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21st century: 100-year cycle of the Manu




The Greater 1st Ray

Period: 1000-years
Sub-rays: 100-years
Amplitude: 700-years
Inhalation: 300-years

"The true first ray personality who works in response to this Shamballa
influence will have the ultimate good of the group deeply enshrined in his
consciousness and heart; he will think in terms of the whole and not in
terms of the part. That is the thing which he will endeavor to impress upon
the racial consciousness. This may lead at times to ruthlessness and cruelty
if the personality of the individual is not yet controlled by soul impulse.
Such cases can frequently be seen. An instance of this can be noted in the
history of the Jews as found in the Old Testament. When the first ray was in
control and passing through one of its rare cycles of activity we read that
they butchered and slaughtered all their enemies - men, women and children,
putting them to the sword. The sword is ever the symbol of the first ray
force just as the pen is of the second ray influence." [DON 16]


The previous period of physical incarnation of the greater 1000-year period of the 1st racial ray lasted from 1,000 B.C. to 0 A.D.

The date of 1000 BC is significant because around that time four very distinctive civilized traditions began to take shape in Greece, the Middle East, India and China. Though the four major civilizations of the 1st ray epoch were set apart by different cultural traditions, and by distinct religious and philosophical world views, all found their expressions inspired by the great 1st ray cycle of the planetary Manu and the Lord of the World.

The brief narrative time line that follows however, appertains only in reference to Hebrew history (c.1000 B.C. -0 A.D.)

For the student of ray chronology, the Plan and esoteric history, it is of particular interest to study this past period of the 1st ray for several major reasons. Chief among them is the fact the Hebrew Race is ruled by the 1st ray, on the soul level, and, demonstrates highly instructive and observable historical attributes and qualities.

Secondly, the House of David through its descendants gave birth, as foretold by Old Testament prophets, to Jesus Christ, who, under the Will of the Lord of the World had to reappear on Earth, at the close of the great cycle, in visible Presence. He had to preside over the materialization of the Kingdom of God on Earth, and He had to re-institute the Mysteries of Initiation in such a form that they would prove the basis of the New World Religion.

Above all, Jesus had to reveal the nature of the Will of God. The issuing of the fiat of the Cyclic Will of the Manu ever requires the institution of new kingdoms, religions, rulers, orders, laws, regimes, language and speech in strict conformity with the new era of divine dispensation. The Law of Moses was identical to the Law of Manu. Through the power of the spoken word and enunciated sound issued from Mt. Sinai so was enriched the existent racial and religious vocabulary of the Hebrew race.

Ultimately, the 1000-year Monadic Ray cycle of the Manu brought forth, at its close, the most advanced and new human genetic racial prototype of all time, the Hebrew Christ.

As well, this historical period is a rich field of exploration wherein the ray historian finds leading exponents of the actively mobilized 1st ray Ashram of the time such as Solomon, a previous incarnation of Mahatma M. and the great initiate warrior David to name only two among a number of notables. History informs us, David, the second King of Israel, succeeds Saul in about 1000 B.C. David ruled longer than any other Jewish King, about 40 years and was the Israelitish King Arthur. He accomplished wonderful achievements, albeit through years of bloody conquest, and established a government in all Syria and Idumea. His rule extended from Armenia and Assuria on the north and northeast, the Syrian Desert and Persian Gulf on the east, Arabia on the South and Egypt on the west.

The founding of the House of the David is the major historical first ray inspired event involving the mobilization of the 1st ray Ashram and the department of the Manu.

History records that for 1000-years the Hebrew Nation crowned its kings until the first Roman Procurator ruled in the province of Judea in 6 A.D. The House of David is the illuminating symbol because the Old Testament prophets had declared that the Messiah would be a descendent from the House of David and according to the New Testament Jesus was descended from the House of David.

The reigns of David and Solomon, the two great Hebrew kings and their empires are key landmark symbols and inaugurate the opening of the great 1st ray epoch. Another outstanding monument of the 1st ray period is the Temple of Solomon.

The 1000-year Monadic racial ray period of the Manu transforms through racial conquest, separation and segregation, the existing boundaries and territories of the kingdoms and nation-states of the world civilizations of the time, necessitating the redrawing of new maps.

Hebrew civilization has made its impact felt throughout the world through the Laws of Moses, racial conquest and religious thought as expressed in the Bible. The Bible or Torah is not so much a book as a library of books, a collection of writings that evolved over many centuries and did not become completely fixed in its classic form until the first century B.C.

The whole theme of the Old Testament, from the esoteric viewpoint, is, in reality, built around the development and growth of the nucleus of our present Aryan root race. Symbolically speaking, the inhabitants of Noah's ark and their descendants and the Jewish race stand for the salvaged remnant of humanity - salvaged in spite of themselves and in face of stupendous difficulties by the Great White Lodge during the time of Atlantis. Those who survived are symbolically spoken of in the Bible as those who were saved in Noah's ark. In the Old Testament in the story of Moses he went up into the Mount of Sinai and there received the Ten Commandments. This is the expression of divine law as adapted for humanity and as needed in the projection of those forces that will destroy, purify and reorganize. Moses, the great 1st ray initiate and Lawgiver, there encountered the glory of the Lord of the World.

The period of time when the great 1st ray period was in planetary control was in the time of the Old Testament. Symbolically speaking, it is significant to note the Old Testament opens with the appearance of the raven, the symbol of the "raging waters" at the time of the founding of the ancient world, as we can begin to know it. The Old Testament starts therefore with a raven, the New Testament starts with a dove. Experience starts with the bird of matter, the Raven and ends with the bird of spirit - the Dove.

The aggressive Hebraic history as narrated in the Old Testament is violent in the extreme and on par with modern day accomplishment of racial genocide and ethnic cleansing. The Jews are portrayed in their own history are shown as great aggressors by taking the Promised Land at the point of the sword, sparing neither man, woman nor child.

The 1000-year period in history in which the Hebrew race crowned its kings is the history of a 1st ray incited and inspired aggressor race, that believed that they were carrying out the Will of God, taking away from other races of people their land, cities, homes and property. Palestine was conquered and taken by the Jews because it was "a land flowing with milk and honey," (this was not symbolic in the days of its use, but a presented objective of Jewish (Diaspora) travels).

True to 1st ray form, under the 1st ray period that began 3000-years ago it is significant to note, the word "love" as it concerns racial relation to other people and cultures is lacking in the presentation of the Hebrew Religion, though love of Jehovah is taught with due threats. The view of a future life, dependent upon conduct and behavior to other races and goodwill to all peoples is almost entirely lacking in The Old Testament as well, and teaching on immortality is nowhere emphasized; in other words, the presentation is devoid of 2nd ray attributes; salvation dependent upon the observance of strict physical laws and rules related to worship, physical cleanliness and diet.


Greater period: (1000 B.C-0 A.D.)

1st sub-ray: (1000-900) White/white. I/1

First sub-ray: 1,000 - 990

The founding of the House of David occurs under the inspiration of the Vulcan sub-ray period. It is the landmark event and David the key historical

Second sub-ray: 990 - 980

Under the influence of the Jupiter 2nd ray decade the Hebrew kingdom expands its territory and boundaries through a series of successful wars against the Ammonites, Moabites and other neighboring people. David defeats the Philistines and ends the threat to the security of Israel.

Third sub-ray: 980 - 970

Under the influence of the Saturn sub-ray David formed an alliance with the Phonecians who sent badly needed craft workers and supplies to Israel. The economy and prosperity of Israel begins to become strengthened and grew.

Fourth sub-ray: 970 - 960

During the end of his reign, under the Mercurial ray of War, David's son's plotted and struggled among themselves to see who would succeed him. His son Absalom rebelled against him only to be killed by David's soldiers. According to the Bible, these troubles were punishment for the moral sin of having commited adultery with Bathsheba, having her husband Uriah, the Hittite killed, and marrying her. David dies about 960 B.C.

Fifth sub-ray: 960 - 950

Under the Venus sub-ray period we find Solomon, powerful, wise and luxurious. He tried to consolidate the kingdom that David had won. During the fourth year of his reign Solomon began building the Temple to Jehovah, (956-48) finishing it in about seven or eight years and using an enormous amount of gold and silver. As well, he composed works on natural history and practical philosophy. The book of Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon, and a large part of Proverbs are attributed to Solomon.

Sixth sub-ray: 950 - 930

Under the Mars sub-ray period, the greatness of Solomon's success and popularity led to pride and self-indulgence. He indulged the religious beliefs of his some 1,000 wives and mistresses by building pagan shrines where they could worship and burn incense to other gods. This action paved the way for the influence of idolatry upon the Hebrew nation.

Seventh sub-ray: 940 - 930

During the 7th sub-ray period, Solomon's ships transported goods, gold, peacocks, ivory etc, from India, southern Arabia, and Ethiopia. The material life of luxury and indulgence grew and reached new heights.


Ingoing Cycle: 930 B.C. - 900

The next thirty years witnessed the decline of the Hebrew people. During the three destructive or wrecking sub-rays on the ingoing sub-ray cycles the prosperity of Israel dwindled greatly and economic hardship became widespread. Solomon's people revolted against high taxes and the system of forced labor that supported his extravagant building projects. His last years were embittered by personal disillusionment and by hostility at home and abroad. After Solomon's death (circa 937) his son Rehomboam, could not hold the Hebrew Empire together. In about 922 B.C., the Ten Tribes broke away and set up the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

2nd sub-ray: (900-800) White/blue. I/2

Under the duration of the 2nd sub-ray we find the epoch of the divided Kingdoms. The ten tribes of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Zebulan, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, and Joseph split from Benjamin and Judah in the south and set up the Kingdom of Israel in the north. The two kingdoms were politically divided but remained, under the 2nd ray inspired period, religiously united.

3rd sub-ray: (800-700) White/green. I/3

Under the Saturn-inspired third sub-ray period a series of religious thinkers and prophets appear and develop many of the key intellectual principles of Judaism, including Elijah, Isaiah, Amos and Jeremiah. Isaiah and Ezekiel are the two Hebrew prophets who had true prophetic and cosmic vision.

The prophet Isaiah (777-692 BC) as the Assyrian empire threatened the existence of Israel proclaimed that the threat was a warning from God to a godless people. Isaiah urged the kings of Judah to pursue justice and avoid dangerous alliances, trusting in God's protection instead. Isaiah held that if it is God who decides the destiny of nations, security is for God to grant and for men to deserve. Isaiah promised that a messiah would eventually appear to offer salvation.

The Hebrew Prophet Elijah (c.927- c.850 BC) saved the Yahweh religion from corruption by nature worship of Baal. During the time of king Ahab, Phoenician deities were introduced and worshipped in Israel. When the prophet Elijah became the leader of the Jehovic countermovement he denounced the courtly corruption and attacked the Baal cult. Elijah proclaimed that there was no reality except the God of Israel. He also taught the idea of salvation being bestowed on the purified true believers.

In (c.882 -798 B.C.) the Prophet Elisha succeeded Elijah in the struggle to maintain the worship of Yaweh in the face of the invading cult of the Phoenician god Baal. Jehu was anointed as king of Israel by a delegate of Elisha, the prophet called upon the king to do away with the Baal cult. Israel becomes weaker and weaker during this epoch however, caught up in a series of internal political intrigues and assassinations. The life of luxury and dissipation was great and spiritual indifference grew. Sargon and the Assyrians obliterated the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C.

4th sub-ray: (700-600) White/yellow. I/4

During the Mercury-ruled fourth sub-ray period the Ten Northern Tribes lose their culture and national identity. The ten northern tribes became assimilated by the people of the countries where they were deported. In the last quarter of the seventh century Deuteronomy, the Book of the Law, the landmark symbol of the period, is found. This document contains many of the rules for the ethics, morals, behavior and worship followed by the Hebrews.

5th sub-ray: (600-500) White/orange. I/5

The power of the Manu to separate and divide races and nations under the fifth ray is great. The second decade of the fifth century in the sequence witnesses the period of captivity known as the Babylonian Exile. The kingdom of Judah suffered Israel's fate in 586 B.C. and was extinquished at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian Emperor. The notables and the elite were deported to Babylonia. The Chaldean Magi were the masters of the Jews in their their knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom. It was under the Venusian ray of the Soul, during the period of Captivity, that the Jews learned the metaphysical and practical tenets of the Secret Doctrine. The Archaemenian Emperor Cyrus, after defeating Babylonia in 538, gave permission for the Babylonian diaspora to re-emigrate en masse to Judaea but the numbers that returned with Zerubbabel and later with Ezra and Nehemiah were insignificant compared with the total numbers of the Diaspora in Babylonia. Before 586 the Judahite community in the world was identical with the population of Kingdom of Judah. The fifth sub-ray period therefore, marks the dividing line between the Pre-Exilic and the Post-Exilic Jews.

6th sub-ray: (500-400) White/red. I/6

During the red note of the Mars sub-ray epoch, control of Jerusalem passes to the priests of the Temple and the city becomes a thriving religious center. In powers of the priests in the Temple are upheld by the various Kings. The masterful Babylonian Jewish reformer Ezra, circa 450 B.C., compiles and writes the Pentateuch, and the rest of the Old Testament, except Jehemiah and Malachi. Under the inspiration of the sixth sub-ray, Ezra was, in a special sense, the real founder of Judaism.

7th sub-ray: (400-300) White/violet. I/7

The sect of the Sadducees is founded about 400 B.C. by Sardoc, the pupil of Simon the Just through Antigonus Saccho. Among their number the most eminent of the Jewish high priests were furnished.


Ingoing period: (300 -0 A.D.)

The cycle of the first Ray being at its close, the first hour for the disappearance of the Mysteries struck on the clock of the Hebrew race. The periods of duration of the abstracting rays, incidental to the ingoing sub-ray cycle, is marked by a series of foreign rulers in Judah including the Macedonian conqueror, Alexander the Great, then his successors, the Ptolemies of Egypt and the Seleucids of Syria, culminating finally in Roman conquest.

1st sub-ray: (300 - 200) White/white. I/1

Under the destructive power of the I/1 on the ingoing period the foreign culture and customs of the Greeks are brought to Judah.

2nd sub-ray: 200 - 100) White/blue. I/2

Under the ingoing destructive aspect of the 2nd sub-ray period, King Antiochus of Syria tried to force Greek ways of life on the people of Jerusalem and force the Jews to give up their religion. Jerusalem had its Temple plundered, and its Sacred Books, namely the Bible made up by Ezra and finished by Judas Maccabeus, was lost.

3rd sub-ray: 100 B.C. - 0 A.D.

Under the wrecking aspect of the 3rd Ray, Jerusalem became weakened by the internal power struggle between the Sadducees and the Pharisees. The Sadducees and the Pharisees violently disagree over Jewish law and other religious matters with fighting sometimes breaking out. Finally, Jesus declares war against the Pharisees, and the proud Sadducees and delivers a death-blow to the old religion.


In summary, the historical chronology of the first Ray timeline was, as earlier stated, constructed only in relation to structure of epoch-events in the ancient Hebrew Empire. The enlightened student of the Esoteric chronology and the history of the world, could of course expand the outline to include peoples, processes and events which also happened at the same time in say, India, China, Egypt, Kelto -Gaulic civilization or Greece. Should one do so he would find, for example, the flourishing of the Occult Mysteries during its seven outgoing sub-ray periods, but under the wrecking forces incidental to its withdrawing or ingoing cycle, from Central Asia and on the northern border of India, to Central Gaul, the swords of Alexander and Caesar sweeping away from the path of their conquests, every vestige of the Ancient Mysteries, their armies sacking the temples, burning the literary treasures and massacring the populations. The Sacred Science, at the close of the 1000-year epoch of the great 1st Ray of the Manu, was then buried deeper than ever out of human sight.




The Lesser 1st Ray

notice the unique ingoing and outgoing pattern:

Period: 100-years
Outgoing period: 70 years
Sub-ray periods: 10 years
Outgoing Peak: 70 years
Ingoing Period: 30 years
Comprised of three periods of 10 years


This first line is specially the line of government, of racial development, of working in and with the matter of all forms on all the planes of human evolution. It is the line of occultism and emphasizes the hierarchical method as it embodies the divine autocracy, and it is the line whereby the Lord of the World imposes His Will on men.

This 100-year line is closely linked to the Lords of Karma, and it is through the Manu's department that the Law of Cause and Effect is wielded. The four Lords of Karma work closely with the Manu, for they impose the Law, and He manipulates the forms of men, of continents, of races, and of nations so that that karmic law may be duly worked out. The basic school of occultism is that one which has its root in the sacred center of the planet, Shamballa. All proceeds under strict law and order.

The 1st ray soul through meditation who seeks to contacts this power, rise to union by this means, and to attain the consciousness of the Will aspect, works under strict and set rules, rises from point to point under due forms, and thinks ever in terms of the cyclic Will and Law and its workings. The basic rules of expression and of government occupy his attention, and by studying the rules and laws, and by seeking to comprehend, he necessarily contacts the Ruler.

The new laws and orders of the Manu are instituting the new social order and the more inclusive racial regimes of political law. The foundations for the new centennial cycle of occultism and the new world racial government are well and soundly laid; the superstructure of Occult truth and the new civilization can be erected now, slowly and with due care, decade by decade, in conformity with the divine blueprints and in response to a sensitive reaction to the highest spiritual impression.

The 1st ray line is the path of Occult Science as just mentioned and disciples and initiate students of this science must bring to bear upon them, all that they have of mental application and concentrated attention. This involves also the steady practical working out of the esoteric truths apprehended. Today, for the mass of men, occultism is non-existent; for the aspirant and the disciple, the Ageless Wisdom is rapidly becoming the major source and system of revelation as they penetrate into the wisdom of the Hierarchy.

It is immediately obvious that the work of the 1st ray disciple is, therefore, almost entirely within the realm of direction and control of energy, power and forces. The study of occultism is the study of powerful forces and of their origin and effects. The 1st ray Ashram is the place wherein this study
enters the laboratory or experimental stage and the affiliated disciple is supposed to be in process of becoming aware of the forces and energies which condition him as an individual; these originate within himself and produce changes and specific effects in his life-expression upon the physical plane. When he knows himself to be a sum-total of forces, and a controlling energy, then he can be a world disciple and work significantly in the Ashram of the Mahatma M. in the department of the Manu, under the Will of the Lord of the World.

The Hierarchical agenda of the Manu is largely concerned with world governments, with planetary politics, and with the founding, direction, and dissolution of racial types and forms. He has to work with the forms through which Spirit is to manifest; he destroys, and builds up again.

Vaivasvata, the present Manu, has gathered around those masters and initiates immediately connected with Aryan affairs and those people who are concerned with the coming sixth root-race. The Department Plans of the Manu are prepared for many centuries ahead, before they will be required, and in the wise foreknowledge of the Manu nothing is left to sudden eventuation, but his Will moves in ordered cycles and under rule and law, though within human and planetary karmic limitations. To the Manu is committed the Will and Purpose of the Planetary Logos. He knows what is the immediate objective for this cycle of evolution over which he has to preside, and his work concerns itself with making the Will of the Lord of the World an accomplished fact. He works in closer cooperation with the building devas than does his great Brother, the Christ, for to him is given the work of setting the root-race type, of segregating the sub-race groups out of which the new race will develop, of manipulating the forces which move the earth's crust, of raising and lowering continents. He it is that is directing the minds of statesmen everywhere so that the world racial government will proceed as desired, and planetary conditions be brought about which will produce those needed for the fostering of the new 6th race type.

The dynamic energy that flows through the Manu emanates directly from the head center of the Planetary Logos, passing to him through the brain of Sanat Kumara, who focalizes all the planetary energy within Himself. The Manu works by the means of a dynamic meditation, conducted within his head center, and produces his results through his perfect realization of that which has to be accomplished, through a power to visualize that which must be done to bring about accomplishment, and through a capacity to transmit creative and destructive energy to those affiliated souls on his ray line. The Manu conducts his work and brings it all about through the vibration power of enunciated sound.

The Manu in this time of planetary urgency, from love of the life aspect, from understanding of the Plan, as well, as from love of humanity, is sending forth dynamic energy that is form destroying and brings death to those material forms and organized bodies which hinder the free expression of the His new forms for the fresh life cycle.

The lesser 1st racial ray period of the Manu is comprised of 100 years, termed an " occult century" reaching its high water mark at its 7th sub-ray period.

Keep in mind; since the 1st Ray is the Monadic Ray of the Logos of Earth, from one point of view, it is never out of objectivity but continually, with sustained effort, driving the natural rhythm of growth and
the forward moving progression of planetary events and human affairs. From one angle, it is of course always in manifestation for it is the ray which holds the planet and all that is upon it in one coherent manifesting whole; the reason for this coherent synthesis is the evolutionary effort to work out divine purpose. The first ray ever implements that purpose. From another angle, it is cyclic in its manifestation; here I mean from the angle of recognized manifestation - and such is the case at this time.

Under the 1st ray type of cyclic force emanating from the Lodge, the high water mark of its activity is to be found once in every seven cycles. All that originates on that Ray is controlled by spiral-cyclic efforts based upon the number 10 and its multiples, and finding its highest cyclic vibration, as it happens,
during the last quarter of each century.

This ray concerns primarily that group of adepts who are on the 1st ray line of energy, and will necessarily affect greatly all disciples and people on a similar line. At the same time, the 1st ray Ashram's work thus, initiated is endorsed by the Lodge as a whole, for it transmits the dynamic 1st ray force of the Head center of the Lord of the World, a major emanation of the planetary Logos.

The 100-year period is naturally of great importance owing to the fact that the 1st ray-energy is one of the three major Rays; but it will be, in the equilibrizing process, balanced by analogous cyclic emanatory activity from the lesser 500-year 2nd ray and 900-year 3rd ray racial cycles of the Bodhisattva and the Mahachohan.

Each century, therefore sees a centennial effort of the Lodge along the 1st ray line of the Manu made to forward the ends of evolution, and the effort for the 21st century will be upon a larger scale than has been the case for a very long time, and will involve a number of Great Ones. The force emanations from the Manu, or those of the first Ray, are easily traced when the races are considered, and this can be shown in the recognition of the periods of the root-races and sub-races. What is oft overlooked is that each of these rays of energy demonstrates constructively, through the form-building agencies, and destructively through the ability of the force to destroy prior to building.

Thus the cycles can be viewed from two angles. When students learn to blend the one hundred year cycles of the first type of energy with the equally powerful impulses from the second Ray and the third, we shall then have a cessation of many controversies. No great impulse will come from the Lodge along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power till the close of a century.


21st century: 100-year cycle of the Manu

Owing to planetary initiation of the Lord of the World, to the immediate planetary crisis and to the present cycle of initiation humanity is under, first ray energy from Shamballa has been deliberately transmitted to the "center which is called the race of men and has succeeded in producing the present severe nature of the incidental stress, tests and trials of the immediate global situation.

Thus has the new first ray occult century of 100-years of the Manu ushered in; thus has the stage been set for a better future. This is the intent and the purpose of those who compose the Council Chamber of the Lord. It now rests with humanity itself to take advantage of the proffered 1st ray cycle of opportunity.

As the Master M. is upon the first Ray, that of Will or Power, his work largely concerns itself with the carrying out of the plans of the present Manu. He acts as the Inspirer of the world statesmen. He manipulates forces that will bring about the conditions desired for the furthering of racial evolution.

The Master M. has a large body of pupils under his instruction, and works in connection with many organizations of an esoteric and occult kind, as well as through the politicians and statesmen of the world. At this time, the Master M. is the head of all esoteric schools in the world. The 1st ray Ashram or group center through which the Master Morya works is exceedingly busy. It is obvious to you that as this is a first ray Ashram, the energy coming from the Avatar of Synthesis will make its primary impact upon this Ashram, which provides the line of least resistance. There, it is scientifically stepped down or broken down, prior to distribution to the Ashrams of the five Masters engaged in the work of preparation. The effect of the Manu's dynamic first ray force, stepped down and working through imperfect forms and personalities is always somewhat distorted, curtailed and misapplied. D.K states that it is actually a beneficent condition that as yet a first ray ego is so handicapped and limited by their personalities the quality of their form nature that it is unable to make adequate or intelligent use of its true inherent potential for destructive force.

The work of the Manu is to destroy forms, and this is essentially the work of the first expression of divinity. But the work of the destroyer is not the work of Evil and when we regard all destruction as working on the black side, our error is great. The current necessary cycle of destructive work of the Manu is as beneficent as that of his building aspect, and it is but man's hatred of the death of forms which makes humanity regard the work of the destruction as Evil or "Black," as being against the "Good," or, as subversive of the Love of God.

The essential problem before the Manu at this time is what will He do to bring the nations, through the agency of the inner department of government and political rule to a realization of their essential unity, and so further that "peace on earth, good will to men" of which we all dream. It is needless to point out that the destructive wrecking process is motivated by the determination to demonstrate the necessity of establishing a spirit of international dependence and interrelation, so that the nations are forced to realize politically that isolation, separation and the cultivation of a national egoism must go, and that a national spirit colored by a sense of superiority, by class hatreds and racial or religious antagonisms, constitutes a barrier to the true development of humanity.

Thus the new plans of the Manu for the 21st century based on mutual need, mutual understanding, and mutual helpfulness, are rapidly coming into being. On the physical plane, the initiates and the disciples working in the Ashram of the Master Morya are primarily occupied with the expression of synthesis in the world of politics and of government, and with offsetting wrong approaches to synthesis, seeking to preserve freedom in unity. It is a subjective synthesis for which the 1st ray department works - a synthesis that will express itself in an outer national cultural differentiation. This cultural synthesis will define the many aspects of the essential, basic racial unity which, working out under the stimulation of the energy of synthesis, will bring about eventual peace and understanding on earth - a peace which will preserve individual and national cultures, but which will subordinate them to the good of the whole of humanity.

Present 100-year period of the Manu:

1st sub-ray: (2000 - 2010) White/white. I/1

The Will of the Manu has legislated the new politics, i.e., politics which are based upon the principle of bringing about right human relations.

The present Vulcan ruled I/1 sub-period has inaugurated or, should I say unleashed a first ray force of unprecedented magnitude on the physical plane. Regardless, the Manu has granted the Power to the disciples of the world and the initiates among men, so that they can direct efficiently and wisely the coming process of rebuilding the new world government. Humanity stands at the crossroads of an epic struggle unleashed through the Shamballa 1st ray impact of 2000, and then the opening of the fresh new life cycle of 49-years (6th race) that began in 2001.

These inter-related 1st ray cycles have abnormally accelerated the present world situation to an unprecedented rapidity of explosive progress. The release of the dynamic will-to-action is now leading intelligent people throughout every country of the world to inaugurate new activities which are laying the foundation for the new, safe, secure, better and happier world of the 21st century.

The expression of the will-to-cooperate among the peoples of the world is steadily on the rise and increases daily also. Behind all this and motivating the activity is the Will of the Manu. His will embodies the ultimate good of the national and world community and is deeply enshrined in his consciousness and heart; he thinks in terms of the whole and not in terms of the part. That is the one clear message that the 1st ray ashram must endeavor to steadily impress upon the racial consciousness. Humanity has been challenged to rightly interpret and correctly understand the nature of the Will and its unprecedented unleashing into the human center directly, without supervening Hierarchical intervention.

Under the Law of Manu, these new developments are necessary planetary developments owing to the new alignment between the three major planetary Centers. One of the first signs of the first ray impact and inflow is to be found in the present instability of the mental mechanism and the processes of the millions of men and women of goodwill to correctly interpret present events transpiring.

As the will aspect is contacted and its power used to evoke the emerging crisis of love, an increasing number of workers with first ray energetic have been drawn into the ranks of the New Group of World
Servers. This coming in has greatly strengthened the work but has brought with it also great problems and inevitably difficulties. The problem of the vast largely 2nd ray group focused on right human relations and world goodwill is to integrate first ray workers into the New Group of World Servers in such a manner that the destructive aspect of the 1st ray resonance will not cause to much difficulty, produce undue disruption or any obliteration of the dominant love note which should be the outstanding characteristic of all workers with the Plan at this time.

Keep in mind; 1st ray workers provide the substance with which the second ray workers build and the other ray workers qualify and modify. They inspire substance with the energy and purpose and with the life necessary to render it responsive to the plan - the Plan of goodwill the Masters are at present implementing and for which they seek active cooperation.

The will-to-power, however, of the 1st ray Ashram in its present period of activity, is so powerful in response to the new incoming tide of Shamballa potency. Even so, down the scale, the "little" wills of the intelligentsia, of those who serve the nation, religion, world goodwill, or the public in some capacity or other, and those above all who are working in some connection with the United Nations, are also becoming further strengthened, stimulated and focused on goodwill. The outpouring of the present cycle of 1st ray energy, owing to developed strenuous wills of certain present world Leaders, is having a potent effect. Its inflow has fostered a "fixed intention" on the part of many to work ceaselessly for a world racial government, true peace and understanding. These people are aiding in the task of implementing goodwill.

The 1st ray force, unavoidably, is nevertheless, strengthening the will of the selfish, ambitious and obstinate rulers who are in positions of national power and influence, and is producing, through them, the increased global violence, chaos, fear and trouble - but, at least, only temporarily. The salvation of the world and the production of the needed security will be brought about this century by the mass of men everywhere, in all lands; it will be the result of an intensified educational process in understanding Will and Power.

The World Disciple, as yet, does not know how to handle wisely the energy of the will-to-power, and it is largely this that has handicapped the manifestation of the will-to-good. The present task is to fuse the two energies, the will-to-power and goodwill, into a single potency, the will-to-good. Behind all of these activities and plans stands the Manu, who through his direction of energy through sound, is bringing about the needed cycle of constructive changes in the racial world government, the shifting of continents, cataclysms, and all aspects of the corporate form of the planetary life.


2nd sub-ray: (2010 - 2020) White/indigo. I/2

The will-to-love will stimulate the men of goodwill everywhere so that hatred will gradually be overcome and men will seek to live together cooperatively.

The 2nd ray period will enforce the clear distinction between material living and spiritual living and this will be clearly demonstrated. This will be made possible by the cleavage of the ancient materialistic, religious and racial thought-forms on mental levels resulting in the reorientation of human thinking. As the clear fact is grasped, it will have its first results upon emotional levels through the focused expression of human goodwill; this is the lowest aspect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, implemented and strengthened by the second aspect of the first Ray of Will. The efforts of world peace, as a resultant affect, will gain fresh hope and new movement.

A number of the great difficulties incidental to the violent opening first decade in religious and racial matters will find themselves successfully and peacefully resolved. The related fields of religion and education, dominated by the magnetic group of 2nd ray souls will receive and deliver a fresh cycle of positive motivation, uplift, new hope and unified support.


3rd sub-ray: (2020 - 2030) White/green. I/3

The will-to-action will lead intelligent people throughout the world to inaugurate those new creative activities which will lay the foundation for a new, prosperous, better and happier world.

4th sub-ray: (2030 - 2040) White/yellow. I/4

The 4th decade will foster the production of new forms of inspired art, culture, drama, music and rchitecture. The cultural genius, which will best epitomize the whole of the culture of the 21st century, will assert itself. This decade will foster peace, culture and harmony between peoples of the world.


5th sub-ray: (2040 - 2050) White/orange. I/5

The will-to-know and to think correctly and creatively will become an outstanding characteristic. The mental plane will receive such an inflow of energy that the thinking principle, the reasoning factor within humanity, will reach new height.

The fields of science, psychology, medicine, and education will receive fresh new impulses. New break-throughs in unlocking the power of the atom care to be looked for. The scientific genius of the 21st century will come to the forefront. The power of the "splitting of the atom," will be turned to the production of those conditions that will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and the true. In this decade under fresh 5th ray stimulation, men will then be able to do begin to do so. Many scientists today are not only visioning the non-destructive aspect of atomic energy and are already engaged in harnessing - for the good of humanity - some of its products and its radioactive properties.

The results of science in connection with the atomic energy will bring about a specific revelation of the nature of certain forces in relation to light; this imminent scientific event will transform world thinking.

6th sub-ray: (2050- 2060) White/red. I/6

A great new wave of incitement will impact the field of religion. The 6th ray period coincides with the new life cycle commencement of 49-years that opens in 2050. The return of the Christ and the mandate of the new universal church will dominate the religious agenda of this decade. The special enhancement of the energy of the "will-to-persist," an aspect of the 6th ray of devotion and idealism will lead to a persistent belief in the ideals presented by the Hierarchy, and the demonstration of immortality.

7th sub-ray: (2060 - 2070) White/violet. I/7

The will-to-organize will further a building process which will be carried forward under the direct inspiration of the Manu. The medium will be the potency of the will-to-good of the new group of world servers and the responsive goodwill of mankind. Under the 7th ray note the new impulse will assume control along the line of planetary finance, global economy, systemic business organization, international justice, law and order. New laws and codes of international conduct safeguarding the dignity of the human spirit and enshrining human rights will be legislated and globally signed. The building of the new world racial government will successfully be accomplished.


Outgoing Peak: (2070A.D.)

This is the period of the major centennial Lodge effort of the 21st century along the line and department of the Manu. The advancement of the Lodge work will see the era of dispensation of new Occult teachings along with many new disciples and aspirants taking initiation. We can expect and look forward to the emergence of the most advanced vanguard of Hierarchical masters and initiates the world has ever witnessed.


Ingoing cycle: 2070-2100

The 100-year period of the Manu having reached its high water mark and peaked, no further augmentation will be applied. The 30-year "inhalation" phase of the operation of the three ingoing sub-periods commences. This is the 1st ray cycle of decline, withdrawal and wrecking prior to rebuilding
the new racial and planetary forms on the next out breath cycle of the Manu (c. 2100-2200)

1st-sub-ray: (2070 - 2080) White/white. I/1

2nd sub-ray: (2080 -2090) White/Indigo. I/2

3rd sub-ray: (2090 - 2100) White/green. I/3

Some of the Manu's present hierarchical responsibilities include the Restoration of the Mysteries, the initiation of those disciples who have stood firm and unafraid during the enlargement of Their ashrams (owing to the almost unforeseen development of the spiritual sense among the world aspirants who would not normally have become disciples during this incarnation), and the externalization of Their ashrams preparatory to the reappearance of the Hierarchy upon earth.

These involve a tremendous expenditure of activity and demands an unusual expenditure of first ray power - something which even He, the Manu, in His high place, is only now learning handle, as a pledged Disciple of Sanat Kumara.








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