Antares, Ruler of Scorpio


Antares rule Scorpio in the identical manner that Sirius rules Leo.

Think this out. Streams of 6th Ray energy definitely play upon and affect our
solar system and planetary life, coming from the solar Logos of the constellation
of Antares which is related to the Scorpio, just as the constellation of Sirius is
to Leo, and whose 6th ray tide or stream of electrical fiery force reaches us
through Scorpio and not directly.

At this time let's address the cosmic and solar - greater and lesser - 6th
ray center relationship between Antares and Mars. Indeed, Antares is the
great rival of Mars.

And we will also create a short essay on the prototypical 6th Ray solar
Logos of the constellation of Antares whose energy reaches us as the
great ruling star of Scorpio.

In the case of the solar system/constellation of Antares, before I begin, I remind
one branch of colleagues wrestling with the 3-D exoteric magnitude controversy ...
that Red Antares itself is not a single star system but composed of at least two suns
and thus fits into the Tibetans' occult definition of a constellation "two or more suns".
Furthermore, it is definitely found in the western heavens as he states this cosmic
center is.

Astronomy teaches us that the great red sun Antares is slowly evaporating under a
fierce wind that blows from its surface and that has encased it in a small gas cloud
or nebula. Ordinarily, such a nebula (common among such supergiants) would not
be visible to the eye, but in the case of Antares, the cloud is illuminated by the light
of a hot blue-white companion star 3" from Antares that at 7th magnitude hides
closely within Antares' bright glare.


(Alpha Scorpii) Antares (meaning "Rival of Mars") is the brightest star in
Scorpius. It is 9000 times brighter than our sun. . Antares is a M1.5Iab
variable red supergiant star that is about 520 light-years from Earth and is
about 230 times as big as the Sun. This incredibly massive, old,
low-temperature (3500 K) star is the 15th brightest star in the sky; it has
a visual (apparent) magnitude of +0.96 (var.) and an absolute magnitude of

Appropriately enough, true to the occult symbolism of the sacred number
of the great 6th ray, the "15". Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky.
Antares gets its name from the ancient Greeks. It means Anti-Ares.

Ares is, of course, the Greek god of War who is also called Mars by the
Romans. Antares and Mars are both about the same red color and the
same brightness, so it is easy to see the corresponding solar and cosmic
center interrelation and relativity.

Keep in mind the solar Logos of Antares is the prototype to Mars, as
the solar Logos of the vast constellation of Draco is to the Earth.

The Tibetan states:

The cosmic Burning-ground of living fire lieth in the nethermost part of the
western heavens. Its smoke riseth unto that high place where dwell the
Sacred Lhas to Whom the triple Unity within our solar space tender Their
offerings and Their fealty. Its scent of spices sweet and faint aroma of
incandescent... reach to the utmost confines of the starry vault.

A center at the midway point within the great Kumaric Body formeth the pyre.
It pulsates and it glows. It becomes a sea of living fire and draws within
itself its own. The smoke which issues from this fiery wheel formeth a
living WAY, veiling the steps ahead. [TCF1271]

Source: Antares in the Western Heavens
Center: Cosmic Sacral


ANTARES is known as the "Great One", saffron-colored. "The Lord of the
Seed"; "the Vermilion Star". The Hindus used alpha (Antares), sigma, and
tau for their 16th nakshatra Jyestha, "Oldest", also known as Rohini,
"Ruddy", from the color of Antares.

Although it's big and bright, most of Antares is really fluffy and
insubstantial. The star's density is a million times less than water. In
fact, the outer layers of Antares are so thin that you could fly a spaceship
through them and barely notice the difference. Antares is in a region of
space that includes star-forming molecular clouds and glowing nebulae. Seen
through a powerful telescope, the area around Antares is filled with
colorful clouds and dark dust lanes.

This is an interesting direct correspondence to "heated dust" and extra
infared light radiated by Star VI Merak, or Rishi Pulaaha from the Head of

Star VI in the Great Bear Merak is the Hindus', Pulaaha, the Master
star of the cosmic sacral center in the Head of the OAWNMBS (born
from Brahma's navel).
Lord Pulaaha is the Master star of the solar
Logos of the constellation of Antares; Pulaaha is Antares' 6th ray
Cosmic Logoic Monadic Prototype.

Rishi Pulaaha has two special features that set it off from the others. Like
Fomalhaut and some others, it is a Vega kind of star, one that radiates extra
infrared light that seems to be coming from a disk-like shroud of heated dust,
one reminiscent of the dusty disk that produced our planets.

The detected disk of Merak approaches the orbit of Saturn in size, the dust
particles having temperatures of a few hundred degrees Kelvin, similar to that
found in our own planetary system. From its distance of 79 light years, Lord
PULAAHA'S luminosity is seen to be almost [60] times solar, its mass about
triple that of the Sun.

The symbolism of the sacral center of the OAWNMBS is concerned
primarily with the whole story of cosmic conception and of Logoic form-
building. The cosmic sacral center is also connected with the Logos of
the system of Sirius, the expression of the Ajna center.

Why is this the case? In the last analysis, the two Logoi together create a
functioning duality which is productive of that subtle quality which we call the
cosmic Personality of the OAWNMBS.

There is a cosmic field for investigation in the theme of the cosmic Logoic
Personality of the OAWNMBS an integrated whole and in the ray quality of
said cosmic Personality, which is the aroma, the influence, the effect and the
radiation of a cosmic Logoic Personality Ray.

I throw out these ideas to students, hoping that some research may follow
which will relate this subject of the seven cosmic centers to the solar Logoi
of the vast constellations, to the recognized facts of inter-stellar coordination,
integration and their effects in producing greatness in the closely knit and
united corporate body of the SEVEN CONSTELLATIONS.

Constellation: Beta Ursa Major
Longitude 1900: 18LEO02. Longitude 2000: 19LEO26.
Declination 1900: +56.55'. Declination 2000: +56.23'.
Right ascension: 11h01m. Latitude: +45.07'.
Spectral class: A1. Magnitude: 2.4.
Planetary nature: NEPTUNE/MARS

High in the sky in northern spring evenings, just climbing above the
northern horizon in southern hemisphere autumn, the "Sapta Rishi" is among
the most recognized and recognizable of figures.

Leading the westward moving parade are KRATHU or Dubhe at the lip
of the Great Rishi's bowl and Merak or Pulaaha, also at the bowl's front
and just to the south of Dubhe, the two making the the Great Rishi's
"Pointers" that lead the way to the North Star.

Star VI, the Hindu Rishi PULAAHA:

7 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 8 + 1 = [24] = [6], the 6th Ray.

MERAK or in Arabic "Al Marakk", "The loins"

3 + 6 + 9 + 5 + 1 = [24] = [6], the 6th ray.

1 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2 = [24] = [6], the 6th Ray.

4 + 1 + 9 + 1 = [15] = [6]

S> The [AN] of Mars equals the "sacred number" of the 6th ray, the "15", and
the four sounds reduce to the "6".

1 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 1 = [24] = [6]


Longitude 2000: 09SAG46.
Spectral class: MB. Magnitude: 0.98 Variable
Planetary nature: NEPTUNE-MARS

This is one of the four key stars in the heavens, also called archangel stars.
Michael (Aldebaran) watcher of the East. Gabriel (Fomalhaut) watcher
of the South. Raphael (Regulus) Watcher of the North. Oriel (Antares)
Watcher of the West.

At one time they marked the two Equinoxes and two Solstices. Aldebaran
marked the zero Aries point in 3044 BC, Antares marked zero Libra 3052 BC,
Fomalhaut marked zero Capricorn, 2582 BC, Regulus marked zero Cancer
2345 BC. As one of the four Royal stars of Persia it's name was Satevis;
but, as their lunar asterism, it was Gel, the "Red"; the Sogdians changing this
to Maghan sadwis,

Tthe "Great One" saffron-colored.It is a brilliant RED jewel set within the
Summer Milky Way, Antares guides us to one of the great constellations of
the sky, the zodiac's Scorpius (or Scorpio), the celestial scorpion, one of
the few constellations that actually looks like what it represents. Antares,
gleaming redly at the scorpion's heart, has a color similar to Mars. Since
it is found within the zodiac, which contains the apparent path of the Sun
and planets, it is commonly mistaken for the red planet, a fact shown by its
name, Antares, or "Ant-Ares," which means "like Mars," "Ares" being the
Greek name for the god of war. This magnificent first magnitude star,
shining opposite Betelgeuse, its counterpart in Orion, is the 13th brightest
in the sky even though Antares probably does not have much time left to it.
It is massive enough someday to develop an iron core and eventually to
explode as a brilliant supernova long before it would ever have a chance to
evaporate completely.

ANTARES means "anti-Aries", rival of Mars. Antares is a red binary star,
fiery red and emerald green, near the center of the constellation Scorpius
and was sometimes called "the Heart of the Scorpion". Antares is the 15th
brightest star in the sky and ["15"] times as more massive than our sun, -
an other 6th ray correspondence. At a great distance of [600] - (6th ray
correspondence) light years, it is truly luminous, in fact, to the eye over
12,000 times brighter than the Sun. Because it is cool, only about 3400
degrees Kelvin at its surface, it radiates a considerable amount of its
light in the invisible infrared. When that is taken into account, the star
becomes almost 40,000 times brighter than the physical sun of our solar
system. A low temperature coupled with high luminosity tells us that
Pulaaha must be huge, so big that "astronomers can actually detect and
measure the size of its apparent disk. If placed at the Sun, the star, aptly
called a supergiant, would extend outward for over 4 Astronomical Units (the
distance between the Earth and Sun) and therefore 4/5 the way to the planet
Jupiter. Antares is slowly evaporating under a fierce wind that blows from
its surface and that has encased it in a small gas cloud or nebula.
Ordinarily, such a nebula (common among such supergiants) would not be
visible to the eye, but in the case of Antares, the cloud is illuminated by
the light of a hot companion star that at fifth magnitude hides closely
within Antares' bright glare."


PATH II. Symbol - A funeral pyre, four torches, and a fivefold star
mounting towards the sun.

Purpose: The destruction of all limiting forms, the merging of the fires, and the
blazing forth into objectivity of the vital body of the solar Logos prior to the
final abstraction and the subsequent dying out or obscuration of the solar system.

SOURCE: This center is of course one of [TCF1250] the seven constellations.
As it is the most potent constellation as far as our system is concerned
owing to the fact that this system predominantly expresses love or
attractive energy and our Logos is as yet polarized in His cosmic astral
body, it is not permitted to hint at the name of the constellation. The
reason is that if the name were known and if enough people could do the work
of occult meditation and visualization, accompanying the work with a vivid
imagination, it might be possible to attract into our system such a downpour
of attractive energy from the constellation involved as to unduly speed up
the processes of evolution upon our planet, and thus upset the systemic
economy most dangerously. People do not yet realize the potency of
meditation and especially of group meditation.

S> Those initiates who do know and actively engage in the work of wielding
the "electrical velocity" of forces or electrical magnetism of the cosmic
sacral center wield the elemental formative energy, manipulating matter of
every density and vibration. "Great waves of ideas and surging currents of
public opinion on astral levels as well as on the higher levels where work
the Great Ones, are manipulated by them."

This first (sixth) Hierarchy has for its type of energy the first aspect of
the sixth type of cosmic electricity, and wields special power, therefore,
in conjunction with the lowest fire, or "fire by friction," as it makes
itself felt on the sixth plane. There lives are called "the burning Sons of
Desire" and were the Sons of Necessity. It is said of them in the old

"They burned to know. They rushed into the spheres. They are the longing of
the Father for the Mother. Hence do they suffer, burn, and long through the
sixth sphere of sense."

6th RAY WORD OF POWER: Ray Six - Devotion or Idealism

2+8+5+8+9+7+8+5+1+2+3+9+7+8+2+3+6+5+2+9+6+3+1= 119 = 11 = 2

The 6th ray Word is composed of four words with 23 letters that reduce to
the [AN] value of "11", and the [RAN] value of "2", the number of the "dual"
2nd Ray of Love. The sixth principle, therefore, or the love aspect (the
Christ principle), and the sixth plane, are connected. The [RAN] of the six
ray word of power reveas to us that the sixth Ray of Devotion and the sixth
Law of Love have a close alliance, and on the sixth plane comes the powerful
working out in the lower Triad, the Personality, of the Law of Love.

"On the astral plane, the home of the desires, originate those feelings which
we call personal love; in the lowest type of human being this shows itself as
animal passion; as evolution proceeds it shows itself as a gradual expansion
of the love faculty, passing through the stages of love of mate, love of
family, love of surrounding associates, to love of one's entire environment;
patriotism gives place later to love of humanity, often humanity as
exemplified in one of the Great Ones. The astral plane is, at the present
time, the most important for us, for in desire - not corrected or transmuted
- lies the difference between the personal consciousness and that of the
Ego." [TCF]

The 23 letters reduce to the value of "5", symbolizing the "fivefold star" of the
2nd Path as [2+3=5] while the four words stand for the symbolism of the "four
torches". The highest light is the light of love signified by the "2".

The adept who chooses the cosmic stream of energy of the 6th ray sacral
center upon which to make certain cosmic approaches and upon which to make a
series of cosmic unfoldments is one who has worked primarily upon the second
ray path prior to the fifth Initiation, and who frequently has also been
upon the fourth ray path. In considering this Path students must bear in
mind that they are dealing with that Path which of all the seven expresses
most fully the effects of the 2nd cosmic Law of Attraction.

It will be apparent, therefore, that the adept who passes upon this Path is
dealing with that reality which is the basis of all coherency in nature, and with
that essence which through the force of its own innate quality produces the
attractive energy which brings together the pairs of opposites; it is the force
which is responsible for the interplay of electrical phenomena of every kind.

Three types of magnetic work have been mastered by the adept who treads
this second Path. He has mastered (in the three worlds) the magical work
of form construction through the manipulation of magnetic energy and the
utilization of fohatic attractive energy in order to "bind the builders." The
initiate accomplishes this through the medium of a purified lower nature which
can act as a perfect transmitter.

DK> The planet Neptune therefore has a profound effect and a close
connection under the Law of Correspondences with the sixth, or astral plane,
which is the plane of the liquid portion of the logoic physical body, with
the sixth subplane of the physical plane, or with the liquid portion of the
human physical body and of the planetary physical body, also with the sixth
type of energy or force, or the sixth ray.

The major scheme over which Neptune presides forms a systemic triangle of
great interest for esoteric astrologers with the sixth scheme and one other.
This is symbolized in the three pronged trident which the god Neptune
[TCF899] is always portrayed as holding, the prongs being literally the
symbolic triangles connected with each other by three lines of force.

The Neptunian scheme governs one of the three paths of return, and gathers
to itself eventually all those Egos who attain primarily through the
manipulation of the sixth type of energy usually called devotion.
The planet Neptune, along with the planetary Logos of the sixth ray controls
the astral centers in man. This statement involves much esoteric macrocosmic
significance. "When it is remembered that all centers - human and divine -
are composed of deva essence, the connection between this influence and the
devas, and their reflex effect upon man, will immediately become apparent.

In the mystery of the sea and the secret of its occult "drying up" or
absorption, will be revealed eventually the significance underlying: [900]

1. The sex impulse, macrocosmically and microcosmically interpreted.

2. The cessation of desire.

3. The direction of fire to the throat center instead of to the generative
organs. (Antares, the sacral center is negatively polarized to the Pleiades,
the Throat center.)This question of the electrical polarity of the centers
is one of real difficulty, and little can be communicated on the matter. It
may be safely pointed out, however, that the generative organs are the
negative pole to the throat center as is the solar plexus to the heart.

4. Pralaya and obscuration.

5. The meaning of the words "There shall be no more sea" found in the
Christian Bible.

When meditating upon these thoughts, students will find it well to bear in
mind the fact that Neptune is one of the major or synthesizing planets, that
it is an "absorbing" or "abstracting" planet, and that it is connected with
the process whereby eventual perfection is demonstrated. The Son is made
perfect, and the cosmic incarnation is brought to a close.

There is again a very close esoteric connection between the fact lying
behind the Biblical words "the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the
waters," (Bible. Gen., I, 2.) and the ordered lawful activity of the Great
Mother as she performs her work of body-building under the impulse of
desire. The true relation between the astral plane and the physical plane
will only become apparent as students carefully bear in mind that the astral
plane of the solar system is the sixth subplane of the cosmic physical
plane, and constitutes the sumtotal of the liquid substance of the logoic
physical body. When this is realized, the work of the deva essence takes due
place; the factor of desire, or of astral motion, and its reflex action upon
the physical body via the sixth subplane will become apparent, and the Great
Mother will be seen actively engaged, under the influence of desire, in the
work of building, nourishing, and producing that warmth and moisture which
make manifestation possible. The Mother is the greatest of the devas, and
closely linked [901] with the devas of the waters, for moisture of some kind
or another is an essential to all life.

The sixth principle, therefore, or the love aspect (the Christ principle),
and the sixth plane, are connected; there is an interplay of energy between
the fourth cosmic ether, or buddhic energy, and the sixth plane, or astral
energy. The devas on both these planes belong essentially to groups over
which Neptunian influence presides, hence the astral plane can, and
eventually will, directly reflect the buddhic.



The attributes which the adept on this path has to possess prior to taking
the needed training for the seventh cosmic method of approach is
responsiveness to heat and a knowledge of rhythm. These words will, of
course, mean nothing to the uniniated but to some it will convey much and
when it is noted that there will be found coupled with these two attributes
an ability to "see the dancing of the particles of heat and the waves of
warm vibration" (as it is called in an old manual which those in training
for this path employ) it will be apparent that the effects of fire and the
laws of fiery energy and vibration are here dealt with. Those sons of men
who at this time search for the "heat of the love nature" of the human unit
and who add to that search a cultivation of a vivid imagination and an
intense power to visualize are laying a groundwork upon which this later
knowledge may be superimposed. But this is not the easy thing it sounds, for
it involves an identification at present impossible to the majority, and a
power to realize the nature of that which is visualized which negates the
idea of duality, - that which visualizes and that which is visualized.

The method employed can only be expressed as the "entering of the
burning-ground." The power to do this is gained through passing through
three preliminary burning-grounds, as is easily to be seen:

1. The burning-ground which lies between the Hall of Ignorance, and the
Hall of Learning. This is the destructive fire which man creates under the
working of the Law of Karma.

2. The burning-ground of the dead personality which lies between the Hall
of Learning and the Hall of Wisdom. It is found upon the shores of the river
of life and has to be passed prior to the third Initiation. [1252]

3. The burning-ground which is found when a man is ready to pass out of
the Hall of Wisdom as a full adept. It is a triple burning-ground and is
found "upon the mountain top, being kept alive and flaming by all the winds
of heaven." It is responsible for the destruction of the egoic or causal

The third produces a spiritual alchemicalisation, whereas the other two
produced results in the objective or form side and the subjective or
consciousness aspect of his triple nature. When these three burning grounds
are passed then the adept is prepared for another and fiercer experience.

The hierarchies connected with this (2nd) Path are mainly the third and the
fourth. Only the human units can pass on to these two paths. The deva
hierarchies of the third order have already passed upon them, and it is
their previous work which enables man to do so. This is a great mystery and
more must not be revealed about it. The group of the Silent Watchers of all
degrees are closely connected with this second cosmic path. All of Them are
Lords of Sacrifice, and are animated solely by love, and all have therefore
passed through the sacrificial burning grounds.


Attributes - Responsiveness to heat and knowledge of rhythm.
Source - An unknown constellation via Gemini.
Method - The entering of the burning-ground.
Hierarchy - The third and fourth. [TCF1253]
Symbol - A funeral pyre, four torches, and a fivefold star mounting
towards the sun.
Quality gained - Electrical velocity.

The Great 6th Ray Triangle:

EXTRA-COSMIC......Sacral center in Head center...Pulaaha.
COSMIC....................Cosmic sacral center................Antares.
SOLAR.......................Solar sacral center...................Mars.