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The Greater 4th Ray
2500 years

Ray IV - To come slowly into manifestation around 2025 A.D.

Greater period: 2,500 years
Outgoing Peak: 1,250 years
Total period: 2025A.D. - 4525 A.D.
Outgoing peak: 3275 A.D.
Sub-rays: 178 years

"The fourth ray will come into manifestation before many generations have
passed, but only from the angle of its incarnating Monad, and not from the
angle of its active Ashram." Djwhal Khul [EXH. p. 582]

Total Period: 2025A.D. - 4525 A.D.

Keynote: The Way, the Truth, and the Life. (light)

The intensification of the 4th Ray wave frequency will continue for
1250-years until half way through its 2500-year period in A.D. 3275 when
there will come a cycle of relative stability and of steady shining of the
Yellow Light without further augmentation.

The greater 2500 year period of the Yellow 4th ray is slowly coming into
incarnation in the year 2025 A.D. with a new motivation of the greater
monadic impulse not the lesser ashramic or soul period of 250 years. The
advent of the dawn of the Yellow Ray signals the end of the bygone era of
the Age of pain and suffering and the ushering in the great Age of Peace. At
the zenith of the 2500-year 4th ray period, under its own 4th sub-ray, the
next great new 4th ray inspired world civilization will come to full birth
with a display of world culture, beauty, architecture and the arts as never
witnessed on Earth. The qualities of the Yellow Ray and the chief
attributes of the next great world civilization are unity, universality,
universal tolerance, impersonality, inseparableness, and compassion for all
beings and creatures.

The previous evolution which has accumulated over a long period of time must
in this present 4th ray 2500-year period be made obvious, be given an outer
form. During the great Yellow Ray cycle of human evolution, we have entered
into a new type of color motion of substance, a totally new movement. The
Logos of the Yellow Ray has initiated a new directional movement of
planetary and human consciousness and hence of specially colored energy,
force and substance. This is producing a movement of Spirit into Matter, or
movement of consciousness into form, or a movement of soul into human.

Via the 4th great Ray is being imposed a new initiatory rhythm upon the
planet, human consciousness, and all the kingdoms in nature. Yellow is the
color of primordial matter and describes the first differentiation from the
White Light of Atma. The Yellow Ray of Mercury, the 4th Logos, is
essentially spiritual in its function and contains more light than any other
color in the spectrum. It corresponds to highest principle of
discrimination, the sixth sense, the Buddhic principle, with its center the
pineal gland. The 4th ray motion and movement is the Path of Yellow Light
leading from the lower mind into Cosmic Consciousness. Through the Yellow
door humanity contacts the Cosmic or Universal Consciousness and gains

In our embodied response to the newly imposed 4th ray keynote and rhythm
move a fresh impulse into all the various centers on the planet and all the
kingdoms of nature. The use of the Yellow Ray allows the lower mind the
discriminating power to put much light into the problems before it and to
bring the consciousness of the lower mind in rapport with the Buddhic
Consciousness, the 6th universal sense. In the new 4th Ray Age the old
impression that has been made upon the substance by the other rays in the
previous Ages has to be changed. We now require a completely different point
of view and perspective. The Fourth Ray of Harmony, a minor ray of
Attribute, is one of the most important at this time and during this
particular period of human history and evolution. We are, under its current
period of emanatory impulse, undergoing a new movement of harmonization,
balance and equilibrium of individual and collective consciousness.

The Yellow Ray in its positive expression is the mercurial charged magnetic
force that will produce a planetary-wide restoration of consciousness and a
dynamic new system of balance within the three worlds of outer appearance
and form. It will tune and harmonize the many diverse and discordant
planetary patterns of thought, energy and action into the harmonized
frequency of the world soul. He who would gain Universal or Cosmic
Consciousness, therefore, must identify himself with the Yellow Ray or light
within his own mind.

The great 4th ray Age will see during the period of its penultimate
amplitude in the year A.D 3275, the pairs of opposites, both correctly
wielded and resolved. Thus, there will be a new directional movement of
planetary substance colored by the Yellow Ray of Harmony being set into
motion during the 1,250 years of the present particular major outgoing
breath, period or cycle. When humanity begins to organize the newly released
4th ray energy, through the successive periods of its seven outgoing
sub-rays, force and substance in overall group life into an economy which is
following the directional movement of its particular motivation, then
humanity will find itself with the ways and means of completing the job and
of fulfilling its planetary service potential, hence achieving real
spiritual growth and development.

Outgoing period: 2025 - 3275 A.D.

The 4th ray harmonic note will set into movement a new controlled motion of
energy, force and substance that will find a new relationship being
established within humanities consciousness. This will be between not only
the so-called pairs of opposites, but between Spirit and matter. The root
motivation, which has determined the directional movement of humanities
energy and substance, has been the drive or urge to escape the form, to
escape the pairs of opposites, to escape the pain and the pleasure, the loss
and the gain, the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, to escape
these, each to move into his own conception of heaven, so to speak, which is
the escape from the pairs of opposites. During the 4th great Monadic Age in
order to become causal, humanity will learn to enter into the outer world of
phenomenal appearance or effect as the primary cause. Implicit in this
process will be the intuitive realization that all outer effects in the
three worlds are actually the lowest appearance of the pairs of opposites.
These can be truly resolved only when that which is the true cause, the
Monad is moved into the effect, and thus, again, we come back to the concept
of the new directional movement of the great 4th ray monadic cycle in which
we have entered - that of moving down into, rather than escaping out of.

The new 4th Ray or Yellow period of motion will witness advanced people
seeking not to escape the pairs of opposites, but to deliberately
specifically wield them, to move into them and, thus, to fully resolve and
implement. Thus, we can creatively imagine there is to be a new
harmonization of directional movement of specially enhanced and illuminated
4th Ray substance being set into collective planetary motion during the
great 4th ray cycle. The human task is the rebuilding of the world of outer
appearance. In order to comprehend the reality, it will prove necessary to
move out of the appearance, out of the form, into the reality. In the
previous great 6th ray Age, it was necessary and the purpose was to move out
of all sense of duality or out of the "pairs of opposites".

Now, in the 4th great Monadic Age of 2500 years the primary task is to bring
the now fused fundamental higher hermaphroditic dual polarity embodied in
the 4th ray into the world of outer form and appearance. So, the 4th ray
motion or movement is more than entering into this and that or this and
that. It is, in truth more a movement of the higher human consciousness
into the form permeating it with that that has been already fused together
and attained in the previous great cycle of incarnation and activity.

>From this point, then, with this fundamental purpose in mind, the principal
idea is one of humanities need of rebuilding and reconstructing, insofar as
the world of individual and collective form is concerned in all diverse
arenas of human occupation and interest. By this, I mean the rebuilding of
the collective form nature, in all corporate departments of human affairs
and activities, and rehabilitating the consciousness within, rather than
taking the consciousness out of the form, entering into the higher
consciousness and rehabilitating the consciousness within.

Now, the planetary task is to have to merge the fundamental two paths, the
occult and the mystical or, the path of the head and the heart and literally
build that which is above, here on Earth within the three worlds of human
endeavor. Certainly, as we know this will not be an easy Task. We do know,
the newly released 4th ray Monadic energy manifests first as an accurate
lighted observation and inward realization of the unity of the pairs of
opposites. During the 4th ray period humanity will learn to turn its back
upon the old conception of duality, conflict and the pairs of opposites, in
one great sense, and with the open eye take that which has been previously
combined and partaken of into the world of form, into the third dimensional
substantial prison of human life on Earth, in order to transform said prison
into a 4th dimensional Temple of living reality, in continuous motion,
movement, and radiant, warm, glowing light,

1st sub-ray: 2025 - 2203

The harmonizing energy of the 1st sub-ray period will be anything but
passive in quality. The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art will begin to work
out in the development of the higher intuition by the means of the
scientific knowledge of sound vibration. It will be essentially dynamic, for
it will fuse the pairs of opposites together in such a way as to render them
whole, thus producing a whole tone in the sounding Word of God. The first
period will plant the seed that will eventually bring into all planetary
relationships that peculiar Yellow movement or 4th ray motion that will
result in restoration, health and balance.

2nd sub-ray: 2203 - 2382

Under the 2nd sub-ray period we will move from a state of passivity into
action - to reach out and bring the planetary pairs of opposites into that
central point of educated and illumined focus where harmony, peace and
balance on Earth are restored, It will be known that nothing is strictly
true or false, good or bad; everything is both. The enhanced understanding
and recognition of the nature of the polar opposites in all affairs, will
produce the collective realization and appreciation of the truth that the
so-called good and bad are simply ''essence'' and ''form," and where the
so-called bad is transmuted into good so as to produce the whole tone.

3rd sub-ray: 2382 - 2560

Under the 3rd sub-ray period the systemic Economy of the One Life will be
set into its proper directional movement. The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art
will work out in the development of the intuition by the means of the
scientific knowledge of sound vibration, and the higher mathematics. The
global systemic economic unit will be brought into regulation, order,
control and balance through right adjustment and rhythm. Transportation and
shipment of goods, commerce, large bodies and people will be largely by the
utilization of air routes by means of instantaneous use of the force or
energy inherent in the 4th ether or sub-plane itself. This method will take
the place of the present methods of transporting large bodies through the

4th sub-ray: 2560 - 2738

The 4th sub-ray period of the great 4th ray cycle will produce the most
luminous display of the Yellow Light within the greater cycle, with an
illumined human understanding of right relationship, whether dealing with
the One Life, a world situation, individual, collective or among
nationalities or peoples of the world. The great new 4th ray inspired world
civilization will have arrived, found to be flourishing and in full flower.
All new forms of music, art, culture, architecture, or city planning will be
at full fruition. For example, under the 4th sub-ray period, music will be
used a means to be employed in building and destroying, will be utilized and
recognized. The laws of levitation and of rhythmic movement in all forms
will be studied. Music and art forms will produce warmth or stimulation, and
pictures will glow or reveal the subjective within the objective.

5th sub-ray: 2738 - 2916

Under the 5th sub-ray period will be brought about within the human mind
itself, the new advanced humanity will know the essential nature of mind, as
it truly is, i.e., as a state of free moving energy, in a condition of
lucidity, wherein the substance of the mind, rather than being colored and
set into patterns as heretofore will be known as light and reflect light.
The lighted human mind will than be known as it, in essence is - a light
receptor with each particle, a receptor of light and a transmitter of light
and at the same time, a free moving body of lighted energy which can, from
moment to moment, assemble itself into any particular thought-form, move out
of that particular pattern and in the next movement back into its free
lighted, moving, lucid state.

6th sub-ray: 2916 - 3094

Through obedience to the laws of life, the religion of Love will become a
living power in the life of Humanity. The fourth and the sixth ray are
always closely allied through the ray of Love. Definite methods of
demonstrating the fact that life persists after the death of the physical
body will be followed during the 6th sub-ray period of the 4th ray cycle.
Religious students will study and penetrate the so-called formless side of
manifestation we presently only vaguely call or refer to as the "life side"
in a manner quite incomprehensible to us. The way back to reunite the Soul
and Spirit of man will be found through a consistent dedicated obedience to
the higher laws of life. Advanced Humanity will realize the scientific
knowledge of Deity and His great plan of Life in its minutest detail, with
the full realization of the unity of all life, and that through the action
and inter-action of divine law all life proceeds from the One,
differentiated into the many, under exact law and justice.

7th sub-ray: 3094 - 3275

The 7th sub-ray period will produce a new perception of the rite and ritual
of the Great Plan. This will be sought and found via united rhythmic
creativity and bring the new realization of purpose, the new concept of
plan, into a focus within the world government and a new note will be
sounded by the whole of humanity in its relationship with the lower kingdoms
in nature. The new path will be created within the consciousness and the
etheric network of humanity. This will culminate in the creation of the new
initiatory effort within the consciousness and via the instrumentality of
the whole human family.

Outgoing peak: 3275

The intensification of the 4th Ray wave, motion and movement will continue
until A.D. 3275 when there will come a harmonized cycle of relative
stability and of steady shining of the Yellow Light without much

The 4th Ray Plan, the new evolutionary plan that more perfectly conveys the
new realization of the planetary purpose of the Lord of the World will have
been correctly conceived and understood having its intimate relationship
with all kingdoms in nature. At this point humanity will comprehend the
nature of higher polarity and have learned that all concepts, all systems of
communication and thought, are based upon a causal truth. Anything that is
will be realized to have its foundation in reality or it could not be. Thus,
humanity will apply the 4th Ray Law of Paradox to every concept, every form
and every experience with which we will be familiar. Having learned to
understand the polar opposites, the so-called good and bad as ''essence''
and ''form'," it will be known that nothing is strictly true or false, good
or bad; everything is both, and through a recognition of this, the essence
or reality and the form or substance can be so fused as to produce the whole
Mercury tone, the Yellow note, which in its magical effect tunes or
harmonizes all other color and ray frequencies within its range of
influence. Humanity, the 4th kingdom in Nature, under Mercury, the 4th
Logos, will now constantly and consistently engage its collective
consciousness in the great creative and evolutionary process, meditating
between that which is above and that which is below.

Ingoing Period: 3275 - 4525 A.D.

1st sub-ray:
2nd sub-ray:
3rd sub-ray:
4th sub-ray:
5th sub-ray
6th sub-ray:
7th sub-ray:

New Period: 4525 - 7025 A.D.






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