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just wrote this out this morning. It is intentionally brief and simple and written out in just three steps. I hope that this will be initially helpful. I will follow it up shortly with a letter on the Rising Sign Chart and its method of superimposition with the Sun Sign horoscope. I am happy to answer any questions and qualify the theme more fully as duly required, expediantly useful and practically helpful.


Superimposition Exercise I
The Personality,
Sun Sign Chart

Superimposition Exercise II
The Soul, Rising Sign Chart & Sun Sign Overlay

Superimposition Exercise III
Esoteric over Esoteric


Exercise I

The  Personality Sun Sign Chart


"The Sun sign - with the exoteric planetary rulers - rules the personality, indicates inheritance and equipment and is a summation of that which has been, thus providing the background. (DK)

Step I: 

Erect your Sun Sign horoscope utilizing the tropical zodiac and the Whole Sign House system.  The 12 Arms of the Three Crosses correspond to the 12 Houses in the Personality horoscope built up around the Sun Sign. 

Keep in mind; the Personality Ray is the ruler of the Sun sign chart.  Visualize this chart form in the color of your personality ray. If for example your Personality is on the 3rd Ray line under Saturn use Green.  You might even wish to have your Sun Sign chart drawn or printed on the color background of your respective personality Ray color. 

From one point of view, all of the ruling Planertary Ray influences,  (tout ensemble) throughout  the full circle of the 12 Solar Houses operate as sub-rays of your Personality Ray.  Keep in mind, the personality integration process occurs prior to the Soul Fusion process and proceeds under the full auspices of the personality Ray.


Step II: 

Analyze the conditioning effects upon your personality life and material circumstances of the Rays of the exoteric round of planetary rulers of your 12 Solar Houses. Utilizing the exoteric rulers explain and delineate the major physical and personality limitations imposed upon and which circumscribe you in each one of your 12 Personality Houses.

Initially, I strongly adivse that you concentrate and focus upon the passive traits, recessive features, negative characteristics and selfish vices associated with the ruling Rays of the planets conditioning the affairs and activities of your  twelve-fold personality arena.

For example, if a Scorpio Sun Sign, Mars is the exoteric ruler of   your 1st House, Jupiter, ruling Sagittarius, the exoteric ruler of the 2nd House of Money, Saturn, the exoteric ruler of Capricorn, the 3rd House of speech, etc. Try to bring to full light to your  predominant 1st  House Martian motivated selfish Scorpio desires, ambitions and personality tendencies. 

Proceed then to examine, in the 2nd House, your personal love of comfort, appropriation of resources and selfish use of money. 

Continue then to analyze the 3rd House of Capricorn under Saturn and attempt to recognize old, fixed or rigid thought patterns along with insensitive, cold, cruel or mean speech habits. And, so on, and so forth until the complete circle, full gamut, and total arena of your Personality field has been covered.

Do not be shy, enjoy the twelve-fold exercise and lesson. Have fun attempting to write out the recessive features  of each planet and House. I reccomend making a list of as many potentially recessive ray features of the respective ruling planet of each House, and then, honestly and  candidly, in the light of your soul attempt to identify and recognize your major personality patterns and special issues in all twleve Houses.


Step III: 

To identify "Dweller" issues, pay special attention to both Sign, House and planetary aspects of the Moon to the other planets. Concentrate on enumerating a list of the lower, negative and recessive features of both the sign and house position of the Moon. 

For example, to cite an illustration, if the Moon is in Leo in the 2nd House, I would want to clearly examine my personal control and power issues, manners, dress, discretion, indolence, love of affection, sloth, laziness, or a potential selfish use of money, people and  resources, etc. I would wish to psychologically examine what personality patterns were behind an unconscious ned of  attracting and drawing constant personal attention to myself. 

Obviously, this is a very simple and incomplete reading of this Moon  position but this is what I initially adivse.  In other words, simply trust the basic and fundamental astrological position and planetary aspects of the Moon to best negatively describe the major handicapps, recessive features and limitations of the soul.

Make special correspondences to the parts of the body ruled by the House and sign that the Moon is placed.  If for example, to cite a quick illustration, my Moon is in say, Aquarius in the 6th House, I would want to immediately pay special physical attention to potential  health issues due to over physical polarization, love of form, circulatory system, blood purity, the solar plexus centre and associated organs such as the stomach and the intestines, and yes, even my ankles. 

It goes without being said,  that a 6th House Moon in Aquarius can be the most superficial, physically polarized, mundane, appearance oriented, non-spiritual, critical and caustic in the entire zodiac so I would also have to, psychologically speaking, peform a gut check, and strive to reckon out the mental and astral complexes associated with an excessively critical and physically polarized nature, and so on and so forth.



Exercise II. 

Rising Sign and Sun Sign horoscope superimposition.


"When the Sun sign, with the exoteric rulers, is worked out in a chart, the rising sign with the esoteric rulers is also worked out and the two are superimposed upon each other, the problem of the disciple in any one incarnation will appear." (DK)

Step I. 

Erect your Rising Sign chart  utilizing the tropical zodiac and set up the 12 Arms of your Soul horoscope using the whole Arm/Sign House system.  

The Egoic Ray is the ruler of the Rising Sign chart. All of the subsidary planetary rays and forces of this chart may be viewed, from one point of view, as being sub-rays of the major conditioning Soul Ray.

I visualize the entire field of the Rising Sign chart as being colored by the color of the soul Ray.


Step II. 

The inner esoteric circle of planetary rulers of the 12 Arms of the Rising Sign chart govern the inner  life of subjective realization of the disciple. 

Analyze, therefore, and study the esoteric round of planetary rulers that govern the 12 Houses in your Rising Sign chart.

Provide a house by house psychological analysis on the nature of your inner life as it is lived through, conditioned by and responsive to the conditioning influences of the esoteric cirle of planetary rulers of the 12 Houses. In so doing, concentrate on detailing the higher qualities, soul virtues, active features and positive traits of the Rays of the esoteric ruler in each House.


Step III. 

Superimpose the esoteric circle of planetary rulers of the 12 Houses of the Rising sign chart over the corresponding circle of exoteric planetary rulers in the 12 Houses of your Sun Sign chart.

For example, I am a Virgo with Aries Rising so my order would run as follows:

  • 1st  House:  Mercury over Mercury.  (Aries/Virgo)
  • 2nd House:  Vulcan over Venus .  (Taurus/Libra)
  • 3rd House:  Venus over Mars.  (Gemini/Scorpio)
  • 4th House:  Neptune over Jupiter.  (Cancer/Sagittarius) ... etc.

In this manner the major life problem undergone by the soul in each one of the 12 Houses will clearly appear. 

Keep in mind two points

1.) the line of least resistence for outer personality activity - the downward trend into manifestation - is indicated by the exoteric round of planetary rulers in the Sun Sign chart, and

2.) the inner urges, soul promptings and pulls to the higher spiritual life - the upward trend out of manifestation - are indicated by the esoteric circle of planetary rulers of the Rising Sign chart.


Step IV. 

Delineate and write out a 12 point psychological analysis of your outstanding soul/personality problem, as defined by the superimposition of the Higher esoteric Soul, and the Lower exoteric Personality planetary rulers, you as an incarnated soul, face in each one of your 12 Houses. 

Concentrate on the vices, glamors, recessive features and passive traits of the Rays of the exoteric rulers of the Sun Sign chart first, as earlier explained, then focus on the higher active characterisitcs of the rays of  the esoteric round of rulers in the Soul chart. Note the different energetics of the planetary ruler of each House are in initial conflict, clash and opposition. 

Then proceed to attempt to discern and note how the esoteric circle of rulers, under the Ray of the Soul, combine with the exoteric circle, under the Ray of the Personality,  to harmonize, fuse, marry, supplement and supercede not negate their activity.


ps.  For the purpose of the exercise of superimposition, and to enormously help you initially assembly the lists of active and passive features along with the enumeration of the vices and virtues of the planetary Ray rulers of your horoscope, the books, EPI, EPII and Glamor are especially reccomended here and quite invaluable. [ref: Esoteric Psychology Volumes I and II, published by, and Glamour, A World Problem, same source.]


Superimposition part III.

Esoteric over Esoteric


The Sun sign, governed by the ruling esoteric planets and the rising sign governed also by the esoteric planets, can both be used in casting the horoscope of the initiate; when superimposed upon each other, the outer life of the initiate in the three worlds and the inner life of subjective realization will appear. This mode of superimposition will be a feature of the new astrology. (EA514)


S> The circle of esoteric planetary rulers of the 12 Arms the Sun Sign chart rule "the outer life of the initiate in the three worlds".

S> The circle of esoteric planetary rulers of the 12  Arms of the Rising Sign chart rule "the inner life of subjective realization" of the initiate.

Step to take ...

I recommend that each student of the esoteric astrology of the Tibetan, even if you do not regard yourself as an initiate, set-up a similar tabulation, based on your respective combination of Rising Sign and Sun Sign and meditate upon the combination.

Let us take, as an illustrative example, once again, the following combination: Sun in Sagittarius with Aquarius Rising

1st Arm…… Jupiter over Earth…….Aquarius/Sagittarius
2nd Arm……Pluto over Saturn……..Pisces/Capricorn
3rd Arm……Mercury over Jupiter….Aries/Aquarius
4th Arm…..Vulcan over Pluto……….Taurus/Pisces
5th Arm…..Venus over Mercury…..Gemini/Aries
6th Arm…..Neptune over Vulcan….Cancer/Taurus
7th Arm…..Uranus over Venus………….Leo/Gemini
8th Arm…..Vulcan over Neptune….Virgo/Cancer
9th Arm…..Uranus over Uranus…………Libra/Leo
10th Arm…Mars over Vulcan………..Scorpio/Virgo
11th Arm…Earth over Uranus……….Sagittarius/Libra
12th Arm…Saturn over Mars…………Capricorn/Scorpio

Work to be done:

Delineate and write out an analysis of the 24 point-by-point psychological analyses, inner and outer, based upon the higher, active and positive traits of the "two sets" of ruling planetary Rays, of the 12 Arms of the Soul and Personality horoscopes.





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