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Greater or Monadic Second Ray Cycle

Lesser or Racial Second Ray Cycle


The Greater 2nd Ray

5000 Years

Present Period: 1575A.D. - 6575 A.D.
Outgoing period: 1575-4075 A.D.
Outgoing peak: 4075 A.D

Present sub-ray: 2nd (1932 - 2289)

Past period: 3425 B.C - 1575 A.D.
Outgoing period: 3425 - 925 B.C.
Outgoing Peak: 925 B.C.
Ingoing period: 925 B.C.-1575 A.D.

"The 2nd ray is always in subjective manifestation and very potent because it is the ray of the solar system and particularly so at this time as the Hierarchy is approaching closer to humanity in preparation for the "crisis of Love," and the imminent major planetary initiation. At this time, however, the second ray is becoming objective in its influence on the physical plane. It will become increasingly so for the next two thousand two hundred years when it will gradually withdraw into the background." (DON 142)

Outgoing period: 1575-4075 A.D.

A world wide system of education, illumination, revelation and recognition have been the outstanding objectives of modern civilization and the keynotes of our rapidly modernizing world society. Initially, the removal of world illiteracy was the major hierarchical goal of the Christ and His Ashram, the Hierarchy, since 1575 AD.

The major preoccupation in all countries has been the ascertaining of truth in all fields of thought, religion, politics, economy and developing culture. The "new potency" of the centennial conclave 1525 of the Council of Shamballa of the Lord of the World, which had been held in abeyance for 50-years, was released in simultaneous synchronicity via its fusion with the Great Blue Ray of the Christ entering human consciousness with special enhancement in epoch A.D. 1575.

Upon careful scrutiny, it is found that the first embryonic indications of the new human spiritual sensitivity and fusion took place in the 18th and 19th centuries led to the formation of such countries as Italy and Germany which were created out of many smaller states, duchies and kingdoms.

The greater 5,000 year 2nd ray cycle began becoming objective in its influence on the physical plane in 1575 A.D. This is the greater or monadic period, not the lesser 500-year soul period or active ashramic cycle of the Ray of the World Teacher. The 5,000-year cycle will reach its "outgoing peak," or high water mark half way through its numerically controlled cycle in epoch 4075 A.D. and, then abstract its influence and withdraw into the background for 2500-years before the next out breath in 6575 A.D.

Both the lesser and the greater cycles of the 2nd ray are in active manifestation. I remind students that a ray on the inhalation or ingoing cycle of withdrawal, decline and wrecking, prior to rebuilding on the next out breath, is still in active manifestation.

Currently, in the lesser cycle of 500-years, we are under the negative ingoing or destructive period of the II/6 while in the greater 5000-year cycle we are under the duration of the constructive, building and positive outgoing period of the II/2.


II/1: (1575 -1932). Blue/red

Under the influence of the Vulcan first sub-ray period (1575-1932 AD), the outstanding desire of humanity, through all it world wars has been to end all wars; has been to establish right human relations based on a universal spirit of goodwill, which would lead to peace in all lands and among all peoples.

A history of the trend towards fusion in the modern world proves a most illuminating study. Since 1575 A.D. a great change, as I mentioned, can be attributed to the greater sensitivity of humanities response to spiritual stimulation and to the rapidity with which mankind deals with his form aspect or personality. This is, of course, not readily apparent to us; it is, however, apparent to those who view humanity over the much more extended 5000-year 2nd sweep of the Ray of Christ.

The positive result of this greater sensitivity on man's part to spiritual stimulation on the part of the Hierarchy has been shown in the confidence with which the Masters have undertaken to prepare people and groups for initiation. Under the influence of the first sub-ray period (1575-1932 AD) there has been a migration of world people, the shift of the people from every nation in Europe to America, North and South, the dispersal of people within national boundaries as the result of many wars and expediency. This has resulted in the evacuation of cities and has brought about today, the removal of people out of their native countries.

This indicated, on the subjective side, a breaking down, upon a worldwide scale of all outer boundaries and the institution of a process of blending and amalgamation of collective consciousness, such as the world has never seen before. It constituted phase one of the great 2nd ray period of the new educational system of great spiritual value, leading as it did to the constant necessity to readjust viewpoints, to change ways of living, to intermarriage and all manner of so-called illicit relations.

Under the first sub-ray period of the Ray of Christ, the Blue/red note, the outer change in world civilization is producing an inner synthesis and all outer dispersion, and cleavages are working out interiorly in closer relations and a more tolerant spirit of love, goodwill and understanding. The power to intelligently consider to consciously decide, choose, to think and to discriminate is rapidly developing among all people everywhere as a result of the many cataclysmic and destructive world events, crisis, and happenings, the presentation of many fast changing circumstances and the many divergent points of view and theories of government, race and of religion; these grew naturally out of the many new diverse contacts and the rapid presentation of world events through the medium of the press, film, the media and the radio.It is this primary development that was of fundamental importance from the standpoint of evolution and the growth of the world consciousness. The violent and turbulent physical plane happenings were incidental and of no permanent lasting power from the long-range point of view of Christ.

Under the first sub-ray period we can see how the world wide physical plane events and precipitations are carried forward and made possible through His powerful focal points of force who are the world dictators, the world statesmen, and the outstanding leaders in all lands as well as by groups which are actively working in every country for their own ends or under the influence of some group ideal or wisdom plus personal ambition, personal will-to-power and personal aggrandizement.

The leaders in all fields are being used to engineer great and needed changes and to alter the face of civilization. The wrong methods employed and the evil things done are the fault of humanity as a whole, nonetheless, and of the collective habits of thought that have made mankind selfish and cruel and cause the great and universal spirit of the will-to-Love of Christ to manifest so powerfully and cruelly.


II/2: (1932-2289). Blue/blue

Under the ray of Jupiter, and the "double Blue" color note, the current Lodge agenda calls for the externalization of the 2nd major center, the Hierarchy and, this event is presently transpiring. The new educational media of the worldwide Internet, media and global teaching technologies have accelerated the both the ascent and sharing of new world knowledge and, ushered in the most rapidly expanding era in the historical development of human consciousness.

The life-inspired new world religion and systemic educational unit will be brought to birth during the second sub-ray period (1932- 2289 AD) and will provide the newly fertilized soil of the new spiritual civilization with its sense of spiritual values and aid in its great process of re-orientation to things spiritual, climaxing in the first initiation for humanity, the World Disciple.

Naturally, the second sub-ray period of the greater second ray period is witnessing the greatest display of the Ray of the Christ, dominant and excessively potent. At this time, all Hierarchical workers are availing themselves of the unprecedented tide and movement of spiritual energies of the greatest outpouring of 2nd ray force for the duration of the 5000-year motion of the Monadic Ray of Christ and
thus, preparing the coming of His way.

Please ponder on this for a moment. This involves The Return of the Christ, the Ashrams concerned at the Coming, the organization of the implicated Ashrams into due form on earth, the externalization of the Ashrams, and the adjustment of the Ashrams and the Masters to exoteric living. It involves also adjustment by masters, initiates, disciples and aspirants to the increased stimulation, and the performance of certain basic tasks such as creating and vitalizing the new world religion, the gradual reorganizing of the social order, the public inauguration of the system of initiation and the exoteric training of disciples and of humanity Initiation, under the Great Ray of Christ is today concerned with the group and not with the individual. This is necessarily a slow process, from the standpoint of the physical plane, but upon the inner planes - where the time factor does not rule - this does not matter in the least.

The Hierarchy ever thinks in terms of the Plan of Christ and the and not in terms of an individual life as we imagine. Those of you who are affiliated with the Great Ashram can get a general idea and develop (if you attempt to do so) an intuitive perception of the proposed hierarchical integrity and future functioning, albeit via preliminary training and functioning on the periphery of the 2nd ray Hierarchical Center.

The 5000-year sweep of the Ray of the Christ develops and grows to meet humanities ever growing demand for new light. The Great Blue note is implemented and developed by the spiritually minded in all races, the New Group of world Servers, the men and women of goodwill and all religions whose minds are open to the new inspirations of the universal mind of Christ.

The Love of Christ is only hindered by the fundamentalists, the narrow-minded in all the world races, schools of thought, nations , political cults and religions, by those who refuse to let go the old interpretations and methods, who love the old doctrines and men's thoughts about them on authority and prefer the building of palaces, economic shrines, temples and great stadiums in these days of man's extremity, his starvation and his need. At this time, the problem of the freedom of the human soul and its individual relation to God Immanent and God Transcendent is the outstanding spiritual problem facing humanity, the World Disciple. No longer have the old religions, politics or education authorities been allowed to interpose their authority and their interpretations between God and man. The time for that is past.

The ray epoch II/2 is the time of humanities illumination, revelation, and recognition of the Christ; humanity, the World Disciple becomes the World Initiate. This is the era of reaction from the stress and strain of sheer materialism or any "ism" or the age of intellectual pursuit.

Humanity has become awakened, under the Ray inspiration of Christ, the ever-new hunger and thirst for justice, equality, dignity, law and righteousness, for divine love, for His Return and, crush it down as they may, fight it back, or try to satisfy that need with material or mental diet, the soul of humanity only cries out more persistently day by day for the Return of Christ. This demand thus made, can, then, bring response and fulfillment, for we must want one particular thing more than we want all other things combined, be ready to sacrifice all else for that one thing, before we can demand the Christ with sufficient Power to compel His manifestation to or for us.


Past 5000 year period: 3425 B.C - 1575 A.D.
Outgoing period: 3425-925 B.C.
Outgoing peak: 925 B.C.

From the standpoint of ray chronology and the esoteric history of the world this is the great 2nd ray inspired epoch that produced the flourishing of the great ancient mystery schools, ancient religions and temples of initiation in all of the worlds great early civilizations from the Fertile Crescent, to the Indus, the Egyptian and the Nile River, the Chinese and the Indian. The great world teachers and Avatars of antiquity, taught in the major cities and centers of the civilized societies of the ancient world. In ancient Chaldea, Egypt and India the ancient mysteries of the worlds one great religion were universal, the religion or Secret Doctrine was shared in common by the scholar initiate priesthood of all brotherhoods.

The following list of major civilizations developed during the constructive building rays of the outgoing era of the 2500-year 2nd ray period:

  1. 1. Minoan civilization in Crete.
    2. Mycenean civilization and the early and middle Helladic epochs in Greece.
    3. Akkaidian, Summerian, Assyrian, Babylonia, and the Hittite Kingdom in Asia Minor.
    4. Old Kingdom. Middle Kingdom. New Kingdom in Egypt.
    5. Harappa period. Vedic Age in India.
    6. Hsia and Shang periods in China.

The great symbol of the 2nd ray is the pen -- just as is the sword for the 1st ray. Significantly, from the standpoint of exoteric history, some of the earliest examples of a writing system come from the Sumerian people who lived in the Middle East from around 3500 BC to 2000 BC.

Many of the oldest clay tablets found here are simply lists of supplies or financial accounts. Cuneiform means 'wedge-shaped'. The cuneiform the inscriptions were made by pressing the triangular tip of a reed or a stick (stylus) into wet clay tablets. The wedge marks were combined into signs representing objects and ideas. At first there were over 2000 different signs, but the Sumerians gradually reduced their 'alphabet' to about 600 symbols.

The Egyptians learned to write, but not gradually and starting with pictographs as had the Sumerians. Instead, the Egyptians started with script that had a Sumerian structure. But with time, Egypt's script became distinctively Egyptian. While cuneiform was spreading throughout Mesopotamia, a different writing system was being developed in nearby Egypt. From about B.C. 3000 BC the Egyptians used a form of beautifully stylized picture writing called hieroglyphics. There were signs for objects, ideas and sounds, including a basic alphabet of 24 signs that stood for separate letters. The Egyptian scribes were already using paper (papyrus), pen and ink.


Outgoing period: 3425 - 925 B.C.

According to exoteric science, man's earliest civilizations developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt between 3500 and 3000 BC. The Indus valley followed soon afterwards, and at a later date a farming population emerged along the Yellow River in China. In the North, the wide grasslands of the steppes provided a feeding ground for the herds of the Nomads. The mobility of the warlike Nomads provided them with an advantage in any military confrontation with the richer farming communities further south.

By B.C. 3200 people along the northern 600 miles (960 kilometers) of the Nile had amalgamated into a northern and a southern kingdom. The two kingdoms remained antagonistic toward each other, and in a series of wars across generations during the 2900s, one of the kingdoms conquered the other. The conquering king, according to legend, was Menes -- the first king of all Egypt. Before Egypt was unified, various communities along the Nile had different names for their sun god.

Then, conquest and unification of Egypt brought unification in religion. An aggressive priesthood from the center of power, at the city of Memphis, spread worship of the sun god called Re across the whole of Egypt. The various gods belonging to various shrines along the Nile were joined into a single pantheon of gods with whom the kings of Egypt associated themselves. From claiming that they ruled Egypt in behalf of the gods, Egypt's kings began to claim that they had been born by the gods, that they were the son or the incarnation of Re.

Among the Egyptians the belief spread that their kings were immaculately conceived. The kings believed that as members of the family of the gods they had to keep their bloodline untainted, and, to protect the purity of their blood, kings married their sons to their daughters. With the unification of Egypt came a new era of peace and security along the Nile.

Along with unity, peace was served too by natural barriers against wandering tribes: the Mediterranean Sea in the north, vast deserts to the east and west, and a great mountain range to the south. Peace benefited Egypt's economy. Egypt's new dynasty of kings provided work for an increasing number of craftsmen. Carpentry grew, aided by the use of copper tools. Brick and stone of fine quality were drawn from nearby quarries and used in building. Egypt's trade expanded. Tradesmen went north by sea along the coast of the eastern Mediterranean, to the Mountains of Lebanon, from which they imported timber. They traveled south along the Red Sea to the coast just east of the Ethiopian Highlands, south to the coast of eastern-most Africa, and to the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. They found ivory, rare animals, sweets and the incense that they were to burn in their temples. They traveled south along the Nile into Nubia, and there they acquired more incense and ivory, ebony, animal skins, and boomerangs. Contact with other peoples brought one of human history's most recurring developments: the adopting of ideas and techniques. From Mesopotamia, the Egyptians acquired the use of bronze, shipbuilding techniques and artistic motifs.


Outgoing Peak: 925 B.C.

The date of the outgoing peak is significant because at around this era (c.1000 B.C.) four very distinctive civilized traditions have taken shape in Greece, the Middle East, India and China. Though the four major civilizations of epoch were set apart by different cultural traditions, and by distinctive religious and philosophical world-views, all found their initial expressions under the 2500-year outgoing peak or crest of the great 5000-year 2nd Ray period.


Ingoing period: 925 B.C. - 1575 A.D.

The relationship between the four major civilizations constituted one world system balanced in a quaternary of relations or fourfold-equilibrium. Many serious historical blows upset the other parts of the system during the 2500-year duration of the ingoing period. First, Alexander the Great pushed Greek civilization far beyond its original borders. Then, Indian Buddhism advanced along the silk-road into the heart of China.

Next came the explosive historical sweep and conquests of Islam, first across the Middle East, North Africa and Spain, and then into India, eastern Europe and central Asia. The final collapse of the cultural balance of the four great Old World civilizations happened coeval epoch AD 1575 when Europeans first opened the Americas, and then explored the rest of the earth's habitable coastlines, opening up the world's great oceans as highways for commerce and conquests.

Significantly, not until the fresh outgoing period of AD 1575 of the Ray of Christ did any one civilization gain such superiority as to upset the fourfold balance of the whole. In Europe the rise of knowledge transformed the thinking of educated men and contributed to the liberation from ancient superstitions, fables and dogmas. Intellectual pluralism became the civilized norm. Richness, variety, vigor and a readiness to happily grapple with any new discovery, invention or novelty distinguished the academic and cultural life of Europe during the opening of the new life cycle of the 2nd ray. No other part of the world exhibited anything like the European great spirit of discovery, illumination, recognition and revelation.

For the first time, therefore, Europe and the western world began to pull ahead of the other old world civilizations. So far Western dominance and hegemony in world affairs has lasted not more than several hundred years. The ongoing globalization of the world affairs and evolution of human consciousness indicates that the world will achieve a Golden Age of equilibrium and peace at the amplitude or crest of the 5000-year period coeval with the 2nd ray epoch 4075 A.D.


Outgoing Peak: A.D. 4075

The existence of the Hierarchy will become a firmly established in an advanced and dominant global minority of human beings, resulting in a universal civilization and a system of divine recognition. The Initiations of the Bodhisattva will be public, recognized and instituted. The equality of all men and women will be politically recognized because founded on a universal and basic divinity. A true monastic spirit and discipline will then emerge in the historical process of humanity, while the Sacred Knowledge will be accepted and become the one religion of the world.

Nothing can prevent the New World Religion from eventually emerging. It always has down through the ages and it will again at the 2500-year high water mark of its 5000-year period. There is no finality in the presentation of the truth of Christ.

The epoch will have dawned when all the ancient religions will be regarded as emanating from one great spiritual source. All of the world religions will be seen as having united together and provided the one root out of which the one universal world religion emerged. In the universal world religion there will be neither Hindu, Christian nor Muslim, neither Jew nor Gentile, but simply one great body of believers, gathered out of all the previous races and religions. They will accept the same truths, not as theological concepts but as essential to spiritual living; they will stand together on the same platform of brotherhood, goodwill and of right human relations. Humanity will recognize its divine Sonship and will unitedly cooperate with the divine Plan of the Christ.

The Great Plan will be revealed to the world religion by the spiritual masters, initiates and disciples of the race, and will indicates to advancing humanity the next step to be taken on the Path of Approach to God. Such a world religion under the direction of Christ will be no idle dream as it is today but something which is definitely formed.



Lesser Ray Two Cycle

Dear Brothers,

The Ray of the Christ is presently operating under the auspices of its
respective dismantling, wrecking and destructive ingoing sub-ray periods
(circa: 1825-2075A.D.) The Tibetan states:

"Ray two has a rapidly recurring cycle. This is due to its excessive
potency. Being the major ray of our solar system (of which all the other
rays are but aspects), it might be said that this ray is really never out of
incarnation. There are nevertheless constant cycles of waxing and waning
potency, produced by the interplay of the rays which produce what is called
in the ancient archives "the intrusion of one or another of the seven
Brothers Who block the door from whence the force emerges", and "the
disappearance of that radiant Brother Who passes on His way and leaves
behind an open door through which another Brother can pass upon His mission
preordained." The symbolism is clear. The cycles of the second ray are
dynamic and recur in a regular rhythm at this time and during the
twenty-five thousand years of a zodiacal cycle in sequences of five hundred

Therefore in 1825 the potency of this ray began to decline as the
peak of its two hundred fifty years emergence was reached. It was the
gradual withdrawal of this ray which led to that growth of separativeness in
the world which produced the European wars and the great World War. This ray
will continue declining for another one hundred forty years. This does not
necessarily mean the growth of physical violence and the prevalence of war.
Humanity is now so much more responsive to ray influences that the watching
Hierarchy (through egoic stimulation and the sensitivity of certain nations
to the inner guidance) can offset the more obvious major effects. This will
give an interesting sidelight upon the vast importance of these cyclic
happenings. " (EPI, P. 350)

In the last quarter or so of the 20th century, overlapping at the same the
2nd ray was in its negative 5th sub-ray of concrete science (1965-2000); the
lesser 350year cycle of the 5th ray was under the duration of its 25year
negative 2nd sub-ray (1975-2000) and the 900year 3rd ray period of the
Mahachohan was in its ingoing 65year destructive 2nd ray period from

Technically speaking, under the Ray Plan of Shamballa, we are presently
under the duration of the sub-ray interlude periods of the Ray of the Christ
and the Mahachohan; normally, we would also in 2003.6 (June 2003) just
finished with the interlude cycle of the 5th ray V/2/3 and fully entered
into the ingoing or negative 3rd sub-ray period. The 5th ray has been
abstracted however as earlier explained. Hence, as result of the interlude
periods between sub-rays, the temporary unprecedented confusion, turmoil,
complexity and clash of forces at this present historical juncture in world

Again, we must note that of the three active rays in manifestation only the
7th ray is in its constructive, positive and building phase and this in its
7th sub-ray period (circa: 1975-2025); moreover, in fact we are just over
half-way through the 50year sub-ray period and the 7th sub-ray is in process
of reaching its outgoing peak. Effective physical plane action is the line
of least resistance under the auspices of the 7th sub-ray of the 7th ray.
Please meditate on this. Definite physical plane actions are called on to
build positively in alignment with the building force of the 7th ray in
world affairs at this penultimate moment in planetary history.

The unprecedented cycle of wrecking, dismantling and negative 2nd, 3rd and
5th ray forces prevalent in the last half and especially the last quarter of
last century, led to the complete breakdown of old educational paradigms,
religious rule, governments, nations and countries fragmented ( many new
countries formed and worldmaps redrawn). The potent combination of 2nd and
5th ray forces also produced the great mental cleavages and divisions among
the warring factions of mankind, the diverse and opposed world systems of
political ideology, propaganda, mass indoctrination, the cycle of ceaseless
wars, racial genocides, ethnic cleansings and religious rivalries. The
perverted use of science and misuse of associated technologies has produced
unprecedented planetary contamination, nuclear proliferation, and stockpiles
of (WMD) worldwide.

Present sub-ray interlude period: II/5/6 (1995-2005)

We are presently still in the interlude phase between the destructive period
of the ingoing 5th sub-ray of Concrete Science and the 6th sub-ray period of
Idealism or Devotion. This produces incidental planetary turmoil and
confusion in world affairs along the indicated ray lines until such time as
the rhythm of the new incoming sub-ray is free of the outgoing sub-ray
waning influence and well established.

Again, keep in mind; the 2nd ray now moves from dismantling old 5th ray
forms (education, science, psychology, medicine) on its Teaching line to
wrecking and destroying old 6th ray forms (religion, politics). The
disassembly during the seven sub-rays of the ingoing breath or cycle of ray
activity of the old 6th ray structures, or forms built on the previous cycle
of out breath always precedes the building and erection of the new forms on
the next stated outgoing period. The act of taking apart, wrecking and
destruction of old forms, in time and space, is just as positive necessary
and constructive as building news forms. Please constantly bear this in
mind and do not construe wrong motives to the right activities of the
Destroyers of the old ray forms.

5th sub-ray: 1965 - 2000 A.D.

Under the 5th sub-ray period of the 2nd ray, we witnessed the historical
decline, breakdown and failure of the traditional systems and methods of
government, education, medicine, psychology, and science. Universities and
colleges, were the stage for many anti-war protests, violent clashes and
demonstrations of the era. Students learned not to merely blindly accept or
believe what they were taught or being told by government, religious or
educational institutions or authorities.

The II/5 Ray "zeitgeist" or period witnessed a "breakdown of the truth", so
to speak, in many corporate departments of human society, family, culture
and national life. Mental cleavages and outstanding divisions were evident
in all departments of thought but especially, as would logically be expected
under the II/5, along legal, racial, scientific, ethical, political and
religious lines. Here is a brief list of some of the key divisive world
affairs of the era:

The "Cold War". The "Viet Nam War". The Pol Pot "killing fields" of
Cambodia: 1975-1979 - 2,000,000 Deaths. Bosnia-Herzegovina: "Ethnic
cleansing". 1992-1995 - 200,000 Deaths. Rwanda, Africa: 1994 - 800,000
Deaths. Thousands of students killed on Tiananmen Square in Peking in 1989.
In 1990 Iraq invades Kuwait and the UN imposes sanctions. In 1991 Operation
Desert Storm is undertaken to free Kuwait. In 1993 a huge bomb rocks the US
Trade Center building in New York. In 1994 in Africa: genocide in Rwanda's
"killing fields". Israeli Prime Minister is assassinated in 1995 in
Jerusalem. Federal building in Oklahoma in 1995 is destroyed by bomb. In
1999 NATO launches air strikes on Serbia to end attacks on ethnic Albanians
living in Kosovo.

The first reports about ozone layer damage from spray can gasses 1976. The
first test-tube baby is born in England in 1978. AIDS or Acquired Immune
Deficiency is identified in 1981. USA and French teams discover aids virus
in 1984. Indira Ghandi is assassinated by Sikh bodyguards in 1984.
Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster 1986; the fall out effects all of Europe.
In the field of literature we find the book "Satanic verses" attacked by
Moslems. In 1989 Ayatollah Khomeini issues adeath sentence (fatwa) on
Salman Rushdie for writing the book .

The Ray of the Christ now moves (2005-2035) to effectively destroy the
limiting fundamentalist and separative forms in the 6th ray inspired field
of the world's religions followed by its 7th sub-ray (circa: 2035-2075).






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