between His manasic permanent atom on the 1st sub-plane and a point at the center of His egoic lotus on the 3rd sub-plane and thence to the mental unit, which appears upon the fourth subplane. This triangle in the case of the Planetary Logos is already resolved into a Unity and is the Pathway used by His descending 1st ray Monadic Spirit to take possession of its vehicle, His 2nd ray causal body, and from thence again work through His lower 3rd Ray Personality.

As I also just mentioned, it is via our Planetary Pathway of Power that the 1st Ray Monad of the Earth Logos works, that His Life processes are controlled, and His Will and all developing aspects of His life function. It is His great "rainbow bridge" that carries or imports the sevenfold energies of the SEVEN RAYS into our planet, from outside the solar system, from His Monadic protoype in the Great Bear. From star to star, plane to plane down from cosmic and systemic levels His descending Spirit ultimately enables Him to project His cosmic Will and Supreme Spiritual Identity on the physical plane producing that synthesis of effort which is distinctive of our single UNIT of cooperative Planetary life within the cosmic Whole.

The Science of the Planetary Antahkarana deals, therefore, with the entire incoming system of the Monadic and Spirit energy, with the cosmic processes of its usage, transformation and fusion by the Lord of the World. It relative mastery signifies the initiate's ability to visualize planetry Life with a sense of divine proportion and from the angle of the system of SPIRITUAL MATHEMATICS of Sanat Kumara, and with absolutely no sense of latent dualism, or hetrogeneity but an absolute homogeneity.

The streams of Spirit energy flowing along the Power Path transport Sanat Kumara's outgoing planetary energies to the other solar centers of etheric force in the system and are the basis of their scientific inter-relationship. Essentially, the two incoming and the outgoing planetary streams of Ray energies constitute two great stations of energy, one characterized by Ray I, Power, His Monad, and the other by Ray II, Love, His soul, and all directed to the illumination of the individual and of humanity as a whole, through the medium of the Hierarchy composed of individuals.

As the Monadic inflow descend and as the Spirit energies pass through the major planes, it produce reactions and responses, dependent upon the state of the conditioning consciousness. The point of the lowest descent of His Monadic energies has now been reached, and the nature of the present opportunity is therefore changing.

His Spirit energies have now passed what we might call the turning point and have reached their point of ascension, with all that that phrase implies. As they descend, they produce stimulation; as they ascend, they produce transmutation and abstraction, and the one effect is as unalterable as the other. It is upon this inevitability of the ascending energies, and the effects which they will bring about, that the entire hope of the modern world depends. Nothing can arrest the return of the Monadic Spirit energies or their progress through the planes and back again to their primal source. Upon this dual process of descent and ascension the whole cyclic panorama of Sanat Kumara's planetary manifestation rests, and upon the inflow and activity of His highly accelerated new and higher vibrational energies - under cyclic law - the whole truth of immediate modern historical planetary crisis depends.

It is Sanat Kumara alone Whose supreme WILL supervises the gradual evolutionary importation of His cosmic Monadic 1st Ray SPIRIT to all His planetary forms on His particular planet - (sacred star) - for which He has assumed Individual responsibility along His Pathway of Power. He alone is the directing builder and Creator of all forms of His Planetary life - forms embodying His qualities and intentions as yet undreamed of by us. He has developed in Himself a perfected synthesis of the two energies of cosmic atma-buddhi, completely unified and energetically active in a comprehensive Planetary condition.

The supreme task of Sanat Kumara is to impress His sevenfold body of manifestation, via His seven states of consciousness and His seven centers, with His will and intention; these are progressively imparted as His etheric body is brought into an increasing state of receptivity through the awakening of His seven planetary centers, primarily the three major centers, Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. It is His 1st ray Monadic impulsive incentive which bridges and links His Monad on the cosmic Monadic plane and the three worlds of dense expression on the cosmic physical plane.

The Logos of Earth is not occupied with individual states of consciousness within any group. It is the consciousness of the whole united seven kingdoms in nature, and its unified responsiveness to extra-planetary impacts that engages His attention. He is only concerned with those higher processes of identification which indicate His highly advanced state of cosmic Initiation and further progressive development of cosmic identification.

Sanat Kumara's streaming lines of descending Monadic energy is producing all the cataclysmic changes of which mankind is so terribly conscious at this time. The inflow of this 1st Ray Monadic energy, with its inevitable effect under cyclic law and its consequences, as they work out upon the physical plane swings into immediate conflict the past and the future. Sanat Kumara is now bringing into a culminating struggle the Great White Lodge and the Black Lodge and has opened the door to the two great contending energies which we can call spirit and matter, spirituality and materialism, or life and death.


It is readily apparent that the descent of 1st Ray Monadic energy brings with it new incentives, inspiration and active Agents as well, Who are presently responsible for the task of preparation, of fertilization and of seeding the "New Ground". Naturally, the descending Monadic energies ever evoke the obstructing Evil forces. I would here remind you in closing this letter, that these obstructing evil forces are met with upon the highest spiritual levels because they are - in their turn - evoked by the impelling impact of the coming Avatar Whose "note is heard ahead of Him, and His energy spreads before Him."







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