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"I would remind you here that all civilisations and cultures are externalisations - modified, qualified and adaped to racial needs - of the potent, vibrating and planned activity of the world initiates and the disciples who constitute the Hierarchy of the time. Whilst doing this, They Themselves are preparing to tread the Way of Higher Evolution." (DINA II pg. 271)

The full Moon of Libra 2001 marked the commencement of a fresh new life-cycle of 49 years.

This great Hierarchical conclave held once every 49 years witnessed the 6th Initiation of Descision of Planetary Service by the small circle of great Chohans. According to the Tibetan, the energies of the Great Dragon reached our planetary Lodge of Masters via the zodiacal sign of Libra. (R&I, pg.426) At that time the Great Hierarchical Ascension took place and the floodgate of the onrushing tide of new electrical energies was released into planetary-wide expression .

As we all experienced, the horrorific year 2001 was a time of tremendous spiritual crisis in the human center. It marked a major turning point in the thinking of the world-disciple, in discipleship goals, methods and techniques.

The fall of 2001 sounded the new keynote of the next stated 49 year Plan of Hierarchy and associated Ashramic affairs until the year 2050 and will ultimately lead to and result in the defeat of Cosmic Evil and the subsequent end of the "age of the dictators".


This Libra full Moon 2004 marks the beginning of the one year 4th sub-ray cycle of the seven year first ray Ashramic period. Special emphasis will be placed upon the 4th ray arena leading to greater harmonization balance and equilibrium in world affairs.

Keep in mind; the 49 year cycle runs in a precise mathematical rhythm according to 7x7=49. In the 49 year cycle all 49 ashramic points (planetary centers each sevenfold) are sequentially and serially electrically stimulated and specially enhanced by extra-systemic ray energy emanating from the constellation of the solar Logos Draco, the Dragon.

Draco is the expression of the base of the spine center in the sevenfold body of the Macrocosmic Logos and is the great cosmic prototype of the Logos of Earth who holds the same position in relation to our sun within our solar system; hence the planetary scheme number of earth is #777 indicating the special relationship to the physical plane held by Mother Earth, the seat of Kundalini.

This is best represented by the fourfold cross within the circle, the symbol of Earth. This cross within the circle is the supreme symbol of the cross of the Holy spirit and also stands for the four petals of the base of the spine of our 4th Order planet.

The prime function of the Great Dragon beyond all else, is that of adaptation or the moulding of the form and making it suitable to the specific needs of His six Great Brothers. On Earth this relationship concerns stimulation, vitalisation and consequent co-ordination of the seven major Ashramic centres along with the developing 49 subsidary centres. Keep in mind, the number "7", is the Sacred Number of the seventh ray and the key number for its cycle of emanatory impulses. It is the factor number, sina qua non, which governs the evolution of substance and of form building on Earth.

The perpetually recurring cycle of setting in motion new cosmic energies into the Earth, occurs with planetary wide significances in a succesive series of seven cycles of seven years creatively altering matters in periods of 49 years. At the penultimate moment of the 49 year cycle, the final "luminous door" of Initiation is opened leading to one or other of the seven cosmic Paths.

On the basis of seen opportunity and through response to the seven phases of cosmic vision the Chohan faces, what is for him, the final great crisis of vision within the planetary ring-pass-not. Only at the stated cycle of time is it possible to attain Liberation along one or other of the sevenfold strands of cosmic substance which form the seven divisions of the planetary antahkarana.

Forget not, all creative processes proceed with a cyclic rhythm. The streams of energy which supply life force to the seven planetary centres on Earth pour through in lines of mathematical precision in regular rhythms of seven years. Seven successive seven year periods numerically operate within each 49 year period. "This training in decision is given forcing the Master to make basic decision within His Ashram affecting world work and involving all within the Ashram. It is given by His admission to the conclave of the Masters, meeting every seven years." (RI393)

The Tibetan has "pointed out that the Masters, at the sixth Initiation of Decision, face realms of service where They will have to "impart, strengthen and enlighten that which is already fused, already strong, and already full of light but which needs that which They bring in order to express the all-encompassing Whole."

This is, of course, a mysterious and rather paradoxical statement, but a certain measure of light can be thrown upon it if it is remembered that this sixth initiation is related, in a peculiar way, to Path VI. This is the Path upon which our planetary Logos is found. This Path is necessarily related to the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism, and also to the sixth plane, the astral plane - the plane of glamor and of desire."

Path six, as the student of the cosmic Path knows, leads to the Pleiades, an aggregate of seven energies, which our solar system, the greater system of the Pleiades and other systems revold around and, further, the Pleiades are the source of light of the central spiritual sun. It is this relationship of the sixth initiation to the 6th ray and 6th cosmic Plane which brings the Chohans in direct contact with the forces of the Black Lodge which have their home or emanating source of activity on the 6th cosmic astral plane. The planetary service along third ray lines performed by the Chohans leads to the inevitable defeat of the cosmic astral agents of the Black Lodge.

In 21 years from now in 2025 A.D. the Lord of the World with the Members of His Council watch the process of the decision taken in 2001 in order to see how far the will of the Hierarchy conforms to that aspect of the divine will which should be expressed in the three worlds as the result of The decision.

"They watch also Those particular Masters Who should in a short time be ready for the sixth initiation, in order to see how much of the divine will They register and what is the nature and quality of Their use of it. By recording that quality, the Council at Shamballah is able to determine with great accuracy which of the seven Paths a certain initiate will choose. In this manner They become aware of how many senior disciples will be needed to take over the headship of an Ashram, with a consequent admittance of many disciples to the initiation next in order for them. At the same time, aspirants on the periphery of an Ashram are enabled to move forward into full ashramic participation." (R&I, pg. 393-4)

The Ashramic sharing in the ascension of power, love and insight which comes during the 49 year cycle of Initiation creates vacancies and at the same time a tremendous influx of power. At the high moment of ascension all within the Ashram react in some way and no one moves forward on the path without creating a new relationship and becoming a better transmitter of power. The sharing in the results of the inflow of extra-planetary force is, without a doubt, a major spiritual event in the united life of the Ashram of Christ.

From Discipleship in the New Age Vol II, Section Three, Teachings on Initiations, pg. 330:

"This ashramic sharing is one of the great compensations of discipleship. By means of it added light can be "endured." I would like to have you ponder upon that phrase. Great united strength can be brought to the service of the Plan, and the occult significance of the words: My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure" can be grasped. The perfected strength of the Ashram (symbolised by the number 10) becomes available to the disciple whose purity of heart has enabled him to penetrate into the Ashram; his knowledge becomes more rapidly transmuted into wisdom as his mind is subjected to the play of the higher understanding of Those with Whom he is associated; gradually he begins to contribute his quota of light and of understanding to those just entering and to those who are his equals."

"These Masters can, in a mysterious fashion, implement the expression of the divine will-to-good on Earth. They work in colloboration with Those masters Whose Ashrams will be the first to be anchored on Earth in the sense of physical expression because, esoterically speaking, it is the "will of God which holds them there." (R&I pg. 655)

One by one, it is the respective and specific Ashramic function to cyclically qualify, adapt and mould the "Supernal Light" for human and racial expression, in line with the mathematical operation of the newly released energies, for the next stated 7 year period or interval of Ashramic training, vivification and operation.

As the extra-systemic kundalini cycles successively through the seven planetary centres "special training" is given by the Chief Chohan to qualified disciples and senior initiates; nonetheless, all members within the Ashram benefit tremendously from the cosmic 7th ray light supernal energy enhancement.

As previously stated, the mathematical rule of this relationship is in operation for forty-nine years and corresponds to the first reigns of seven years each of the first seven chief Chohans - the central nucleus of the planetary centres, the anchor points for each one of the seven corresponding seven cosmic Paths that form the planetary antahkarana of S.K. These seven Ashrams are, in fact, the "proving grounds" for the Masters "in training" for the next cycle of the 6th Initiation. Let me here enumerate the upcoming periods of Ashramic training.


Ashramic Cycle of Training Periods

1st ray Ashram.............. 2001-2008 Chohan Morya

2nd ray Ashram.............2008-2015 Chohan Koot Humi

3rd ray Ashram.............2015-2022 Chohan Rakoczi

4th ray Ashram..............2022-2029 Chohan Serapis

5th ray Ashram..............2029-2036 Chohan Hilarion

6th ray Ashram..............2036-2043 Chohan Jesus

7th ray Ashram.............2043-2050 Unnamed Chohan

These seven major Ashrams, as you know, are the focal points in the Hierarchy of the seven rays. The electrical demonstration of the Light Supernal occurs under the seven successive seven year periods via the specific planetary Ashramic centre and enables Sanat Kumura through their agency to periodically renew the world.

In clear words, the lesser lights of the seven planetary Ashramic Centres must be successively blended in a gradual and progressive series with the incoming "Light Supernal." This leads to a progressive series of Ashramic awakenings, progress, movement, evolution, growth, expansion and enlightenment.

In this cosmic relationship we see the great creative process working out as the progressive demonstration of the divine intention, purpose and Plan of Sanat Kumura as it assumes Hierarchical form.






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